Saturday, April 17, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull Volcano Changes Our Lives

Silent, peaceful, skies free of planes are called 'travel chaos' .. but down on the ground those under the flight paths and flight corridors have a new experience over their heads. There are no planes. The skies are silent. It's peaceful.

Late last night there were only stars in the night sky. All fights across Northern Europe were grounded. The 'chaos' may last for days, the effect may last for months. Faced with erupting Icelandic volcanoes and melting glaciers, Europe has gone strangely silent .. the steam and gas from the Eyjafjallajökull volcano fly high into the atmosphere .. changing our experience of life on Earth.

For those who are travelling, their movement through the air has come to a stop. The cloudless night sky was lit only with stars. The sun rose early this morning into a clear sky, covered with a very fine whitish haze. The sun is the only thing moving across the sky. We live in a changing world.

The Eyjafjallajökull volcano is one aspect of change that tells us we can no longer wake up in the morning and assume the day ahead will progress as we planned. Until this weekend our world was one of automatic assumptions, mechanical robot like movements, dependence on a system that worked like clockwork. We assume and take it all for granted.

There is much more to this event than volcanic ash and smoke. How we humans live on this planet is about to be altered in ways none of us can imagine. The key is how we adapt. Societies are going to have to reorganise. International communities are going to have to adapt to the changes ahead. These Earth Changes have nothing to do with the 'monkey brain' Global Warming science .. this is 'The Earth', this is the planet we live on.

You cannot put a global emissions tax on volcanoes .. can you? The Earth is a living gardener. Water, soil nutrients, conditions for growth, all it takes to support life and what it takes to decompose matter, return its structure to organic molecules and grow it again, is Earth. Part of the Earth's bio-active system are volcanoes, storms, hurricanes, flooding .. We are living under the roof of an eco-intelligent living biosphere, out of which we receive everything we have.

Just as a gardener may add nutrients to the soil or water the earth over days, weeks and months - the Earth also has cycles of activity, distributing minerals, watering vast areas, venting life into the atmosphere .. and if we lived 500 years it would make sense to us. The Earth's cycles of distribution and nutrition have 200 or 1,000 year spans. There are greater cycles of 10,000 - 26,000 and even greater cycles. We would need Time Travel viewing technology or Remote Viewing skills to understand that.

As people talk about chaos and disruption - expect more of it .. as we are entering an Earth cycle which manifests dramatic change over a longer period until things settle down and the garden starts to grow again. We live in a garden, travelling through space.