Sunday, July 15, 2007

In 2067 - Who Wants Spruce Trees?

"They'll grow Douglas fir or spruce in monoculture and harvest everything after 60 years."

The short-sightedness of this move to cultivate quick sell spruce and fir mono-plantations across Germany is really hard to believe. Between 2007 and the 'harvesting date' in 2067 a lot will have changed. I doubt that the world will still be relying on wood resources in the year 2067.

Hemp will soon become a leading alternative to wood, and for good reason: the planet just does not have the resources to keep feeding the growing demand for trees. At some point people will be forced to change to Hemp products as well as utilising new innovations to move mankind away from relying on forests to fire the continued development of human society.

Not only that! People, in the future, will think and act differently than they do today. Priorities will have changed, and business as usual will not be an option. The primitive logging practices will most probably be as extinct as the dinosaurs, and new more ecologially sound practices will be developed. The way we live and consume resources today is both unpractical and wasteful. This current insanity cannot continue.

The only reason Hemp is not used today to replace paper and wood products, is because the political and commercial setup is configured to ensure business as usual for the forestry and timber trade etc etc. However, growing Hemp is the way of the future, and the people will look back on this period as a dark and corrupt age in human history. Right now we are living in that darkness.

In 2067, who wants Spruce trees?