Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturn Square Pluto Smolensk Plane Crash - 2010

The Tupolev 154, plane carrying the delegation of the President of Poland, crashed on April 10, at 10:56 AM while trying to land at Smolensk, Russia. At the time of the Smolensk crash Saturn Retrograde in Virgo was square to Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn .. The lineup was: Saturn in Virgo opposition Uranus in Pisces, with Pluto square Uranus .. and with Mercury and Venus (in Taurus) square Mars in Leo.

The pilots should have listened to the Russian flight controllers who suggested they divert their flight to Minsk (due to thick fog around Smolensk), but from an Astrological perspective, with Mercury square Mars (communications are heated and nervous) and Venus square Mars (I do it my way) mixed with Pluto/Saturn square single-minded determination/power struggle .. so they insisted on landing the plane where they wanted to land and not where the experienced 'Flight Controllers' were diverting them to land.

Even more extreme is the Pluto [retro] square Uranus in Pisces: I will find out for myself and make my own decisions .. independence .. with Pluto square Uranus really indicating the end of an era. I feel that Uranus would add a surreal effect to the already confusing and tense situation. The plane was heading into heavy fog [water in the air] and Uranus would add that woozy effect, where the pilots aborted three attempts to land and crashed on the fourth attempt.

The 'revolutionary' aspect is that Poland has to replace (renew/renewal/sudden dramatic change) those who were lost in the crash. This covers the President, influential banking figures, high level military figures as well as influential parliamentary figures. That is where Saturn comes in.

Saturn, ruler-of-order, the father, the leader, the teacher .. is retrograde. The severity of Saturn's lessons effect all aspects of society (the world), because they are Karmic. I am not an Astrologer, but I observe and listen to the planets (in relation to our longer life span). If you imagine that your spirit incarnates on Earth - who is your teacher? Well, Saturn is one of them.

The planet Saturn rules your karmic signature, and you teach yourself in relation to your inner relationship with that Karmic giant. Your spirit returns to the Earth, and Saturn's energies know your 'signature'. But lessons of Saturn can also effect Karmic groups, societies, nations as well as the whole world. This is why ancient Civilisations feared Saturn's overall effect.

Your ancestors - the ancients - did not worship the stars .. they understood the Alchemy of the Stars (cosmos), the science of the stars. The stars and planets are the guidance system of the soul. The spirit navigates through the deeper relationship and understanding of the planets. Lifetime after lifetime you incarnate on Earth, and your spirit/soul navigation system is already in place. When you are born you meet very old Karmic friends .. Mercury, Mars, Venus .. They know who you are .. That is my philosophy [I just made it up :) ]

I do not agree that Saturn represents some dark, authoritarian, repressive control force. Throughout a persons life, or a nation, or a world .. Saturn gives enough slack for you and your associates to finish yourselves off .. and later the unseen teacher sweeps you away with your own self-designed consequence(s) of how you lived [creating who you are now].

With the Uranian influence, Mars-Venus-Mercury square, and the elder father figure signifying 'discipline' in retrograde .. with Pluto (transformation/change) squaring those principles .. this means the decisions made in the moments landing the plane decided the long term future - to be blunt 'decided the future..' Discipline in retrograde means it all comes back on/to you.

If any individual uses the order of Saturn to make decisions that create/effect the future of a society, in retrograde those forces of Saturn are going to come back and reflect on you all your prejudice, how you used Saturn's structural power.

Of course, Mars represents Military power - but Saturn does too. The military use authority, strict order and restriction to achieve their aims. It is no surprise that there was a strong military presence involved in the plane crash. The Governor of the central Bank was also on the plane. Banking is also ruled by Saturn's precise, orderly and consequential powers.

I view Astrology differently than the traditional approach. I see planetary effects/events covering incredible time spans - affecting societies, nations and the world in the most profound and mysterious ways. The small ego of man 'I am' .. distorts and gets in the way of the great teachers and friends of mankind (the planets). The petty little ego works for his own power (or for their collective group power), and no longer do they work together with the great masters of past - present - future .. the planets.

A lot of people do not understand Saturn .. people claim that Saturn is a repressive force, and is to blame for extreme order designed as suppressive authority. Sure, one thing is true, Saturn rules authority/discipline .. but that means the planet's energies also rule those IN AUTHORITY - the law-givers.

The end of the Kali-Yuga and the emergence into the first opening of the Lotus Blossom will cast the energies of Saturn in a new light. Those who have misused or desire to misuse the powers of order, exactness, discipline, of the 'father' .. will come face to face with the Karmic discipline/power of Saturn.

The 2011 - 2012 - 2013 phase shift is a turning point in the unravelling of human ignorance. Men have misused their connection to the discipline of the father (Saturn), and they will collectively and individually face their teacher. I imagine that the next three years will see Saturn turning established social order on its head, giving the potential for balanced male/female societies to re-establish order .. and that is the order of compassion, the order of balance of the heart, the order of banishing fear and hatred from the heart, the order of self-discipline.

Those groups and institutions who steal and fight over the Earth's resources are lacking in self-discipline. I imagine that some of those people will on-their-own find a change of heart. You see, you can cheat people now (in the short term), but you cannot cheat yourself over longer periods, because it all adds up. Truth comes back to self, lifetime after lifetime. Those cultures who rule in cruelty with Saturn's rigor come to inherit the same demise.

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