Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saving The German Forests

During my first visit to Germany, some years ago, I was staying in the area of the Odenwald and on the first night I woke up out of a dream I never ever forgot. At the time, and for many years, I never really understood this dream fully; but now I understand it. In the dream I was above the earth and was being shown the destruction of the Odenwald by some spiritually advanced beings and perhaps the oversoul of the forest itself. In the dream this destruction was happening in my lifetime, and because I know how much the German people care for the remnant forests that are left today, I could not imagine that they would ever allow the remaining forests to be destroyed.

This dream showed me that deception would be behind the destruction of Germanys remaining forests, and especially the Odenwald. Since then I have carefully observed events to see if any of this could be true. In the dream I was shown that once the forests in Germany were destroyed that the destruction of the German people would follow. It all sounds highly unlikely, unless you understand that on a spiritual level (as well as on a practical level) the forests protect the spiritual and physical existence of the people. Obviously, what we do to the forests and trees we eventually do to ourselves.

The dream was not showing me that events were set in stone, it was warning that if certain events play themselves out, those events will lead to the destruction of the people in Germany (in the future). It was said to me that the fate of the German people is intertwined with the fate of their forests. The remaining forests are the soul of the German people. Who would sell their soul for pieces of nickle plated tin? Or, maybe centralised powers will sell the souls of the German people, as was shown to me in the dream.

Long before the current expansion of the European Union, and the mass migrations we are now seeing, I was shown tens of thousands of people pouring into Germany and all of them were demanding resources and housing. The dream was very graphic and so I saw the trees (the forests) being cut down to make way for the massive influx of immigrant populations, and this is now happening. For example, the smaller towns are being rapidly developed through large investments of capital (probably from the development fund of the EU). This year houses are going up everywhere. It is expansion and growth, and nothing to do with conserving resources and protecting 'green zones'. That which was once green is being cut down to make way for grey. The 'green zone' has been reduced to a spindley sick looking tree dug out of a tree nursery and planted amid the recently poured mass of concrete. The older trees are gone, nothing must stand in the way of EU expansion. One day soon people will deeply regret this mistake.

I was not only shown the destruction of the Odenwald, I was shown details of how the forests in Germany would be sold off. These were businessmen, hand in hand with developers and regional politicians. They were meeting (in secret) and forming public policy to meet the demends of business and development corporations, and the regional politicians (in the dream) were in the pockets of the developers. It was a sell-off and a sell-out of public lands and resources. At the time I could not see how this would ever be possible in Germany.

The dream was very clear about how the forests would be destroyed due to betrayal and deception. Also due to high level lies and manipulation. Areas of Germany I know were not being logged until a couple of years ago, when the whole process of destruction began. They come into Nature parks and public areas and each year they pull out more and more trees. It just does not stop. The forests are getting thinner and thinner and less able to withstand increasingly severe storms. People are being sold the public relations mantra of: 'forest management' and cutting to make the forests 'healthy and strong'. If you study what they are actually doing, they are cutting into the forests in ways that are damaging the forest environment.

The mature trees are protecting the younger trees, and in the future the older trees will take the brunt of the storms and protect the new forest underneath. This has always been the case. The forests grow in cycles. There are key locations where the elite houses stop on the edge of forest areas that cannot be developed (yet). If the forests are damaged by current logging practices, then those damaged areas will be devastated by the severe storms which will sweep Europe in the years ahead. That is when the developers will come in and make money out of those devastated areas. This is prime untouched real-estate waiting to be exploited. As long as the trees are standing and are protected from development the areas cannot be touched.

There is a beautiful natural area, which is supposed to be a 'Nature park', which is currently being logged and they have marked all the key mature trees that balance and protect that part of the forest. Once they take those trees down the area will be a skeleton of trees, and this is a location that takes a lot of force from the storms that sweep through the area. It is also potentially prime real-estate for developers. The damage has not yet been done, but we are getting close to the tipping point. Once that tipping point has been crossed, there is no turning back. Then the unheard cries of the trees will be the future unheard cries of the people.

The most important warning in the dream, is that the future destruction of the forests in Germany, to make way for expansion and development, would be planned in secret behind closed doors. The key factor was that the strong regulations protecting the natural areas in Germany were getting in the way of growth and development. In the worst possible scenario, the planners and the regional politicians will get away with it and the German forests will be destroyed, and that is a very dark future. I was shown that end result future, from which I woke up with tears filling my eyes. The last thing I heard as I woke was a voice, as though the forest itself was speaking. The voice said: "Destroy the Odenwald and all of Germany will share the same fate."

It is not just the Odenwald, it is all of Germany's forests. The trees are of more value to the people and the world alive and standing. The small short term gain that a few people make for themselves in cutting down the trees and selling them is the future destruction of the essential environment that is behind the climate that keeps Germany (and Europe) alive. The more damage done to the forests, the more danger there is of extreme climate shift in terms of drought, loss of water resources, loss of air quality and a severely damaged essential to life habitat. To then sell that land to foreign investors is cultural and environmental suicide. No one should own these lands, they are the inheritance of the people. The forests should be protected, not sold off and not cut down.