Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Supernatural Planet

The supernatural exists ..
.. but cannot be understood by the rational brain.

- ZenSu

Events We Cannot Explain
We view the world around us as a STABLE linear non-offensive rational progression of time .. space and events .. that is how we currently choose to perceive the world we live in. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In general the supernatural is associated with the occult: "That which is hidden". The experience I had one night as a two year old child seeing and hearing what the Irish call the little people .. would also be defined as supernatural event. Because it is outside the scope and understanding of everyday life.

I was alone in a dark room asleep and I woke up .. I was woken up .. by music. The small room was totally lit up with an ambient light the colour of the Sun and magical beings (lots of them) were dancing around the bed playing Celtic music. I could see the beings .. I could hear the music .. and they said: Never forget that we exist!

I assume that small kids see this mysterious world up to a certain age .. and then we forget .. we become rational humans and lose touch with the supernatural world. At the same time the supernatural world is all around us. Simply because science fragments biology to explain material existence .. this does not mean the explanations are even close to the source reality of what life is about.

Rational minds claim the supernatural does not exist .. it is simply something we do not understand. Who says "understanding" something makes the event normal and rational? The event may be totally supernatural and the understanding after-the-event is simply a rational explanation of something that cannot be explained.

Events that could not be explained were associated with the gods (plural) and later with god (singular). There you have a simplistic non-scientific explanation for unusual .. mystical .. supernatural events. The scientific explanations of these events are equally simplistic. The fact is that there are things we humans cannot know .. see nor understand using rational mind.

The supernatural is unknowable through the rational logical mind.

I wrote about the mysterious man who changed my life. This was not the only strange encounter I had in my life with situations that defied science or conditions we assume are reality. The mysterious event had the same FEELING as all the other mysterious events. Already .. without KNOWING .. we have a key. When the light filled my mind and my heart and I turned around in an empty street .. the man who changed my life was gone. He walked past me and he simply disappeared.

You may say .. the man was not real .. he did not physically exist. He was real .. he was a physical man .. he looked like us humans .. he was really there in our time space. The only difference was his mind and his energy field. As he walked past me and as his energy field connected with my energy field the "power" was totally different than present day Earth humans.

You may then ask... Who are they? I would ask... Who are we?

Our Supernatural Planet
I could tell you so many stories you would not believe. Events that simply happened to me without me seeking them out or trying to enter that world. I did not mess with that world. My Celtic instinct was to show respect and I knew that world was dangerous. They can contact us .. but we cannot contact them.

By that I mean .. and this was understood in very ancient times .. we Earth humans are not in control. Humans on Earth are like children .. we are not powerful and we do not control physical realms .. never mind mysterious realms. Earth humans are at stage one .. or stage zero of their potential development. All we currently do is play with ourselves!

I once found a narrow cave entrance in the mountains on the Northwest coast of Scotland. I was maybe fifteen years old and I seemed always to have an instinct to discover hidden places. I started to crawl into this narrow opening in the rock at the edge of a dried river bed on the slope of a mountain. An adult could never get in there .. the entrance into the rock was the size of a child .. so no one would have been able to rescue me *- )

I was not afraid of adventure .. I was not afraid of the pitch black darkness that surrounded me as I belly crawled deep into the structure of the Earth. As I crawled .. determined to know what lay beyond this opening .. a powerful presence surrounded me and told me to crawl back. I did not want to crawl back .. I had no fear .. I wanted to find out where this narrow entrance would lead me.

Even the rock entrance itself was saying to me: No child! Do not go any further!

What I am trying to convey is that our Planet is largely a supernatural awareness field that teaches us and communicates with us and even warns us .. takes care of us. A lot of the difficulties we humans face is self-created because we just don't listen to Nature. Humans have become so self-isolated from the Earth that they do not listen to anything other than their own THOUGHTS and their own EGO.

I am saying that the supernatural challenges the EGO of mankind.

I had to back crawl out of the low narrow entrance to the cave largely because of my RESPECT for that mysterious supernatural force. I was not too happy crawling out .. because I wanted to find something. At the same time .. whenever this powerful mysterious supernatural force would communicate with me .. I would listen.

You may think as a child I did not know the danger of crawling into a narrow cave entrance. I knew the danger and I was not afraid. You could feel the danger all around you in the impenetrable darkness and in the surrounding rock. That feeling was part of the attraction. Even the feeling of danger acted like a magnet. Seeking the source of the mystery was all part of the danger. It was a price I was prepared to pay to find out .. what is this energy inside this narrow cave?

My desire to explore and find out was stronger than any potential fear.

The Supernatural Field of Earth
I always saw .. was aware of .. this supernatural field in the Earth. One can see it in a tree .. in weeds .. grass .. birds .. in the clouds .. in water. The problem is that we just do not pay attention because we are mostly thinking our self-isolated thoughts. The supernatural is not an overpowering force .. it is a gentle backup system.

Just base physical material existence on its own is not enough to allow the smooth functioning of a planetary system. Base physical material existence cannot function without surrounding energy .. electromagnetic fields .. the transmission of those fields. In the same way that your computer cannot function without power .. electrical energy input.

The supernatural is a gentle force.

Like crawling into a small dark narrow space in the mountains .. people are afraid of strange phenomenon .. are afraid of the supernatural .. are afraid of the unknown. Very few realise this is a gentle energy .. a gentle and compassionate source that protects us even from ourselves.

The reason the supernatural is so dangerous is because it is not a fixed reality following the physical laws of Nature. The supernatural is a morphing reality that also acts like a mirror .. like attracts like.

Someone seeking supernatural powers will encounter forces similar to their own natures .. but those morphing forces will always have the upper hand. Humans on the physical ego levels can never control those forces. The power they give you is actually intended to destroy you. Those seeking deceptive power will be deceived in similar nature to a reverse mirror.

The only reason people believe they have this power is their own self-deception.

This is not what I am talking about. I am talking about a gentler supernatural field that co-exists with man within and surrounding the Planet. When we follow the rules this natural force works with us. The key words to describe this relationship is: Love .. compassion and goodness.

The other key word is: Beyond self.

Inhabiting base physical Earth reality it appears we can do what we want on this world and get away with it. Once entering the supernatural realms one is immediately faced with instant consequences that requires a high level of intelligence to navigate those energy fields and to understand on an instinctive level.

Since childhood I have been aware of a gentle supernatural force or field that is present all around us. I see it in Nature and in the trees and flowers .. in birds and animals. Sometimes walking in the forest little mice will come out of the forest and walk straight towards me with no fear.

I always stop and wait to see what the mice will do next .. and they surprise me by walking in circles around my feet .. climbing onto my shoes and even putting their front hands on my trousers and looking up at me. In those moments I feel a very old bonding between animals and mankind. Within that mysterious psychic field we understand each other.

In the moments where those encounters take place it is like entering an enchanted forest.

The enchantment of the forest is not only surrounding you .. it is happening inside you and it changes you forever. For some reason humans choose to live outside of that enchanted world. I think fear is not fear of the unknown .. but is fear of the ego. The ego-self .. rational thought .. is afraid. The fear is fear of oneself.

I can show it to you as it was shown to me.

Any time you become aware of an inner feeling of fear [which is itself irrational and surfaces from nowhere] .. observe the fear. Don't just let the fear overwhelm you .. but take a good deep look at it. Face the fear. Watch the feeling of fear and observe it at its source. The moment you take time to observe fear the fear disappears.

The next level is to observe yourself observing the fear. Sounds tricky but it is easier than it may seem. The fear may then hide .. but it comes back .. and you keep observing it every time it comes back .. and suddenly you see YOURSELF. The moment you see yourself your life changes forever.

Monday, April 21, 2014

One man Changed My Life

I do not care if only one person reads this .. that is Zen.
- ZenSu

One man changed my life forever...
The man who changed my life was not a terrestrial in the way we understand our human world today. Until I was 17 years old I lived in my own created natural world inside Nature. My whole mind and my mindset was undivided part of the natural world. Plants .. trees .. mountains .. rivers .. the sea .. birds and animals. My mind was inside Nature.

I viewed school as collective insanity .. where I was able to balance my psyche.

By age 17 .. I discovered the outer world was more dangerous .. and no one teaches you this is the fact. Everyone teaches you to "trust" the outside world .. as you become a feature of that world .. where you have no control.

Fortunately .. I had my own in-built GUIDANCE and AWARENESS .. to which I am eternally grateful. But .. still .. I find my mind swamped by the ocean of entanglements of my mankind. I discover at age 17 .. that my fellow humans are OBSESSIVE .. egotistic .. fearful .. suffering personal traumas .. self-centered .. seeking endless pleasure of the ego-self!

You may find this NORMAL .. but to me it was a shock !!

Until I discovered this unnatural out of balance world of humans my life had been Nature .. cats .. trees .. mountains .. the teachings of natural world .. dreams .. listening to Nature .. and the Invisible Worlds.

One man saved my life
I want to share with you that even though you have to live in human body in the human world .. there are variations in vibrations within the human form and within the human psyche. I am going to try to share with you this deep inner contact phenomenon.

In our society people talk and talk all their emotions and problems.

Those who listen soak up all those negative problems and emotions .. and this is what happened to me at 17 years old. I listened and I soaked up the endless projected problems and negative emotions of people who repeat over and over again all these problems [never to be solved].

One day my mind is filled with dark heavy clouds .. with the endless problems of people who dump their negativity into anyone who will listen and soak it up. Where empathic .. sympathetic .. sensitive .. caring people absorb negativity of people who indulge in negative emotions.

I was working in my first job in a bookshop .. and I knew nothing of this self-obsessive world of negative emotions. I would call it: Love in the negative. People have experience and they turn love into negative experience. If you imagine how powerful love is then love in the negative can be equally devastating!

For many weeks and months I innocently deal with a world that makes no sense to me .. the WORLD of MAN. This is not the natural world I am used to. People have strange behaviours contrary to the natural world.

Unknown to myself I am soaking psychic negative emotional energies into my being. I have no idea that people are dumping their psychic emotional trash into my psychic energy center. Eventually .. I become the trash people dump into my energy center.

One day the situation becomes so bad I return home with so much accumulated emotional and psychic negativity .. I no longer know who I am .. and I am walking under a dark grey cloud of other people's experiences. These are negative entanglements that humans hold onto and will not let go of.

Even in the negative .. people are addicted and will not let go.

It got so bad I was walking home under a dark heavy negative cloud .. imagine people dumping their negativity into a gentle empathic sensitive soul. Eventually .. the innocent mind has a sick reaction to all this ego self-created negativity.

I am walking home .. at age 17 .. under this dark oppressive cloud of negativity .. and ahead of me a man appears. This one man changed my life forever... He appears from nowhere on a long empty narrow town street. He walks past me so close that I feel his entire aura / presence.

The mysterious man sucks up all the dark negativity dumped into my psyche .. and the dark external psychic oppressive cloud is gone. Suddenly .. I see myself under an external heavy burden and then I see the negativity dissolved in an instant.

This man .. who was 6 feet tall walks past me and a profound feeling of love passes from his energy field into my psyche. After this supernatural event I never had to worry about being sucked into emotional and psychic problems of human beings.

All negative human psychic emotional garbage was removed from my energy field.

I walk ahead .. and I think to myself .. what just happened?

I turned around to look back into an empty street of tall buildings .. and the man had instantly disappeared. In the time it had taken me to turn around .. he was gone. Then I turned back in amazement and I walked back to the next side street. No one was there.

I am describing a wide main pedestrian only street with long narrow side streets.

Even if there was the potential to disappear into a side street the instant of disappearance was not enough and the long narrow side streets left no opportunity to simply disappear in an instant. This implies that humans on Earth have a supernatural support base.

In the moment the man approached and passed me he was real physical .. but his presence was much more than human physical. His presence was energy .. compassion .. love .. transformation .. caring .. neutral. His core emanated light. He dispelled the heavy darkness.

This one encounter .. this one man changed my life forever!

I am a very natural intuitive sensitive human being .. but after this supernatural healing encounter I never again was drowned .. overwhelmed .. by the negative emotions of other human beings. No one could dump their negative trash into my psyche after this encounter.

This man saved my life! Changed my life! Transformed my life!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Facing Death ...

Another room .. another valley ..
another existence is all part of life's way.

- ZenSu
How We View Death...
Death is part of life .. something we cannot escape .. and so is it time for us to approach and develop a healthy and enlightened attitude to death! We humans easily kill fish, birds and animals without a thought .. but human deaths are an earth shattering "tragedy". Then why are fish .. bird and animal deaths not earth shattering tragedies?

I was nine years old when I had my first experience of "death".

Until I was nine I have no recollection nor awareness of death .. nor do I have any awareness of discussions of death or the meaning of death. The only recollection I have is an earlier awareness of maybe five years old when I did not like to eat meat.

Technically .. in our society .. we do not explain to children that fish .. chicken and meat are dead animals .. and yet I did not like to eat fish chicken and meat. I liked to eat vegetables but not meat. What I am saying right now is all related to death. Not all deaths are human!

As a child I would throw my meat away when my mother was not looking!

At nine years old I was told my grandfather had died. I remember how dark and heavy the feeling was being communicated from my parents like a deep heavy weight that felt like the end of the world. I recall the dark heavy feeling much more vividly than I recall the words...

I did not KNOW what death was .. no one had EXPLAINED to me that we humans are born on Earth and we DIE. When I was told that my grandfather [to whom I was very close] had died I instantly KNEW what that meant. But how did I know ?? I can tell you that I knew what death was .. and so let me show you what I saw!

Without knowing what death was and without any previous personal experience with death .. as a nine year old .. I instantly knew what death was. I totally understood the implications of my grandfather's death. He was gone .. he existed no more in physical life .. his body was left behind. He had left this world.

Then I did a very strange thing! I entered into a state of higher awareness where I could see beyond physical time and space. My mind became part of life and death as one. In this state of heightened awareness I received the message or information: Who has died? In that state I was shown an impossible to describe oneness of life where life and death are simply part of a unified process beyond life .. beyond death.

That experience changed my life!

Whether we live or whether we die .. we are affected by the process of death. Those who survive are also affected by the process of death. It is really simple: Death is part of life and life is part of death. The issue is not DEATH .. the issue is the state of your mind!

Next comes the most obvious truth in this whole process...

The issue of death has nothing to do with the people whose physical existence leaves the earth .. the issue is our minds and how we deal with death. It is not how we deal with DEATH .. the issue is how we deal with OURSELVES.

If people can kill fish .. birds and animals then DEATH is not an ISSUE.

I hope you are still with me...

It does not matter if this is death of a tree .. death of a bird .. death of a fish .. death of an animal .. insect .. grass .. weeds .. it is all death. Humans do not die alone. Humans do not live alone. Humans are not born alone. Perhaps it is time that we awaken to our connection to life and death in all its forms.

I recall one moment facing death where I felt totally betrayed by life. In that moment I stood on the edge of an abyss at the top of a plateau overlooking THE FUTURE. My psychic decision in that moment would decide not only my own personal future .. but how I effect and influence life around me. My artistic mind saw "The Abyss".

I became the ABYSS...

When facing death most people assume you either make the decision and JUMP into the FUTURE with an ATTITUDE .. or you step back from the abyss and live a normal life. Not really! Once you come face to face with that ABYSS .. it is like a primordial INITIATION .. nothing to do with rational thought.

When the change happens .. you don't even know what change is. THAT is death.

For some out of balance reason human societies do not have a problem killing weeds and insects .. fish .. birds and animals .. but human societies have a serious problem with human death. It is possible that we do not really face death of other creatures and plants .. and so we have difficulty facing death of our own species.

I care about the people I love... I also care about the weeds and dandelions.

There is something else more fundamental that humans do not want to face. How is it that I .. as a child .. totally understand death? No one explains it to me .. I have no personal experience .. I know nothing about birth and death .. but I know and I totally understand.

Humans kill more sharks in the world's oceans than they killed each other in all World Wars. Is that not death? How many animals die each year .. killed for human food? Is that not death? If one human is killed by a shark it causes world media drama.

Death is not the problem .. our mind and our state of mind is the problem.

On a higher level we humans are disconnected with the energies of life.

The inner disconnection to life is the problem and not death. When we are disconnected from life then we are also disconnected to death. Life is the fish you catch to eat. Life is the bird you kill to eat. Life is the animal you kill to eat. Life is the grass .. the weed .. the vegetable .. the tree.

In facing death .. you face yourself!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Masters of AIKIDO Mind

Merging With The Opponent
" ... The person who embraced all things with love and affection, who let ki govern the flow of events, could open a space of becoming one with an opponent, in ki, in mind and in the movements of the body."

- Morihei Ueshiba
To Imagine One Is Opposing You ...
... Is to imagine FACING YOURSELF !!

Within my own observation of life .. different levels of awareness are equal to different Planets or different Galaxies .. where continents are like dimensions or variations in frequency and vibration. So .. in my experience .. travelling to Scotland .. Sweden .. California .. Austria .. Catalonia .. North and South Germany .. Switzerland .. are equal to variations in Earth Dimensions / Frequency and Vibrations.

I hope you are still with me !!

Even more complex .. on spiritual technological levels there are extreme frequency and dimensional variations within the countries listed [you can add to this list all countries on Earth]. I wont go into the oceans yet !!

I am sharing with you the simplistic version ...

You can add to this list mysterious life of Nature: Cats .. birds .. plants .. fish!

In my own understanding physical human form is result of combination of all physical elements... sea creatures .. microbial(s) .. yeast .. sub-atomic particles .. birds .. animal .. plants .. energy .. air .. psyche .. crystals .. silver .. gold .. minerals .. bacteria(s) .. fungi.

If you read my posts you understand the way my mind works *- )


You are energy .. matter .. sound .. vibration .. light .. dark matter!

Masters of AIKIDO Mind
In the FUTURE .. we are the future .. people are not like use today. I do not know how to express this or explain this in linear terms. Recently .. I had a dream meeting Jiddu Krishnamurti. In his physical life he could take apart and repair real world mechanical technologies .. on his own with no TRAINING. He could just do it .. since he was a kid !!

I am trying to share with you AIKIDO MIND ...

Since I was a kid I could take apart and repair physical "human technologies" with no training .. I could just do it! I am not saying that you should be able to interact with tech-repair or tech-knowledge *- ) .. I am saying .. we humans inhabit different dimensions and psychic zones within a vast expanse of probabilities within an infinite space-time Universe.

Animals .. trees .. grass .. birds .. sea creatures .. Islands .. Continents.

We humans inhabit our OWN LEARNING SPACE...
In essence we humans are our own AIKIDO MIND at any point in space-time where speed of AIKIDO MIND is RELATIVE ...

When I say the speed of mind is relative .. I do not mean S-P-E-E-D !!
I do not mean speed in terms of SUPER FAST!

The next thing I am about to share with you is part of the "SECRET" of AIKIDO MIND. Breathe deeply .. are your ready ?? Fast is slow .. and slow is fast. In AIKIDO you can be fast and slow .. where slow is infinitely fast and where fast is infinitely slow.

In Zen Qi the slow absorbs the fast and the fast absorbs the slow .. universal yin / yang balance. The same principles can be applied to ones own life.

Taking this to another level ...

YIN and YANG Zen Qi balance can be applied over LIFETIMES ...
Enlightenment is Inner Connection of LIFETIMES across timeless SPACE.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Left Hand Gravity Field

The Zen Masters were extreme energy misers...
They gave NOTHING away!
- Zen Su

I am still learning [teaching myself] about time distortion and gravity fields .. and I am learning through OBSERVATION. Which means I am observing myself. This is really quite exciting! Everyone thinks .. we all think .. that GRAVITY is outside of us and is exerting INFLUENCE on us. We all think that TIME only exists outside of us and exerts influence upon us [from outside].

Nothing could be further from the truth !!

Let's take something pretty obvious... Where do we age? We age from inside. Something people overlook is that a big part of aging is cellular dehydration .. and by that I don't mean water. Cellular dehydration is the loss of the foundation elements that holds water inside the cells *- )

I figure that out and I am not even a SCIENTIST!

Imagine there are scientists who work 24/24 to understand physical structure and maybe some of these scientists overwork and wear themselves out trying to develop new substances that will reverse degeneration within the human body and mind [the brain].

Well .. this takes us back to the Zen Masters who gave away NOTHING!

I don't work my brain to exhaustion .. I simply observe and there is never a day [even when I am sleeping] where I am not OBSERVING what is. That is the Art of Zen Mind. What does this have to do with .. Left Hand Gravity Field? It's all related!

A few days go by and I am not writing my Blog .. because first I am observing .. testing and finding things out. Then suddenly with no effort on my part apparently unrelated fields come together as one. For example .. the inner gravity field and time distortion are also related to cellular aging and cellular dehydration.

This is difficult to describe... Time is not some complex mysterious force. Time is movement. The Earth moves around the Sun .. the Sun moves around the center Galaxy .. the Galaxy and the Sun move through space. Humans live on the Earth in physical form and the cells within the human body are orbiting inside the human with the same resonance as movement of the Galaxy.

What I am trying to say is that time as movement is inside us .. and gravity density and variations in gravity density are inside us. It is the inner gravity that effects us .. not the outer gravity. The human body is its own world within a world .. just as the Sun is its own world within a Galaxy.

We humans have our own inner timing and it is the inner timing that effects us .. not the outer timing. For example .. human physical body does not live as long as the Sun. That is related to energy .. a totally other area of time as movement within gravity fields...

People think that lots of water = hydration and lack of water = dehydration. To some extent that is true. However .. we miss the most obvious facts in cellular cohesion. What holds the water within the cells? Probiotics!

Too complex for one post and so let's go back to the inner gravity field(s).

When I was editing my Subway Surfers video I noticed that I was mainly right-hand dominant .. where the left hand supports the actions of the right hand. To you this might be obvious .. but I am so focused on playing the game that I feel my left and right hands working together to achieve the best possible score.

But .. it is not the hands .. it is the BRAIN !!

When I am playing Subway Surfers I feel both hands are one. But .. once I become aware that my left hand brain is not as fast as the right hand outside of the left hand supporting right hand movements .. it was at this point the Invisible Masters tell me to: Go WORK ON the LEFT HAND!

I can tell you that really sucks when you achieve a high level of smoothness in action [even if the right hand is DOMINANT] .. but the Masters were right [haha] .. because of what I was about to find out in relation to time as movement within the brain / mind.

The MIND is beyond time .. but the BRAIN is subject to time.

Left Hand Gravity Field
It took four days .. maybe five .. to get the right hand to support the left hand. It is not the hands .. it's the brain !! I decided to play Subway Surfers creating left hand dominance and developing left hand skills and speed. What happened next is so funny!

We all THINK we are in charge of our brains! Right ??

Wrong! We are not in charge of our brain .. our brain is in charge of us.

To some extent I was able to begin left hand training! But a few strange things began to happen. I I was getting [became aware of] a split time and movement distortion / perception where using my left hand gave me two speeds of awareness [that initially caused lots of Surfer crashes].

I became aware that different parts of the brain perceive time in different ways !! Sounds esoteric .. but it is not .. this is a vital part of brain function. The brain appears to perceive space and time at the same level and the same speed .. where perception appears as a constant. In reality .. this is not the case.

The next factor mixing into this was that my right hand began to play the game faster than the left hand [that I was training] .. and the right hand would just move on its own [really that was the brain]. For maybe four days I had to hold the right hand still and only use the left hand .. just to get the right hand to support the left hand when I began to play Subway Surfers again using both hands.

That worked! Not only did the left hand become much faster and the cognitive distortion [conflict] vanished .. but the brain [acting on its own] stopped taking over the game. Then I was able to better train the right and left hands to work together in balanced ways.

Now I understand why I loved Karate-Do as a kid .. which I taught myself. Because you train both sides of the body [brain] equally .. and not just train one side [the right side] and the left side trails behind in support!

No one understands this .. as we all assume that time as movement and gravity are experienced within the human body as a constant. Why I call this post: Left Hand Gravity Field .. is because there are variations in gravity field within the physical body that are also related to the mind and perception as movement.

The Zen Masters were aware that perception and movement are one.

We live in a society that trains only one side of the body. This can make us very efficient and very fast .. single minded and running out-of-control .. because we are out-of-balance. The physical brain is on auto-pilot and we accept this. The incarnate spirit has desires and the brain is programmed to meet those desires.

What I am trying to say is that when one side is dominant [the right hand] and the other side drags along supporting that .. we end up with gravity field variations within the human energy field.

Have you ever noticed with a cat? That the cat can hit equally fast with the right paw as it can with the left paw !! Well .. I discovered after two weeks left hand training that such a simple thing was having a powerful effect on my whole body. It was even effecting how I feel. So simple and yet so powerful.

It is my theory that humans think that inner gravity field and time as movement is a constant .. because we use only one side of the body brain. Because we perceive reality through only one dominant side .. we therefore miss all the other subtle changes that go unnoticed within the inner gravity field of the body.

Key fluctuations in perception are essential for survival.

Awareness of variations in the gravity field = to time as movement brings the mind onto higher levels. I don't know how else to explain this. When you work on both sides of the body and you train both sides with the same intensity .. the fields merge.

We humans are actually living out our lives as split fields.

Take ART .. in Tibetan paintings of Buddha EVERYTHING has to be exact and precise. Where the left and right side of Buddhas face have to be perfectly mirrored .. and when painting Mandalas revealing the mystery of balance in all things.

The Zen Masters never really tried to give anyone anything .. because they knew it can only come from within. One cannot give another human being balance .. but the human being can find balance within.

Then you have deeper concepts of: The Drunken Master .. to convey the upside down world of .. even when out of balance there is balance. Even when you are thrown your body still finds a way to maintain balance. There you have yin and yang .. the circle balance and form.

This is not just an intellectual concept! It is an actual real inner gravity. The inner gravity field shifts .. but it never loses its own sense of balance. Where each level has its own form and its own sense of balance.

For example .. when my left hand supports my right hand they find [create] balance on that level. When you apply the teachings of Left Hand Gravity Field .. everything in the body shifts into balance according to where we stand at any moment in space time. Or we can go into the center of gravity rather than orbit the center. I hope that makes sense !!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Variations In Space and Time

I will talk about this in a later post ...
But I have seen time speed up and I have seen time slow down.
I have also seen time frozen .. space and time frozen [stopped] and then started again without a glitch.

Space & Time are Not Constant
Continuing with secrets and the phenomenon of secret mysteries .. I want to take this to an interrelated level we humans call "time". In science the speed of light is constant and equally time [movement] is constant. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I will try to keep this in its simplest form *-)

Not only is the speed of light RELATIVE .. but also the speed of "time" is RELATIVE... By this I mean that time [movement] can speed up and time [movement] can slow down. The relativity is related to each living entity inhabiting space-time. That is YOU .. the entity who inhabits space-time.

When light speeds up and when light slows down we do not notice it! Why do we not notice it? Because our physical forms exist within a synchronised matrix. When light speeds up .. we speed up! When light slows down .. we slow down. Science has currently no way to measure this because our physical instruments of measurement are aligned to the state of relativity.

Speed and velocity are all relative.

The same laws apply to time [movement]. When time speeds up and when time slows down .. we do not notice it because time is RELATIVE. In other words the physical human organism [light-matrix] is designed to speed up and slow down relative to variations in time.

I have experienced anomalies where time speeds up and where time slows down. I have also experienced phenomenon where time stops [is frozen] and then releases its timeless state [glitch] to appear to continue in its seamless form(s) .. plural. Why? Because time is relative!

If time is relative then no one is going to notice the changes in speed and internal velocity .. because the whole Universe experiences these shifts in the speed of light and in the speed [passage] of time [physical movement].

Everyone imagines that time is relative to YOU as an INDIVIDUAL ...

Well! No! The relativity of time applies to the whole Universe .. where the human being is an integral undivided part of the whole Universe. I am saying that when the speed of light shifts .. we shift. When the speed of time slows or speeds up .. we slow and speed up relative to the speed of time.

The reasons are OBVIOUS within the design! If the speed of light increases and we do not shift then chaos [confusion] is created within physical matter. If time speeds up or slows down and we do not shift .. the passage of physical time is then out-of-synch with our inner psyche .. perceptions and physical cognitive movements.

Variations In Space and Time
It is not that space and time do not vary .. but that our perceptions of space and time perfectly and seamlessly match the variation in the speed of light and the variations in space-time. You would be stupid to imagine that there are no variations in space and time.

Look at the oceans .. you have variable currents .. cross currents .. variations in gravity .. wave height .. variations in velocity .. temperatures .. there are so many variables. It is these fluctuating variables that sustain life.

What I am trying to say is that the so-called speed of light can speed up and light can slow down .. but we do not notice it because the Universe is constant. We all shift and change like the combined waves in the ocean and no one noticed these changes.

Humans cannot measure variation in time and space because all measurements are relative.

Relativity Theory has nothing to do with the way the Universe works .. it has to do with the fixed way humans measure movement and time relative to their subjective position within the natural flow of space and time. We are not measuring space and time .. we are measuring OUR POSITION!

Everything in science today is simply measuring its own center-point = its position.

Those same scientists claim that Time Travel cannot exist because the speed of light cannot speed up and the speed of light cannot slow down. Meaning that time [movement] cannot speed up and cannot slow down. The Galaxy .. the Sun .. the Planets orbiting the Sun do not speed up and do not slow down. There are no variations in their speeds and orbits.

That is like saying there are no variations in speed and velocity of ocean waves .. or there are no variations in speed and velocity of air currents. Going onto a higher level there are no variations in psyche .. psychic changes in velocity within the human mind.

Of course there are changes in velocity within the human psyche / mind...

The human mind can experience deep trance states .. slower peaceful states of mind .. faster than thought states of mind [action]. The human mind can experience increased anxiety. The human mind can experience beyond time insights that we call: Mysterious phenomenon.

Variations in space and time are normal. Our understanding of these variations are abnormal. Humans do not understand or even attempt to pay attention to variations in space and time = experience. Because the glitches are seamless we do not notice when changes in variation take place.

If you want to discover higher levels of awareness? You have to pay attention!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Secret Mysterious Path of Life

As a child a white horse followed me everywhere...
But only I could see him *-)

As a child people were always telling me it is bad to have "secrets". Parents and family .. then schools and society say .. "be honest" .. right? As if having ones own "secrets" is not being honest! Hahaha!

I had lots of secrets as a child [which means stuff I kept to myself] .. I told no one that I had a white horse and I could see this horse. Of course .. now I know this horse was a psychic spirit phenomenon. A presence that protected me throughout my childhood. I knew no one else could see the horse and so I kept this interaction to myself.

As a child this was my "secret" .. or you could say my secret life.

I had other secrets! I knew things about the past. I knew wisdom that I should not know. I had abilities that I should not have had [if I was an ordinary human]. From 14 years old I began to teach myself karate Do and invisible Masters would correct me and teach me. My body and my movements were expressions of inner knowing. I kept that a secret too.

I could see patterns forming in the future from actions we make today.

From an early age I could advise people on issues or entanglements in emotions [attachments] because I saw the energy and where it was going. I kept that a secret too! Even as a child I knew not to start explaining to people .. this energy is entangled in strange and complex ways associated with your past lives and things you are attached to .. hahaha .. just imagine the reactions [colourful].

The point I am trying to make is that mystery is not BAD and secrets are not BAD.

As long as we do not hurt someone or try to use power to our own advantage and cause disadvantage to others .. then mystery is pure and secrets are pure. In fact .. secrets are a deep and integral part of life. We humans will never come to the end of mystery and secrets. It is like a rainbow .. the moment you reach the end of the rainbow it disappears.

I have another mystery for you associated with rainbows. I was camping in the valley of Glencoe in Scotland and the rain had stopped for a moment. Two rainbows appeared over the whole giant range of mountains. Beautiful bright crystal clear vibrant rainbows.

I am walking down through the valley watching the double rainbow and suddenly [I am serious] the end of the rainbow literally appears right in front of me so close I can touch it. I suddenly stop in front of this strange phenomenon and the rainbow enters my heart and then disappears.

In this first part of the Post I have shown you the dynamics of mystery and secrets. Guess what? Secrets are healthy... In fact the mystery [energy foundations] of secrets is built into humans and into all living things. Including rocks .. crystals .. oceans .. mountains .. rivers .. plants and trees! Science will never uncover the mystery or the encoded secrets of life. All science can do is explain its own limited understanding back to itself.

You know why the things humans build work? They work because they work .. because life works .. and science is the added measurement to explain that this and that works. Science is not original .. it is only an explanation. We never uncover life's secrets .. we only receive the seeds [germination of ideas].

Secret Mysterious Path of Life
One of the things the mysterious masters teach me since I was a kid is: When you are doing something .. learning .. searching .. discovering .. understanding .. don't talk about it. Sometimes I would learn something for many years and I just learn and I don't say a word. Then later I understand and maybe I say something.

Whenever a mystery happens on Earth the humans inhabiting this Planet have a major psychological trauma. I am going to break it all down for you so that you can understand that mystery and secrets are natural function of the Universe. In fact .. this is life's way of challenging us and making us strong.

The whole human race is in self-denial. Maybe rational linear thought feels threatened by the appearance of mysteries and those right in front of you that you can touch secrets. I will talk about this in a later post .. but I have seen time speed up and I have seen time slow down. I have also seen time frozen .. space and time frozen [stopped] and then started again without a glitch.

Mystery gives us energy .. mystery keeps us alive .. mystery challenges us. Our lives are a mystery. The only issue we humans do not explore is the mystery of secrets. If you have a secret then you feel bad. I don't think that is the right attitude. If you have a secret then EXPLORE IT.

In geometrical form and in quantum space form most of what a human being is about is a BIG SECRET. We are so mysterious we cannot even figure ourselves out. That is the beauty of life. In fact .. the mystery and the elusive secrets keep life interesting and there is never a dull moment.

In today's world people also believe that "The Master" is the one who realises TRUTH. In reality the master is simply one [in harmony] with his or her path. The seeker .. the path and the journey become one. My whole life since I was a kid I wanted to understand the mystery of my ancestors who said: You find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Maybe the mystery is different for each person? At the end of the rainbow I found my heart.

The other aspect of mystery and secrets is that every human being must find the same answer to the same question. Now you all have to go out and find your heart at the end of a rainbow! Absolutely not! Mystery and secrets are like the Universe or deep space. Mystery allows each living form to discover its own unique relationship with life through the timeless reflection of the unknown.

I have met so many animals in my life who have found their own inner wisdom. I have met cats .. crows .. mice .. butterflies .. dogs .. fish .. birds .. dolphins. We look at each other and their wisdom meets my own wisdom. We do not have the same experience .. but we understand each other.

Masters are beings who perfect their own inner form.

The secret mysterious path of life guides us .. interacts with us .. teaches us .. challenges us .. tests us .. and supports us. But guess what? The secrets and the mystery are also inside us. We are secretive and we are mysterious. Take cats as an example... Cats are highly manipulative = they have their secrets. Cats know how to manipulate humans .. but they don't signal to us how they do it.

In general we humans talk about "privacy" .. we all have a right to privacy. In reality we are talking about secrets. Things that are personal to ourselves that is no one's business. Governments and institutions have their secrets .. but in return they want to see into the secret lives of all humans living on this Earth.

The reason for Governments to look into the lives of people living on this Planet is: You might be doing something wrong or planning a bad action. Well .. that is not a "secret" that is criminal activity. People have to understand that one's own private [secret] life is ONE THING not to be associated with criminal activity.

If people want to do harm .. that is not a secret .. that is criminal intent or criminal activity. We have to draw a line between mystery of life .. living our lives .. the right to have "secrets" that have nothing to do with anyone else and that has NOTHING to do with intention to do harm.

The Planet we live on is very mysterious. The Earth has her secrets.

The next issue I want to tackle is: Having secrets is unhealthy. How about the opposite view that having secrets is extremely healthy. I have perfected my own art of drawing over my entire life and I do not explain to anyone how I do it or where it comes from. The art speaks for itself .. but the internal process is my "secret".

Perhaps it is extremely healthy and self-empowering for humans to have their own inner lives as long as they do no harm to others and do not intrude on the sovereignty of others. When the relationship is the inner relationship with oneself then you would never harm another human being.

The moment disturbance is projected outward then it is visible and easily detected.

Mystery and secrets are never visible and easily detected. They exist as internal energy or internal Qi force that guides and forms the life path of an incarnate being. In fact .. they create internal harmony and strength / power. The moment you release that power it is no longer hidden. It changes form and becomes visible and depleted as it moves out into the world.

Mystery has power when it cannot be solved.

Have any of you noticed when an answer can be found we move onto the next mystery? The human being seems wired to pursue and explore mystery. The human being also seems to be wired to the mystery of secrets. We pursue mysteries like a puzzle. Not necessarily to fit the puzzle pieces together.

The moment you solve the puzzle .. you go look for another puzzle to solve.

Life seems to be curious about life. Animals .. insects .. birds .. fish .. are all curious about life and curious about their surroundings. This curiosity appears to be related to inner navigation through the outer physical world. In reality we all navigate into and through ourselves.

Perhaps it is time that we are honest with ourselves and also that we respect others as we follow our own internal secret path through life. Humans are highly secretive animals like cats. So .. why not live and let live?

It is hypocracy for you to have your secrets and deny others their secrets *-)

By secrets I do not mean anything bad or mean or evil. I am talking about a fundamental energy [energy flow] encoded into life. Planets have their secrets .. Suns have their secrets .. Galaxies have their secrets .. the Universe has its secrets. As above so below! Humans are designed on these same principles.

We are all living secret lives pretending not to live secret lives ...

The moment you merge with your inner mysterious vision then the greater outer mysteries are not a threat to you. The greater mystery becomes part of you and you respect that. Not only do we humans respect each other .. but we learn to respect the greater mystery [and its secrets] of which we are a part.

The fact is .. we humans seek to understand the unknown and in that respect are almost magnetically drawn to the unknown .. where each of us interacts with a mysterious force that we call "life". Understanding is not without respect. The mystery or the unknown does not offload all its force onto us when we encounter its presence through realisations. We have to respect that...

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Zen Qi: Eye-Brain Form - Faster Than Thought

"Even the most powerful human being has a limited sphere of strength. Draw him outside of that sphere and into your own, and his strength will dissipate."
Morihei Ueshiba - The Art of Peace

I am so excited about this post .. that I was not going to make because I thought people are not going to understand this! Sometimes my ideas are so "way out there" that it is difficult to bring them together in a way that makes sense to the linear cognitive mind. Then a series of related incidents took place that helped me to frame this in a cohesive way.

Apart from that I am on a "secret mission" to understand something that is both mysterious and yet is connected to physical life in ways that we humans totally miss as we live our out-of-balance lives. I found modern forms of this mystery that my own body interprets in its ancient form .. sound confused?

The Zen Qi Eye-Brain Form is a first step to understanding this mystery. I hope you are still with me !! For those of you who do not like or understand these App Games played on Tablets .. like Subway Surfer .. and why we humans are drawn to these games .. it is very simple! These games are one way for humans to understand themselves.

If you are not a Tech*Geek ... then don't watch the video *- )

I made the Subway Surfers video using my Panasonic HC-V500 because I wanted to show [as an artist] .. not only how the human physically and mentally interacts with the machine [technology] .. but also how 2014 era human technology is inferior to the physical human form and the human psyche. If you switch down the audio on the video then you see more details faster without distractions.

Faster Than Thought
The reason I decided to do this post is because of a small orange cat!
I tried to show in the Subway Surfer video a physical perspective of the human eye-brain being faster than thought. By that I mean .. the total human co-ordination has to be faster than thought to successfully play the game.

Physical science measures neurons .. nerve pathways .. electrical pathways .. brain reaction .. stimulus. And there are scientific paradigm theories as to how it all works .. and the THEORIES are simply subjective explanations designed to form scientific consensus.

If you watch the video you can see a number of interesting interrelated phenomenon. For example .. the capacity of the video camera [human created technology] is limited in its scope to keep up with the action on screen. Often the visuals are moving so fast that the camera has difficulty focusing.

Human eye-brain / body reflexes have no problem keeping up with the fast pace of changing colours .. movement and actions of the game !! In fact .. I watch myself playing the game and my responses are both complex and enlightening.

The physical sciences measure human responses in time = it takes xx seconds for an impulse to reach the brain and elicit a response. Like that you get an impulse to the brain and you assess that impulse .. you assess the response and your brain sends a signal of that response.

Just as the scientific community do not like to consider faster than the speed of light .. they also do not like to consider faster than the speed of thought! Which brings me to the orange cat *-) who ran in front of my car...

The last two days I thought .. I cannot explain these videos .. no one is going to understand. At the same time I had in my mind a unified concept of what I had observed. Today I experienced the same phenomenon when the orange cat suddenly ran out in front of my car as I was returning home. I observed my brain reacting in the same way I do when playing Subway Surfers game.

The small narrow side-road was 30 limit and I was doing 20 .. but to a cat a car driving at 20 is just as heavy and just as deadly as it is at 30 .. but my reaction [instant perception] is the key principle that I want to convey in this post.

The cat came from nowhere .. as cats often do .. and ahead of me is brilliant sunlight with the Sun blinding me directly ahead = an orange cat masked by brilliant sunlight. Most amazing of all is that my eye-brain [faster than thought] instantly send a multi-layered image of a cat out of all the light / colour variables and movement plus speed .. including nano-second surprise.

Space and time seemed to stop in that moment and faster than thought .. beyond thought .. I slammed on the brakes in an emergency stop *-) [no-one was behind me] .. but best of all was the little orange cat. He did not look right or left nor react in any way. The cat did not react. He just kept moving according to his instinct. Most amazing of all is that I SAW all of this.

What I am trying to say is: We humans are a spiritual technology .. we are spirit incarnate in physical form .. navigating physical material existence using the psyche to move / navigate through time and space. Internally our inner journey is like the cat! We don't look right nor left .. we move .. beyond thought .. faster than thought = instinct.

In the Subway Surfer video I try to show that the entire human body moves as ONE. The first thing is to suspend thought with totally relaxed mind and psyche. Then the eyes use what I call middle-distance seeing. The brain also has to use middle-distance seeing. Well! Guess what? The hands .. bones .. nerves .. arms .. muscles .. tendons .. have to use middle-distance seeing.

Zen Qi: Eye-Brain Form
I am trying to share with you that the skin "sees" .. touch "sees" .. sensation "sees" .. the feeling in the bones "sees" .. that is part of my secret mission that I don't tell you about. Because I know it but I do not totally understand it!

The entire human body communicates with itself in less than a nano-second. Probably faster than the speed of light! I am saying that we [our consciousness] is way AHEAD of our "external" communications... By the time THOUGHT says: What the f#ck??? The inner moment is faster than the speed-of-thought.

Let's say that human sciences are based on the speed of thought *-)

I am trying to convey the impossible question .. that science based on the speed-of-thought will not be able to detect or understand anything outside the speed-of-thought. That means not only faster than the speed of thought but also slower than the speed of thought.

You may say: SLOWER than the SPEED-of-THOUGHT ?? Duh ?? !!

Let's return to the orange cat blinded out by the Sun...

The beyond nano-instant impression of the cat running in front of the car took two forms. One form was speed as the cat came out of nowhere [as cats like to do] and the overlay on that ultra speed impression was a slower [beyond time] impression of nano seconds much faster than thought .. all laid on on top of the other freezing time and slower.

Some people would call this paranormal...

This is very difficult to convey in words! I saw an overlay of physical .. visual .. mental .. psychic and elemental events [through the cat] that was beyond physical time. Maybe it was beyond the physical MEASUREMENT of time. Something inside me .. almost paranormal .. effected space-time.

We humans today living on Planet Earth are making the greatest mistake to imagine that anything that takes place is "normal" or "rational". We are also delusional to imagine that we can MEASURE events in terms of time [rational thought] and time-periods of space = movement.

But .. I am going now in a different direction! People may not like to hear this ?? But we humans inhabit paranormal space and the MATRIX = the ILLUSION is that we inhabit PHYSICAL SPACE. If the cat dies and we say the cat no longer exists .. this is total nonsense! The cat exists .. because we are spirit inhabiting physical reality. Spirit is the NAVIGATOR.

My secret mission to understand Zen Qi forms is as ancient as the beginning of mankind and beyond. The mistake we make is to not draw the Qi Forces into our space from the past and the future.

Perhaps the most important clue Jiddu Krishnamurti shared with the world is: Past present and future are ONE. The only way I can explain this is .. when you draw a simple drawing the first line (form) and the last line are one.

Draw a circle .. draw a square or a triangle .. the first line and the last are one.

If you pay attention to your body .. to your eye-brain / mind co-ordination and the movement of the body-mind. When you listen and observe .. then you are no different than the orange cat. You do not look left or right .. you move [effortlessly] thought space-time in a paranormal way.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

AIKIDO: The Loving Protection of All Things

I was walking into town today .. March 1st .. and this is a very small town with low buildings and visible skies .. and I look up because I can see a large raptor flying way high up. These large birds rarely circle the town .. they like Nature and fields and space and lots of green. This bird was playing and diving and just effortlessly swimming in a sea of air above the town.

I see this bird and it touches my heart... I cannot take my eyes off this bird circling overhead .. but at the same time I am aware of all the people around me and no-one is looking up. So .. I am watching the bird and I am watching the humans and I am watching myself watching the bird and the humans. I see myself between these two worlds: Nature and mankind [who appear to be largely unaware of Nature].

Duh!! I mean .. how can you miss NATURE .. it is all around you *-)

Some of you may like the AIKIDO video(s) below by Corky Quakenbush .. who developed his own understanding of AIKIDO - which is in the same spirit as the founder of AIKIDO: Morihei Ueshiba. You don't hit someone .. you don't THROW THEM .. you don't defeat them .. you just "give them what they want".

Just like the large bird playfully circling in the skies above .. that most humans do not see .. are not even aware of .. the bird could just as well be a UFO !! So it is with this video = a state of being that very few people on this Planet currently understand.

I have been watching these videos for a long time .. and to understand what he is teaching you have to go back and watch earlier videos. YouTube have AGAIN changed the video navigation system. Go to the upper left drop down menu: All Videos .. Uploads .. Liked Videos etc .. and I set the above link to "Uploads". NAVIGATION is EVERYTHING .. Ha! Hahaha!

You do not have to know AIKIDO to apply these principles of inner balance.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PHI-RA (mid) - Dark Field Eye

Ideas .. Imagination .. born out of darkness into light!

Dark Light Pyramids
Everything we know is born in darkness [unknown] .. and it comes into the light (of realisation) as an idea .. thoughts and imagination. Before these ideas come to us there is darkness .. nothing .. No-thing. So .. born out of darkness things come into being and take root in our world altering our lives.

The human eye functions on the same principles as the pyramid. The eye is in the pyramid and the pyramid is in the eye. Pi [phi] RA [the god RA] and mid? The space between Phi and RA or put another way The space of PHI and RA .. it is an equation in words and letters.

Inside the human eye is a focused (concise) dark field. The eyes do something incredible that we humans are not aware of. The human eyes confine and contain dark-space. So that the same deep space you look into where the stars exist .. is equal to the deep space within your eyes!

The reason you can see the darkness of deep space is because the dark field is looking at itself. Human beings are walking living forms of dark-field technology. Human beings are their own dark-field technology. We do not really have to build anything in order to see!

Dark-light pyramids are within the eyes.

Therefore .. the ALL-SEEING EYE is WITHIN.

Somewhere along the line all this knowledge was corrupted. By corrupted I mean that the seeing ended and the knowing became KNOWLEDGE .. a FIXED state of intention that does not see and does not move. Knowledge is not expansive .. knowledge is restrictive. Knowing is a fluid state of seeing and knowledge is a fixed state of knowing.

Knowledge is also closely associated with belief.

For example, I see a plane flying or taking off and I can believe that the plane comes from Mars. I can then convince other people that the planes taking off are really flying to Mars. I take reality and I form some kind of personal belief. Knowing is fluid like water in a river. One simply knows what is without forming personal beliefs.

To better understand this go for a walk into town and think thoughts .. and as you are thinking become aware that you are not SEEING. When we think our eyes stop seeing what is taking place around us. Thought seems to disconnect the function of the eyes from mind and brain.

Then .. as you are walking switch between thinking and seeing with the eyes. When you observe the world around you and are using your eyes to see then you are not thinking .. and when you are thinking you are not seeing.

Maybe you are a creative person and you get an idea! The light goes on!

Go back and try to understand or see where that idea came from... Behind the idea is an unknown area of darkness. Ideas come to us out of this unknown field or dark-field [of which we are a part]. We humans are living in world of light but we are also mysteriously part of the dark-field.

Thought will seek to FIX the idea into a rational state called "knowledge". I know THIS .. I believe THIS. However, knowing is a higher state of mind that has no need to fix knowing into dimensions measured by thought.

You can have a thousand year old tree growing in the wild mountains and one person (a scientist) will measure the height of the tree and measure all the known dimensions... Humans can fit the tree to their limited knowledge and yet never see or understand the actual tree.

Within Zen Mind trees are .. like human beings .. part of the mysterious dark-field where human and trees can share and communicate. Ideas and imagination come into the human mind observing Nature and observing the tree .. or observing oneself!

Ideas are like little seeds that fall out of the mysterious dark-field and take root or germinate within the psyche of the human mind. Once an idea grows within Zen Mind it is like a tree. The roots and branches of the ideas grow naturally and they nourish and feed us.

Dark Field Eye
We always think that the eyes can only see OUT .. and see what is OUTSIDE. We do not imagine that the eyes can also see within the eye. Even when the eyes are closed .. even when the eyes are open they can see from within. It is a form of inner middle-distance seeing.

One could say that this is a Spiritual Technology.

You just look inside dark-field of the eye and out of the blue on its own suddenly you see a golden pyramid and this inner pyramid seems a lot bigger that the eye. So .. you have small eye big pyramid but the pyramid is within the eye(s).

Thought fixed all this knowing into KNOWLEDGE and so today we have all the confusion and theory of the All-Seeing Eye [external to ourselves]. When you do not allow the mind to be conditioned by knowledge .. it frees the mind to discover the true mystery of life.

The two physical eyes when mind is looking within become one inner eye - one pyramid. Then you can go inside the pyramid and the one eye appears inside the pyramid with you! It's pretty cool!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Dark Enlightenment

The dark surface pool was shallow ..
The bright mind reflected in the pool was deep!

Zen Qi [Location Earth - 2033]

This post began with a dream .. one short dream and two days later followed by a second dream. I knew the title: Dark Enlightenment .. after the first dream .. and the second dream revealed to me how humans and other dimensions can be "lost in the dark". I dedicate this post to those people groups and dimensions who cannot see that darkness and light are ONE FORCE = Yin yang .. undivided.

Into Depths of Darkness
Tonight I looked up into clear cloudless night sky and saw deep deep darkness and the stars. I saw the Pleiades and Orion .. shining bright in deep dark night skies. And as I looked .. the darkness seemed undivided from those bright stars!

Why are humans afraid of darkness .. and imagine only light is purity?

When I look at Nature I see perfect balance between darkness and light. When I look into my own eyes in a mirror I see deep darkness within the center of my eyes [similar to the night skies] .. looking back at me capturing light !!

Within balance of darkness and light .. I see myself.

Into Depths of Light
As a child I fell asleep to waken in a vast expanse of darkness. It was the deep space around us .. in which I saw the Sun .. the Earth .. Jupiter and Saturn. I was experiencing deep dark space filled with the light and life of PLANETS.

Darkness supports the light...

Light shines brightest of all within the deepest darkness.

Yin and yang is balance between darkness and the light .. between male and female .. between positive and negative. When you look into a cloudless sky during the day the Earth is filled with light and when you look into a cloudless sky during the night .. the Earth is filled with darkness.

Deep within dark Universe - points of light [stars] shine brightly into our eyes!

Before the first dream I was having awareness of the eyes and intent of the eyes. Then later .. I was having strange dreams where I was teaching people about the deeper meaning of the eyes. The strange thing was that they were all woman .. and these woman were all wearing long white robes similar to ancient Greece.

In the dream I was wondering: How is it they do not understand the eyes?

A few days later I dream a similar dream where the woman were wearing white robes .. but these women were trying to condition my mind to serve them and their cause [power]. I have to admit I cannot be conditioned by male/female out-of-balance ??? .. and in the dream I see through the whole power-illusion.

It is popular in our world today to say that we have to return to the "feminine" ...

Since I have this dream I discover that both excessive male and excessive female are equally out of balance .. and that humans on Earth have to find yin/yang balance that is like the Universe that surrounds us = male and female .. darkness and light .. positive and negative in balance together.

The funny part of this dream is that I could not be conditioned by this society of women. Because I SAW them and their corruption .. hahaha .. I became a threat to them and they changed from trying to condition my mind to "serve them" .. to trying to kill me !! Don't worry! It was only a dream ...

The woman .. and the men who served the woman on that dimension .. were REALLY UGLY !! POWER MAD ... OBSESSED with POWER! Sound familiar ?? Excessive yin out of balance or excessive yang out of balance is the same thing.

When a Planetary Society is out of balance .. it does not matter if yin is out of balance or yang is out of balance .. it is all the same. This is the beauty of the natural balance of the Universe. The whole Universe is not out of balance .. otherwise life could not exist!

One last note... What I discovered from the dreams is that both out of balance societies seek to take control of and use neutral (balanced) human beings. In the dream it was clear that this excessive female society was seeking to control me [my mind / psyche] because I was "neutral" .. I was a balance between male and female .. yin and yang.

THAT already tells you that BALANCE has POWER *-)

Dark Enlightenment
Now we come to the most important aspect of this post: Dark Enlightenment... Many times I have this vision [totally unrelated to these disturbing dreams] where there is this EYE into the Universe. I call this eye "dark enlightenment" .. a deep part of the mind!

To understand this you have to observe and understand nature of the eyes.

Inside the eye is the deep deep darkness .. dark matter .. and from this phenomenon you see light! Within the deepest darkness you see the light. Simply look at all the things you can see with your eyes: The Sun .. water .. the clouds .. the sky .. a blade of grass .. colour .. texture .. trees .. the night sky [you can see darkness with your eyes] .. stars in the night sky !!

Next .. I saw a large round observatory called "The Eye" .. or maybe it is also called the Eye of RA ?? Inside this giant eye is Dark Matter. Observers can go inside the eye and through interactions can look into .. understand and observe the Universe. All I know is that dark matter and water are ONE.

I am not sure that this deep-space eye is situated on Earth .. because of the Earth's atmosphere. There is probably one on the Moon and maybe on Mars or maybe orbiting the Earth or in deep space [orbiting other Planets].

People in the future who use these dark-matter deep-space eyes call them:
Dark Space Enlightenment.

The key point where all this meets is that excessively out of balance male society is weak and and excessively out of balance female society is weak and both will seek "balance through excessive power". The reason they do this is because they are both inherently out-of-balance and they seek MORE POWER in order to impose their inherent imbalance on the whole Planetary Society!

Both male and female imbalance seek to use neutral yin/yang balance to control.

When I saw the Universe through the dark enlightenment technology of the EYE of RA .. this was beyond all male female struggle to control out of balance situations. In the natural world you do not have this human problem of imbalance and in the Universe you do not have this male/female problem of imbalance.

If you seek personal power through imbalance it will destroy you!

If you look into and observe shallow pools of rainwater lying thin upon land or on an area of asphalt .. everything above is reflected in that thin layer of water. Even at night one can see dark skies and stars deeply reflected in those silent shallow pools of dark water.

Then look at water!

Water reflects sunlight and water reflects the deepest darkest night!

When you take time to observe and be aware of the nature of water .. you can learn a lot about yourself observing the nature of water and its many reflections! Water is the ultimate neutral life-form. Not only on this Planet .. but across the entire Universe.