Sunday, July 15, 2007

One Last Chance To Change

Before the tipping point is reached the people in Germany (and in Europe) will receive a number of natural warnings. If nothing is done to safeguard what is left of the ecological sound forest resources, then the future devastation will run out of control and little can be done to stop it. The tipping point will be similar to the sinking of the Titanic, once the hull is breached and the ship sinks - it sinks - and that is what people will experience.

People still have alternatives, they do not have to allow the state to sell out the future of their children, the future can be changed before the hull is breached. The changes will probably arise out of a great sadness and an urgency to preserve what is left of the German forests. To do this the current practices of mis-management and the paying of public funds to support non-sustainable short sighted practices will have to stop. The public will not have to 'buy back' the lands, they have already paid hundreds of millions to the forest farms, only to see them fail and fall back into debt. This will eventually lead to judicial challenges as people waken up to the real disaster and public betrayal.

In the coming years, as events unfold, people will have to decide to accept business as usual or to move to protect what is left of their environment. The warnings from nature will be a 'wake up call' to protect what is left of the sustainable environment or allow the present system to run amok and sell out the future for a few Euro. Which future do you want for yourselves and your grandchildren? It is for you to decide.

Climate change? That is a very simplistic description of what is about to happen on this planet. The short-sighted euro greed mis-management of essential resources will not hold out against the dramatic changes in climate we are all about to see. These unnatural mono-plantations will not only be suceptible to disease, but they will not be able to hold out against the coming storm. The correction will have to be a universal one, or how much longer do you think you can continue to sell off public land to pay out more 'subsidies' for incompetance and non-sustainable private plantations?