Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fungi Religions and Psycoactive Roots

As we come to and pass beyond 2012 there is a growing rift on this planet between the 'rationalists' and the 'way out there' crowd. I sense that until 2050 this opposition will become almost irreconcilable. The reason for this is fear. The rationalists are terrified of the unknown and see the 'way out there' crowd as a threat to their stability. This is similar to the Catholic church viewing the Gnostic writings as a threat to their need for order and control.

It is a question that can never be answered: Is religion the harbinger of chaos or order? At present, on Earth, the dominant religions are for 'order', and in this respect I include politics to fall under the canopy of a 'religion'. Communism, Capitalism, Socialism and Conservatism are all mind altering religions. Stemming from Catholicism to all outgrowths of modern day religions, the identities of Islam and Judaism are as opposed to their Catholic mentors as a Conservative is to their Socialist counterpart.

Going back to the roots of religion as a rational brotherhood of 'order and stability' one has to study the Vedics and follow the progression into Buddhism - where the Europeans took their spores and gave birth to Conservative religion in its present day form.

"In my father’s house are many mansions." This concept comes from the Egyptian Book of the Dead directly. "Come to me all you who are heavy laden, and I will refresh you." Comes, word for word, from a saying of goddess Isis above the portal of the Temple of Dendera. Origins of Religion

I was wandering among the trees of the forest of Odin (Odin's Wood), when I came upon a bright red mushroom - the AstroTheological fruits of Autumn. my photograph of this mushroom captures the key element that binds all religious organisations and political associations. The problems we are facing over the next 50 to 100 years will highlight man's addiction to substances and his own subsequent loss of substance.

The rulers (priests) of ideology, political power groups and corporations are the first level of addiction to power, of addiction to various substances (including alcohol) and of addiction to imposing 'order' [true order is a natural process of intelligence]. The next level of this mental decomposition is the mass addiction to material existence. The world's need for energy takes the form of addiction rather than intelligent relationship.

Humans are addicted to their toys, to the tools created to distract them and keep them in a state of semi-consciousness. However, this is simply a continuation of primitive ancestors who were addicted to their rituals and beliefs. Therefore the psychedelic experience has been translated into a technological experience, and the human being is lost in its prime indulgence whether it is playing with plants or playing with techno-addictions.

There are people on this planet who stand in the mid-point between the rationalists and the 'way out there' crowd. These are people who cannot take substances and they cannot fit into the status quo. Fortunately, I am allergic to any form of mushroom [or drug], and I am allergic to all forms of ideology. From early childhood I cannot take the most basic Aspirin nor Antibiotics, I am allergic to common mushrooms - and this perspective has caused me to question things most people take for granted.

This level of sensitivity allows me to go into a wood and sense the mind and essence of any plant, fungi or creature. So, from an early age, I could see those other realms without the need for any psycho-active substance. Therefore, I listen to what the plant world has to tell me. They do have information relevant to the world of humans.

Are mushrooms safe? I don't think any mushroom is safe. Fungi exist to unlock and breakdown matter, and return it to a primal state. From the largest to the most microscopic forms of fungi their function is 'death'. In this I include Candida Albicans. All material life forms carry fungi in their unreleased state, coded to become active at death and break down the physical bonds.

Over thousands of years priests have taken mind altering substances to commune with their 'gods', and once in that realm the first thing they see are beings dressed in various sacred geometric forms. The structure of each religion expresses its ritualistic fungus experience.

In their psychoactive forms the enzymes in fungi have a causal effect on the functions of the brain, creating a 'little death' experience. Just walking in nature is a life altering experience, without the need to ingest psycho-active substance. The early human tribes became addicted to ingesting plants as drugs, and this dependence continues until today. It is the action of an animal that refuses to grow up. Out of the mycosilium of these fungi grew 'religion', the institutional addiction in its logical cerebral form.

Priests were originally chemical alchemists. They understood the science of drugs, and they used this science to probe and lift the veil of consciousness. They would leave their worldly earthbound presence and would first encounter beings dressed in structured sacred geometric forms. Therefore a Buddhist priest sitting in the Himalayas would see beings similar to the Tibetan Mandalas painted on cave walls. Buddhist Temple Paintings

Priests in Persia or Arabia would see beings dressed in the forms expressed in their sacred art, just as the Romans adopted the Greek form of the psychedelic template one could call the background operating system of the human psyche. This is the hidden code that allows you to interact with the surrounding desktop reality. That is why the masses feel comforted to see their religious leaders dressed in code form. It's the oldest circus on Earth.

Leading into 2050 children will appear who see beyond the elemental codes that ordinary humans experience when they play with the mushrooms. Vedic seers and ancient Buddhists painted the first layer of code on the walls of caves, because that is what it is - the first layer. You could call it the introductory layer, basic elementary system codes that interact with all layers of physical reality.

The first-level reality source-code, whose guardians (technicians) are the fungal mycelium, define the point where matter crosses to anti-matter and anti-matter crosses to matter. The physical-material world signature for this crossing is 'death'.

"That's why the gurus and all the priesthood grow like mushrooms, offering you all kinds of things, including the clever psychologists, and the philosophers." - Jiddu Krishnamurti