Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oxygen Rich Cells

My little mono-diet against mold/candida Allergy is working, Kefir being better than Joghurt in that respect. Using the Kefir as a base to add grapefruit seed extract and Kieselerde has also worked well. In the last round I began to add extra magnesium/calcium supplements to my diet, which has also greatly reduced the allergy response symptoms. As the yeast overgrowth is reduced the electro sensitivity has also disappeared, and my sensitivity to electrical thunderstorms has gone away. Although I feel sensitive to cold damp weather, the hightened or intensified allergy response to mold and fungus during damp weather has also gone. Just breathing the spores in (where a building is breeding mold contamination) was enough to cause a severe reaction. All those reactions have now gone, although I still feel uncomfortable when I smell fungus spore in a room or a building.

I am still researching the oxygen factor, and while doing a search for oxygen suppliers in Europe I came across an interesting website for special enzyme yeast cells: Zell Oxygen® plus // =en=. This is along the lines of what I have been looking for over the last few months. Something that nourishes the cells of the body and allows the natural health of the cells to replenish themselves with nutrition and vitality (oxygen).

Special Properties of Enzyme Yeast Cells
Yeast for baking, yeast for wine making and brewing beer, yeast in the form of tablets for a good looking skin. Yeast is a highly versatile product. The positive health benefits have also been known for centuries. But: yeast does not always mean the same thing. Baking yeast ferments and beer yeast is a waste product from breweries, only with a vitamin content. Enzyme yeast cells, on the other hand, are of high quality and full of good ingredients. They contain numerous amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes. The reason: they are cultured with fruit juices and wheat germ extract and are filled in their natural liquid medium. In this way they remain biologically active and place their full strength at the body’s disposal. The yeast cells are particularly thin-walled, making them easy for the body to absorb. They exert their effects where our strength is generated: in every single cell in the body. =0=

Even better is that the yeast cells will not feed the candida.
Fördern die Enzym-Hefezellen das Wachstum von Pilzen im Darm? Nein, die Enzym-Hefezellen Dr. Wolz stärken sogar die Abwehrkraft des Darmes.

Darf ich Enzym-Hefezellen-Präparate bei einer Candida Erkrankung einnehmen? Die in den Präparaten eingesetzten Hefen sind Saccharomyces-Arten (z.B. Saccharomyces cerevisiae) und haben mit Candida albicans nichts zu tun, außer dass sie ebenfalls zu den Hefen zählen. Sie werden als nicht krankmachende Hefen (apathogene Hefen) bezeichnet. Im Gegensatz zu Candida albicans stimulieren diese Hefen auf verschiedene Weise (Phagocytose, IgA-Produktion) das Immunsystem und helfen so eine Ausbreitung von Candida albicans zu verhindern. Auch über ihre Nähr- und Wirkstoffgehalte (Enzyme, B-Vitamine, Mineralstoffe, Spurenelemente u.a.) leisten Enzym-Hefezellen einen wertvollen Beitrag zur Ernährung, vor allem auch bei einem Befall von Candida. Präparate mit Enzym-Hefezellen sind somit bei einer Candida Erkrankung sogar zu Empfehlen. faq

Do the enzyme yeast cells promote the growth of mushrooms in the intestine? No, the enzyme yeast cells Dr. Wolz strengthen the defense protection of the colon.

May I take enzyme yeast cell preparations with a Candida illness? The yeasts used in the preparations are not the Saccharomyces kind (e.g. Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and do not have anything to do with Candida albicans, except that they rank among the yeasts. They are called non "sickness-causing" yeasts (apathogene yeasts). Contrary to Candida albicans, these yeasts stimulate the immune system in a different way (Phagocytose, IgA production), and so help to prevent the propagation of Candida albicans. Also, their feeding and active substance contents (enzymes, B-Vitamine, mineral materials, trace elements among other things) enzyme yeast cells make a valuable contribution to nutrition, above all to those suffering with a Candida infestation. Preparations with enzyme yeast cells are even to be recommended for those with a Candida illness.

I have ordered the Zell Oxygen and the Darmflora as part of my ongoing experiment. I have this theory that certain essential foods help create what I call 'beneficial polarity' in the cells and organs of the body. My theory is that correct cellular magnetic frequency is synonymous with oxygen and basic cellular nutrition. We may eat fruit, or vegetables but these foods have to translate into clean energy and the many basic microscopic building blocks of the cells. There has to be a harmonic frequency of electricity, magnetism and oxygen. Some kind of polarity which is the sea of life in which the physical cells carry out their alchemical transformations of inter-cellular substances. My theory is that the altered polarity created by an overgrowth of mold, fungus and yeast interferes with the sea of life polarity within the body.

12 July
The first test hit my empty stomach pretty hard, but maybe that is because I took everything all together and all at once (as Bilbo Baggins would say). The enzyme supplements did not cause an allergy reaction and this morning I took half the amount with Kefir and my stomach was fine.

I was thinking, in the future, this is probably how people will feed themselves. High enzyme nutrition rich foods that feed the body at a cellular level with live enzyme juices or liquid green foods.