Friday, March 18, 2011

Nuclear Spin As The Industry Collapses

The nuclear spin artists - especially in the U.S. - are cranking out their 'supporters' in an attempt to calm the public and pour 'sea-water' on the global melt down of this unsustainable over subsidized industry. The only thing these people want to save is their 'investment' and their 'jobs'. As Japan faces one of the worst disasters in modern times, the nuclear lobby spin artists pollster their crumbling empire with lies and poker faced slight of hand.

This is a very sad, deeply disturbing on the ground situation for the people of Japan and that beautiful Island, with so much culture and so much history. For a disaster like this to happen on an Island with so little landmass, as compared to the United States, China or Europe makes this disaster even more unsustainable. People really have to stop and look at the unfolding implications... where do the people of Japan run to?

One of the biggest supporters of nuclear plant expansion and the public funding of the nuclear industry in the U.S. is Senator Lisa Murkowski. As a 'European' I could not believe what I was reading on CNN's "Special Report" - Murkowski: This is no Chernobyl .. by Lisa Murkowski ..

As The Nuclear Industry Collapses
So, the writer of the CNN article attempts to address concerns that the unfolding nuclear disaster in Japan is as serious as was the Russian disaster at Chernobyl. The reason for this is because the nuclear industry and its supporters are playing Poker and they are holding a losing hand .. they are bluffing to win the game and cash in the jackpot.

Here are some of the bad cards they are holding as they play with our lives...

The basic conclusion from the International Atomic Energy Agency working groups is that the Chernobyl accident was the result of a combination of operator error, reactor design and the lack of a safety culture.

None of these factors apply to the Fukushima Daiichi units.

We should also keep in mind that a 40-year-old nuclear power plant withstood a magnitude-9.0 earthquake and shut down exactly as it was designed to do. The backup generators kicked in as they were supposed to, and even when a larger-than-anticipated tsunami flooded the generators, the reactor operators switched to emergency battery power, which lasted for eight hours.

Still, the underlying issue is whether nuclear reactors in the United States, now and in the future, are safe to operate and live around. The resounding answer to both issues is yes.

Reading this, in Poker terms, the game is over. These are not all the cards; but is a major part of their tactic - with cracks already showing in the casing of their 'reactor' .. structural cracks that don't look good from here.

When I read this description of how perfectly events played out after the 9.0 earthquake and the following tsunami, I knew they were bluffing. The writer of this article subtly gives the whole game away. You see, maybe everything did not work out as claimed...

Maybe, the Tokyo Electric Power Company are lying, covering up what really happened as they have done for many years. Behind the architecture of the article is 'fear'. If a nuclear power plant run by one of the worlds most sophisticated industrial nations fails and goes into multiple meltdown(s), then what about the rest of the world and its nuclear reactors? [TEPCO is the fourth largest electrical power company in the world]

The people who have invested in this nuclear electric generating system are - right now - scared. But they play their hand with a poker face as they sit at the table and sweat.

I hope all of you reading this will go back to the above statement of 'perfection' if the news begins to 'leak out' that things did not happen the way the operators of the plant say. It may be that those details change as people find out what really happened and discover the bad news of cover ups, infrastructure failures, unreported problems and lies.

But let's stick with the cards on the table and imagine that the player who is bluffing has four Aces and A Joker as described above... They are saying: Everything worked as it should have. The industry is clean.

Then why did the plant fail? There are explosions in key buildings, as 20 years of stored fuel rods are melting down. Why are radiation levels rising? If everything worked as it should have and the nuclear plant is still facing this expanding out-of-control disaster .. that is worrying. The American people are being told that 'all the back up systems worked' .. you have nothing to worry about!

I don't know what to say at this point... °-)

Why am I saying that the nuclear industry is finished, the containment vessel is broken and everything inside is heating up and about to explode? There is more to come in terms of mega-quakes in populated areas. This quake has already finished them. What happens when the next one strikes? The industry cannot survive, even as they cling to the debris floating on those waves of destruction. It's over. It's finished.

It is going to be difficult enough dealing with the natural disasters as they happen. There will be ongoing dramatic coastal changes and then you can add increased volcanic activity to the list. Fresh water will be an issue .. farmland .. irrigation .. food. Rivers will become a resource conflict issue. That is a very important resource.

France's 59 reactors mostly obtain their cooling water from rivers. Increasing droughts and water shortages will create 'resource conflicts' between the water hungry nuclear power plants and the farmers. The nuclear power industry consumes almost half of France's total freshwater usage per year from rivers and lakes. It is no longer sustainable and is way to dangerous to be left to chance. It's time to bring the working alternatives out of the underground closet.

Fukushima's "Dirty Bomb"