Saturday, March 19, 2011

Physicist Michio Kaku: 'Bury Reactors In Sand & Concrete'

Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has been advising that the Japanese Government should use the 'Chernobyl Solution': Use the Japanese Air force to bury the reactors by dropping sand and concrete. He warned that we are possibly heading for a full blown Chernobyl or even something 'Beyond Chernobyl'.

If there is a total meltdown at all three reactors and the containment vessels hold, then the situation is stable. However, cracks in all three containment vessels could lead to a devastation scenario where hundreds of tons of nuclear waste contaminate the environment as the fission products stored in the reactor are lofted into the environment.

The final stage of a meltdown is called 'breach of containment', where cracks in the containment vessels expand or explode. Then the world will face a full blown Chernobyl.

Dr. Michio Kaku has suggested the last ace in the hole is the Japanese Air force. The military will have to take over, sandbagging the reactors in thousands of tons of concrete, boric acid and sand. Burying the reactors will prevent the contamination from spreading into the atmosphere through explosion of the vessels, including explosion of the fuel rods stored at the plant.

Michio Kaku talks about the nuclear disaster in Japan and his association with Dr. Teller, the father of the Hydrogen bomb. Edward Teller loved nuclear energy and thought we could have nuclear reactors everywhere; but Teller said that: "Nuclear power does not belong on the surface of the Earth - it belongs underground."

Nuclear power is so dangerous and so volatile that if it is underground and there is a melt down then all we would do is to seal the plant from above and prevent contamination of the environment.

This makes clear how dangerous nuclear reactors and nuclear power plants really are, and that one of the founders of nuclear power knew that nuclear energy is not in a state that man can control. Edward Teller considered the danger so great that the plants would have to be built underground to protect the environment from reactor 'free fall'.

Well, underground is not safe either, as radioactive contamination from an underground plant in critical melt down would contaminate underground water sources. It is clear that once this form of nuclear energy goes critical humans have NO SOLUTION. We resort to throwing sand on it. We resort to cave-man solutions. Our technology does not provide us with a way to deal with nuclear energy in free-fall. Once we lose 'control' the solution is to THROW SAND ON IT ...

Time For Chernobyl Option In this report Dr. Mishio Kaku says: The plant usually had eight hundred workers and now in this emergency there are only fifty workers on a 'suicide mission'. Eight hundred workers cannot handle one reactor melt down, how can fifty workers deal with four simultaneous reactor failures?

Dr. Mishio Kaku - A Chernobyl In The Making