Monday, October 24, 2011

The Euro: Lenormand Card Reading - Success

I decided to do a four card reading for the Euro!

When there is so much turmoil and a rush for all parties to jump in to push things in their favour. The struggle and the often calculated turmoil creates confusion. They create a lot of waves. Are those waves big enough to sink the Euro? Is it a good thing for the Euro to sink?

In terms of the I Ching or Sun Tzu, it is not always a good thing to retreat and give way losing all the ground that you have gained. Sometimes, retreat and loss can be worse than standing your ground and finding a solution.

Of course, when great pressure is put on a fractured situation all parties desire to run in different directions and save only themselves. However, if retreat leads to loss of everything one has gained (and worse), then running away is not a valid option.

To gain some clarity I decided to do a simple four card reading for the direction of the Euro using, Madame Lenormand: Cartomancie Francaise / French Cartomancy.

One could say there are sort of "seismic tremors" around the Euro .. and key players are using the media to predict a catastrophic eruption that will destroy all European economies. To a lesser extent there are people who suggest that the tremors will not lead to a destructive eruption and that running away may create a disaster.

"Trust Yourself"
31. The Sun - 35 The Anchor - 27. The Letter - 34. The Fish

The Sun - Use your talents and trust yourself. The Anchor - You should insist; you have what it takes to do it, all you need is time. The Letter - can be "good news" or a warning; plans are at risk. The Fish - Act quickly without losing your head: Success.

I would imagine that the Euro may possibly lead to a future paradigm change in world currency / currencies. However, old institutions never welcome paradigm changes - so this brings resistance and fear. The old paradigm system often creates patterns of behaviour to which those parties are attached. However, this reading would indicate that the change is greater than the sum of our actions.

Sometimes in life situations arise where one cannot go back to the old system one has left behind. In terms of Germany and other countries the old currency would have had to have been left in place to accompany the Euro. That would have been Franc/Euro in France and DM/Euro in Germany etc. But once you have made a certain type of action going back can often be made impossible.

I feel that these four cards indicate there would have to be a new "going forward" rather than going back to the old. In fact, the NEW is already here with the rising Sun - and so I would imagine that even if Europe tried to go back they would still have no choice but to come around and try to reconnect with "The New".

The attempt to destroy the Euro is based on damaged principles. The old way of doing business cannot extend its reign into the changing energies of the future. If you have an old fixed wing plane flying people to a destination and a new anti-gravity ship that is much more advanced, then who will travel in the fixed wing plane?

Those European countries who did not join the Euro made tactical mistakes they do not want to correct. It may be that in the future Scotland, Ireland and Wales change this around leaving only London out in the cold...

31. The Sun is creation, strength and success [this is probably the powerful ideal the Euro was formed under]. 35. The Anchor is stability, security, a haven [providing a haven of protection to the trade ships (society)]. 27. The Letter is information, creative ideas, a message, good news or can be a warning [That news in itself is a part of the process / journey of the Euro]. 34. The Fish is success in business, wealth, money, prosperity [this can lead to a new level of good fortune].

Because the cards compliment each other and all support (together) and show signs of growth, advantage, fortune, well-being, stability and a haven ... it would seem absurd to go back to square one and start again from the past.

The Letter, appearing between The Anchor and The Fish implies "communication". It also implies how we think or view something. In other words, what is communicated in the letter? How does the written word influence our minds? The danger aspect is that the word can also indicate an (organised) attack on the Euro and signal a threat. Because of the positive outlay of the cards I see the "threat" as minimal in its power as the key factor in the journey is the fundamental character of the Euro: Strength, safety, stability, communication and good fortune / success.