Saturday, February 06, 2016

Five Elements Colon Cleanse [Detox]

I wanted to call this: King Monkey Colon Detox... Because I know people would not understand my sense of humor and the Internet does not recognize HUMOR .. I decided to create a more balanced title: Between friends this is .. King Monkey 2016 Colon Cleanse.

Ancient Chinese Masters understood energetic cycles.

The Chinese Five Elements are energetic cycles. Also the cycles of Earth follow mathematical energetic cycles. For easy understanding humans translated this into simple but complex systems such as the Chinese Feng Shui Five Elements Cosmic Astrology [Earth Cycles].

Although this is health related .. I am going to add this post to the Astro*Tarot because it is all one. One example is this has been my whole life. Cosmos [astrology] affects me and I respond.

Even though I am sensitive and respond = listen to those Cosmic influences. I still see this as Cosmos using me as a communication device or Mobile Phone #_#

I tried to explain in: Chinese Red Fire Monkey 2016 [Metal] .. that our lives are not only about the dominant / strong energies or elements .. and pursuing the strong to become "strong". Our lives are essentially about balance [of which strength is only one part].

I will explain later in more detail what this means... In other posts!

Personally as the natural qi elements / energies change to Red Fire Monkey [King] .. I can observe the changes in my perceptions. What I am saying is that these elemental changes are INFORMATION resources [interface resources]. Each person will interact with these forces depending on karmic incarnation experiences.

I am fully aware why the Fire Monkey energies affect me in this way!

I am not a "stupid person" .. I have excellent intellect. I could easily follow the general trend and use language to create a big Internet following. I choose not to do this for various reasons. In this respect I am talking about power and using strong QI elements .. I am Aries .. I could have done this!

I do not want to take this path and I am guided to avoid that path...

Now I teach you about the colon!
The colon is your gut .. the small and large intestine that runs from the tip of your tongue to the anus. If you follow medical convention the tip of your tongue is "clean" and your anus is "dirty". Your tongue is full of clean bacteria and clean functions of your digestive systems and your anus is the last dirty bacteria contaminated hole of your body!

Not exactly true !!

The tongue is more vulnerable to contamination and the anus is really good at dealing with bacteria. From the tongue you will get deadly bacteria quicker directly in the brain than the anus. Welcome to The Year of The Fire Monkey!

Five Elements Colon Cleanse [Detox]
Over 40 years I have tried and tested every kind of colon / gut detox along the way out of respect and health for my physical body. Age 17 I began vegetarian and for over 10 years vegan [no eggs milk cheese] .. later raw foods .. Ann Wigmore living foods .. colonics .. enemas every week to clean the large intestine .. Dr Clark herbal parasite cleanse .. colon cleanse detox programs [supplements].

I have done intensive juicing programs.

I discover that we have to be aware and pay attention to the body .. be sensitive .. know what is best for the gut. How many people on this Earth will ever pay attention to what their gut tells them? Some pathless lands have small number of beings sharing the journey .. especially when it is arduous and reflecting deep within the self.

I personally will use this King Monkey Year to seriously clean my colon. That means clean and detox my entire body including organs .. glands .. blood .. hormones. Do you think the hormones can get contaminated and be toxic? No one thinks that!

Let me share with you what King Monkey teaches me already after only a few days into 2016 Year of the Chinese Red Fire Monkey... I learn immediately that the glands / organs / hormones are ONE. It is very difficult to describe because science fragments all the processes of the body.

Glands hormones organs blood tissues are all one = connected.

The gut / colon is a major central part of the health and regulation of the physical body. The gut is one organism that extends from the tip of the tongue to the anus. Technically and electrically the organisms existing at the anus exist at the tip of the tongue.

Garlic is one example of this principle. If you put a clove of garlic into the anus you will taste the garlic taste on the tongue. It is the same with wheat grass. If you do a wheat grass enema / infusion then you will taste the wheat grass in the mouth / tongue.

From experience I never want to detox the colon FAST.

Rather than use enemas I now use Magnesium Oxide once or twice a week to oxygenate and detox the small and large intestine. I also use turmeric [cucurmin] in food as well as supplements. Chinese sweet wormwood [Artimisinin] is also a good colon detox herb.

I found that probiotics [including live milk Kefir] and magnesium oxide and more recently self-made ozonated water were more effective than enemas and colonics [long term] for detoxing and cleansing the colon.

Monkey King teaches us that ego [self image] comes to an end. What is Wu Cheng'en Sun Wukong - Monkey King - Journey To The West? Sun Wukong [Monkey King] faithfully helped Xuanzang on his journey to India.

This is not only a story .. it is also a philosophy of: Energy .. elements .. consciousness .. balance. Same principles apply to the physical body. High oxygen / alkali PH .. live enzyme nutrition.

The key aspect I want to convey is that the physical biological body has a slow natural cycle. We humans are intellectually super fast. We want to destroy issues in nano-seconds .. days .. weeks. Science has the mentality: Kill this .. kill that .. destroy this .. destroy that!

Nature does not destroy .. it transforms *_*

Five elements colon cleanse is sensitivity and awareness that the organs are ONE. The heart works with the lungs .. liver .. pancreas .. kidneys and bladder. The glands seamlessly work with the organs. Add to this that the heart is a gland. The heart is the MAJOR GLAND in the human body.

I gently gradually slowly detox the colon .. the entire gut .. the glandular system .. the blood .. and so on! You cannot do it fast. There has to be respect and trust and giving the body time. This is what I learned / was taught!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Chinese Red Fire Monkey 2016 [Metal]

2016 is Year of the Monkey. The first day of Monkey Year arrive on February 4, 2016 in China Standard Time. This day is not the Chinese New Year Day. Chinese Horoscope signs are determined by the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar.

The first day of Chinese astrology year is first day of Tiger month. That is the day of Start of Spring in the Chinese Astrology Calendar.

The Start of Spring is the time when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. The Start of Spring in China Standard Time is at 17:47 p.m. on February 4, 2016.
Master Tsai - Chinese Astrology
2016 is the Year of the Male Fire Monkey. The first year of the Metal Cycle. Traditional relationships of Five Elements Balance in birth charts originally had nothing to do with the animal signs. Chinese Astrology was originally associated with Feng Shui and Five Elements. Chinese Astrology only later took on a more mundane task of predicting fortune according to the twelve animal signs.

You have to see the animal signatures like elements as well as character elements. Then put all these elements together to understand the nature of the energy and the dynamics [influences] to be faced ot to be dealt with.

In 2016 you have Red Fire Monkey [element] .. but Monkey also contains Metal and Water. I wonder if oil can be associated with the influence of Water? The other concern is the mind / intellect. Monkeys are very sharp and fast. Monkeys can trick humans .. but it is difficult to trick a monkey!

These are not personalities .. these are elements.

One is going to see sudden changes in finances [not necessarily all positive] together with changes in metals commodities and perhaps also oil. If I am correct .. looking at the elements involved and their relationships .. metals and water could be the influence of gold and oil.

There is probably going to be financial turbulence that may be good for some and bad for others. Possibly the key element is the sharp mind or the clear mind. Maybe also the stupid mind? The clever Monkey can outwit all danger and so we will probably see attempts to overcome the volatility with tricks.

Not everything is about strength. You also have to understand what elements are not strong because they also have an influence. Everything in life is yin and yang. Everything is keeping balance between the strong and the weak. Between strong and weak forces. Primarily this means strong and weak natural forces.

When life is released in its natural state it is the unseen force of yin and yang that keep balance between all physical forces. The physical forces are Galaxies .. Suns .. Planets .. Solar Systems .. Oceans .. Physical Landmass .. Atmosphere .. Weather Systems .. right down to the smallest atom.

It is not only about the ellements but is more about the BALANCE of the ELEMENTS!

year of the Fire Monkey is also influenced in harmony with or in relationship with the weaker elements. Although traditionally the primary Monkey energies are yang / fire on top of metal there is also relationship with Earth and Wood to consider. If the conditions for Earth and Wood are not so favorable .. this does not mean they have no effect.

What is missing in modern understanding of the Five Elements is the alchemy of BALANCE between the elements at all times that keeps order within matter [order within the World]. Chinese astrology / Feng Shui was the understanding of the balance between the weak and the strong.

How can there be balance between the weak and the strong? Strong will always overcome weak and the weak will always give way to the strong [forces]. In the Five Elements Balance this is not so. A weak force can overcome a strong force.

Imagine that Liver [Wood] Qi is strong and Lungs [Metal] Qi is weak. Wu Xing / The Five Elements is based on an ancient understanding of the balanced relationship of all forces in the Universe. The weak Metal / Lungs can and do influence strong Wood / Liver.

I don't think they are born yet! In the future there is going to be a Master who writes a new Master Text that will show people in-depth the foundation of the Yin / Yang relationship in terms of balance. So much is going to come from the East and influence the entire World in positive ways.

It is not always: All these strong Elements will affect the World.

It is the balance that is always effecting the World.

Chinese New Year Juicing
I got started with some serious juicing. This year I had been drinking almost a liter of fresh juice every morning.

All of a sudden I got super charged and got myself some serious juicing vegetables and fruits. Yesterday I was drinking juices all day [3 liters].

This morning I had as much juice within 4 hours .. after half a liter of my home made milk Kefir!

I like to mix less sweet juice oranges and blood oranges with celery .. then add maybe chicory .. sometimes a handful of Italian Salad [slightly tangy taste]. If I juice celery / apple then I do not add oranges or citrus fruits. If I juice tomato / celery I do not use apples or oranges.

I rarely juice root vegetables - carrots / beets - I do like to juice Daikon radish with orange / celery. Orange grapefruit celery also makes a nice juice. Juicing celery / cucumber reduces the sweetness of the oranges.

Colon detox is as important as the food you eat when you want to stay healthy. We live our lives eating and eating without being aware that the colon is a very big tube. Over many years the walls of the colon can become encrusted with waste.

In the last few days I got really charged up about health and detox. The funny part of this is in Chinese Traditional Medicine Lung / Large Intestine is associated with Metal. This also is effected through Heart / Small Intestine [Fire].

I will be writing more about this .. but for now it is important to be aware that all the organs depend on the health of the colon [small and large intestines]. This is related to Acid PH / Alkali PH .. low oxygen / high oxygen environment. You are only as healthy as your gut. This is going to be a fun year!

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Compassion: Internal Chi Protection

Masters teach me very severe form of Martial Arts!
I know so many people believe that compassion is an external art. Like .. you have compassion for all the people! You have compassion for people who try to destroy you. You have compassion for people who attack you...

Yes and No!

All my life I have people who attack me because I am [was] not afraid to say what I know. I was not afraid to say what I see. I shared my Other Word experiences with people. I did this because I thought everyone could see the world of mystery that surrounds us.

If someone does not see the Invisible Worlds I respect that!

When people try to make me look like a fool .. I am thinking: These people must be very sick. I do not say anything. I observe them and I observe their behavior. I think .. even if I am living in my own world [as they say] why do they want to attack me?

1. Compassion is INTERNAL
2. Compassion is an INTERNAL SHIELD
3. Compassion is more dangerous than all Martial Arts [combined]

Compassion [internal compassion / protection] is not "roll over and die". Internal compassion is not an OPEN DOOR = okay .. you can do anything you want. Compassion is not .. come into my home and destroy it.

That is the wrong philosophy! Inner compassion is VERY DANGEROUS.

Compassion never applies to the outer [outer world] .. but true compassion is always applied to inner world. Compassion is not feeling sorry for something or someone OUTSIDE. Compassion is a very dangerous internal CHI. In its true form compassion is NEVER applied outwardly to [directed towards] the outer world.

Compassion is more dangerous than Samurai sword.

The internal sharp edge of compassion is within and is never applied outside. Compassion is an inner art .. an inner shield and inner protection that has no direction .. no goal .. no target. There is no outer movement. In ancient times that was originally: The Way of The Samurai.

The Masters of Chi were so electrically powerful that no sane human being would attack or challenge them. If someone persisted the rule of the Samurai was: When you draw your sword you kill.

When people .. ideologies or outer situations attack .. there is always deeper inner protection when you learn to apply compassion. Because when outer energies are electrically negatively charged .. this also includes an negative psychic charge. A sensitive person can be drawn into the negativity similar to a magnet.

Attacks in all forms are electrically charged fields.

Inner compassion creates an ultra-field that cannot be affected by outer influence(s). If you study traditional paintings of Buddha you will see this field in the art: The Inner Field of Compassion.

Inner compassion protects against the outer chaos of lower negative fields. You do not use compassion like a sword trying to reform or change the outer external world.

There are universal laws that are more powerful than individual desires. In this sense inner compassion applies its own path in mysterious ways. Compassion is pathless. It is a different energy force. Always new !!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Compassion Connector Across Space Time Incarnations

In my post Honeycomb of Dimensions [realities] I wrote:
You have to have compassion to protect yourself.
Compassion is the ultimate connector across space and time.
Now I explain why!

Everything in the Universe has electrical charge .. and you can have low electrical charge or high electrical change. It does not matter who you are or what you think and believe. Ultimately all there is are variations in electrical charge.

I will give you examples of variations in electrical charge... If you attack someone .. if you bully someone [negative charge] .. if you love someone .. if you show compassion [positive charge]. How does this affect physical body? Negative charge = acid PH and positive charge = alkali PH [in general]. There are many in-between electrical charge variations.

This is just a general introduction to my basic understanding of what I was shown about the link to Karma [energetic] and physical experiences [electrical charge]. This is a future science.

I simplified this process .. as it is actually much more complicated. There is energy [spirit] .. and there is electrical current [body] .. and there is mind [psyche]. In this respect physical body mind and spirit are connected and they are ONE.

The blood flowing through the body is electrically charged [in its healthy state] to a certain frequency. Apart from this the blood and glandular fluids are electrically charged. The blood flows through the veins using this polarity / electrical charge. The heart [gland] is not a physical pump but the heart is a powerful but subtle electrical capacitor.

Compassion Connector Across Space Time Incarnations
The problem is that I am writing in English. If I was writing in Asian languages this would be instantly understood. It does not matter if you use Chi or Qi .. there are languages and understanding outside of English.

Now I have to use the word: Electric / currents.

Most people do not know the effect frequencies of electric currents can have on the body. The mind [psyche] uses electrical currents. The brain uses electrical currents to communicate with the body. The brain uses electrical currents to communicate with itself. The body uses electrical currents to communicate with the brain. It is yin and yang!

Compassion is also an "electrical current".

When dealing with electricity we have many variations in currents and charge. One example is the electrical charges from a volcanic eruption. Another example is the electrical charge from lightning. Then you have electrical charge within the human body. There are also electrical charges within and around the Sun.

Each cell within the human body has an electrical charge!

Within the human psyche you have connections to higher levels of electrical charge or you have connections to lower levels of electrical charge. This is like a natural filter. If you want to drink pure water without contaminants you filter the water. If you drink water polluted with contaminants you drink water polluted with whatever ??

All connections are variations in electrical frequencies.

The whole physical domain is primarily related to electrical charge. This electrical charge is also related to negative emotions or inner compassion. In ancient times compassion was primarily used as physical and psychic protection. The electrical charge of compassion acts as a shield.

Not many people today understand this.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Honeycomb of Dimensions [Realities]

All the Dimensions are connected in each Dimension Zone. Each Incarnation is part of many Dimensions. People who think that there is nothing but "Me" and then death .. it just means those people are fragmented in their internal awareness. All you have to do is ignore them when they attack you .. because it is not relevant. Maybe you were once like them? You have to have compassion to protect yourself. Compassion is the ultimate connector across space and time.
I was working with the Transition Fields phenomenon. This was not something I chose to do .. it simply came out of nowhere. Say you are walking on a mountain trail and you cannot see what is on the other side. When you get to the top of the trail you can see the valley below. It is the same with psychic phenomena.

All my life I am on a journey .. exploring reality .. we can call this a trail or path.

I am not just making this life journey .. I also have skills. Part of the journey is applying the skills I have to the real world. What is real and what is unreal? When I dream realities merge. One of my skills is to expand my awareness of the levels of reality on this journey [on this path].

I come to a point where I do not discover the Transition Zones phenomenon .. but I re-discover the Transition Zones. On one level it is new to my singular awareness and on other levels I recognize this phenomenon. It is a bit like situations where people travel to some ancient architecture or dolmen site and in the moment seeing the place is new.

On other levels the people have an experience that they have been there before and sometimes they have reincarnation experience. Things change .. things are different .. without knowing why or how .. it just happens.

The experience itself does not really matter. What matters is the upgrade .. the new awareness .. the change. When you upgrade a computer operating system [any system] .. if the upgrade hangs on: Please wait until the upgrade is completed... #_#

Once this awareness becomes part of you the upgrade is irrelevant.

The only technical thing I can add is that all upgrades [downgrades] are directly related to who we are across space and time / across time and space. It is all a complex dance of the spirit. The dance is the entire tapestry .. the entire connection of the one who does not die. The one who never dies.

Related to the Transition Zones phenomenon .. what dies is the physical being .. the physical psyche .. the physical experience .. the physical mind and all its associated connections. When you leave your home and you move to another part of the Earth .. the person you were "dies" and the person you become is born.

The physical body lives [incarnates] on a Planet .. but the spirit who never dies can travel through a honeycomb of dimensions and realities. That was the next level I was shown relating to the past and future Transition Zones.

I have to laugh at myself! I thought I was seeing and experiencing transition energy / matter areas that connect dimensions similar to an airport. I thought this is what I was working with. You walk in .. it is like a modern Dolmen site .. the transition work takes place within that zone.

Next I can see this giant Sun like ball which is honeycombed. All the honeycombs are connected around the surface of this giant Sun [structure]. Each honeycomb is its own dimension .. but at the same time all these dimensions are connected.

By connected I mean that Incarnate Spirits [higher advanced societies] can move around [travel] within all these related dimensions. In a sense you have all these alternative "Earths" and some where there is no Earth at all. On these levels people know you .. they recognize you and everything feels familiar.

Those other worlds are not like here .. they are all different! Are all connected!

They key to Transition Zones is that the CONNECTION is OURSELVES... You do not need a space program and technology. We are the technology. Much more advanced and much more sophisticated than anything humans can build or fly around in.

At some point in the future they are not going into space craft and flying around the Solar System. They are using natural Transition Zones. Natural Transition Zones that are built into the Planet and every other Planet.

To imagine that we develop technology and travel around the Solar system in the same way we developed transport from the horse to the car or the plane is ?? not compatible with the way the Universe works.

Everything on Earth is the RESOURCES: A horse .. wagon .. cars .. ships .. trains .. planes! In the Transition Zones it is not resources. That is why this side of Ufology is considered to be related to the paranormal. When you do not need resources the journey becomes paranormal.

In reality it is simply another discipline .. another level.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Master Heart Gland: 2020 - 2022

The heart is not a physical pump .. the heart is the major gland.
I wrote in my last post: Heart Gland Quantum Transition Zones ..
"I was working with a Qi Master related to the endocrine system endocrine glands and the heart."
Everyone wonders who this is...
Sorry! It is invisible Worlds Qi Master. For me this is one and the same #_#

Most of what I write or convey [80 percent] is Invisible Worlds / other Dimensions. To teach you how I work .. I SEE this physical material world through the eyes of the Invisible World [Dimensions]. I work with the physical worlds experience primarily through the other Dimensions [awareness].

Heart Gland: 2020 - 2022
What does this mean? The key breakthrough(s) and understanding and importance that the heart is a gland will happen around 2020 to 2022 in this timeline future. Returning from a future key time period I knew that the heart is THE major gland in the body.

The time period I returned from was not 2022 .. but was 2120 [Is that 100 years ??] .. I am never sure about numbers. The basic understanding will spring into the human consciousness around 2020/22 period and will slowly develop from there. The reason is monocular science is not open to change!

I don't know what this means and I did not understand the joke! Monocular vision is vision in which both eyes are used separately. You point a monocular telescope at an object where you can ignore the entire interactive system surrounding the singular focus.

In terms of the heart you ignore that its function is to regulate the entire glandular system and that the heart is central to the movement of the blood and movement of glandular fluids. In respect to this you ignore that the dynamics of movement are electrical currents. You ignore that blood and glandular fluids flow like directional tides using electrical current pathways.

Naturally .. if the heart was a pump one could not feel love or experience emotions associated with the heart. At the same time the heart does not act alone in isolation. The heart listens to and is activated by all the other major organs in the body including the brain. The Chi of the liver .. kidneys .. pancreas and lungs also affect the functions of the heart.

The heart does not function in isolation.

If you go back to your creation point [that is inside every cell of your body] .. you will find or experience one primordial cell. Then the cell divides and continues to divide creating YOU. Stay with that in depth revelation.

The primal cell divides and divides .. right ?? So .. what is inside all those cell divisions >_< .. THE PRIMAL CELL !! If you think about it this is totally genius amazing .. brilliant and so simple!

The body is created and all these organs are created and the body is one and the organs are one even though they appear to be divided. Inside everything material in the body is the hidden silent master primordial cell. I say PRIMORDIAL because it is PRIMAL no matter if it is part of a body or in its own singular state!

The heart is the primary gland because of its special function and dynamics.

The heart can be affecting all the organs of the body sending the love or alternatively sending the frustration and aggression. The issue is that the heart can amplify out of balance organs [emotions] throughout the body.

The heart gland can send the love [resonance] or the heart gland can amplify the negative kidney [fear] .. or different emotions and it is all happening in association with all organs of the body.

Mind / psyche have to balance the emotions of the organs and transform negative emotions. Technically .. if I am correct .. the heart gland has the key function of being able to communicate with and transform [heal] all the emotions in the organs. Is the heart gland a physical manifestation of the primal cell ??

This is a very good question...

This is really complex .. but basically the heart is the Master organ / Master gland and its resonance maintains the functions of the entire body including the brain. If I am seeing accurately .. every cell in the body has a tiny heart capacitor built in. Alternatively it is a Chi function gate or 2-way gateway = yin / yang [in-out].

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Heart Gland: Quantum Transition Zones

In future lives we build: Quantum Transition Zones...
I arrived back from the future .. working with humans .. teaching Quantum Transition Zones [we designed and built]. I had to teach people how to work within those zones. Now .. back here I have to teach people how to work within those zones within themselves.

Sounds complicated ?? It is really very simple:
We are past the present and the future now.

Just as organs in your body are connected as one = NO TIME: All organs in the body are ONE [one single organ]. In the same way incarnate beings are ALL ONE across the mystery of space time.

Technically you can access your own persona across all dimensions of space-time. But .. like the organs in the body you cannot see or look at the individual organs. It is very simple .. you know the organs are there .. at the same time you can work with these organs such as Master Mantak Chia: Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds.

On other levels AIKIDO and Martial Arts.

Why do I say this: Because the organs are very disciplined. The organs manage the Chi [Qi] Life Force. The organs cannot mess around or go out of balance .. because then we REALLY get to know they are there when things go out of balance. There is also one very ancient knowledge that has been lost or that others keep secret as part of their teachings.

The secret is the organs function together as one undivided whole.

All the organs in your body grew out of one cell or one primal cell. Well guess what? The original creator cell is inside every organ. The original cells are still there but their origin is hidden in the separation of creating [forming] a complete organism such as plant animal human.

The primal cell has the connections all over the body. That cell is the life primal force [connector]. This creator cell is not divided into liver function .. kidney function .. gland function .. heart function .. pancreas function .. sexual function .. bladder function .. brain function. This primal cell is not divided at all. I know that might be hard to grasp or understand.

The Governor Channel Cell
In Chinese Traditional Medicine there is what is called a Governing Vessel or Governing and Conception Vessels also known as the Microcosmic Orbit. The Governing Vessel Channel is the back (spine) and the Creation Vessel Channel is the front (yin).

This was described in the Su Wen that both Conception and Thrusting vessels control the life cycles every 7 years for women and every 8 years for men. It is the changes taking place in these vessels at those intervals that promote the major alterations in our lives.
The Conception and Governing vessels are like midnight and midday, they are the polar axis of the body ... there is one source and two branches, one goes to the front and the other to the back of the body ... When we try to divide these, we see that yin and yang are inseparable. When we try to see them as one, we see that it is an indivisible whole. - Li Shi-zhen (16th Century)
As every cell in the human body evolved out of one primal cell .. then the primal cell signature has to exist within all the processes of the body. I am not talking about stem cells! The organs are slightly different as they have key primary functions. The organs direct all processes with the physical body. Then .. add to this that the heart is a gland.

I was working with a Qi Master related to the endocrine system / endocrine glands and the heart. I knew from Candida overgrowth and leaky gut that once the fungus passes through the gut [colon walls] into the body it wreaks havoc inside the glandular system. As a result what happened to me is I got pressure in [behind] my eyes and I was losing weight or gaining weight with no change in diet and my heart was misbehaving.

Two major areas in my body were being affected: The entire glandular system and my heart. I would wake up at night knowing where every gland was in my body because I could feel the internal pressure. Together with this I was having strange irregularities inside my heart. You cannot describe how it feels as it is so weird.

Using Inner Awareness [consciousness] I was able to slowly .. over time .. piece the whole puzzle together. I did this by moving beyond fear. Before this - through my life - I was always helping and supporting my family friends and animals [the outer]. To overcome physical fear I had to turn around and pay attention to my own body [its inner intelligence].

I had to have compassion for the body .. and learn to work with my own body intelligence. I had been living [had incarnate] within my body and I was using intelligent energy fields to protect support and work with others .. and I could easily do this because it was spirit navigation awareness [also from other lives].

I passed through a life changing doorway where I was facing death. As death is transformation the doorway or passage was death no matter what. When you realise this there is: The end of fear.

The human heart is a GLAND !!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quantum Transition Zones: Past Present & Future

Within the Quantum Transition Zones one sees many layers of human experience and consciousness. The fact is that these Transition Zones are neutral and silent. No problems exist .. only answers exist.
Recently I received new powers [I did not seek out]. It is like the power of the SEER in Celtic mythology .. where individuals are born with an ability to see the future or to see future events. There is no choice .. the SEER experiences events whether they like it or not.

Jiddu Krishnamurti said: Truth is pathless.

That sounds kind of harmless and benign .. but the truth is there are invisible unseen powers in this World that govern human existence on many levels. For those who understand Karma and Karmic flow .. threats from the mundane World really have no meaning. It is quite funny really.

Stay calm and be yourself no matter what! The Invisible Worlds taught me to be aware of the paranormal and higher worlds and not to focus on the petty mundane World. No matter who you are .. Silent Central Qi [energy] interacts with and creates the future now. Inside us as well as around us.

Transition Zones Past Present & Future
Leave the stagnating forces .. there is nothing one can do! There is a higher gentle force that deals with different levels of Karmic reality. You nor anyone else has to [needs to] deal with degenerating stagnant forces. Let life deal with it!

I do not care on which levels of human reality these Transition Zones manifest.

I was shown the Transition Zones [also related to healing] as they exist [like Planets] throughout the Universe and the dimensions. No amount of fear of the unknown will change that reality .. these Transition Zones exist no matter what the mundane state of any culture or world view.

In some way it is kind of funny that the petty mundane [$$$] world can think that it has the power to block or destroy a Universal reality that energetically holds together this physical existence that they depend on to exist. Sorry! That was a LOT of WORDS >_<

Since maybe 2011 I have been receiving new and intensive training from Invisible World Beings. I had no idea where this was going. Just imagine you are having training in the Martial Arts for the psyche and mind. Imagine you are training now for future incarnations... That the Universe is hi-tech.

Hi-Tech Universe
Of course the Universe is hi-tech! Everything we do .. everything we create depends on the Universe. Our whole technology is based on universal principles. At the same time this technology already exists everywhere and all around us. Humans borrow these fundamentals - copying Nature - and in clumsy ways attempt to build those systems using metal conductors and electrical currents.

Just think the power it takes to create life and bind the Universe in a coherent form. This Universe creates [builds] matter while laso effortlessly decomposing matter back to its building blocks to be used again. As Dannion Brinkley says: Nothing ever dies!

Our spirits leave the Planet at the end of the life cycle .. but the matter that made us who we are simply goes back to its original form. Whoever or whatever created this is a genius! Who knows? Maybe we created this ourselves? Are we are living in a dying Universe? Or are we are dying in a living Universe?

Energy that orbits Planets and Suns is the same energy that keeps life flowing on the surface of the Earth. That is a powerful big energy .. but do you feel it? Does it crush you? Are you even aware of it? The energy flow is so subtle it is most difficult to be aware of no matter how much we practice!

This is Transition Zone Earth [whole Planet].

In the future built on the Planet will be human designed Transition Zones based on the hi-tech flow of the Earth. These zones will be connected to key points in the Galaxy and naturally to other dimensions. The surface Earth populations will not be as large as they are now.

Planet Earth periodically goes through planetary turbulence cycles. In the past it was those turbulent cycles that sent humans back into a primal survival state. Even underground civilizations were destroyed in some of those upheavals. Some of them ended up under water .. meaning the whole underground structures were forced under water.

The Masters of Reality can track those violent cycles and often work with planetary civilizations to relocate populations across different part of the living timeline. There are two ways to get born: The spirit can incarnate into physical bodies or groups can relocate as part of using Transition Birth Zones.

These Transition Zones alter the molecules of the body to some extent to align them with entry to the new zone. Current society genetics have done this Transition Zone moving around many times .. but people forget. Time travelers never forget. Incarnation or reincarnation is how the spirit time travels through space time.

The Masters help out different planetary civilizations because they do not want to lose the DNA genetic strands. There is a lot of valuable information in the DNA that is also an integral part of the surrounding space fields. In this respect you cannot assume that space is separate phenomenon from you.

The body is space!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Natural Fat Gut Solution [Foods]

I said in my last post [Does Bacteria Create Body Fat] .. how I was visiting friends and on returning home I was experiencing bad fat gut [fatty tissue] that was totally abnormal [for me] after 10 day visit.

My friends have the same gut problems [at their location] even though they eat "healthy food". Sooo .. what was [is] the PROBLEM ???

I noticed my gut fatty tissue continued to grow even after returning home where I eat my usual non-fatty-tissue healthy fresh foods. In my own mind what does this mean? In my own opinion it means that there is some kind of bacteria or virus [introduced into my gut] that is causing my body to store fat [neutralize acidity].

After 10 days I decide to really take out this unknown gut infestation...

The strange symptoms were: Internal pressure in the gut colon. Rapid increasing stomach fat. Bloating. Probably swelling of the Intestinal tissues. More than this there was an internal ecology problem forming. So .. what did I do ??

The hard core solution was: One and a half pint fresh juice.

I mixed: Celery .. Carrot .. apple .. Daikon radish .. juice.
I drank this juice down all in one within 10-15 minutes.

That worked for me and the next stage: I used food rather than supplements to send curry spices and garlic with dried pepper spices through my gut. Traditionally I use food to absorb and transmit gut beneficial spices through the colon. I do not make these spices ultra super hot. I temper the ratio to be one of healing the gut through anti-bacterial food sludge method.

I cooked a vegetable curry with lots of fresh garlic and I added this to freshly cooked rice. The reason being that rice holds the spices in a form that allows them to transit through the colon more slowly. The bacterial killing effect is stronger than if I took Cucurma [Turmeric] supplements.

In 12-24 hours the effect of the juice and the spices worked = the bloating was gone !! But .. I do not stop there !! The next day I do an ultra fresh garlic bomb. I grate 2x large fresh garlic cloves into melted butter [you can use olive oil] .. and I put this [bomb] mixture onto steamed potatoes.

The potato to holds the fresh garlic in the gut longer.

It worked .. the gut [colon fatty] pressure drastically reduced. I no longer had this bad uncomfortable fat stomach colon pressure feeling. In two days [48 hours] I am back to my earlier comfortable feeling [in my gut/stomach].

Why Suffer?

I do not stop there .. after 48 hours !! I continue to use spices and methods I know [self taught] to aggressively clean my colon in natural ways and detox my gut of unnatural bacteria. Humans are internal environment interacting with external environments.

The fresh garlic potatoes were a bomb .. I don't usually do this [so strong] .. but as a natural food medicine it works! The fresh garlic burning in the mouth detoxifies the tongue all the way down through the esophagus into the stomach and then into the intestines. In my present experience it has worked for me [so far so good].

I use food as anti-bacterial as well as nutritional ...

Friday, January 08, 2016

Does Bacteria Also Create Body Fat ??

I was thin .. and after 10 days I had fatty stomach [tissue]
I did not know how to call this in terms of a title .. fat .. fatty tissue .. fatty stomach .. acid PH .. I know what I am talking about but how do I explain this #_#

.. Let me go step-by-step!

I eat mostly Vegan over 30-35 years .. I avoid cheese and do not eat fish or seafood .. I drink live Kefir [I make myself] other than this I am lactose intolerant. I drink fresh juices and fresh smoothies that I make myself at home.

Travelling is different experience...

I am just going to say it as it is: After 10 days travelling I have a fatty stomach I did not have when I left on my travels. So .. I use this experience to analyse why this may be .. like what may be the factors involved?

I broke all the rules and ate out at restaurants with my friends as part of an "experiment". After 10 days I return home with a "fatty stomach" like I have never experienced. Everything in life has a reason!

I am juicing many days vegetables to get rid of this fatty stomach fast .. but the fat grew faster in 10 days than I can get rid of it in following 10 days. Why is this the case ?? Grows faster and is removed slower ??

One reason is body PH [alkali or acid PH].

When we eat certain foods they can alter our body PH between acid or alkali PH .. the acid PH is usually stored in the body tissues at "fat". There is another level that causes the body to store toxins in the tissues as fat. The other level is [acidic] BACTERIA otherwise known as: Food contamination.

We mostly cooked our own fresh food at home .. but there was a certain level of eating out at local restaurants. The local traditional food was good .. but at the same time I later realised that the food was excessive acid PH and was probably contaminated with bacteria.

Acid PH plus bacteria = body fat / fatty tissue.

One part of the problem is the local area has a high chlorine tap water [it really stinks] and I doubt the restaurants use non-chlorine spring or bottle water to cook the food. Chlorine contamination creates high acid PH and allows abnormal bacterial growth similar to antibiotic resistant bacterias.

That is just one actor I am suggesting.

As a result I realise that bacteria can create excess fat through acid PH in the gut [colon] in all people no matter what. By this I mean that some people are "healthy" and some people experience glandular problems .. thyroid problems .. kidneys .. liver .. pancreas issues .. but the body is the body!

I am saying that each so-called issue as well as "healthy body" has to deal with bacteria or acid PH no matter what. I realised that bacteria or acid PH can affect all bodies in the same way.

I am not taking any kind of medications and yet the food I was eating caused excessive acid PH and really rapid excessive stomach fatty tissue growth that I consider abnormal. On one level local restaurant food may contribute to Candida growth and on other level I suspect that this is excessive bacterial growth.

I am documenting this phenomenon to help / warn all of you that no matter what your state of "health" .. there are external contributing factors to be aware of. If someone takes medications and they travel and eat certain foods [not home made] .. depending on the local environment these foods may be acid PH [bacteria contaminated].

Now .. acid PH and bacteria contamination are one and the same...

You have to be aware and ask: What triggers a reaction?

The physical body is ONE COMPLETE WHOLE .. and any reaction [no matter what your state of health] may be a result of other factors as part of the complete whole of the body interacting with the environment. The total environment can be water [quality] .. air .. food [quality] .. bacteria [contamination] .. low quality nutrition and acid or alkali PH.

I personally know [from reaction of my own body] that the acid PH [restaurant food] is not enough to have caused this rapid 10 day growth in fatty tissue. When the body stores fat in the tissues that cannot be detoxed fast enough.

My personal assessment is that there is an added element of bacterial contamination [also acid PH] that the body could not detox as fast as it was flooding in. If you have so-called "health" issues?

Just be aware of your environment .. what you eat .. where you eat and within 24 hours how your body reacts. Do not assume that your body reactions are set in time and space. Be aware that the body is a living in-the-now zone that interacts with the surrounding environment including what you drink and what you eat.

Day to day do you eat or drink acid PH or alkali PH .. bacterial contamination or pure foods? I don't know the answers! I share with you once I have found solution to my new fatty stomach... I search for solution now!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Serpentza: Taking Risks - Overcoming Failures

I post this video for many reasons .. this is one of my favorite Vloggers .. living in China. I like what he does because he says things as is. I am a Tech Geek and I like Tech style videos. Even if I do not ride a motorbike .. I like to understand the Tech-World of Motorbikes [when well presented].

The reason I post this video and suggest you pay attention to what Serpentza says is..sss beecasuse .. everyone who reads my Blog should be able to survive any hardship [no matter what] .. stay calm and follow the Guidance [no matter what].

I have often taken risks in my life .. I am a bit adventurous and I take risks!

This ability to not be afraid and take risks has helped me save many people's lives [since I was a small child]. I have also had to survive without food over many weeks and I have been "homeless". I took a risk and I found a job .. but I had nowhere to live. All I had was my tent. I put my tent in a camping place [pretending to be a camper] and I left for work each day at 04:30 AM.

I would return home to my tent and my friends and companions were rabbits eating the grass... It is kind of funny that as a human being my friends were rabbits [where other humans are so far away in their own worlds].

But .. I survived !!

The reason I post this video is because the so-called wealthy WESTERN SOCIETY will soon experience difficulties similar to Greece [maybe a lot worse] .. and this stress will probably be felt in Asia [Easter countries].

Russian and the East probably have more internal capacity to deal with financial existential emergencies than the more "wealthy" Western countries. On many levels so-called WEALTH can also make you weak. Especially when you do not have it. Then comes the Karma return of the more wealthy aggressive countries behavior towards weaker countries.

It is a matter of psyche .. your inner mind-set and inner resolve.