Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown For DuMMieS

Nuclear reactors are safe - except when they explode.
Nuclear reactors are safe - except when the reactor melts.
Multiple safety backup systems are failsafe - except when they fail.
Plutonium released from a MOX fuel reactor is more deadly than Uranium.
Plutonium from MOX fuel cannot be detected by a Geiger-counter.

Rules For Radioactive Fallout From Nuclear Power Plants
1. Humans can survive and trade without electricity, but cannot trade when radioactive.
2. Food can be produced without electricity, but cannot be eaten when radioactive.
3. Land can be farmed without electricity, but cannot be farmed when radioactive.
4. Human males may become sterile when exposed to high levels of radiation.
5. High levels of radiation from a nuclear accident do not recognize National boundaries.

March 15, 2011 - The Japanese Government have announced counter measures to the increasing radiation levels from the exploding Nuclear Plants... People should stay indoors. Yes, you heard it correct! When in danger your Governments tell you to counter exposure to deadly radiation leaks by 'staying indoors'.

The Japanese people have survived a massive earthquake and a powerful and even more deadly tsunami. They need food, water and they are struggling to stay warm. Now they are told to stay indoors... Duh! Sorry! Am I stupid? Does that work? Does staying indoors protect you from exposure to high levels of radiation?

As a last resort holding your breath may help decrease exposure to deadly radiation levels released in the event of a reactor melt down.

Nuclear Reactor Meltdown For DuMMieS??
Nuclear power companies and Governments should be mandated to provide every citizen with safety equipment and radioactive protection suits... and you would see that as soon as it becomes costly for them to cover all the safety issues they are not going to build those reactors.

Nuclear safety on a shoe string 'budget'
"Stay inside, the Government warns" ...