Monday, March 14, 2011

Katana Sendai - End of The Nuclear Industry

I am ashamed to read reports of European politicians and American nuclear industry 'experts' grinding out the 'our reactors are safe' mantra, in the light of what has just happened in Japan. Have these people no compassion? Are they human? Do they think they are some kind of elite who are immune to radiation poisoning? Or is this why they had the secret underground facilities built for them? Who would want to be 'safe' underground with people like you? Your selfishness and lack of human compassion makes you sub-human.

Jiddu Krishnamurti once said: "Those who you do not see they are mankind are the enemies of mankind." If you stop to think about that, it is pretty subtle.

How can you watch this disaster unfolding on the people of Japan and make statements like: Well, our Nuclear Reactors are safe... Those words will come back to haunt you; but I doubt you care. This is not the Nuclear industry but the Unclear Industry. A collection of spin merchants and opportunists, who sacrifice the long term future for short term gain.

Another term for this is the 'genocide industry' .. radioactive material is given the PR spin of 'clean energy' even as it silently spreads out to engulf Tokyo, and potentially leave the Japanese with a long term inheritance of slowly spreading cancers and birth defects. The same silent vapor will spread to the West coast of America and join the Gulf Stream to Europe, where politicians say that it can't happen here.

I find that ironic considering IT IS happening HERE, because as with Chernobyl the radioactivity spreads beyond the borders of the country experiencing the release of radiation contamination from a nuclear meltdown. But the spin masters think: Who is going to know that the increase in cancer was due to leaking Nuclear Power Plants? It's kind of difficult to prove, isn't it!

Yet, if France has a nuclear accident other parts of Europe share the radiation poison, and if Germany has a nuclear accident then the same applies. We are all breathing the same air and we are all part of the same environment.

Even as Japan struggles to deal with the worst disaster of all, the European and American pro-nuclear lobby are defiant in their determination to continue and they do not care that it may well end in disaster. But I don't think they will survive this, even though it may take some time to move in a new direction and leave them far behind.

The sword of the Samurai warrior is the fault line that released the massive earthquake resulting in the tsunami. Katana Sendai has already altered the 'future' and has dealt a final blow to the neck of the nuclear industry. Because this monster is so big and has so many tendrils all over the world - it will take time for it to die. But die it will!

Seeing that Katana Sendai has dealt a death-blow to the genocidal nuclear industry, people all over the planet will work together to cut off the dying tendrils of this monster. People will not give up; because they now know and see their 'future' if they do not do battle. With this nuclear power plant monster in place they are going to die anyway, or their children, or their children's children. The nuclear plants are the 'clean' mask of 'death'.

The Guardian.Uk noted in New Europe Live Blog: In an opinion piece Rolland Nelles, a one-time fan of nuclear energy, says in the wake of Fukushima German chancellor Angela Merkel will be forced to modify her pro-nuclear stance.

He writes: Even the last remaining advocates of the technology must realise that we can't go on like this. It is over. Done. Finished. Nuclear energy cannot be controlled by humans, no matter how good the arguments might be in its favour. The danger of disaster is real, and it can happen at any time – even in a super hi-tech country like Japan. And it could also happen here in Germany. A sense of security when it comes to atomic reactors is no longer possible. Not anywhere.

In my opinion, the 9.0 Sendai earthquake was bad and the tsunami was worse .. but the nuclear emergency is catastrophic .. for Japan as well as the rest of the world.

For those who argue there are no alternatives to nuclear power plants... Well, there are alternatives and they have been around since the early 50's and 60's. Clean energy does exist, it can be generated. It is non-polluting, and Nikola Tesla was one of the people who developed patents and devices to generate 'free-energy', as well as wireless energy.

It is not really the Nuclear Power Plants we have to overcome; but it is the state of mind that builds them and finds them acceptable that has to be transcended and gone beyond.

Treatments for Nuclear Contamination from Project Pangaia.