Thursday, July 12, 2007

Killing Forests In Germany

Over the past couple of years I have observed, not only an increase in the logging of trees in the Nature parks in Germany, but a brutality to the logging that just about wipes out everything in the surrounding 'logging areas'. This year in particular I have noticed an increase in the dark, grubby little, pfennig grabbing destructive greed that is destroying our grandchildren's natural habitat. It all comes down to money, and that ownership of the local natural resources should never be in the hands of people who grub after money.

Where do the marvelous trees one sees each day in the woods and forests of Germany end up? Who are these faceless people selling and cutting the future natural resources of the unborn children? Where does the money go, how do they sell off the forests of the German people? Who comes in and cuts the wood? Who benefits as the older and younger trees are felled?

The marvelous pine and oak trees, the acacia and beech trees, the walnut and the fir trees one sees in the Nature parks are being quietly sold off year by year for what? Trees that would outlive the humans now selling them and cutting them down are being removed from the land, destroying an irreplacable, valuable, ecological asset. The trees do more ALIVE to protect against 'global warming', than they do chopped up into little pieces to provide you with 'Bio-fuel'.

This is what I suspect is happening, on top of the increasing demand for wood as the European monster spreads it consumer oriented growth at the cost of the local environment, quality of the water, quality of the air, of the soil and at the cost of our lives. People do not yet understand that what happens to the trees happens to us.

A little further down the road, when the sawdust hits the fan, all these people who have sold out on future generations will be hated and despised. By then it will be too late for everyone. The money grubbing euro-slaves will have detstroyed the ecological balance for everyone, and what do they care that you go down the toxic drain with them? The anger that is coming will overthrow governments, and will throw all these pseudo-grey-greens out of the community picture for good. Will it all be too late?

Who cuts the trees, and where do they go? Who sells the trees? Who takes account of how they destroy the ecology of areas? What do they care? Did someone say bio-fuel? There wont be a building standing when the truth of this scam hits the real economy. The rage people will feel may also probably be too late. Too late for the people, and too late for the trees.

This is only the beginning of a lot of people getting bio-rich. By the time the scandal brings those people and institutions to their knees, the wonderful forests will be sawdust and wood chippings. Your grandchildrens tears wont bring them back to life. We are reaching the tipping point. Really you don't want to know what beyond the tipping point is like, but I think that this is probably what the future will bring.

Look at the rising price of wheat, and the falling supplies, due to the increase in (bio-fuel) demand. Look at the falling trees (locally) and the increase in demand (locally). Will your favorite (recently cut down oak tree), that was in the forest long before you were born, be the wood-chippings in your tank? If you knew that this was the tree they turned into fuel for you to burn, would you care? What will you say to your grandchildren when they ask you about the long term sell out?

You should see the spindley new logging piles sitting (tagged) at the side of the road. They come into the forests now cutting through the months in size-variation waves. The logging is increasing. The ancient trees are disappearing rapidly and the future is disappearing with them.

Why spoil the fun? They are all so happy to be making money. Local community sellouts are the future sorrows of people who will hang their heads in shame, when the sell-out becomes a burn out. No one can yet imagine the tipping point, but when it is reached there is no turning back.

How is it that you are all being sold this lie about forests for bio-fuels, food for bio-fuels to save the planet? The trees save the planet when they are growing, and not when they are chopped down and dead, processed and burned. "In Germany, approximately 60 million solid measure of timber is felled each year..." Can Germany afford this? Maybe this year? Maybe next year? Does anybody care? They will one day!

"The Cambium forestry company cultivates a forest area of 32,500 acres located in Odenwald, a forest region in Southern Germany, close to Heidelberg." They are Germanies largest forest management company. If you saw the way they are logging through the local forests you would maybe wonder who is behind this increasing depletion of natural resources?

People will look back and ask how can a 'company' own the rights to destroy the natural resources of any part of the planet, the life blood of the local area? How can a few individuals and organisations control and benefit from resources that are essential to the ecology of the planet as well as the local environment? In the future, this wasteland approach to local resources does not exist. Before this happens, it seems that the scam will go on and the trees will fall. In the future they are trying to save the forests, not cut them down.

There are viable alternatives to cutting down trees, but the people benefitting from the exploitation of the forests do not want alternatives. Everyone else follows along with the way things are, until the sawdust hits the fan. You would have to watch it happening, year by year, to understand how people are being deceived and taken for a ride. The public image looks so clean, but the mess they have made of the local forests where I live are not a pretty sight and the demand is growing, while the trees are falling, and the real crisis is drawing ever near.

"This system is able to ensure a comprehensive documentation of all labour and transportation processes - from the forest, where the wood is harvested, to sawmills, where it is processed." Germany: Log Tracking System (LTS)

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