Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The New World Begins Within

Human beings on planet earth are entering very brutal times, as the old brain [which has ruled this planet for tens of thousands of years] comes to and end. Only by 2050 will people know that this is true. The ending of the old is not an act of "God". It is a natural process of deterioration as the solar system (galaxy) enters a new energy field. The old brain, accumulated knowledge, ego, cannot function 30 years into this new energy. It is effecting the whole planet.

What we see are whole areas of fear as the hierarchy breaks apart, and the old systems of thought break apart, and the dying beast cannot go peacefully into the night. It fully intends to take most of the planet with it.

Fortunately, this timeline already progressed to a level where we are not following the worst possible future, and so we still have a chance to co-operate and work together - and learn what it is to be human.

There are events unfolding in many parts of the world that are not being reported in the Western media: Millions see UFO crash, Saudi Arabia, and this frozen silence is part of the fear of losing control. The people ruling the world until now have a need to be needed. Unfortunately, the masses like to need some "leader", rather than be responsible for their own lives. If you are controlled, at least you know you are safe... as the other party organises your life for you.

One essentially has the need/needy sickness on both sides of that fence, and all of these dependency patterns feel threatened by people who just live their lives, co-operate with their neighbours, who like to be independent, and make their own decisions. In the coming years, people who like to be free will be looked upon in the same way as the Native Americans were looked upon. They will be regarded as aliens, as outsiders, something to fear as intelligence manifests within the new energy sweeping into our world.

It is not so relevant what human beings think or do. The energy is the energy, and its arrival will alter the world. The energy sweeping into the planet wont intend to alter the world, no more than a tidal wave intends to knock down a village. The sweeping energy of this wave has no sense that humans exist. No more than you know that microbes exist on the path you take to leave your home each day. The real issue is how mankind responds to this energy over the next 40 to 50 years, until 2060 - at which point people will realise that a new era is unfolding.

By 2016 children born in conflict areas will not embrace (accept) the violence of their society, the violence of their parents, and this will trouble and threaten the warring societies. To the old brain, even their own children will become something to be afraid of as the children refuse to follow the patterns set out for them. So, lets have peace and embrace our humanity, no matter what is unfolding in the world around us. The new world begins within. The heart is the navigator.