Tuesday, September 29, 2015


In the last post I was talking about not wanting the responsibility of certain kind of mass psychic tsunami .. but I think responsibility is the wrong word. This drawing is more accurate presentation.

I dream of three tsunamis in my life: As a child I had dreams of tsunamis so big they covered mountains. A few years ago I had a dream that I was in an alternative Indonesia similar to this Timeline. That tsunami flooded into a narrow mountain inlet and everyone just swim in the water like dolphins.

Before the Blood Moon Eclipse I had a dream I was on a seashore where I saw the ocean suddenly leave [sucked out so fast] and people shouted run run .. and I ran [in the dream] .. just as suddenly the water came flooding back into the shore. It was so devastating .. then I woke up.

What do I mean to say about responsibility?

Responsibility is something different than corporations and banks and institutions who are bigger than their ability to balance and grow in natural ways. One personal example: When I interact with Invisible Worlds only a small number of beings teach me at one time even though those beings are very powerful. Much more powerful than humans.

In a way I am talking about a man-made tsunami of power .. where the power effect is more dangerous and destructive than the people who attempt to manage or control the power. When you have a seemingly powerful organisation .. you think that the individuals are in control or manage this excessive power.

They have no control.

When the overpowering wave hits back on excessive mass power no one understands the natural laws of balance and harmony. To understand those laws you would have to observe mountains or 2000 year old trees. To make this clear .. imagine what would happen if a tree grew so high and so gigantic that the tree ended up in space. It is not going to happen!

In my last post I said things the wrong way round. I am the way I am because I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for who I am. This means I wish to follow the natural laws of Nature and the laws of the Universe: Harmony and balance. One has to observe Nature to really understand what I am trying to convey.

Awareness Is Key To Harmony & Balance
The drawing I made shows in more depth beyond anything I can write in words. The drawing looks so simple .. but in reality the pictogram is VERY COMPLEX. Simply .. to develop this part of your brain all you have to do [is very simple] is to look at Nature in a relaxed way.

Observe the Nature around you without thought or reaction.

I give you an example .. when I go into town I pay attention to the trees and also to the tiny weeds growing micro between the cracks of concrete. I watch the pigeons and the small sparrows. No one looks at or pays attention to the little sparrows. If you pay attention you see amazing things. They eat tiny grass seeds.

There are so many variations for people to be aware in a silent non-rational way. Just silent mind. To be aware of and observe light and color .. texture [concrete / walls] .. the flow of people .. sound .. atmosphere .. air flows. I tried to show this in my drawing. The inner awareness within man.

Human mind is born into physical incarnation lifetime after lifetime. This means the incarnate ability to deal with "choice" .. or to understand that there is awareness beyond choice. People who cheat and lie think they have a choice = seeking personal advantage. Beyond choice is the power of AWARENESS.

The bigger you are the less you see in life ...

How can responsibility extend beyond the harmonic field? To understand this you have to consider how Nature works. What is the harmonic field of nutrients or bacteria? What is the harmonic field of a tree or a mountain. There is the harmonic field of the Earth. There is also the harmonic field of the Sun.

The harmonic field of the Sun nourishes all Solar System Planets.

Humans are not the Sun .. humans are smaller than trees! This means understanding the power and ability given to humans just like the nature of abilities given to plants and animals. Be aware that plants and animals nourish humans! How can you feel superior to any life source that you depend on to nourish you?

My Encounter With The Bird
I came out of my apartment into the hallway [I always use peripheral vision] .. and I saw a large energy field object from the corner of my eye. The energy field was magnified and moving some distance from me.

The tiny bird trapped inside the hallway was a tufted titmouse [I had to research that one]. The tiny bird immediately caught my field of vision like a magnified holographic computer screen [out of nowhere].

This bird was over in the corner of the hallway with its head tucked into the wing. When I tried to pick it up the bird was so fast it flew up to the window frame and held onto the frame. How did that bird so perfectly fly and in a nano-second hold onto the inner glass edge of the window?

I tried again and the tiny bird moved quickly out of my reach.

If I did not have INTELLIGENT CO-OPERATION at this point I could not have caught the bird to take it outside. I looked at the tiny bird and the tiny bird looked at me. I seriously needed the bird's co-operation. I talked to the bird but at the same time I was aware of a super beyond speed-of-light brain to brain communication.

This is what I mean: BEYOND CHOICE.

I became a passenger in my own mind and body. The bird allowed my hands to take it down from the frame and carry it downstairs and outside to the grass where I could let it fly away. I tried to show this deeper process in the drawing. I was observing a larger deeper process of which I was a small part of that process.

Earth humans are the tiny small bird in the hands of AWARENESS.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Protective Field: Inner Mind Harmony

The mind incarnates lifetime after lifetime ...

I drew this picture / pictograph many weeks ago .. but I did not know what words to write and in which way to write the words.

Using language can or must also be an art form .. not only a means of ego-self expression.

Ego self can use language to promote its own internal [self] agendas associated with its internal self-image. Why do we seek to influence other? This is the root nature of ego self To manipulate is a symptom of the insecure structure of self-image in its most primitive state.

How The Mind Incarnates
People say the spirit or soul reincarnates in physical material dimensions to learn [about itself] and intensify its own true nature. The people get drawn to identity of self-power .. which is itself a form of fear.

You have to look at this phenomenon like yin / yang where there is desire for power manifest in self that has a hidden element like a seed waiting to germinate. This is how the balance of events was designed.

Physical life in all its levels [where there is no high and low] is basically an INITIATION. Physical life is designed as SELF-INITIATION. Essentially one initiates oneself at all levels of self awareness throughout each journey of physical incarnation.

This is why I am happy for small number of people to be interested to read what I write on my Blogs .. because I do not really want the attention or the responsibility beyond genuine interest. If my friends get sick I feel the responsibility: What if I cannot help them?

Actually .. that feeling is essential to find the sensitivity to help people.

When I was experiencing problems with digestion and colon and leaky gut that no professional doctor was aware of or understood anything to do with the complex symptoms. All the specialist doctors KNEW the answers or non-answers to symptoms they essentially did not understand.

Those who KNOW .. they tell you to ACCEPT that you have symptoms you are NEVER going to cure because it is part of life and aging. Like blistering allergy reactions on the surface of the skin that allergy specialists describe as: You now have to learn to live with it #_#

THAT is an INSULT to my body and body intelligence !!

When you know all the set answers .. you actually know NOTHING! The point I am trying to get to is that it is the MIND that incarnates lifetime after lifetime. The mind inhabits the physical body .. and the journey begins from there.

The mind is also in itself a vehicle for some kind of spirit pilot.

So .. you have the physical body [the vehicle] .. you have the mind [hard drive / software] .. you could say the mind is the Operating System. Then you have the third factor: The pilot. Going back it is important to understand that the MIND is a key fundamental aspect of each incarnation.

In a way you could say that the level of internal Operating System [the mind] depends on ones level of INITIATION or AWARENESS. I have to write about this in more detail .. but the SPIRIT has to work with each level of Mind / Operating System that it is capable of using.

The key System Interface is AWARENESS.

Contained within the GRATITUDE drawing is the imbalance we have in the World on Earth today. On one level people who make decisions [are drawn to power] generally use the tactic of bullying and mobbing. This behavior is rooted in fear.

The small number of people who have the deepest [hidden] fear drive associated people into that same state through bullying [mind control] .. and they together direct this force at anyone who challenges them or threatens their power base [their inherent behavior patterns].

That is how they do business on all levels of society.

The essential problem is that the general base awareness in general create this ego-based fear-based shared state of mind = this is actually a DOOR of INITIATION to be passed through and to be overcome using the inner mind resources of AWARENESS.

The negative mind control pyramid [I did not draw it too well] actually rebounds the negativity in a triangular vortex back to the source of that mindset. When you are using that mindset .. you are not going to get anywhere. All you are going to get is the triple density [karmically] rebounding back.

How Gratitude Protects The Mind
I have been in situations of my life that have not been funny... Occasions where I had no money and no food. One was caused by illegal activity of banking institutions that I was lucky to survive. I was really pissed off and in a negative state of mind.

When the Guidance said to me: Be GRATEFUL #_+ I was totally stunned and could not believe what I was hearing! After having a five minute hissy fit .. I decided to try to BE GRATEFUL. I admit it was [at first] not easy to do. When you are in a crisis .. being grateful is not the FIRST thing that comes to mind!

This phenomenon is shown in the drawing .. gratitude / self-awareness .. and it works. This is where the incarnate mind [Operating System] comes into effect. You can get angry .. you can get sorrows or fear. You can also bring peace to the mind that is much more effective.

People who are selfish .. working for ego-self .. cannot bring this peace to the mind. This is what I mean by INITIATION. Gratitude demands a total change of the state of the incarnate mind and an upgrade of the inner Operating System.

I put off writing this post for a number of weeks .. as I was not sure how to share this with people. Two really strange things happened today [I have to film the Eclipse of the Moon later]. I had to save a tiny bird trapped in the hall .. that is a story all on its own .. and later someone stopped me thinking I was a famous personality [seriously].

These experiences were two opposites that led to me finally writing this post.

One the tiny bird level I had to situate my internal energy to convince the bird I was not a threat. That bird was so fast I could not catch it in my hands to take it outside to bird safety land. A few minutes later probably the same energy cause the human reaction of: ARE YOU SOMEBODY FAMOUS / KNOWN.

Do you understand the different reactions of the tiny bird and the human ??

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Our Intelligent Gut

I once had an experience of an extreme higher intelligence awareness deep within the gut [colon]. At the center of your gut you have the navel [where the child's umbilical cord was attached to the womb]. That is the point where the growing baby is attached to the placenta.

As the fetus grows it is the placenta that provides oxygen water and nutrients. The placenta also transfers fecal waste produced by the baby out into the mother's body to be safely excreted. Let's call that process: An Intelligent system.
First I have to say: I was [from childhood] lactose intolerant. I was forced to drink milk at home and at school .. as a result I had endless tonsillitis [throat infections] and that era of scientific experimentation removed my tonsils. Removing my tonsils [at an early age] did not stop the endless throat infections #_#

Once I reached an age where I had more control over what i ate and drank I [me on my own] resolved the throat infections by not drinking any milk .. eating no cheese and not using butter. I hated the taste of milk! Was that my body warning me of something real? Another taste I hated was all the sugary drinks. The surrounding school culture was drinking the coke I was not drinking.

The earliest age I remember going out into the garden talking to tall spirit beings [who looked like ancient Greek Masters clothed in long radiant robes of intelligent light] was the age of five. These beings would talk to me telepathically .. well not exactly. It is not really telepathy. It is something else of an advanced intelligence beyond time.

These beings did not want me drinking all the sugary drinks .. and they did not want me drinking milk. My family accepted me not drinking Da'Coke .. but they did not accept me not drinking Da'Milk .. but I knew I was drinking some dirty tasting sh#t [that is my own personal experience].

Having regained my health by balancing Candida in my gut [using probiotics] .. I began to make my own Kefir using milk Kefir grains. The grains digest the lactose while producing a fermented live probiotic drink. This is why lactose intolerant people can drink Kefir. Kefir speaks the probiotic language in the gut.

Our Intelligent Gut System
At seven weeks after conception the human embryo shows clear signs of the growing intestinal tract and at eight weeks peristalsis begins in the embryo's large intestine [continuing throughout life].

Peristalsis is a smooth pattern of contractions [waves] that move food through the intestines. Gut peristaltic waves begin in the esophagus and travel the whole length of the gut [through the large intestine] pushing matter into the rectum and out of the body.
The Mother's body is feeding the fetus digested food [through the placenta barrier] .. and yet the developing gut of the child growing in the womb is passing waste out into the Mother's body to be excreted again by the Mother. The Mother's body has already digested the food into a form that helps the fetus grow inside the womb.

The fetus is producing and excreting waste.

My theory of: The Intelligent Gut System is that the body is not producing and excreting "waste". This is a revolutionary concept of the gut [intelligence]. You could call it: Intelligent waste. The body [Nature] is creating a highly versatile bio-product in harmony with the organic material principles of the Planet.

The intelligent gut process begins with the fetus and this intelligent gut process continues until death [of the physical organism]. It is important to understand that the gut - through the process of digestion - creates a complex bio-substance [science calls WASTE] designed to continue the life process in the soil and water.

The Future Is My Teacher
I can tell you what they do in the future. The future do Alchemy and not science. They create products [bio-degradable] based on the chemistry of the gut / colon. First they studied the chemistry [biology] of the gut and how it processes matter. That is a really complex process we do not understand today.

People in the future replicate that gut intelligence process to build materials that later break down or that can be broken down in Nature. The key point I want to make about the gut intelligence is how science today claims to produce BIO-DEGRADABLE plastic. It is a total joke...

You see .. your own intelligent gut puts enzymes and other compounds into the fecal matter passed by the colon. Which means the fecal matter only breaks down in Nature because of the Intelligent Alchemical Compounds added by your intelligent colon !!

Today's science tell you that the colon digests food and creates waste .. and later Nature breaks down that waste into biological parts. I am saying .. why is the whole gut so large? Why does the digestion process take such a long journey? The answer is .. because the gut is designed to perform and create Alchemical changes on digested matter along the way TO MAKE IT USEFUL.

You really are PART OF NATURE !!

Your gut is really a highly advanced .. highly intelligent .. super designed Alchemical [biological] unit working in the same way as the rich soil of the Planet. It is the exact same process .. it is just happening inside your gut. The gut is so highly advanced it can even analyse and add complex compounds to highly processed industry food to make it planetary bio-digestible.

Your brain is connected to your gut >_+

We have scientifically passed through a time where the elite of the elite in medicine are BRAIN SURGEONS. In the not too distant future the elite of a new alchemy of understanding and practice are: Colon / gut doctors. In the future they are not called doctors.
Word origin: doctor c.1300, "Church father," from O.Fr. doctour, from M.L. doctor "religious teacher, adviser, scholar," from L. doctor "teacher," from doct- stem of docere "to show, teach,"
This is difficult to translate .. in their future world they are: Harmonizers .. who fine-tune the intelligent Alchemical process that defines the building and re-transformation of matter.

They help people organize optimum healthy gut / colon balance.

What can I do today to help organize my own healthy gut balance? Well .. I have always been alone and on my own with that question [outside of the researchers and innovators who were also on their own. That's cool .. it is better than being part of the de-harmonized food herd.

What did I do to start working with my own colon? I started realizing the intelligence is in the colon and the love is in the colon. Basically .. because .. when I got sick my gut / colon did everything to keep some level of harmony within the body. I owe it to my gut that I am alive today.

The teacher is within us.

I got carried away .. the most important thing I wanted to write about is the Peristaltic Wave [probably as important as your heartbeat]. Basically .. no peristaltic wave no life! The peristaltic wave travels the length of the gut from the tongue .. through the stomach and intestines to the rectum. That's the basis of your digestive system.

Why would a fetus have a peristaltic wave process?

I did not say what I wanted to say when I began this post .. and so I am going to have to come back to this again in later posts. All I can say is: TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT. From my own personal perspective the gut is as important as my heartbeat [to my health]. When my gut got really sick with Candida overgrowth and leaky gut .. my heartbeat was dynamically irregular and dynamically scary. I also go into that later. For me personally the two are connected...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Candida Overgrowth Chronic Tissue Inflammation

I am not an expert on anything [other than my own health] !!

The Art of Colon Health
I wanted to add this drawing that I made because .. if I had not reversed Candida Albicans overgrowth and leaky gut I would not be [today] producing my art = how I express my creative side.

I was going to call this post: From Candida Albicans to Skinny Jeans .. sense of humor.

I don't want to attract thousands of hits because of the word "skinny jeans". I am wearing the skinny jeans right now [I will explain that later] .. but this is my gut health and not about losing weight.

Diets? I have never done a diet in my life! Weight lifting? I don't like to lift weights! Weight loss training? I never did that either. My personal gut health was not focused on losing weight.

In June 2007 I was writing about my allergies and Candida research. In this post I am sharing eight years personal experience. I am not giving any kind of health advice. I am documenting my own personal experience with chronic gut inflammation and Candida yeast overgrowth.

At first I thought I was suddenly gaining weight and getting fat .. and as I did my own research I began to realise the so-called weight gain was chronic tissue inflammation. My stomach thighs hips and upper arms were bloated. Even worse than that was the growing connective tissue joint pain especially hips & knees.

My hips and joints became stiff [tendons] and at the worst stage I was walking slow and restricted like an 80 year old. This effect happened suddenly as if out of the blue. My body just swelled up and I was fat.

Earlier when the unusual symptoms were beginning I went to doctors .. specialists [allergies] and I was told by these professionals: You have food allergy reactions and there is nothing you can do other than learn to live with it.

The specialists gave me tiny anti-allergy reaction tablets [I broke in half .. and they were really tiny] .. because I never took medications in my entire life #_#

I was also told by the specialists and doctors that it is NORMAL to have aches and pains in the joints and for the joints to be stiff: AT MY AGE .. and I should learn to live with it .. DUH ?? They termed 45 to 50 as the degeneration phase where life goes backwards [hahaha].

What am I trying to share with you from my own personal experiences?

I can put it all in plain simple visual language that for me is related to my gut / colon health and is nothing to do with how my body looks .. but has everything to do with how my body FEELS .. because I live in here inside my body !!

Dynamics of A Healthy Gut
I personally healed my gut with Threelac [that is my own personal experience] gradually repopulating the gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria. Later I made my own fresh Kefir using Kefir grains. I am lactose intolerant but once the Kefir grains transform the milk I can drink the fermented Kefir or add it to smoothies.

Much more than the food I eat .. I want to be able to digest the food.

I went from wearing 38 size jeans to wearing 40 size jeans and after 40 I should have moved to 42 size or more .. but I just wore my 40 size that I could not close nor barely zip up. My thighs were exploding exponentially and my stomach even more. The point I am trying to make is that with Candida yeast overgrowth the so-called fat is actually: Chronic [tissue] inflammation.

In my opinion [having experienced it] this is a lot worse than simply putting on weight and getting fat. I was suffering... The change in body chemistry was affecting my moods. My heart was acting kind of weird all on its own. I would waken up in the early hours of the morning with irregular heartbeats.

I see young women in their early to mid twenties with bloated fat thighs and bloated gut trying to fit into smaller size jeans [just like wot I did #_+] .. and on one occasion in a local store I heard some girls say: I wish I could have a body like that AT HER AGE. I am a very shy person .. like I try to be invisible in public areas .. I do not like people to compare themselves to me.

Worst of all is that modern day humans are programmed to deteriorate and accept physical deterioration = this is normal at YOUR AGE .. learn to accept it and learn to live with it! Apparently you are all pre-programmed to rapidly deteriorate around 45 to 50 years old. It is all downhill from there!

Or is it all downhill ?? Are we really programmed to deteriorate physically ??

Well !! What does your GUT say ??

At this point in time I have been personally working on my gut for the last 8 years. No diets .. no exercise .. no programs .. no medications .. only me and my gut. That is all I have in this life: MY OWN BODY. Reading this you may think: EIGHT YEARS ??? Well .. actually .. no not eight years! But a lifetime of dedication to health. My own health.

Aging & Deterioration
As I repopulated my gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria [that is my own personal experience in this life] .. I began to move from size 40 jeans to size 38 jeans. That was the side effect of my personal work on my gut health.

I was not using beneficial probiotics to lose weight. The primary reason was to repair my irregular and erratic or rapid heartbeat and stop the sudden irrational mood swings. Add to the list my joint tissue inflammation and dehydrated tendons.

If I had Facebook I would be photographing my jeans and posting it on social networks >_+ .. but I do not have Facebook .. Twitter or any other social media accounts .. and I do not want to go down that road. I tell you why !!

The visual is good in some respects! Like .. I can share with you drawings I make or visual art that for me is there to inspire. There is a line where you are your own person. You are your own individual. You have to find your own way .. your own path. As an artist you do not compare yourself with anyone else.

As a student .. 22 to 24 years old I always wore size 38 jeans .. but not skinny jeans. My body fat filled the size 38 jeans. Not anymore! I was wearing 38 size jeans from the last couple of years and they were getting baggier and baggier. Today I decided to look for new pairs of jeans. I was totally amazed.

This is not the six week mantra or the eight week mantra: Lose weight.

This has nothing to do with losing weight and has EVERYTHING to do with GUT HEALTH. You see .. Health Lies In The COLON. So .. what I am sharing with you is primary gut colon health and anything else is a side effect of a healthy gut colon. As a result of eight years hard work my size 38 skinny jeans are not even tight .. but my student size 38 jeans were tight.

Do not get me wrong .. I am not SKINNY and I do not have abnormal weight loss. I have not lost my skins fatty tissue. I eat well and I do not look out for carbs and all that stuff !! The issue I am describing of my own personal experience is this: My fatty tissue is HEALTHY and I do not have chronic inflammation as in the past...

I will probably write about this in more detail in a later post.

My key point is this: I have experienced chronic fatty tissue inflammation as a direct result of Candida overgrowth and leaky gut. I have also experienced healthy fatty tissue as a result of replacing toxic acidic yeast colonizing my gut / colon by adding beneficial probiotic bacteria to my diet.

At the same time I am careful of the foods I eat. Like that I eat zero processed foods. I do not eat meat. I lightly steam vegetables. I supplement my diet with smoothies and blended cold soups. My focus is on colon cleanse and not on my diet. After 6 months I no longer had chronic inflammation of the connective tissues. All food allergy reactions disappeared.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Human Gut's Adaptive Program

The human gut is a multi-program living technology.

Adaptive Human Colon
I chose this image of my indoor peppers and ginger plants because I did something unusual .. and it worked!

I planted container ginger sprouts in soil and added some pepper seeds from my own indoor 2014 peppers. I watch the plants adapt. I have 4 fully grown green peppers with smaller peppers still forming and in the soil I have large ginger corms.

As you can see from the image they are all pretty tightly packed in terms of planting density and the plants also support each other .. as the ginger stems tend to fall over but here the stronger pepper stalks help to support the ginger.

In exactly the same way the human gut [colon] is highly adaptive. Humans see themselves as above Nature or separate .. humans are something different. However .. everything inside the human adapts in the same way plants and animals adapt. In the same way Nature adapts.

The least understood organ in the body is the intestine. For obvious reasons science has - until now - considered the intestine to be a waste disposal unit not much different to the pipes in your house carrying away waste water.

The waste pipes in your home are not self-healing .. self-cleansing .. self-repairing or self-regenerating. The human gut is self-cleansing. The human gut repairs and regenerates itself. Even more important the human gut is highly adaptive. Let's call it Adaptive Intelligence.

I came to this more detailed realisation with my new fruit-veges smoothie diet. When we eat only cooked food the feces is light to dark brown. With 80% to 100% fresh green smoothies the feces is dark green. You might say: Big deal! I am going to explain it.

It takes 10-14 days for the colon to adjust its internal climate from steamed cooked veges to drinking four half-liter or 1 pint smoothies each day. The intestine is the Master Alchemist in the body. The whole gut track adapts to the food we eat in terms of micro-flora and other more complex chemistry.

The intestines are like a subterranean garden perhaps with similar bio-spheres to soil chemistry. The gut can take whatever food you eat [when it has a majority of beneficial probiotics] and it analyses the food and creates chemically an interactive symbiosis between the walls of the colon and the digested food.

Hundreds of years of science telling people the intestines are organic waste pipes is wrong. The intestines are designed to interact with food in highly complex ways and nothing about the process is focused on WASTE. Even feces is an intelligent product. That is what Nature is all about!

Colon Hardware and Adaptive Software
One day in the future people who understand computers and computer programming will adapt their understanding to the human body. Like a Notebook or Tablet there is the hardware and the software. The physical 3D colon is the hardware .. while the microbes and nano-particles .. cells .. bacteria .. yeast and beneficial probiotics are the software.

Both the intestinal hardware and software need an electrical charge to function and communicate [interact] .. and this electrical charge also comes from the food we eat. Even though living bodies have their own electrical fields .. the electric charge from food is an essential and key factor in the function of the intestine.

We say big and small intestines .. but really it is ONE intestine !!

The human brain is made up of multiple units inside the skull .. but the fact is .. it is ONE brain. In a strange way the gut is like the brain. All your [gut] feelings and emotions spread out from that central area. The Buddhists knew this on the most practical levels [not esoteric] .. that this area of the body holds a key [subterranean] intelligence energy or force.

You cannot have intelligent adaptation without programming. Restrictions also have to apply. The adaptations have to seamlessly interact with the environment. There has to be adaptive communications between different forms of matter. In this case the forms of matter are the inner intestine walls and the food we eat.

Variations in adaptations are infinite within the restrictions [DNA codes] of each World or each Dimension. We [hybrid] humans are changing with the environment as the environment also adapts to us. This process is an ongoing dialogue. It is also a coded dialogue .. because all forms of matter have to understand each other when they interact.

This process goes across lifetimes. Many years ago I was drinking Pu-ehr tea .. but I could only get loose leaves and not the cakes. So .. I stopped drinking it because it meant nothing to me. Then I was able to get the fermented Pu-ehr pressed cakes and something strange happened.

I watched so many videos in various languages how to brew fermented Pu-erh tea .. there are many ways and methods from around the world how to brew the tea. You waken up the tea in Yixing clay teapot and then you make the tea. It is okay .. but something in me was not happy with that.

I began waking up the tea at night before I slept leaving the hot leaves [no water] overnight. In the morning I would brew the tea as usual and drink it until the leaves are used up. If I do not use this method I am not satisfied when I drink the tea. Then some strange experience came to me like Remote Viewing myself.

The ancient Tea Horse road linked Tibet with Sichuan and Yunnan .. this trade route is more than 1,000 years. It would take a year to bring the tea across from Sichuan to Tibet and from Yunnan to Tibet. I woke up from an experience of an ancient trader on the tea route bringing pressed Pu-erh cakes to Tibet.

The trader on the route was awake before sunrise .. and this might sound strange .. but to get the most out of the tea before moving on the trail he heated the tea at night before he slept. In the morning he could quickly get the most out of the leaves before travelling [they did not have much time to hang around].

Another more important thing takes place. Once the fermented Pu-erh is heated and the water is poured out .. the leaves continue to ferment. This is why I do not use boiling water on the tea leaves. In this way the traders could also benefit from the enzymes of fermentation process that was good for the gut.

I do not start the tea process in the morning because Pu-erh is an activator and some older cakes can cause a 'buzz' and even rapid heartbeat .. especially raw non-fermented Pu-erh cakes. If I drink the tea at night I am not going to get a good night sleep. This is gut Alchemy.

How does this relate to Colon Hardware and Adaptive Software?

It is similar to how you use a computer. Each person uses or interacts with their Smartphone .. Tablet or Notebooks in completely different ways. The hardware is the same. The software is the same. What is not the same is how each human interacts with the hardware and software programs. Add to this .. some people are programmers and can consciously change [re-write] programs.

The colon is also designed to interact with the incarnating life form [life force].

We actually form an interactive relationship with the intestinal hardware / software according to our nature. In a way the modern food culture is replacing those natural lines of interaction. I am sure you are going to laugh at what I write next .. but it is true!

I have never been inspired eating a processed pizza or eating any kind of processed food. As a kid I did not like eating meat .. chicken or fish. This did not come from thousands of years ancestral DNA programming .. because my ancestors were meat eating .. fish and clam mussel eating experience. I loved vegetarian Asian food and Indian food.

The fact is eating vegetables and not liking seafood or meat was a feeling inside my gut .. and no one in my entire extended family was vegetarian. They were all big meat eaters! From my experience I can say that my gut adapted to the experiences from my spirit [incarnating life force].

Is it possible to adapt the gut / colon through moments of enlightenment? Those moments where you suddenly realise you can do things differently? There was one food I loved to eat as a kid even though I refused meat seafood and chicken. That was blood sausage and kidneys. I would eat the blood sausage and pick out the kidneys from the stew. I would leave the meat.

I made a decision [completely on my own] not to eat blood sausage and not to eat kidney. I did not think it was wrong to eat these foods .. I simply decided not to eat them. I made those decisions around 7 to 8 years old. This is why I say our relationship with the gut intelligence is interactive. The intestines adapt to the incarnating spirit as well as to the local environment.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Unique Paths of Enlightenment

Sitting meditating under a tree does not cut it!

Paths of Enlightenment
You get to choose your individual paths of Enlightenment until you do not get to choose..

I shared with you my unexpected experience of the force I call: The Presence: Fragments of Enlightenment.

This was a real experience more real than physical [material 3D] experiences.

The image is what I was shown or what manifest in response to my questions.

There is no one-path to Enlightenment .. there are many unique paths to Enlightenment according to our nature. Let me try to explain how it was shown to me in those few seconds of guidance.

From an early age I learned the cooking art of the Asian World from Indian curries to Chinese and Japanese cuisine including Macrobiotic cooking [Miso / Tamari / Shoyu / Soy Sauce]. After University I became totally Vegan and then I moved to Living Foods .. Fit for Life [food combining].

I ate this way for many years .. but I found the wheat sprout fermented Rejuvelac method too acidic / alcohol fermentation effect in the gut. This is not the same as natural probiotic fermentation.

I returned to eating steamed vegetables and I stopped making blended smoothies. I am lactose intolerant and so I avoid milk products including pasteurized [heated] joghurt. Industrial joghurt and kefir are not live fermented products .. they are heated to kill the live fermentation process. Useless for your gut!

Many Unique Paths
All paths of Enlightenment grow from one unique seed to create many unique paths .. like the branches of a tree. All paths come from the same seed .. from the same root. This is how it was shown to me.

As I was walking the path appeared inside me. It was in those moments that I saw what I had to do. I now live from 70 to 90 percent vegetable and fruit blended smoothies that I designed for myself.

For many years I taught myself food combining and so I know what fruits and vegetables to combine in a smoothie and how to combine them. The simplest combination is: Cucumber apple lettuce greens water and lemon juice. Then it gets more complex with banana mango or papaya that can also replace the avocado.

Avocado banana mango and papaya thicken the smoothie. If I want more of a juice effect I sieve the non avocado mix through a plastic sieve. I blend only vegetables with apple and sieve out the pulp.

Create Your Own Path
When the presence was inside me I was the presence. There was no overwhelming force .. there was only myself. My own incarnation over many lifetimes. I saw exactly what I have to do. I do not know why I have to do this. All I know is that I have to do it no matter what.

Enlightenment in all levels of being is a path {guidance] that appears and there is no choice. I was not give A CHOICE. This was not something I could consider. It was not a choice. It was WHAT IS.

To be honest I just went for it [as though I was starving] .. which was also effortless transition [transformation]. I had so much experience I developed my own methods of blending / mixing vegetables and fruits. It is a science = you do not want the enzymes to oxidize too fast.

More important was the realisation that very few humans follow the path. Perhaps because we have a choice. When unique path is shown to humans .. they mostly turn their backs on this guidance path. Humans choose not to embody the Enlightenment on their unique level.

I was shown something that is close to my spirit lifetime after lifetime.

If I would turn away from the guidance path and just do my own ego thing .. there would be consequences. I would also be delaying my own unique path of Enlightenment. Because .. it is a REAL PATH. The path of Enlightenment is more real than the physical material 3D world.

The next ego trait is: What do I get out if it?

No one can really know the future .. all we can really know is The Path. To look for an outcome or a conclusion .. or to look for a result before you have even made the first step? We do not enjoy the moment when we are looking for the outcome. I may die .. but Enlightenment will embrace me.

Humans are so afraid of death #_# [transformation].

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Dark Side of Enlightenment

You can see very far in great depth and be short sighted.

Far Away .. Is Very Near
In my last post I described an unusual encounter with Enlightenment that I called: Fragments of Enlightenment. I was trying to say that Enlightenment is real .. as real as the Stars and Planets. Some people would call it a force .. but I call it another dimension. The obvious question is: Why are Earth humans separate from those dimensions?

The answer is just as obvious! Our current timeline is separate from the Enlightened Dimensions because of the way we live in this Solar System on this Earth. Before inhabiting Earth the Martian genealogy had the same problem on Mars. I suspect that not all the races on Earth come from Mars.

Why am I talking about earlier extraterrestrial migrations from Mars to Earth?

I am talking about this because Planet Earth inherited problems and issues these extraterrestrial races carried with them in terms of aggressive behaviour and inter-spatial wars. Higher levels of technology do not mean higher levels of enlightenment.

When the Presence surrounds you .. you can see far away and you can see very near. There is no linear time involved. Far away and near are ONE. Some mysterious intelligence observes your internal reaction to the process [the Presence]. This is maybe like a karmic assessment or Initiation.

People who encounter this mysterious force of Enlightenment can have various internal reactions to the encounter. The dark side of enlightenment is how humans react when they have this extraordinary experience. Some people can feel: I am superior being and all these worthless humans are dumb slaves.

You see! Enlightenment is very dangerous phenomenon!

Some people feel like a god .. and other people see the advantage [everyone is asleep .. I can use that] .. and other people see power like Saruman in Lord of The Rings. The mind altering experience is real but the inner reaction is deeply personal. Most people pretend that they don't know that they just experienced something extraordinary [they run away and hide].

You might ask: Why does enlightenment visit everyone?

Enlightenment is a Path [guidance along the Path] for all incarnate beings. The Path is not physical but is a spirit path. You get born on Earth and you can do what you want and live any way you want .. in terms of how you behave .. but that freedom can lead you in ever decreasing circles.

The dark side of Enlightenment is a higher trend towards power .. control .. setting your agenda [one ring to rule them all]. Basically .. because .. incarnate spirits in human form react in different ways to this powerful awareness presence experience. I was shown that when you see a mass of human beings lost and unaware of this divine presence .. some people feel they are superior and some see those humans as 'trash'.

I am superior you are inferior.

Compassion is the desire to free mankind from ignorance .. but very few humans on Earth today feel this energy of compassion. Most people are out for themselves. They want to be powerful. They are greedy and want to be rich. Excessive wealth can be an internal issue. In the spirit world VERY big can be very SMALL.

The spirit of Enlightenment is powerful and non-intrusive. It visits you and yet it does not affect you. There is no influence. The powerful encounter creates an internal action / re-action. In a way you could say the experience is ultimately subjective. In a way: You get to choose according to your nature.

You might ask: What is the point? The point is the Path and the guidance are ONE.

Earth humans do not have to follow the GUIDANCE .. humans can do what they want. No one has to follow the Guidance. No one has to walk upon the Path. Humans can go their own way .. do what they want .. live only for themselves .. follow their own path. As the wheel turns.

The presence of Enlightenment is powerful [but it does not crush you] .. there is no force that takes over the mind or the psyche. There is SEEING and fundamentally deeper experience .. then it is up to the individual what path their life takes. In a way this powerful meeting is INITIATION.

Maybe from past lives and spirit world training I know this. I know the danger and I know not to stray from the Path. The fact that I can see this so clearly shows that we are in a world in transition. When power visits us we have to overcome ourselves. That applies to all levels of humanity and not only the higher levels.

I keep saying: The head of the horse and the body of the horse are ONE !!

Enlightenment visits everyone .. in the body of society and the head of society.. without division .. without restriction. There are no higher and lower layers within dimensions of Enlightenment. I am talking about a REAL dimension and not a theoretical esoteric state of mind.

How does an entire Planet resolve conflict? This aggressive conflict is older than the Earth. Planet Earth is simply another reality platform for genetic races to play out their Solar System conflicts. Technically the entire Solar System is in a lower dimension. Is there life OUT THERE? YES! Life is out there!

If Earth humans shift to higher awareness levels it will affect entire Solar System.

Enlightenment is out there guys! Enlightenment is also inside! Those are the sort of basics I was taught in my life(s). If I was an elite I would say: I want the body of the horse to be healthy [right]. If the body is not healthy what effect does it have on the mind? I already know what effect it has.

When I had toxic colon experience and my organs could not detox because the colon was in a state of chronic inflammation .. it also effected my brain [and my nerves]. The toxins in my colon were effecting my nervous system and my brain. Sick body effected the head [mind interface].

Your brain [mind] is only as healthy as your BODY.

Monday, August 03, 2015

Fragments of Enlightenment

Meditation & Enlightenment are REAL .. like the Stars and Planets.

The Universe Is Listening
Be careful what you ask for ..

It is a long time since I made this drawing. I do not date my work and so I do not know how many years?

The moment it hit me was July 27 2015. You can draw things and not know. Much later you know what you know!

I was working with Invisible Worlds [as I have done all my life] .. and now and then I ask for Guidance. Each one of us has to figure that out for ourselves because Guidance can mean many things.

Our eternal spirit is semi-compromised when experiencing physical material incarnations. Like that it all has to go through the physical .. in the same way your Internet connection has to go through an electronic network.

I was doing some intense work [it was not short term] .. and when I walk somewhere I switch off [power down]. I was returning from small local town [this is not a big city area] .. and as I turned into the courtyard there was a presence waiting for me.

I have experienced this presence [consciously] throughout my life. You could call it Eternity [Love] The Presence [Universal Mind] ONESELF .. but the word is never the thing. There it was and there I was. The change happened on The Path before I reached the courtyard.

One Day of Transformation
Transformation in the life of a human being is not 10 or 20 or 30 years meditation .. or a lifetime meditation. Transformation is less than a nano-moment and your life is changed whether you want it or not. The hidden secret of Tibetan Masters is that they knew this.

For some reason religion coming out of Tibet to the West made Enlightenment a mind [warp] that was beyond physical and was beyond matter or material existence. I am saying that this is a load of cr#p #_#

Many times in my life [not that often] this other force would appear to descend and be EVERYWHERE within and around everything. The divine presence can be felt within the stones and walls and buildings and pathways .. in the trees .. grass .. plants and animals.

When it reveals itself the presence is inside every human being [humans are not aware of this in any way]. You experience this incredible presence and you see the lonely isolated humans beings .. and tears fill your eyes.

All matter accepts the presence .. that there is no division or separation. In humans there is division and separation .. this is why the tears sting so much when you see this and experience this.

The next time you walk into your home look at the walls.

Humans are so arrogant about physical 3D matter and resources [apart from arrogance towards animals birds fish and all plant life]. You go into your home everyday and you are BLIND. How often do you look at the walls that protect you?

One day walk into your home and look at the walls .. look at what is around you .. be aware of the walls [intelligent matter] watching you. That is Enlightenment .. when you look at matter it looks back at you.

We fall in love with the people .. but we do not fall in love with our daily surroundings [the backdrop]. In reality the love is coming to us FROM the material WORLD. The ancient Celtic people [who are related to Tibet] .. they knew all this.

Then came the Roman Empire and everything that followed in the West where matter was a source of PLEASURE and POWER. That warped paradigm exists until today [although it is now coming to its end] .. nothing lasts forever. Physical matter was/is simply a form of power or personal pleasure [wealth].

Returning Home
You can return home in many ways .. but all ways are the same: Returning Home! Before I reached the courtyard where the presence was waiting [it began inside myself]. There was no presence and I was the presence. It began inside me. These are the fragments of enlightenment.

I was watching this .. because all awareness is observation [without reaction]. The Zen Masters were supreme companions to the presence because they did not react .. they silently observed without self. The presence observes itself when there is no [ego] self.

The tears were stinging my eyes [without any emotional reaction] .. I did not move [inwardly like a mountain] .. as this is the way the Invisible Guides taught me. As I turned into the courtyard the same presence was filling every space and every atom of all physical structures.

The presence was in every blade of grass .. on the path .. in the stones and bricks .. in the sound of the birds .. in the sky .. in the light and in the shadows. Then it was in the door of the house and in the walls of the house. It was the stairs that I walked on to get to my apartment and it was my apartment.

The presence was the floor and the walls and the computer and the computer keyboard. This is the Eternal presence you live with every day of your life but do not know it. The Art of Zen is to see yourself [awareness] reflected in the walls of your home.

You are not protected by a solid physical material wall. You are building with and are protected by an indescribable force and all you have to do is begin to be aware of this one day at a time .. one step at a time.

We see ourselves as imperfect because we are not using AWARENESS.

My drawing shows you everything I have written in one picture. This drawing was made way before I had this new experience. Think about that for some time: The drawing was way ahead of the experience. How much ancient ART from the Ancient World is/was way ahead of the collective human experience?

In the next post I have to explain the REALITY of Enlightenment in more detail.

The experience I describe appears to be mind / consciousness .. but this is not what took place. The presence revealed a real world path that cannot be created by rational thought. The human mind is a TOOL for INTELLIGENCE. I will try to share with you what I was shown.

Earth humans are tools for INTELLIGENCE [not the MASTERS of intelligence].

Friday, July 24, 2015

Star Humans Electrical Fields

Human body supported by many [energetic / electric] Radiant Fields

Human Star(s)
In this drawing I try to show the basic Radiant Fields connections to the human body. If you see a dead body .. animal .. bird .. fish .. insect .. tree .. all of these energetic radiant fields are no longer operating.

Why human star(s)?

The body functions on the same basis as stars. There is a central radiating inner core resonating in harmony with the central star system and the body operates in the same way as local stars [any stars].

Humans are stars walking on Earth!

Without the central Qi / Chi core there is no physical human life form. The radiations from this central core can be associated with the energetic meridians. They go beyond the meridians and connect physical form with mind .. psychic fields .. the paranormal / supernatural fields and all levels of electrical [energetic] fields surrounding the physical body.

The correct term is: Star Humans [not human stars].

It is not an accident that the central core is orbiting / rotating around the colon [naval]. Radiating out from the colon is a network of supreme intelligence built into every aspect of physical existence on this Planet.

Something deep within the physical 3D human body has to seamlessly connect all these layers .. including energy .. electrical current .. psyche .. mind .. physical movement and Qi [as one].

A hundred years ago there was a scientific split / question: Probiotics or antibiotics. The probiotic researchers were crushed and the antibiotic researchers took over .. antibiotic [$$$].

Guess what #_#
Antibiotics destroy beneficial healthy probiotic gut bacteria! Yey!

In my drawing I am trying to show the deeper interconnected energy [Qi life force] to the physical body .. related to the mind / psyche and hidden in plain sight to the unseen probiotic internal electrical cellular communication systems within the 3D physical body. The body has to be designed to effortlessly interact with the mind .. electrical current .. energy and the psyche.

Star Humans
Humans walking on Earth are tiny stars walking on the surface of the Earth. The central star [Sun] gives energy to the tiny Suns walking on the surface of the orbiting Planet [Earth]. The Earth is not the only Planet in the Universe giving life to orbiting inhabitants.

I am saying the Star Power has to be active inside inhabitants of a Planet no matter if the inhabitants are trees .. plants .. birds .. fish .. animals .. insects or humans. That tiny star energy has to be active within you.

If you study my drawing .. inside the central core there is a tiny star fragment that radiates out like the energy of the Sun. The inner core Chi energy and the outer energy are all one.

If your internal communications systems are disrupted your mind and your body cannot function. The incarnate spirit may be strong .. but if the spirit cannot use the inner communications systems of the body then nothing can be achieved. We could call it a systems crash. The mind / psyche has the power but the body does not respond. There is an internal disconnect.

There are essential micro-physical cellular structures that connect electrical meridian pathways with the glands .. brain .. nervous systems .. psyche and mind. When the micro-flora within the colon are healthy .. the body is healthy. Like the central Sun.

If you study the drawing it can tell you a lot more than I can write...

This is why you see many deeply empowering ancient drawings and cave paintings speaking in a language we do not totally understand .. because we do not listen to that deeper more ancient language.

Let us say that beneficial probiotic molecules within the body are a primordial language or primordial art. This living art has pathways. These primitive microbial drawings create pathways that allow inner communications of mind .. body .. spirit .. psyche and intent.

Everything in life has to have pathways. If the Sun sends out Solar Flares and some anti-force blocks the flares ?? The Solar Flares implode back into the Sun. There have to be universal pathways that channels Solar Flares in beneficial ways.

The meridian [acupuncture] pathways not only need electrical pathways .. they also need probiotic pathways. It is difficult to translate earlier knowledge into this current paradigm .. partly because earlier civilisations did not have this problem .. they relied on fermentation and fermented foods [not pasturised foods].

Chronic fungi yeast mold overgrowth within the body creates a totally different electrical field [abnormal electrical fields]. When antibiotics destroy beneficial gut bacteria the walls of the colon become a feeding ground for Candida [yeast] .. mold .. bacteria and fungi growth. Those electrical fields are anti-human health.

If researchers would study human electrical fields .. they would understand.

The colon is the number one detox organ in the body supported by the kidneys and the liver. Inside the colon the essential elements are probiotic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria also have to have an electrical energy signature. When beneficial probiotic bacteria are wiped out? Yeast .. fungi .. mold take over producing [acidic] toxins.

When I had Candida overgrowth and leaky gut my body was misbehaving and was not listening to me. I had a disconnect with my body. There you have the [abnormal] fungi electrical-signature disconnect. We humans are a series of electrical signatures [interconnected electrical fields].

The point I am trying to make is that the physical body is INTELLIGENT [no matter what] .. and the body works to create life force no matter what .. and so there is a paranormal / supernatural intelligence operating within the physical body. We have to discover this intelligence from 3D physical to brain .. energy .. nervous system .. mind .. psyche and spirit.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beyond Thought [Illusion]

The Path .. passing through the root of fear.

The Internal Path
Have I used this drawing before? I hope not! I have so many drawings...

In some way this drawing is closer to my spirit and many key incarnation experiences.

In general I do not like the outer public field where society says: The codes are available to EVERYONE.

Not in my experience +_#

I am not talking about 'Secret Societies' .. because I see them also inhabiting the public sphere. They do not know any more than the general population. One example of this is: If you have to exert influence to make the general public 'stupid' then you are stupid! Only a lower density awareness would desire to make the surrounding environment STUPID and DENSE.

It's not rocket science!

The public sphere is: Influence as many people as possible. The whole system [including secret societies] seek to INFLUENCE as many people as possible. I hope that is clear as to what I mean by the public sphere. There is one problem with INFLUENCE and that is YOU have to be part of the influence [sphere / field].

All I can say is: Stupid is as stupid does.

To reach out and influence the outer sphere there has to be a CONNECTION .. like yin yang .. so the influencer is influenced by the same level energy [intent] they send out to others. They are simply sending out frequency signals equal to their own internal state. If you see ants on the circular rim of a glass .. the lead ant leaves a trail [influence] and all the others follow. It is the same thing.

The desire to influence is based on fear.

I am not sure that a Central Paradigm Model is based on fear .. because I think that intelligence can function within that paradigm and move beyond fear. The central control paradigm can be a framework for fear based societies. How the humans organize themselves within each paradigm is an indication of their collective spiritual progress or fear based regression.

No one is king forever! When the paradigm field shifts to a new model .. fear based insecure incarnations do not do so well. When the whole cycle advances .. humans will never return to a fear based model. The paradigm shifts are simply open interactive [containment ] fields that allow incarnate spirits to develop or fall behind.

The Root of Fear
We have all the emotions coming out of one central root inside the human being. We normally live within a carousel of emotions from the moment we are born to the end of our lives. Just think about this for a moment! What does a carousel revolve around? ONE CENTRAL POINT.

Let us imagine you see and experience many colored flashing lights like so many emotions. All those different colored lights are powered by one unseen source: electricity. The root of all the colored lights is electrical power.

It is the same for the emotions.

One source powers all the emotions [all those many colors and experiences]. You can be overcome with all the emotions that seem to escape from nowhere .. out of control .. with all their different colors and intensity. You can also step back .. create space [intelligence] and go straight to the root.

What kind of super advanced UFO can travel to the root of emotions? AWARENESS.

Let me show it to you. This is not as simple as it may sound. You become aware of an emotion that appears to overwhelm you. You step back and become aware of it. Rather than run away from the feeling you go right to its center. You observe. The emotion runs away and hides .. you lose sight of it.

You already challenged the source of these emotions and so it is going to throw up more. I may say more about this? All I can say for now is that thought [entity] hides and adjusts as it was designed to do. When you alter the inner mind energy frequency it cannot function in that field.

You decide not to give up and you begin [awareness begins] to question the source of these emotions that you have experienced your entire life. You go look for the source. Then the source starts throwing distractions into your mind in many forms. It can be old experiences .. memories .. fears .. traumas .. desires .. pleasures .. sorrows .. regrets!

You remain calm and silently observe the root source no matter what distractions are throw into your mind. In fact .. the activity is a signal [activity] that leads down a path to the source of these emotions. Again the emotions disappear .. seem to run away and hide.

You keep going .. using the energy of inner awareness to go straight to the root of all emotions .. and they keep running away and hiding from you. That means thought is weaker than awareness!

You allow for no distractions = you do not identify with the mix of emotions being thrown into your mind as you follow the path to the root of all emotions .. the root of the carousel. It has a center. You suddenly realize: This is not ME .. this is a distraction. Before this journey you always assumed the emotions were YOU.

Perhaps you come to the root and everything is SILENT [for now].

You may feel a sense of peace .. at last there is silence...

Do not stop there. If you stop the whole process simply redesigns itself in relation to your new realisations. You do not stop .. you keep going. From that point you conserve your life energy by maintaining a deep repository of awareness to discover and go beyond the root of thought .. the root of fear.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Beyond Meditation

Interacting Electrical Fields
The reason I decided to do photo art to visually explore the interacting electrical fields I call: Beyond Meditation .. is to show exactly what I am talking about in real 3D terms within this physical material world.

The magic mushroom migrated West from its home in the Himalayas long before Buddhism [migrated]. The photo art [Panasonic HC-V550] defined the template pictograph that I was able to slightly alter to give me the whole visual signature as one.

Everything you see visually defines [in my awareness] what I mean by: Beyond Meditation. You have stillness action and silence. This prefect subdued color balance between all active objects .. crystals .. Buddhas and dragon. There are two silent forms of movement .. the open mouth of the dragon and the circle behind the dragon is also moving but silent.

In my world the pictograph photo art defines interacting electrical fields.

The effortless harmony behind interacting electrical fields is what I call: Beyond Meditation. This is because I include the body's electrical field harmonic and the essential hidden probiotic intelligence network that act like capacitors. Explain That Stuff: Capacitors. The clouds in the sky are giant capacitors. In my view probiotics have a similar function.

Probiotics are more complex .. but one of their functions is related to electrical field pathways in the body connected to the mind. I will explain to you how this works and why it is so important. I had to figure this out for myself...

From I was a small child I always had the ability to use my mind in powerful ways. Up until I had leaky gut and Candida overgrowth I could use my mind to heal [affect] the physical body. When yeast .. fungus .. mold take over the gut and spread into the organs and glands the electrical [field] environment changes.

Just imagine that beneficial probiotics are like micro-electrical connection / transfer ions. I don't know what to call them .. they are not biological or like cells. Probiotics are similar to primordial yeast cells but they are designed to bridge the cellular electrical gap and to provide an as yet unknown type of energy to the body.

Certain types of fungus mold and yeasts are designed to unlock physical cellular structures and break down physical matter to return it back to its primordial single cell state. If that did not take place then every physical form that died would exists forever and not break down.

The yeast fungus was everywhere .. leaked through my gut into every part of my body. My knees were swollen and painful [accumulated bacteria and fungus / yeast] .. my joints were aching .. I could hardly walk .. my tendons were f#cked .. my heart overreacted to re-potting a little plant into a new little pot.

For months [not understanding what was taking place inside the organs of my body] I never gave up trying to use the power of my mind to "heal myself". This is VERY important to understand #_# .. for the first time in my life my body was NOT responding to the power of my mind.

Now I will explain to you why and what was taking place...

The Bio-Electric Field
When I had Candida overgrowth symptoms and would go walk in the forest around Autumn .. I would smell [breathe in] the fungus smell of decomposing leaves and mushrooms and immediately all the tendons in my body would shrink and twist and I could barely walk. Once the fungus electrical fields activated in the tissues of my body there was a struggle between my brain / nervous system and the disrupting electrical field of the yeast / fungus.

I have never taken any kind of mind altering anything .. and not mushrooms either. The fact is that certain psilocybin mushrooms have the effect of taking over the functions of the body / brain creating altered states that are out of the control of the rational conscious mind.

In a similar way .. once I had leaky gut and this fungus / yeast all over my body .. in certain environments the electrical field of the fungus would alter my normal body electrical field resonance. I am saying that beneficial probiotics not only detox yeast / fungus overgrowth .. but the probiotics create the bio-electric field essential to physical body health.

I was doing what I always did my whole life .. using the mind / body bio-harmonic field and my body was not listening to me. The body was doing its own thing. That mess was only slowly cleared up when I gradually re-introduced healthy probiotic bacteria into my gut.

We are spirit incarnate into physical material experience .. and if the battery does not work the mind has difficulty connecting with the body. What connects spirit with body are electrical fields. Meditation is an electrical field. For example .. meditation has to have a physical material signature or the body would not be able to experience the bliss of the non-physical mind.

What connects spirit mind and body are electrical fields.

The reason I put probiotics in: Beyond Meditation .. is the intelligence. Probiotics are some kind of energy that allows communication at all levels of the body. They allow cells to communicate with blood .. bones .. tendons .. muscles .. organs .. glands .. nervous system and brain all within one singular electrical field.

Beneficial probiotics have a similar function to fungus and yeast within the life cycle of an organism .. and that is they alter the bio-electrical fields of the food we eat [digest] and break the food into electrical fields compatible with our physical bodies. That can be translated as: Getting energy.

Probiotics connect the communications networks within the body and fungus and bacteria are designed to block the communications networks at the end of life.

All communication pathways are electrical and if they continue to have electrical charge the material pathways will maintain the charge after death. Fungus and bacteria unlock the electrical charge to break the cells back down to their primordial states.

Beyond meditation is a higher electromagnetic charge or field that already exists regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. All we humans do is we harmonize with that field and enter that state. This is why it is: Beyond meditation .. because it is like the ocean.

The ocean exists no matter if someone is swimming or not.

Maybe most important to realize is that this is REAL. I recall it was a secret teaching in some past lives. That this is REAL. Then the reality was converted to: It is the MIND. But .. the mind inhabits the body! The body is designed to experience levels of meditation. Then the next level beyond meditation is that this is something REAL.

One real aspect that we have overlooked is that there has to be a real world element inside the body that connects effortlessly to this higher electrical field. Perhaps the triangle connecting body mind and spirit as one. Whatever we interact with on these higher meditation levels is totally real = it exists .. like another world that is as real as this world.

That which exists is BEYOND Meditation ...