Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Timeline

Early in 2008, I awoke from a dream where I experienced an alternative Timeline. The dream was so real that it seemed to merge with our reality. The parallel timeline was experiencing dramatic environmental [weather related] Earth Changes.

Young people had taken refuge in what seemed to be an airport in Switzerland. Outside, the weather situation was cataclysmic. The society at large wished to protect their young. The people I saw were dressed in indigo/purple loose fitting clothing. Everyone appeared calm in the midst of a storm. I had a sense that the clothing was of fine woven Hemp fibres. The clothing was both natural, beautiful and durable.

I had an impression that our world and their world shared the same experience. It was as though all timelines were entering similar planetary cycle upheavals. The difference was in how each of us responded to the situations as they unfolded.

What is society, other than the totality of the behaviour/focus people embrace [live out] at any point in space time?

In the other timeline, nature is our friend. The Hemp plant (in the other timeline) is perceived as a natural and effective woven protection fabric - in the same way our Celtic ancestors used the plant fibres.

Men and women did not have the same psychological problems seen in this timeline. There was a sense of peace. I had the impression that the other timeline had resolved co-operation between parent and child, man and woman, state (federation) and individual, animal/plant and human. I am the world and the world is me.

The base physical-brutal mind believes it is the power/ego force that rules planetary events, plants, ocean creatures, animals, insects, trees, rivers and the feminine (through violence and wars, herbicides, insecticides)

The other world I saw in my dreams was gentle, peaceful, a part of nature - not the enemy of nature...

In some way this is why you see a struggle between the anti-reality, anti-nature matrix mind and the natural part-of-cosmos mind, who have lost their sense of balance.

All rivers lead to the sea, and in some way the dream revealed a timeline-river flowing successfully and naturally to the sea.

2012 is not a physical environmental change. We are spirit (emotion) walking through matter. The cycle transition of 2012 is the shift of those who see facing the sadness of those caught in division, violence and separation.

The spirits who see have to move naturally to another level, leaving behind those they love. The brutal material focused entity is attached to its anger, fears, ego-separation and violence. The finer aethric love/heart based spirit can no longer share the brutal physical attachment of service-to-self (ego).

2012 is not a date from a calendar cycle.. it is a state of consciousness.