Saturday, July 21, 2007

Navigate The Falling Dollar

This video, is one of the most honest overviews of the situation facing all people with regard to market forces and how we interact economically. If we are going to find a real solution to environmental destruction, we are all going to have to understand that spiritual environmental relationships are an important part of the solution. Safely Navigate The Falling Dollar

The intrusion into and the destruction of the world's forests are the result of quick and easy removal of local resources to feed an expanding and parasitic global need for resources. Humans extend their need into the surviving forests, and extract the living and essential resources - creating a 'desert'. We then build new structures on this desert while the towns and cities fall into decay behind us.

All across the world, people with the means want to move out of the pollution and the decay of aging cities and relocate to unexploited areas. The rapid growth of relocating and immigrant populations create the same problems in the unexploited areas, eventually turning those areas into dirty towns and cities...

The solution to these severe environmental problems is to turn around and face them, not to take the 'cheap option' of exploiting new tracts of unexploited land. The cheaper option of extending our needs into remaining forests and natural tracts of land is actually, in the long run, the more costly option. If we would turn around and face the monster we have created, kill it and create environmentally sound living areas - then we would also be creating economically sound relationships with nature.

I like Catherine Austin Fitts' 'Tapeworm Economics' model... "If we want clean water, fresh food, a sound financial system, and healthy communities, we are going to have to finance and govern these resources ourselves. That means withdrawing our support from the institutions that are draining us."

In my own view, local investment in sustainable solutions is vital to facing this environmental monster intelligent people are now fleeing from... That investment is going to have to come from the grassroots solutions of the local people in the local communities. There is a treasure of information on the website. "The Tapeworm Economy is a politically managed economy in which a small handful of insiders extract subsidy from many outsiders. The first step to creating the future we deserve and desire is to understand how The Tapeworm really works."