Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Century of Restoring Earth

Just Imagine! In The Future: 2100
Nine-year-old David asks his great-grandfather Kevin Featherstone, then aged 105, how the Healing of the Earth took place. Kevin replies: "It all started with individuals here and there, deciding to make a difference with their lives. When they began to work with Nature, rather than against her, seeming miracles took place - the Earth really responded to our love and care." Restore Earth - Trees For Life

Just imagine! On the 7.7.2007!
The whole world would switch off their electricity, cars and planes for 24 hours and REALLY make a difference. Applying the ancient alchemical principle that less is more.

Krishnamurti: This is not an entertainment, either philosophical or intellectual. We are concerned in observing all this, how to bring about a radical change in man, how to bring about a total revolution, not the revolution of bloodshed, physical revolution, that doesn’t lead anywhere. There is only one revolution, psychological, inward revolution, because the human being, you, is the society. You have built the society. And in that society, in that culture, you are caught, therefore you are the world, and the world is you.

One of the most profound things about this planet is its natural silence. Human beings make a lot of noise, seem only capable of creating noise as a way to shut out the incredible silence of the earth. A silence so overwhelming that it can alter the way the human brain responds to nature.

By 2020, it has been predicted that 50 percent of the world's populations will live in overcrowded cities. As the world debates the impact of climate change, relatively few people consider noise as a serious form of pollution. Although the natural areas of the earth can manifest this intense stillness and silence, physical reality is the manifestation of harmonic musical tones, vibrations and sounds. It may be that the noise we create disrupts the harmonic frequency of the earth, including pulse microwave frequencies, far more than the toxic sewage poured into the oceans, lakes and rivers.

How can one effect radical change using the medium designed as a form of mass escapism? How can an issue such as the ecological renewal of the planet be used as a mass form of entertainment? I am beginning to understand why the Nepal Buddha Boy is meditating underground...

Always when dealing with powerful harmonic frequencies silence, meditation and reflection are the keys to understanding and moving in a new direction. When harmonic convergence frequencies are pouring into the planet through newly opening consciousness birth chambers, the seeds sown germinate in the silent mind.

Harmonic Shift - July 7th 2007
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