Monday, March 21, 2011

Entomb The Reactors Says Michio Kaku

In a CNN Interview, Physicist Michio Kaku has warned the Japanese to "Bury It!!"

"It's a piece of junk," he says, "and if this fires out of control we could lose a huge chunk of Northern Japan." The man who was a mentor of Edward Teller, the father of nuclear power, has warned those trying to deal with this problem are not physicists, are disconnected from reality, they do not want to acknowledge how bad the situation is. YouTube

In answer to a question about the future of nuclear power, he says: "In a democracy we have to evaluate what is called a 'Faustian bargain'. Faust was this mythical figure who sold his soul to the devil for unlimited power. The Japanese have thrown the dice, they went for the Faustian bargain, because they have no oil - they have no coal - they have no natural resource that can generate energy. So, they say: Yeh! We have got to have the Faustian bargain. In the United States we [still] have a choice. We really have a choice whether or not we have to sell our soul to the devil for unlimited power."

The terms Faust / Faustian are used to describe an arrangement in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success. It is termed as: The deal with the devil. It is also, the deal that will destroy you. The implied inevitable destruction is the bartering of the 'soul' in return for unlimited power and knowledge.

In the case of nuclear power the moral of the story is: You are better off with your life and life supporting environment, than the loss of your life and environment due to an out of control reaction that devours everything. It could be that Michio Kaku's, "Bury It" statement has multiple meanings for the Japanese...

The nuclear industry have sold their souls to a power that will ultimately turn on them; but in a democracy it is not only the nuclear industry who decides the direction a country takes in applying its options for generating power. This is something everyone has to decide upon, especially those living in the areas where nuclear plants exist. If people don't want it, the deal is off.

CNN reported today that the Japanese Government are training people on the ground to use a Concrete Pump Engine to encase one or more of the reactors. "Officials were training workers Monday to spray the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant's stricken reactors with concrete."

Radiation levels at the plant are rising and are spreading slowly into the food chain, as levels of contamination to the water supply are being detected as far away as Tokyo.

The Japanese government has banned the sale of raw milk from Fukushima Prefecture, as they prohibited the sale of spinach from neighboring Ibaraki Prefecture after finding radioactive iodine and cesium. officials in Fukushima halted the distribution of locally grown vegetables outside the prefecture. All I can say is: What a price to pay!