Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 - 2112 Pacific Ring of Fire Coastal Change

On March 11, 2011 [11.03.2011 = 9] the largest earthquake known to Japan in the last 140 years, signaled the begining of dramatic coastal change around the world. This wont only affect Japan, what you see now will (at some point) affect New York, the Florida coast, California, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China's coastal waters as well as Europe and Africa. It is not a 2012 type scenario, this is the next 100 years of change.

If Cayce is correct and landmasses will rise in the oceans as land falls into the sea, then some of the current tectonic activity may be the Earth giving birth to those rising landmasses. I may be wrong, but a rising landmass would displace a lot of water just as a collapsing coastal region would also displace a lot of water. So, beginning with the 2004 Indonesian tsunami, the next 100 years will see this trend continuing and increasing in velocity and intensity.

Architects of Change
The nuclear issue is going to be a very heated topic over the next 20 to 30 years. Twent-four hours after the 8.9 Sendai earthquake and tsunami one Japanese nuclear plant is reported to be close to nuclear meltdown as a second nuclear plant is reported to be unable to cool the reactor. Why were nuclear reactors build on one of the most tectonically active areas on Earth?

In 1974/75 I began reading reports that a group of Nordic visitors had contacted Governments around the world warning them not to take the nuclear path, and they warned of future consequences to the whole planet if the Governments went ahead with their development of this technology. No matter what you think about this .. These are the 'consequences' now.

If you look back with a view to the future, then the truth reveals itself as events unfold.

The warnings were apparently given to Governments back in the 1940's and 50's during and after the 2nd World War. Today we see why that may have been the case. Because, when you plan an economy and develop a society - you do not turn around on a dime if you have taken the wrong path into the 'future'.

Personally, I think these warnings were accurate and I think those warning the planetary human species knew what was coming. Today, human societies are living on the edge, close to numbers of nuclear reactors at a time of global tectonic change.

If we had listened to the warnings in the early 50's we would have a different world today.

In 2011 we are at the crossroads of change. We can go further down the road to disaster based on our decisions in the past, or we can be the architects of change now - as the 3D world alters around us.

Whether we make the changes now or do it later... The fact is those changes have to be implemented. The technology of change already exists on the planet. Only the intelligence and the resolve to act in a new way is lacking.

The stress on the coastal boundaries of the Pacific Ring of Fire is only now building up. This pressure and the 3D changes that result will continue over the next 100 years. As a Planetary Species we have to have a co-ordinated 100 year plan. This is no longer a planet of 'countries' who can afford to act alone and hope to survive. This is one planet with one human race, sharing the planet with fish, sharks, dolphins, birds, animals, plants, insects and trees.

The stress is not only on the coastal boundaries of the Pacific plate, but that is another story... At this point the stress is affecting the boundaries from Chile to New Zealand. The area of Japan just hit will not simply 'quieten down'. There are reports that the 8.9 Sendai earthquake ruptured a section of the Earth's crust 150 miles long and 50 miles wide.

This area will experience powerful 'after shocks' in the high magnitude range, some of them years after. Which is perhaps why the nuclear issue has to be carefully considered, assuming the nuclear reactors do not go into meltdown...