Saturday, October 03, 2009

Planet Earth: 2010 Knowing Who You Are

At this point - October 2009 - people around the world are beginning to become aware of "Earth Changes". I saw this as a young child. I was taken above the Earth and I was shown tidal waves so gigantic that they engulfed whole canyons. I had dreams of earthquakes so massive they destroyed whole cities...

But stop and move backwards in time '- ) .. I was born in 1958, in a small coastal town on the West coast of Scotland with no television and no awareness of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Grand Canyon or anything we take for granted today. My Grandmother's apartment was the last house in this small town to use gas lighting...

Fortunately, my family could not afford to buy a television. I grew up in a natural world. There was the sky, there was the garden and we children sneaked into the local golf club (through a hole in the fence) to lie on the grass and look at the sky. When I fell asleep at night I would dream of gigantic tidal waves in the 'future' ploughing through red canyons in a warm desert area.

How did I know the dreams were the future? What would I know of earthquakes so large they destroy whole cities? I had never seen a city. All I knew were green hills and the calm sea waters that I loved on the coast.

My family moved to South England, where I was taken [in my dreams] above the Earth and where I looked down on a blue planet in the middle of a 'crisis' -- America, Russia and Cuba. But I was not shown the images you see today on your media screens... I was shown the planet covered with tiny seeds of light.

All over the surface of the planet I could see tiny beautiful seeds of light. The spirit beings showing me this told me that most of the lights would be lost, die or fail to grow strong. They said that one-third of the lights born on the Earth would have the strength to know who they are... and many of the children would be swamped by forces seeking to destroy mankind.

That's you...
So, do you know who you are?

In some ways you can forget 2012. The current key passage for humanity is 2001 to 2021, a twenty year cycle of transformation and change. In that time humans will see increasing weather fluctuations and catastrophic Earth Changes. But get a BRAIN - we souls have been through this before. If your soul incarnates into physical material reality then you experience Earth Changes from time to time. Physical material life is transitory and anything that wishes or claims physical matter can live eternally is parasitic.

When you inhabit matter you are 'in transit'. You are moving between the worlds. Your soul is moving [time travelling] between the realms. If you can fly or drive to another continent - then imagine your soul can shift or move to other dimensions. If you are advanced then you can move between universes.

In some way, if you physically move from Europe to Nepal, you no longer exist for the people in Europe. In the same way, if you move from material Earth to 4th or 5th dimension, you are in transit. The only difference is that when you fly to Nepal you know what you are doing and when you shift dimensions, you call it DEATH.