Sunday, April 04, 2010

EaSter OsiRis and StarGates

Ea*Ster - Osi*Ris - Star*Gate .. The original resurrection mythology surrounding the Egyptian God Osiris, and later adapted by the founders of the Roman Catholic Church, has nothing to do with a living human being or any living human form. The origins of Easter, going all the way back to Egypt, are a code .. Astro-theology is involved, but the code goes further than planets, seasons and cycles.

Osiris (and Easter) - The ceremony of Osiris was a four day event which took place on the week after the full moon, during the vernal equinox season. AstroTheology

Why would religious doctrines around the world associate their ceremonies around Moon cycles, the Equinox and mushrooms? Take Christmas and the death of Christ .. not only is this time associated with the Winter Equinox and the last chance to find Amanita Muscaria before the snows arrive .. but Easter and searching for those little round eggs hidden in the forest or behind trees .. open up to reveal brightly coloured eggs [how brightly coloured - psychadelic?] with gnomes and faeries and dancing hares.

I wonder if the time of the Easter resurrection - of Amanita and other hallucinogens - until mid December when death on the cross (passing of the December Equinox) brings to an end the growth cycle of the mushrooms .. is the cycle of resurrection beginning at the March (Vernal) Equinox .. the first Full Moon after Spring Equinox. Mycelia growth takes place primarily throughout the Spring and Summer months depending on rain and soil moisture.

The largest mushroom fruiting seasons occurs each year - in Spring and in Autumn, during warm wet weather .. Amanita pantherina, will fruit in Spring if the weather is wet enough .. Truly amazing .. were priests and everyone else so dependent on fungi that they designated key fungi fruiting seasons as 'sacred'? The dark cold frosty winter is no friend to wild mushrooms and fungi .. are people around the world unknowingly worshiping mushroom growth cycles :)

Recent Fungi research indicate that Autumn fruiting fungi are adapting to spring fruiting. Imagine life on Earth has long cycles, as well as the short convenient cycles you know. Imagine there is a way (for priests) to tell where they are in the long cycle [the Mayan Long Count]. The general masses have an awareness of seasons, and elite priests have information about much longer 'seasons'. For thousands of years the priests are observing the Astro-theological cycles - and they keep it a secret.

The priests are 'fallen' from their original function, just as societies generally fell into dumminess (focus on mundant matter). You have the priests mechanically observing and counting the base matter of these longer cycles. Then comes a period where the so-called return of Christ or Buddha cycle as wild Autumn fruiting fungi/mushroom adapt to fruiting in Spring. This signals the end of the old age and the beginning of a new cycle. Rebirth. The phoenix. Resurrection. Amanita shows the way into the new cycle when he/she fruits in Autumn and in Spring. I have a good imagination ..

EaSter OsiRis StarGates

Humans on Earth are aware of and follow the yearly seasons - the short cycle. Mythology talks about a much longer cycle. This knowledge is encoded in myths of Osiris, Isis, Buddha, Christ, Xmas, Easter .. and when you observe these cycles beyond base matter, beyond physical matter, then we are talking about meta-physics, Terence McKenna, secret societies, secret knowledge, underground bases, UFOs, extraterrestrials and timetravel.

Physical material existence is not only being nourished by the light coming from the Sun. I imagine the Sun is part of a much larger system, probably geometric in its layout and life on Earth receives this energy through the Sun - but the energy comes from the center of the Galaxy.

Moving in the direction of StarGates - do religious authorities and secret underground societies (Osiris) worship extraterrestrials ?? For example, East Star - the star of the East - Easter - Oaster - Ost (East) Stern (Star) .. Okay, so what is the East Star at the time of the March Spring Vernal Equinox? The Sun is in Pisces (Fische / Fish) the Christian symbol for Christ .. Vernal Equinox 2010 - star of Spring Omega Piscium.

I found a Star Map for March 20th 2010 Spring Equinox .. and as the Sun sets in Pisces (in the West in 2010), behind Mars is the constellation of Leo, in the East .. and on this occasion the Star in the East [on the Ecliptic] during the Equinox is Regulus in Leo. Regulus in the Constellation Leo is the star sitting on the Earth's Ecliptic.

Osiris (God of the underworld) is associated with the Constellation of Orion - and if you research any Interactive Sky Map .. you will see the belt of Orion - in 2010 - on the Celestial Equator at the Vernal Equinox, and just below the Constellation of Orion you will see the constellation of Lepus (the hare). East of Lepus is Sirius, the Dog Star. Figuring out Star Maps is not one of my strong points, but it would seem that times and dates for certain events are hidden in the stars.

Equinox 20 March 2010 @ 17:32 / Equinox 20 March 2011 @ 23:21 / Equinox 20 March 2012 @ 15:14 / Equinox 20 March 2013 @ 11:02

The Easter Orion StarGate is probably a phenomenon that just passes over our heads unnoticed by all and many :) .. but there is an extraordinary presence during this time as during each Equinox point. That presence is some kind of doorway, gateway or portal, which is obviously perceived by the whole world. Therefore all peoples of the world share this phenomenon, we are just too dumb to understand it - and the conditioned mind of man (thought) is happy with the stories it has been told. Heaven forbid that any of you would ever figure out for yourselves that this is a very real cosmic phenomenon with far reaching implications.

The ancient people of the world, our ancestors, observed the growth cycles of plants, trees, fungi - in association with cosmos [the stars and planets] .. and modern man calls this Pagan. What does that mean? Our ancestors were paying close attention to the most sophisticated living technology - advanced beyond anything man can create today. A precise self-regulating, self-healing living system that we cannot begin to understand, let alone replicate.

All religious leaders depend on the primitive, self-regulating living planetary technology for the resources that build the places of worship, or for the ink to write their doctrines, or for the paper to print and distribute their doctrines, or for the cloth to weave their ideological robes .. Humans really are dumb as well as arrogant!

Be aware of what your 'superior' societies provide for you .. I was never taught Astronomy nor Astrology in school - although the most amazing canopy of stars and planets appear over our heads each evening. Libraries of books with other peoples words of knowledge fill our towns and cities, and yet there are no telescopes or star observation centers for people to look for their own knowledge with their own eyes. Look up and educate yourselves, our origins are hidden in the stars.