Thursday, December 24, 2009

China Logging Russian Forests To Death

China's hunger for wood is said to be driving the destruction of one of the last great untouched regions on earth. China is being accused of causing damage to wildlife and forests in neighbouring Russia. BBC News Video

Workers processing the Russian owned sawmills are Chinese. The trees are being cut illegally, and the wood cut will be sold to America & Europe to fund the growing Millionaires in China and Russia. Illegal logger companies who are successfully cutting down the forests in Russia, are said to be run by China.

Technically, the forests being destroyed are 'protected'. But the great force of the Chinese Dragon seems to have easily overcome the Russian bear. All the illegally cut timber is driven over the border to China, where exports link the growing wealth of China to the ineffective markets of Europe and American allowing this crime against the Earth to continue unchallenged.

Battling Siberia's devastating illegal logging trade - Wagons brimming with logs accumulate in the Siberian railway station of Dalnerechensk, more than 8,000km (4,971 miles) east of Moscow. They are waiting to cross the nearby Chinese border...

"There's pressure on forests in north-western Russia, touching Scandinavia, but the main problem is in far-eastern Siberia where the mafia is particularly violent," Mr Bismarck told me. "We went to a dozen Chinese wood-processing companies across the border and most told us that they export all over Europe.

Russian forest inspectors I spoke to said there was little they could do against such well-funded and organised gangs. Their situation is made worse by the firing of thousands of their colleagues when the then president, now prime minister, Vladimir Putin scrapped the Forest Service in 2001.

Climate deal must acknowledge Russia's forests: Putin ... (AFP) – Nov 2, 2009 - MOSCOW — A global warming pact to be agreed next month in Copenhagen must take into account the carbon dioxide absorption potential of Russia's sprawling forests, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Monday.

Ooops! Someone in Moscow should inform Prime Minister Putin that his directive to reduce the capacity of the Russian Forestry is allowing China to invade Siberia, take over and chop down the forests - essentially destroying Siberia's future, Russia's future and all our futures... There is no carbon dioxide absorption potential in a cut down forest '- )

It amazes me... the Russians apparently have the capacity to detect incoming missiles... they can pick up Unidentified Flying Objects... They can detect aircraft intrusions into their territory... and yet they cannot detect the steady Chinese invasion of the Siberian forests.

I don't know? Maybe the Chinese can blanket the area with a super-conductive cloaking device that numbs the Russian defence and allows an endless speedy shipping of Russian Siberian forest into China, who have themselves frozen the destruction of their own forests due to fears of ecological degradation... Destroy the forests and you ultimately destroy the people. That is what the Romans did to conquer and colonize the lands of the Celts and the Gauls across Europe.

The Romans cut down and destroyed vast areas of woodland and primeval forests growing across the vast continent of Celtic Europe. ... Map showing the lands of the Celts and the Romans

In Pliny’s time Italy was almost completely stripped of its forest cover. For this reason the Romans had to import most of the timber form all parts of the Empire and metallurgic industries, which depended heavily on charcoal, moved out of Italy. The centres of mining and metal smelting became the most deforested areas of the Roman Empire. Pliny must have realised that human industry and activities put forests at risk of destruction. In a world where trees were a scarce resource it is not surprising that Pliny wrote with awe about the massive forests in Germany: "In the northern region is the fast expanse of the Hercynian Oak Forest, untouched by the ages and coeval with the world, which surpasses all marvels by its almost immortal destiny." Environmental History -*- Celtic Europe

Clairvoyant thinking in ancient Greece and Rome
Plato, Critias, III.

"There were large forests in the mountains whose traces are still visible today. If, in these mountains, some only nourish bees, not so long ago trees were cut for large construction needs [...]. The soil provided infinite foraging possibilities for livestock and also collected Zeus' annual rainwater, which did not run over bare soil into the sea as it does today. Since the earth was still thick and received water which it stored in impermeable clay, it let water it had absorbed in the heights run down into the valleys, providing abundant springs and large rivers everywhere."
Cicero, 2nd Philipics.

"The destroyers of the forest are the worst enemies of public welfare."
Pliny the Elder, Natural History, XXXI, 30.

"When the forest that contains and disperses storms is destroyed on the hills, disastrous torrents are certain to build up." Europe & The Forest

Is it possible China sabotaged the Copenhagen Climate Deal, not because of Carbon Emissions and Co2, but because of their world economic land degradation policies, such as illegally logging the Siberian and other essential forests around the world to feed the Industrial engines of a rapidly growing economy?