Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Growing Red Thai Ginger Indoors

This is my successful "Karmic Red Thai Ginger". Planted at the end of June, 2012 .. from small sprouted ginger corms. Basically, in four months the plants produced nice fat ginger roots and are still growing strong [November].

I do not know what is under the soil. However, the surface ginger has grown exceptionally well.

I rooted the fresh dried ginger inside plastic bags, to keep the roots moist. Then I broke the sprouting corms off from the parent root and I put them into a compost soil that allowes better drainage .. soil that does not become soggy and wet. The planting soil is more like a natural biological coconut fiber type compost .. with no peat added.

Although the plastic planting container is deep, I planted the rooted ginger corms close to the surface. This method seems to work best of all. I think it is best to remove as much of the parent root as possible .. otherwise the larger root seems to root itself and slow down the fresh corm growth.

With the Red Thai Ginger, I sprayed water inside a plastic bag and left them until the small buds began to grow their own roots..

I am trying something new with the ginger I bought a few days ago. That is, to put the best looking roots on top of moist soil and cover the whole plastic grow container with a plastic bag. I spray them lightly once a day.

You can grow your Indoor Food Garden in anything. This container was from store bought baby Pak Choi .. and is perfect for rooting garlic cloves or ginger. The reason I do garlic is because I can grow my own fresh garlic greens.

It is really easy to do!
All you need are fresh garlic cloves. I break off the outer cover to allow moisture to soak into the heart of the cloves. Then I soak the whole garlic in some water for half a day.

I then place this onto my indoor container soil and cover with a plastic bag. In this case I am sprouting the ginger and the garlic in the same container.

Once the garlic greens start sprouting they can be planted into another container .. or simply remove the plastic bag and start growing the greens. The same can be done with onions. You can soak and plant baby onions indoors .. and harvest fresh onion greens.