Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Economic Matrix

The Living Cells of The Economic Matrix

If you take time to study the information on, the most important consideration is, who constitute the atoms of the parasitic economic matrix? There are a lot of 'Conspiracy Theories' about ruling elites manipulating and controlling the lives of 'ordinary human beings'. The conspiracy theories mostly draw the involvement of the ordinary matrix individual as that of a victim. Very few people step back a little further and perceive that the Matrix, or the Ecomomic Matrix is made of all the individual decisions of the 'ordinary' people on the planet.

One of the few people who navigated through the collective fog to point out to people that "We are the world," was Jiddu Krishnamurti. The same applies to environment, economics and society. The physical material atoms of human culture is us, and the structure of those atoms is our behaviour. A more accurate conspiracy theory as to why our world functions in the way it does is that it does so because of us. The economic behaviour of the masses creates the environmental monster that is currently destroying our planet.

A lot of people may say they don't really care about that. This lack of concern is the behaviour of the current matrix in terms of greed, desire for more, patterns of consumption: the economic behaviour that is destroying our world and our environment. The structure of the matrix is all of us together. The way we all interact with our world sends a signal similar to the behaviour of electrons orbiting an atom. Caring individuals would create a totally different signal, a totally different economic behaviour and a totally different relationship with our world. The monster the conspiracy theorists love to describe is us, we are that monster and we maintain the atomic structure of its cancerous growth through how we think and how we live our lives.

How will you change your life now so that the forests can outlive you?

The Gnome - by Jørn Rønnau