Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Trading Oil for Gold In Changing Markets

You don't have to be a Market Analyst to realise that global economies are facing a challenge to change in the years ahead. No oil producer is going to sell one of the most valued products in the world in return for a damaged and failing currency. Even if the US dollar was not damaged and failing (due to the size of national debt), it still makes more sense to trade valuable assets against a basket of currencies.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket." It's an old proverb.

Future plans to replace the U.S. dollar, and price oil with a basket of currencies, including oil for gold does are not new. Gold has risen to 1,033 USD an ounce as markets react to the news of changing world economic strategies to the dollar.

It comes as no surprise that oil producers are considering how and when to replace the dollar with a basket of currencies in world market and crude oil trading. The basket of currencies include: Chinese yuan, Japanese yen, Euro and gold.

In the not too distant future oil will be traded for gold, especially, if the world enters into a period of conflict. At some point countries may even trade oil for food and other natural resources in a return to barter economics. When banks fail and money has little or no value, countries are going to trade resources.

Most of the people on this planet today have no comprehension of the real value of the resources they consume. Food has become a medium for addiction and profit, rather than to nourish. Water is consumed as though it is as abundant as the air we breathe. A tiny number of people thank the Earth for the food and water they receive each day.

The real value of food and water will only be fully realised when it is no longer there. Everything we take for granted will one day be scarce. The world market traders are not only reorganising how they pay for oil, but also what they pay for food. The most important resources on this planet are water and food. Everything else revolves around that.

Oil EXPANDED food production, it did not replace it.

The endlessly increasing demands of the global human child has reached the limitations of what it can physically extract without causing damage to itself and its environment. We do not have to be caught in a wheel of endless expansion. Local communities can produce their own solutions and grow their own food.

The human race have become slaves to the mechanical 'global trading system'. The bigger the monster grows the harder it will hit you when it falls. Those who have invested their whole lives in this monolith have invested in an illusion. Food, land, seeds and clean water are the only things of real value in times of crisis.

Keywords: Permaculture