Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Body PH - Fungus & Candida Albicans

At last I am beginning to understand the imbalance that leads to and encourages mold growth, yeast and fungus growth inside the body. With the over-abuse of antibiotics, and the fact that it is all in the water supply, add to that the heavy metals, toxic pollutants, legal and illegal drugs floating around in the tap water... it is more a toxic soup we are drinking. Before I was hit with the yeast overgrowth I had noticed a drastic decline in the local water supply to the point that a thin oily film was appearing on the surface of non-filtered heated water. dirty greyish yellow grains were appearing on the bottom of the pan. I thought at the time, okay I am drinking the filtered water. Highly acidic, no doubt! I have not tested it!

Now I have tested the water. Really I did not need to waste a PH test strip indicator for this, but I did it in the interests of scientific research. It looks like the local tapwater has a PH around 5 (highly acidic)... This is what we are all paying for folks... To be served up a floating particle cocktail of illegal drugs, anti-depressants, contraceptives, pain killers, antibiotics and heavy metals.

Cocaine, of course, can pass through the human body and still end up as cocaine in the sewage. This can also be said of antibiotics, pain medications, anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, blood-pressure lowering drugs, anticonvulsants, cancer-fighting and hormone replacement drugs, and on and on.

Why do you suppose the government only wants to know about the cocaine, though? Why not compare cocaine levels to say, antibiotic levels? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) needs to measure all the drugs, legal or not. How much used cocaine is safe in American waterways compared to used antidepressants?

Even after passing through water filtration plants, tap water in cities all over the world has been found to contain the entire array of modern pharmaceuticals. To the list of toxic heavy metals, PCBs, engine emissions and fluoride wastes in our municipal water, we must now add the entire pharmacopoeia.

It took me three months to come to this point where I understand a lot more about the strange allergy reactions I was getting, even from foods I once used to heal myself, whenever I got sick (or out of balance). You can translate "Allergy" into "Acidity". The reason for that is it all turns in a vicious circle, and unless one finds the right solutions the negative spin keeps spinning = acidity.

The way I understand it, this is my own unified field theory, the acidity, the drop in PH, the growth of molds, yeasts and fungus in the body are all part of one imbalance that keeps the dis-resonance in place. It is not only that the molds, fungus, yeasts and toxins like an acidic environment - they ARE the environment. However, the imbalance within the body itself is the trigger that allows the uncontrolled increase of the fungus, mold and yeast overgrowth.

We humans are moving around and around with a bi-polar magnifying glass studying the joints of a finger or a toe, the inflammed joints of the hips, shoulders, knees or vertebra, the breakdown of muscles and tendons, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, glandular and hormonal imbalances. When you have a yeast (Candida) overgrowth it is like you have hit on the motherload of all medicinal symptoms and deficiencies. You can be diagnosed with anything - cos you've got it all. It just depends which Candida-blind specialist you get to know on the diagnostic tree of life, and how they view the science of illness.

The interesting thing is that the medical profession all exhibit the same symptoms, similar to a form of colour blindness... the health care professionals are all Candida-blind, with secondary advanced symptoms of fungus-blind and mold-blind side effects. Even when it is right there in front of them they cannot see Candida, they are completely blind to the fungus, yeast, mold spectrum-of-light-frequency. If you cannot see it then you cannot identify it and treat it. Those who do see Candida are laughed at and ridiculed. If it is invisible, then how can it be there effecting people? I don't see the mold. Do you? No, I don't see it either.

The PH Candida imbalance is a very strange animal. Once that imbalance has taken root in the out of balance body it takes on a life of its own. One of the strangest factors is the way it all reacts inside the body. All the natural foods I would normally use to heal myself would set off a severe allergy reaction. It has taken me three months to understand this, as I observe how my digestive system reacts to different foods.

The food Candida-free programmes advise people not to eat, were the foods that actually helped me regain balance. Of course, I used them intelligently. I was able to use the Kefir to nourish my body while I worked to get the yeast, mold and fungus overgrowth under control. I think I now understand the reason for this. At first, when I realised that I was having a severe allergy reaction to molds and fungus in foods, I attempted to implement a high raw food alkali cleansing diet, only to find that I was having a severe allergy reaction to organic celery, lettuce, cucumbers, fresh wheatgrass, fruit etc. Basically any natural alkali high cleaning food. All I could eat were Avocados and radishes once I had carried out the colon cleanse and Kefir diet for six to ten weeks.

Since I began to use the Dr. Wolz Enzymes and the Darm Flora, I can eat normally again and I am not having these allergy reactions to organic steamed vegetables etc. The way I see it is this... Right at the start I was a walking growth container for molds, parasites, fungus, toxins and yeast. This was due to acidity, but all these contaminants also cause acidity. They live and function in an acid environment and they excrete toxic waste, which also creates an acid environment, polluting and killing the cells of the body.

If I switch to a high alkali cleansing diet I am going to create an environment which kills the overload of mold, fungus, parasites and yeast. The waste toxins from the dying and dead fungus/yeast cells are going to pollute my body. In that case you can be sure I have an allergic reaction when I eat cleansing alkali foods. However, I was not reacting to Yoghurt and Kefir, probably because they are more acidic and are full of beneficial lactobacilli. So, they do not hit the body so hard with a toxic wave of dead yeast cells.

I was also putting elements into the Kefir that would benefit and improve my health. I added Grapefruit seed extract, colliodial silver, silica powder (Kieselerde), Aloe Vera juice and later drops of Zell Oxygen (enzymes). Over the weeks this reduced the pollutants without causing a big reaction, to the point that I can now begin to eat foods that will regain the correct PH balance without encountering allergy reactions. What is an allergy reaction other than over-acidity? I look at the PH of the local water and it is the lowest PH on the test chart I have: PH 5

pH Test: Water with a pH of less than 6.5 or greater than 8.0 can corrode your plumbing and introduce dissolved metals into your drinking water. These metals may pose a serious health hazard. =0=

The problem people face is that when they kill the yeast, molds and fungus they can create a death-of-the-fungus acid inside the body, that is hitting an already exhausted immune system. This is probably why the intestinal bacteria supplements are the best approach to take, as they do not cause such a severe and sudden toxic die-off.