Sunday, October 16, 2011

Iceland's Katla Seasonal Harmonic

Maybe there is just nothing happening and the world's media are desperately looking for an attention headline to grab the attention of the "99 %" .. and so they grab at the slightest volcanic tremor in or around Iceland. The recent media blah blah is the imminent eruption of the Katla volcano. In reality something else is taking place .. but what do they care?

If you want to know about eyafjallajökull, Grimsvötn, Katla or Laki - then ask the people in Iceland.

In the last two weeks [October 1st to the October 15th 2011] there have been cycles of undersea earthquakes around Iceland apart from tremors under the Katla volcano. This does not mean that a volcanic eruption is taking place.

West of Iceland
2011-10-06 -- 57.95°N 32.58°W -- Mag5.6 REYKJANES RIDGE
2011-10-05 -- 57.97°N 32.59°W -- Mag5.3 REYKJANES RIDGE
2011-10-05 -- 58.00°N 32.66°W -- Mag4.7 REYKJANES RIDGE

Iceland Region
2011-10-16 -- 63.52°N 22.54°W -- Mag3.9 ICELAND REGION
2011-10-15 -- 64.07°N 21.42°W -- Mag3.8 ICELAND
2011-10-15 -- 64.06°N 21.41°W -- Mag3.8 ICELAND
2011-10-09 -- 63.62°N 19.11°W -- Mag3.5 ICELAND
2011-10-05 -- 63.65°N 19.10°W -- Mag4.1 ICELAND
2011-10-05 -- 63.65°N 19.09°W -- Mag3.9 ICELAND
2011-10-04 -- 63.66°N 19.14°W -- Mag3.3 ICELAND

Depending on the season and the rotational tilt of the Earth, the distance from the Sun, the cycle of the Moon and the position of other planets we humans either see triangulation of endlessly rotating earthquakes or one major earthquake is triggered. It is normal to see day-by-day - week-by-week - month-by-month sequences of earthquakes all around the planet. There is no way to predict when or how a volcanic eruption will take place.

For example, seismic activity under Canary Island, El Hierro resulted in an undersea eruption reducing the numbers and magnitude of the following tremors. No one could have predicted that. In fact, it is just as well that the volcanic pressure was released out at sea and not directly on the Island itself. These are the unknown and surprising dynamics of Nature that modern man barely understands.

It may be that undetected underwater eruptions are happening or have been happening around the vast ocean floor from which the Island of Iceland emerges. Therefore, the seismic activity around Katla volcano is a harmonic of the overall activity below the ocean floor. The last thing the people of Iceland need in October 2011 is an eruption from Katla.

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Katla volcano could erupt at any time ... or it could erupt in 2012 - 2013 - 2014 ... the eruption of Katla is not something anyone can predict. It is not really something anyone wants to happen. No one knows how violent that eruption could be. There is also the aspect of observing "what is" rather than speculating on what "should be".

Real events as they unfold in 3D "what is" are the catalysts of "the future". Once an eruption takes place it affects climate, weather patterns, rainfall patterns, temperatures and it affects the farmers, the local populations, neighbouring countries and air travel. When an eruption takes place - it affects "the future". At the moment our collective future is that no eruption is taking place.