Saturday, November 21, 2009

ClimateGate - Evidence of Global Frauding

Did Saturn square Pluto set off the ClimateGate Tsunami?
"Why Does it Feel Like Something’s Going to SNAP?!!" - Saturn-Pluto2009

Something did go 'snap' ... The Pseudo-Science Man Made Global Warming emails flooded the Worldwide Web, engulfing low-lying scientists with a rise in awareness as streams of consciousness burst their banks, sending food waters across the Genetically Modified Blame pastures... Destroying 13 years of carefully planned bio-engineering...

"The planet Saturn rules structures, commitments and the principles we live by and by which we make our commitments. The planet Uranus shines the light of Truth and inspiration, while Pluto purges the structures of our world to expose hidden truth and agendas... " November2009

"A folder containing documents, data and emails purportedly "hacked" from Britain's Climate Research Unit (CRU) may be smoking gun proof of a worldwide conspiracy to exaggerate the existence, causation and threat of global warming. And the list of apparent conspirators includes many of the world's leading climate alarmists -- the very scientists on whose work the entire anthropogenic global warming theory is based." - American Thinker

'Secretive scientists' source code goes walkabout - The Register
Leaked emails expose manipulation EcoFactory

Anatomy of Data Manipulation:
Witholding of information - modifying data - hide unwanted results - truth doesn't matter - witholding data - control the message - hiding data ... The Examiner

MassMedia Non-Coverage of - Climategate
'Scientists' Fuel Global Warming - Wired
Global Warming Is A Hoax - The Examiner

What do you get when you cross a scientist with climate change?
- Funding!

A Scotsman, an Irishman and an Englishman were asked about climate change.
The Scotsman said: It's caused by the weather.
The Irishman said: It's caused by the Climate.
And the Englishman said: I have an idea! Let's TAX it ...

Only those who know will understand !!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... '-)