Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Death Butterfly of Fukushima

Looking back from the future:
There is pain in our eyes and tears in our hearts.

It doesn't have to be like this...

This disaster is bad enough as it is; but the really worrying part of the disaster unfolding is the co-ordinated deception. Why are they lying?

The Independent wrote:
The nuclear industry is terrified of losing public support, for the simple reason that it has always needed public money to fund it. It is not, even now, a sector which can stand on its own two feet economically. So when it finds it has a problem, its first reaction is to hide it, and its second reaction is to tell lies about it. But the truth comes out in the end... (go read the whole article)

For days nuclear experts or unclear experts and the world's media have been churning out the idea these nuclear plants can be saved. But no one explains HOW they can be 'saved'. No one explains the 3D reality of how the Japanese power company will stop this disaster from unfolding.

After 48 hours of 'research' I typed: How many thousand years will the Japanese be pumping sea water to avoid nuclear meltdown?

One of the areas now in trouble contains (is storing) 20 years of spent-fuel rods. Those rods are still radioactive, they still have to be cooled just like the nuclear rods inside the reactors. The spent fuel rods stored from the past 20 years are going to release a terrible disaster as cooling water is lost.

My question is, if they could not dispose of 20 years of spent fuel rods and take care of that danger - but the radioactive rods are 'being stored', how long will they have to pump sea water onto the failed nuclear reactor cores to be safe?

What is the whole world of media and experts saying when they write day after day that the Japanese are trying to prevent a nuclear disaster at Fukushima? Will pumping seawater into the reactor to cool the core solve the meltdown problem in 48 hours? Will it take a week? Will the core meltdown be averted in a month, a year or 1,000 years?

What do they mean: Avert a nuclear disaster? How are the Japanese going to avert multiple Cs (Chernobyl's) disasters at these reactors? What do unclear experts mean by, "bring the reactors under control" .. ?

There are explosions at the plants, there are fires... the infrastructure around the reactors are slowly being destroyed. The Japanese cannot keep the rods cooled with water. Radiation levels are rising day by day.

Let's just be positive and say there is still a chance to 'save the reactors'. How many hours, days, weeks or months of pumping seawater before the 'danger' is averted? What are the actual dynamics of 'save' the reactors?

The Daily Yomiuri headlined: Kan berates TEPCO for tardy response.
With harsh words of censure about the company's handling of explosions at the nuclear power plant in the wake of Friday's devastating earthquake, Kan reportedly told them: "You're the only ones [to deal with this problem]. Retreating [from the power plant and its problems] is simply not an option. Be ready for anything. If you pull out now, that'll be the end of TEPCO, period." Kan's angry voice could be heard from outside the meeting room, it was said.

Is it possible the world's nuclear industry already know that nothing can be done to prevent a nuclear disaster at these plants? The rest is just spin? The illusion that humans can 'control' this technology is just spin?

In simple terms I see it this way. There are rules of nature to this kind of atomic energy governing its behaviour. Man has attempted to control the behaviour (release of energy) using water to cool the reaction (heat). But when the cycle gets to a certain stage all options for 'control' and 'governance' are taken off the table.

The people who developed this industry seek 'governance' over the laws of nature through 'control'. Using water to cool the reactor core they control the release of energy. Take away certain parts of the structure of 'governance' and the force they are trying to control goes back to its original state.

The force goes back to its natural state faster than the reintroduction of governance and control using water to cool the reaction. On a daily basis they are battling with a deadly nuclear 'charge'. It is an industry 24/24 in a battle with a force that will always seek its own way back to fire, heat, reaction. It is almost volcanic in nature.

Release the trapped force from the bottle and it will expand and react at rates far beyond human comprehension and far beyond man's ability to govern and control.

When that release point comes the whole industry and everyone associated with them go into a state of denial melt-down. As the force divorces itself from the governance and control of the male, they deny that there are problems with the marriage.

To face the divorce is to admit loss of governance and loss of control.

You will NEVER control that force. It is always in a state of 'divorce' from your rules of governance and control. The relationship is based on fire, heat, explosion and conflict. The conflict being the attempt to control the force though applying unnatural laws, unnatural rules of behaviour. The force or reaction within the rods is always seeking its way back to its original form contained and ordered by the rules of nature.

This is why you will NEVER govern and rule nuclear energy in that state. Nature will always return to its natural state of law. Every Nuclear Power Plant on the planet is a conflict waiting to happen. A conflict between man's rule of governance and control through perverting a force that is designed to interact with nature in a different way.

By definition you are the architects of your own destruction.