Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Coming Storm

At some point in the future the people in Germany are going to have to take the forests out of private hands and move these vitally important ecological resources away from petty euro-minded short term private interests. The reason behind these future moves will be ecologically sound resource management of the environment to ensure sustainable practices for future generations.

At the moment the groups sitting in control of the public lands in Germany are selling the valuable forestry resources, and are selling out the resources of the German people. In the not too distant future all this will change. Many diverging factors will come together to stimulate that change. People will no longer tolerate the private ownership and the disasterous mis-management of the natural forest lungs of Germany. The people will have no choice, if they continue to accept this abuse of the ecological resources they will lose all of it. I don't see that happening. Losing those resources is not a future people in Germany want their grandchildren to inherit.

The private owners plant the wrong trees, the increasingly powerful storms destroy the tree plantations and the state sell off public land to subsidise the private planting of more (waiting to be blown down) mono-culture tree plantations. Does anyone smell a bad smell here? It stinks down to the last rotten core, and rather than cry over this sell-out people will simply have to reverse this (at some point).

It is possible that, at some point, more severe storms will further damage the privately owned mono-culture plantations and all the money paid by the public purse to subsidise the previous disasters will be lost. Why are the resources of the many being paid to subsidise the few? The pay-out is not even viable nor sustainable. Meanwhile, the natural forests are being cut down at an ever increasing rate because the demand is for Oak, Beech and Pine... You don't have to be Einstein to figure out what is happening here!

The doomsday clock is ticking, and only people with a sense of integrity will be able to turn events around to avoid a future disatser that does not have to be. We are destroying our own future. It is also possible that a complete change in climate, in the human climate, will one day hold these people accountable for their criminal actions. I don't see them getting away with it in the future. What is happening today is a total mis-management of public resources. To save the forests the climate change will have to effect the minds of humans living on the planet at this time.