Saturday, November 10, 2012

Europa Returns To Europe

Is Europa an extraterrestrial colony?

The mythical goddess Europa will soon appear .. wait for it! On Europe's new banknotes, called the 'Europa' series. Europa will appear on the watermark and in the holograph of the Euro. Bringing security and possibly divine intervention.

Don't laugh! I am serious!

Meanwhile the U.S. media are trying to make jokes about the new Euro banknotes being protected by a mythological deity [a woman] .. at the same time the U.S. Dollar has a pyramid with an all seeing eye printed on it !!!

The other more secretive factor no one wants to talk about is man's relationship with symbols and the unseen effects symbols have on human beings and on "energy" or "Qi".

Putting Europa onto the new Euro bank notes is not some conspiracy of esoteric magic .. it is a very real down-to-earth phenomenon, that affects our human world in a similar way to electricity.

Electricity cannot be seen .. but it can be felt. An electrical current brings your computer to life, but electricity is a dangerous force. If you touch it .. it can kill you. Yet! You benefit from its use each day.

An electrical spark starts your car... where would we be without transport? But don't touch the car battery .. you may not survive !!

Much more subtle than electricity is Qi / Chi / Prana life-force. Qi is your bodies life-force .. without which you cannot survive. Yet! How many of us are aware that it exists? Qi is in all living things .. plants and animals .. even inside crystals. Pyramids are rich in Qi .. that takes us back to the symbol on the Dollar bill.

Symbols have their own subtle energy. All symbols (of the ancient world) are based on Universal principles. They may have mythological meaning .. but they also have deeper meaning. Symbols can effect humans on superficial levels of thought .. or they can interact on deeper levels and layers of reality.

For me .. these symbols tell a story of the origins of mankind .. including relationship with the Heavens .. the mystery of the Universe .. the Constellations. Like a very ancient map leading to a very ancient treasure. This treasure and the path are inside us.

Europe takes its name from the myth of Europa and the Bull, the story of which is written in the heavens in the hieroglyph of the Constellation of Taurus.

According to a particular tradition and viewpoint that sees the myth as describing the spiritual purpose, archetype and geomantic nature of Europe, Europa (the goddess) is represented by the three lands known historically as Scotland, Ireland and Britain (i.e. England and Wales), known collectively and historically as The British Isles, whilst the Bull (the god, Zeus) is signified by mainland Europe.

As in the myth, the Bull rises out of the Black Sea with Europa on his neck and shoulders, his head down, back arched. In the good version of the myth, the Bull flies, for the cherubic or loving Bull is winged. Scandinavia is believed to signify the wings of the European Bull.
Peter Dawkins, Europa & The Bull

The move to put a holographic Europa on the Euro currency is much more than the lesser media minds making nervous jokes. Woman can lead countries in Europe .. but not in the United States.

Is Europa the Pleiadian Zone?

The story of Europa and the bull (Taurus) has to be an origins story disguised as a Goddess and a Bull. It was originally the mythology of the constellation of Taurus.

I do not understand the symbols .. but I understand the 'energy' behind the symbols. People generally do not understand that the human mind is designed to interact / interface with gylphs, pictograms and symbols.

This is why humans can design electrical circuits, read electrical plans, design and build complex structures using stone, wood and metal. It is part of how the human mind works.

If I take a computer apart and put it back together again, the motherboard, the processor, the RAM and the video cards .. are all easily understood by the human mind as three dimensional symbols. My mind instantly processes the structure as a complex symbol.

Why did ancient humans (our ancestors) conceive of the existence of a Fourth Dimension? We already live within the Fourth dimension, only our minds cannot see it. We do not directly interact with that dimension although it exists all around us.

How does this relate to Europa's holographic symbol?

Symbols are a form of energy that relate to and interact with all dimensions, from the lowest dimension to the highest dimension. The energy within the symbols can be as useful as an electric-current and they can be as dangerous as an electric-current.

This is why mathematicians can construct and test theories using mathematical models. Numbers and mathematical symbols are a language that applies in logical form to dimensions other than the one we currently inhabit. It is the same with pictograms and glyphs.

I have this theory that the whole Earth is an extraterrestrial colony and that humankind came from the Stars .. and that long before the imbalance occurred, the different Nations lived in harmony without wars.

But, that was a long time ago...