Friday, March 11, 2011

2011 Sendai Earthquake Tsunami Devastation

A number of tsunamis released by the 8.9 Sendai earthquake and large after quakes have caused most of the coastal devastation in the area close to the epicenter of the earthquake. Whole communities have been swept away and completely destroyed by the fast moving wall of water that was immediately released by the largest earthquake know to Japan in the last 140 years.

A massive whirlpool was filmed from the air in the aftermath of the tsunami that hit the Japanese Northeast coast. The tsunami has destroyed farms, farming communities and precious farmland across the 'granary of Japan'. The low lying rice farms have been inundated with salt water, mud and debris from the tsunami.

Two nuclear power stations were reported to have lost the power to cool the reactors, although the reactors were closed down as soon as the earthquake hit. All through the night fires have been burning following the massive devastation, as Japanese television report spreading wildfires destroying large areas, homes and communities.

Reuters reported a dam breaking in Fukushima prefecture, washing away homes as fires rage uncontrolled in an oil refinery.

Nine foot tsunami waves have suddenly begun hitting the coast of Hawaii as extremely high surges are expected to hit the West coast of Oregon. The tsunami was said to be travelling across the Pacific at one kilometer every four seconds.

From Alaska to Southern California up to 8 foot wave surges have been recorded. Canada, Oregon, California, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica are evacuating areas faced with a potential high wave surge along the Pacific coastal region.

It seems that Japan has taken the brunt of this massive quake as tsunami alerts for some areas have been lifted. After shocks the size of the Christchurch quake have continued to hit off the Japanese coast as Japan remains on continued tsunami alert.

In a quake briefing speakers for the USGS have said that readings show the Island of Honshu Japan moved (shifted) 2.3 meters out to the East (Eastern movement) as a result of the subduction earthquake.