Friday, January 30, 2009

The Fall of An Empire

Countries and economic institutions around the world are not experiencing economic collapse, the world is experiencing the fall of an Empire. Throughout known HIStory empires have grown, spread and have collapsed. The key word is: EMPIRE. Anywhere you build a hierarchical empire you will experience its fall, even if that fall takes thousands of years. It will still fall.

Throughout the universe, crossing differing planetary species, anyone who uses space-time to organise hierarchy systems otherwise know as Empires, will create a monster problem. Hierarchical structures prefer to spread through force, using military action - including deception and the manipulation of vulnerable populations and groups. The monster empire infects planetary consciousness with rigid codes designed to further the continuation of the empire, even when it is falling apart. This is what you see happening around you now.

The behaviour of the hierarchy/empire is to draw all resources into its dying zone and consume all that it can in order to survive. It is a self-serving system without intelligence, feeding its own power base until it cannot feed any more. The empire model is not the only way to organise social skills and interactions, nor is it the only way to build civilisations. Other models require a higher level of individual and planetary responsibility, and this kind of move out of the lower order is often called, "shift in planetary consciousness", by empire conditioned societies.

We just shifted! What does that mean? It can mean that the monster just died, leaving the survivors no choice but to reorganise. Populations at all levels of development within an empire depend on the hierarchical monster at the levels they are allocated. Therefore, in countries where development is poor and populations are starving, the level of allocation is "aid" - another form of social and planetary control.

Observing the behaviour of various empires from outside the planet system, one will often see a controller/intruder hidden from the populations, parasitic in nature, feeding off the situation. This is what parasites do, they feed from suitable hosts: those whose behaviour suites/matches their energies.

A common childlike description of a planetary community emerging from a parasitic empire, is "New Age". In reality, the emergence is more like colon evacuation. It is not a pretty sight and it is not such an illuminating experience. Whether they are inside you or you are expelling them, parasites make you sick either way. This process cannot be described as a planetary shift in consciousness, because the real shift comes once the global colon is free of the parasitic-empire-phenomenon.

For example, empires have died and they have later rebuilt themselves over many thousands of years - recreating the fall over and over again. Empires are not so intelligent to realise that falling/failing is part is their irreversible future. They are built on the desire for power and control, not on an intelligent life-style. They also deteriorate at each rebuilding. Look around you at the architecture and design of towns and cities, listen to the noise, smell the pollution. It is worse than the times of the Roman Empire, but they were also dying from the lead pipes. Perhaps design is the wrong word. Cities are not designed, they spread like a poisonous cancer on the earth.

How do empires rebuild themselves? They feed off fear and confusion. They feed off the behaviour of their hosts. They require suffering and conflict, and the internal division of the species they feed from. They feed off cruelty and selfishness. So, a shift to another behaviour is going to destroy the parasitic empire without the need to go to the bitter end, where the dying monster falls on top of you.

Things like integrity, honesty, goodness and love are antidotes to any parasitic force inhabiting the currently feeble mind of man. Being at peace with oneself. Seeing where the division originates. Observing the inner environment, and applying inner observation to the outer events unfolding across the planet. Inwardly observing the disorder as it arises, as seeing dissolves the energy creating that disorder.

During this cycle of events the invisible immune system of the planet, and of the hidden psyche of mankind, are eliminating the toxins and poisons of the parasitic empire. Together with that go a few humans, who are so poisoned (internally) that they appear no longer to be human. Scientists are discovering that a parasite can alter the behaviour [chemistry] of its host.

Human beings are children of the earth. The physical form is born from the earth. Humans depend on the earth for resources. Global populations depend on the internal balance of the earth environment for life. When that planetary environment is gone it will be like Mars. These are the resources being used up, damaged, under stress when a species lives according to some insane system. In this world living according to a system is convenient, until the system collapses on you.

The challenge is not so much how to survive the global economic collapse, but how to live without creating a new empire when the current system finally crashes and dies. In Tolkien's, The Hobbit, Smaug fell into the lake (and not onto Lake Town). To gather all his riches, Smaug destroyed and laid waste to all the land around him. Once dead, the wealth of Smaug was shared and used for good; but only after all parties had considered fighting over the stored wealth.

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