Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Unformed Star Gate

For perhaps the past two thousand years human beings have looked outside themselves to worship static forms of power manifest on the earth. Those static forms of power can be seen all over the planet today as temples, sacred sites, places of worship and ancient ruins (the skeletons of the past). These wonders have been man's focus for the manifestation of religious and spiritual power on earth. In the background only a small number of ancient art forms, in the mental sciences of Archeoastronomy, Sacred Geometry and its mirror: the structure of atoms and molecules as revealed in many ancient forms of art, meditation and original forms of music. =0=

During each of the developments over the past two thousand years, one aspect remained without true understanding. The human being, focusing all his awareness outside to the world around him, lost touch with the inner reflection of the divine.

Despite the advancements in technology, human beings are wandering around the earth with less awareness than a monkey, depending totally on the outer society, on the outer physical structure and its technology (which they personally cannot maintain), and on the outer spiritual structure into which they are born.

A conscious being cannot interact with static forms of power when they themselves are not in tune with the basic geometrical energy frequencies emanating from the solar cells on the surface of the earth. The unformed Star Gate is the human being, inhabiting the surface of the planet, totally dependant on physical technologies developed for them by others and essentially unaware of the inner dormant power of consciousness.

The incredible bio-diversity seeded on earth is here for a reason. The earth is similar to an ancient library or cosmic bio-diversity seedbank. It is a reference center for a multitude of essential DNA, crosslinked across the cosmic universal spectrum. The earth-bank was seeded, because an extremely higher form of consciousness became aware that 'in the future' off world civilisations and planets would reach an unforseen crisis. Library earth would be the solution to that crisis on many levels. Therefore on the earth you have this amazing wealth of interplanetary life forms. Including plants and basic micro-organisms, cells, fungi and yeasts.

It is not really a good idea that one aspect of interplanetary concsiousness would control the planet earth, due to off world inter-racial conflicts and unresolved differences between races. Therefore the human animal (part native of the earth) was planted here in all its forms to ensure multi-level co-operation and maintenance of the cosmic root DNA library. The human being is configured to live on the earth as the steward and protector of the inter-racial seed bank.

If an intruder would, using humans, set up a defence system intended to deny interplanetary races access (in the future) to much needed DNA - they could potentially control who survives the future glitch and who does not survive. The knowledge contained in Interplanetary Library Earth exists for the benefit of all those who wish to use the library, and is not for the exclusive benefit of the few.

The human race also exist to prevent abuse of the vast DNA resources stored on planet earth, including the protection of human biology, as mankind is also a DNA resource - everything on earth is. It may come as a surprise to some that we are the solution. Humans are not only the stewards and guardians, but the solution is encoded into the human DNA.

In order to become who we are to be, the human being must overcome the very old antagonisms inherant in the off-world DNA fragments which were added to the basic earth-entity code during the time period mankind was created. We are the library of the future, but only when we overcome these most primitive antagonisms and superiority attitudes, conflicts and fears.

Many off-world races are totally against the inner unification of concsiousness on planet earth, because they fear the effect it will have on their own cultures. DNA is connected throughout the universe, it is not a planetary phenomenon, it is a Cosmic (universal) phenomenon.

All the races who contributed DNA to the earth library over millions of years of earth's history are not only watching what is happening here, but many are actively trying to prevent the change from occurring. Would you leave your future in the hands of a Fool?