Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Floating Platforms - In The Sky

In the dream I saw, 'high altitude platforms' floating above the planet. People would transit up to the platform, and work or rest while they waited for the Earth to rotate beneath them .. If engineers would build this today, you could transit up to the station platform, do your work up there, swim, rest, watch the stars or watch the Earth below - and when your destination arrives you transit back down .. sound good?

It was 2075, sixty-five years after the New Moon Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption. They were watching us from the future .. looking back into their past .. where we have thirty to forty years to build floating platforms - in the sky .. My first reaction was: We don't have access to the technology.

They were from the 'future' .. travelling back in time.

How many years does it take society to radically change? Forty years to move from lumbering, tear up the atmospheric projectiles - to floating platforms? It hardly seems possible. Yet, if our society can create such a revolution in travel, I am sure one of the floating platforms will be called 'Eyjafjallajökul'.

They invited me to observe their society and their way of life. Perhaps because the great smoking vapor of Eyjafjallajökul created the psychic seed needed to give birth to a totally new Intercontinental Hub. That is what people from the future call it, they called it a 'Hub' - floating platforms in the sky.

The people of the future did not fly across the Oceans, across continents, in projectile shaped composite materials. The skies of the future were as silent as the European April 2010, Eyjafjallajökul volcano ash skies. In this respect, one could look back and consider that the volcanic ash in Northern Viking Iceland, brought change within the consciousness - leading to the design of floating platforms.

The circular or disk shaped platforms floated high in the atmosphere, as people shuttled back and forth from the Earth's surface. Travel was gentle and slow, timed to the natural rotation of the Earth below. They said the larger platforms were 'cloaked', so as not to be viewed from the Earth's surface. The skies above cities were clear and peaceful.

"The platforms are highly popular," the guide explained, "people love them."

The massive 'Hubs' floated high above the Earth balancing within the planet's rotational field. Local inhabitants were easily transported to and from these International floating hubs, where the travelers waited for their Earth destination to arrive, based on the Earth's rotation. Land-hub connections were outside inhabited areas. This meant that human habitations were free of 'air travel'. How did they do this? Populations in the future are a lot less than today.

Perhaps people of the future seeded technologies into this era? However, their appraoch to life was also radically different. They said the floating hubs were very popular with travelers, where people could rest or work. Large oval shaped Earth viewing areas were built into the floors. Individual view areas were also build into the rooms. People could observe the stars overhead or they could view the Earth below.

The Hubs were areas of travel, a meeting space, as well as stationary study platforms where scientists, geophysicists, geologists and oceanographists worked. There was a gentle mixing of priorities between people. No one was going anywhere fast, and people in the future preferred it that way.

Rather than sit in an office and work, people transferred to the Hubs and worked as they waited for their Earth orbital destinations to arrive. The Hubs were International. There were no borders up there.

That's our future '-)