Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nuclear Industry's Gambling Addiction Denial Syndrome

As day by day, one reactor after the next leak, fail, explode, lose their functions, crack and release radiation into the environment - the global nuclear industry and their supporters deny the dangers. I don't mean the dangers at a local level, I mean the catastrophic dangers they expose the whole planet to.

The whole nuclear industry and their supporters are like a club of compulsive gamblers who are incapable of looking at their risk taking, looking at their addiction or questioning the costs - the price everyone pays for their gamble, including degradation of the environment.

This industry have a serious gambling addiction; but they are gambling with everyone's wealth, not just their own.

It is like someone who just has to keep going to the casino looking for the 'winning jackpot'. They go through their own money, their savings, the family's money and then they extend their losses to their extended family and friends as people attempt to 'save' the situation as it goes into melt-down.

At the very end the person addicted to gambling soaks everything in their surroundings into their habit, through various interplays, until they have nothing left. The Fukushima nuclear disaster is playing out in that way...

The plant owners, the politicians and the institutions who process the fuel rods and those build the nuclear plants are all gambling with everyones resources (no only their own), including health resources. It is all just one big casino style gamble.

As the reactors melt down the local family and environment get degraded, then the extended community: the farmers, those who produce food. Then the local industry get sucked in (contaminated with the fallout of this gamble) as the radioactive fallout extends into the sea and spreads along the coast.

The fallout spreads out into the atmosphere and soon begins to contaminate other countries with the radioactive gamble fallout. So it spreads, entering the planetary food chain, effecting economies worldwide - and still the addicts put out 'statements' that: this is no-big-deal and everything is going to be fine.

Whole areas are becoming radioactive no-go zones as generations of livelihood and generations of work that was put into the land is wasted by these people. Seriously pay attention to the 'gambler's response', which is: It's okay! It's no problem! Radiation's good for you!

You can't eat radiation. You can't eat electricity. You can't eat or drink an 'apology'. Loss of agricultural land is irreplaceable, just as loss of fresh water resources are irreplaceable. Traditional fishing grounds have fed people in Japan for tens of thousands of years. The nuclear industry's gamble is killing the fishing grounds and contaminating the fish.

I am just wondering at what point does it become clear that these people have a serious psychological illness, imbalance, psychosis. Anyone who feels okay about gambling the wealth of others times the planet is not-well-in-the-head.

I am amazed that people accept this.

TEPCO were warned in 2001 that they would have to take into account that a massive and highly destructive tsunami would hit the area and hit the Daiichi plant. The scientific reasoning for this was geological sediment found 4 kilometers inland in cycles of 800 to 1,000 years per tsunami. The last mega tsunami had swept across that area of japan in 869, known as the Jogan tsunami.

This is like telling a casino gambler: Look guy, you are going to lose everything if you continue... because the odds are stacked against you... you cannot win!

The owners of the Fukushima Daiiachi plant were shown the odds, they were even shown the 'future'; but supported by the industry, politicians and special interests this born-to-fail 'titanic gamble' just floated on...

It's psychotic!