Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is Qi [Chi Energy] Dark Matter?

As I was thinking in my last post that I want to paint 111 Qi Ghost paintings .. this morning when I woke up I was told by my guides that 111=3 .. that is 3x11=33 / number 6. This made sense to me because I like simple numbers: Three artistic themes of 11 paintings in the style I saw [experienced] in the dream. One theme may be realism .. one theme will be time-travel and I don't see the third theme yet.
As I was working all this out I saw a report that: European Space Observatory claim they detected Dark Matter streaming from the Sun. It is suggested this is the first direct detection of Dark Matter's Signature.

In earlier posts I suggested [using only my brain] that so-called Dark Matter is related to water .. forms of water we currently do not understand nor recognise. Current physical sciences want to understand fragments of reality. Like one specialises in understanding a single cell. But .. you are not going to understand the functions of a single cell unless you understand its conectedness and energy relationship signatures in relation to the whole spectrum of life.

In my mind gathered from profound experiences I have had in my dreams since I was a child .. all matter [sound / light / energy] comes from the same source. For fun let's say you have a white goddess and a black god [yin and yang] .. sorry I got that the wrong way round. Let's say you have a white god and a dark goddess perfectly matched in force and energy [balance] .. out of which the Universe is created and maintained in all its forms.

In other words .. Dark Matter is Light and Light is Dark Matter.

Humans today imagine they rely on light .. daylight .. the light of the Sun to survive and humans do not think that the darkness and the night [Dark Matter] is also essential for their survival and well-being. If you look into a clear night sky most of the sky is dark [filled with hidden undetected light] and there are tiny points of light of the Stars and Galaxies.

Let's take a totally new hi-tech computer in the future...

Computer technologies today rely on light = quartz crystal electrical impulses to carry information and like the human body to function on a day to day basis. In terms of my theory that our world today relies heavily on excessive yang out-of-balance energies [psyche] .. this is what I mean: Computer technology = yang male light fire [electricity+heat] that is also related to spirit [intellect / mind].

Excessive yang-tech principles ignore = are unable to comprehend in their out-of-balance state: Yin female matter / Earth water [opposite the yang fire principle] and cooling [darkness]. In this sense I imagine we are talking about obsidian crystals .. smoky quartz .. amethyst crystals. Most interesting of all is that obsidian [volcanic silica glass] is the result of lava coming into contact with water!

Is Qi [Chi Energy] Dark Matter?
In the future they have structures that gather and store energy more efficiently from the night [darkness] than can be gathered during daylight. To be simple about this the reason is that light bounces around and is very difficult to absorb. Even in the future it is more costly to catch and absorb daylight from the Sun than to absorb energy from darkness [Dark Energy].

It is the same with the human body. It is exactly the same principle with Qi [Chi energy]. Electrical energy heats up your computer and light bulbs .. and motors .. but does life force Qi heat up your body wearing out your cells? No .. it does not! The life force Qi maintains inner balance of physical cells .. organs .. the brain and the psyche [psychic field].

Inside the body life force Qi seamlessly interacts [powers] the physical body .. the glands .. the heart and the nervous systems .. the energy field .. the brain / mind and the psyche. Is Qi the Dark Matter signature within the body?

If yin and yang are one .. male and female are one .. then light and dark matter are one #_# .. it is really very simple building block geometry. For example .. your physical body is powered by the same force that powers the Universe. But do you feel this power is blowing your consciousness .. nervous system or your mind?

This is what I mean by Dark Matter!

The Catholic Church got their Black Madonna from the earlier Tibetan: Thanka Black Tara! Why black ?? Yin feminine dark cold night [some say death but it may be re-birth]. When you consider that the male force gives life [fire / Sun] and the female force gives birth [water / Moon] then you also have to consider that light and dark are one and the same force.

What is a Dark Computer?

When you take time to meditate what do you see feel in your mind / consciousness? In my mind the brain is mostly dark [at rest / passive] and within that inner mind resonance electrical [light] signals effortlessly go back and forth over the whole body. Just as with yang active male and yin passive female the body follows the same inner principles as male-female / yin-yang!

I have another crazy idea!

Is most of your internal energy conserved in the light connected process / impulses .. or is most of your internal energy conserved in the dark water that makes up most of your physical body? Water cools .. fire heats. Water transmits energy flows .. light travels through water. Darkness absorbs .. light travels effortlessly through darkness.

What I am trying to say is you have Dark Matter within and around your body / brain .. there are Dark Matter processes in and around the Earth! It is incredibly stupid to imagine that light processes are the only factors operating in matter within a yin yang duality balanced Universe!

The ultimate secret code of all is Life Force Qi.

Either Qi is Dark Matter .. or Life Force Qi is a yin/yang combination of light and dark as one core process. I tend to go for the core process signature because I can see and feel both forces working within me. But .. at the same time .. what DUALITY allows us to do is isolate and adapt those processes in terms of physical and energy technology. IN BALANCE!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Yin Ghost Women ...

The reason I call this post: The Yin Ghost Women .. is partly because the feminine yin principle within both males and females is being suppressed whose presence is like a ghost or like background paranormal activity. Most women prominent in current image of society are excessive yang [male] and are not in any way balanced. From the sexual image to political / financial .. these women are no different than the out-of-balanced males.

This is interconnected mind[ism] within the psychic Internet.

The male is out of balance .. but also the female is out of balance .. and this has led our current world to an excessive self-destructive state. Of course the out-of-balance males and the out-of-balance females do not want to admit that they are the problem and not the solution! This is also a psychic phenomenon not restricted to the physical body.

At the same time the "Ghosts of Balance" are haunting this Planet!

When a society is excessively yin the ghosts of balance will be yang and when a society is excessively yang the ghosts of balance will be yin. Because the Universe always seeks balance from the largest to the smallest in all things.

Recently I have been shown two forms of balance that apply to the emotions and that apply to art. At the same time the two forms are ONE. I am currently understanding these yin / yang human forms. As society is simply a reflection of the inner psychic human being.

Our current world reality is not the only reality as many parallel time-zones exist. I often see in dreams how other associated time-zones related to our current world experience. This is where the artistic [fluid] mind comes into its own power zone.

When ONE person transforms .. they transform the world! [silently]

I was recently shown in dreams [I experienced] a totally new form of art that I have not seen before. I was skeptical at first as this new for of art is not my style or design. I am beginning to understand this dream .. as I bring together many energies of other incarnations.

A New Art Form
A new art form has entered my mind and I really do not know if I can do justice to this form? Because .. the Art is currently Ghost Form! This concept gets kind of complex as physical reality and the supernatural share the same space .. where I was shown that in an excessive yang male world the yin [feminine] is a ghost.

Most important of all for those of you reading this post is the related discovery [awareness] .. by that I mean what is hidden in the background of our incarnation effecting the human psyche in mysterious ways. I will write this in the book .. but to summarise briefly in the center of the human brain is a neutral observer presence. The observer is not external control / assessment .. but is ourselves.

You might find it strange to imagine: How can we make mistakes in our lives and at the same time accurately observe ourselves in wisdom and in balance? It is kind of like a neutral navigation system or compass created by Nature that we all possess. Either we tune in and listen to this inner navigation compass or we tune out and do whatever we want in life regardless of consequences.

That is one level .. but there are other levels!

I am grateful to be born with an inner awareness of the Spirit Guides and the Invisible Worlds. Without this connection and awareness I would not be who I am today. I have done the least amount of work in this life and they .. the Invisible Worlds .. have done the most work to keep me in states of inner balance. All I did was listen to the Inner Compass!

To make this clear... Migratory birds / dolphins can navigate and find locations using an inner magnetic compass. Human beings have to build a technical magnetic compass to navigate. My theory as to why this is the case is that humans have psychological choice in their actions that is restricted in animals and plants. As a result a higher force determines whether human activity is valid or not.

I do not think humans pay the price in the physical world but are accountable in the afterworld! Something holds humans accountable for their actions and perhaps this is why Buddha said that once a spirit is incarnate from animal form to human form this spirit is no longer animal. Meaning that the spirit is evaluated and controlled on other spirit/psychic levels that animals are not.

The funny part of this new Art Form is my own resistance...

I now see all my previous art work with new eyes. It is like looking back at the drawings of a child. At the same time the different designs and experience will form the new Art in terms of ability and physical knowledge. On the one hand this is exciting and on the other hand it is scary.

Just this dream alone and just this experience alone has taught me that as I progressed in my life [and this applies to all of us] .. I became aware that different Invisible World beings took over my education. Most recently the dream art beings entered my psyche and took over the next stage of my Spirit development [teaching]. I love working with all these guys!

As a result of the dream I now see life and reality in terms of this Art Form.

It came to me to paint 111 Ghost Art paintings .. that is a strange form of Surrealism with a deep message for humanity on Earth. The Ghost Art images are not about GHOSTS as we currently understand the phenomenon. The paintings depict the physical real world and the Ghost aspect is the unseen relationship between physical reality and the Invisible Worlds.

A funny real world connection to this abstract art form was looking up at the cabin of a long haul truck driver. I was walking home along the main street seeing painting after painting haunting my mind. As I suddenly looked up I saw a funny physical world representation of this process. Usually the truck guys have personal coloured lights decorating their front cabin. As I looked up .. this one passing truck had a simple large white 33 light symbol on the front of his windshield.

Very surreal !!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ghosts of The Future ...

Can the future come to us in our dreams?

If so! Can we recognise it?

Ghosts of the Future Weave Into Our Dreams ...
In the early hours of the morning I had the most amazing dream. I think it is clear from the pictures above that as an artist I love working with deep and dramatic colours to get the effects that I want to portray. I have a lot more art work from water colour to acrylic to fine pen work all using colour to convey the atmosphere of form and imagination.

The powerful dream [in the early hours of the morning] challenged all that...

In the early part of my life I did not use such dramatic colours .. I would paint with fine inks in Chinese / Japanese styles or I would draw elaborate black ink Celtic designs. I know how to use the minimum to convey the maximum. I know how to do this in words and I know how to do this through visual art [including videos]. I taught myself how to do this in Martial Arts [in the most simplistic form] and I know how to do this in cooking.

This dream was related to my: Emotional Qi Ghosts exploration. In fact .. they most certainly come from the same source. The visual art form is totally different than the written abstract form! Because a small number of people understand where I am going with this .. I try to convey: Never give up on your DREAMS.

Our dreams are like the special Free Energy of our existence... [ART]

In this dream I got very upset .. because my friends had moved all my colour paintings to their location and on the walls in their place I saw totally new and different art forms [that I had painted]. I looked at these new paintings on canvas covering the walls and it freaked me out.

It was so funny... In the dream I threw an emotional fit that my colour paintings had been taken away from me and moved to the location of my friends .. and in their place was this totally new form of art. At the same time I had created and painted the new art form I was observing / seeing !!

But .. the colour part of me was having a nervous breakdown #_#

The strange thing is if this happened in real life I would not be upset .. I would be totally calm and not in any way emotional. The next clue in this dream is the location of my friends: The Dali Triangle in Catalonia! From an early age I loved the paintings of Salvador Dali. I would study his work in large art books long before I began to develop my own art style and interests.

This is the ghostly part...
Everything I had ever drawn or painted had been removed from me and all I had around me were these totally new paintings .. the like of which I had never seen before. But .. I had painted these new forms. But! At the same time .. I was upset at losing everything I had created until now!

I woke up out of these dreams and I did not understand anything.

I then fell into a very deep and peaceful sleep .. and I woke up again with the art dreams clearly visual in my mind. I then went through a process of cerebral altered mind state where I became the artist of those future paintings now. I hope you are still with me #_#

I have to admit that I have no current interest to create these strange paintings! When working with colours I can easily and with no effort create artistic forms on paper or canvass using any artistic medium I choose.

The new paintings I saw in the dream are not in this [my own] style!

When we are faced with something totally new and innovating .. we humans can experience "traumas" .. emotional traumas .. and this is probably related to the Qi Ghost [energies]. I imagine the same applies to changes in society .. economic and financial systems as well as structures that govern human social relationships.

As I fell asleep and woke up I experienced an inner transformation from my old colour expressionist self to a new kind of art that runs parallel to the insights I am having into the deep inner transformation of emotions transmuting human consciousness to higher levels.

Once the colour paintings of the past had been removed [in my dreams] .. I fell asleep and woke up and fell asleep and woke up into altered states of consciousness where I began to see .. feel and understand the new art I had experienced in the dreams. Where .. I became the new art form.

As I write I still do not know if I can pull this off? Technically I understand the art form! I do not know in real terms if I can bring this to Earth. I can do this in my mind .. but I do not know if I can do this on canvass.

At the same time I am excited .. as no one has done this before!

I have a lot more to say about this in terms of human transformation and change! I think in this technological age that we humans do not have to resist transformation of our lives and consciousness. At the same time the process of transformation has to be from the source of deep intelligence and also compassion. In Nature change comes from the soil. The soil of our dreams...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Totally New Woman

A totally new woman exists...
In the future!
Everything I am currently writing as part of Emotional Qi Ghosts is related to a phenomenon I became aware of over the last three years. The phenomenon began in 2011 and continued to reveal every aspect in the same way crystals grow within the Earth. You can fined a seed crystal and it will not appear to be very much as it is just a seed. You can find a thousands of years old crystal and it will reveal its own power.

I was always interested in Geology and so at 11 years old I got a special Geology hammer for my birthday. Then we went camping in the Highlands of Scotland .. and I had never used this hammer until then. After all the tents were pitched I picked up my Geologists hammer and I walked far into the mountain area until I reached a gully.

I stopped .. looked around .. and with no training I chose an area I wanted to find the crystals. I used the Geologists hammer to open up a thick stone vein at the side of the gully and out fell two hand sized quartz crystal druze clusters. I tried to get more and Nature stopped me in my tracks.

Above and just to the left of me a very large rock and dirt overhang suddenly broke off and fell vertically past my head to tumble into the gully below that was a winding dried river bed. If it had hit me directly it would have crushed my head or broken my neck. I never did that kind of crazy thing again .. because I knew I was being warned in the most severe way possible.

Other families in the camping site below told my family I would not find anything. They said they had searched for many years and there were no crystals in the rocks of this area. On returning to the camping area .. I had the crystals in my pocket as they repeated to me that I should take their advice and give up my search. I pulled the crystals out to a scene of complete silence.

What I am about to write is a similar kind of discovery .. only the crystals I discovered will not be seen until the future. These crystals are not dependent on the physical human. They are buried and growing in the psyche. The rock overhang made it clear: Do not dig them out. The clusters remain in the psyche to be accessed by those spirits altering human awareness.

A Totally New Woman
Looking back at my great grandmother .. my grandmother and my mother .. in this respect I am a totally new woman. It is as though I am from another world. At the same time this came into being because the Invisible Worlds taught me not to align myself with the conditioned [emotional] past. Emotional restrictions are passed down from generation to generation. Our forefathers are caught in these emotional restrictions and we inherit the old Operating System and never upgrade!

The key to all of this are the emotions!

We currently live in a Western excessive yang environment where the leading alpha males are living mentally back in the Middle Ages or the times of the Roman Empire. In this high-tech world the people running companies .. political and financial systems would fit better into the era of the witch hunts 1450-1750. Everything we have inherited and depend on to function as a society comes from a non-technical archaic world of the Middle Ages.

At the same time there are a few men and women on the fringes who are not caught in the excessive yang mind-brain dominance. Some people do strive to discover an inner yin-yang balance. The missing link is the understanding of the elusive emotions. After two thousand years of allocating the emotions to the realms of the supernatural and paranormal .. humans rarely overcome the child-like emotional state.

To add to the insult .. esoteric traditions and gurus have led a world-wide mass programming to convince adult humans that they have to return to and attain the enlightened "state" of a baby. The problem is that a baby is totally dependent and cannot fend for himself .. herself !! A baby needs someone to look after them like a guru or a state. This ideology is not the integral inner transformation state of an adult human being.

It bugged me for a long time: Why is the Buddha laughing?

One day I thought... I want to experience this! It was a time in my life I was under a lot of pressure and I wanted to understand how one can laugh like the Buddha under pressure. As if by magic I one day entered that state as a supervisor was threatening me that he could easily cancel my employment .. to put me under psychological / emotional pressure.

In the same moment an energy of enlightenment descended upon me and I said: Don't threaten! Do it! It was not "ME" talking... Then out of the blue I began to laugh like the Buddha! I was not laughing at him. In fact in that moment I [me] ceased to exist and I was FREE. I knew in that moment why the Buddha is laughing. What I want to convey is that this is NOT like a BABY !!

The feeling was gentle but very powerful. I did not become some little child-baby state of mind. It was more like a Zen Master or a very powerful capable Master of the Martial Arts. In those minutes I was not some cute little love all forgive all child. I became very focused .. and although I was laughing I was very dangerous [hard to explain]. I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew exactly who I was.

I wont describe how the supervisor crumpled into a broken heap of wires...

In some strange way the crystals I dug out of the rock face are myself. Who knows how old they were? I do know that these crystals grew hidden in the rocks over tens of thousands of years as wave after wave of human incarnations took place on the surface of the Planet.

You find the crystals and you are holding part of yourself!

The reason I feel that the "New Woman" has the advantage is because the feminine is better suited to transform emotions. Currently women do not transform emotions and enter higher awareness .. because most females have adopted and have shifted into the excess male-yang state of body and mind. Women do this for many reasons. Partly because the women worshiped by the excessive male-yang systems have to be excessive yang #_#

The males who balance inner yin-yang are better off than the women!

I have seen these balanced men and women in the future. I have met with them and talked with them .. mostly in dreams. I have also experienced and felt their presence .. and this taught me the higher Initiation of the emotions. I am / we are the past .. the present and the future now.

The old Operating System is on its way out!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Emotional Qi Code Structures

As no one understands the energy structure of emotions ..
nor the emotions relationship and dependence on Life Force Qi .. humans develop intellectually with child-like emotions.
Usually I can convey in one post what I want to say .. but the relationship between human emotions and Qi life-force together with the interrelationship to the nervous system is so complex that it has to be broken down step-by-step almost like a biological code. Most people on Facebook and Twitter are not going to understand this. But .. some people will understand once I bring it all together.

Let me digress to this "women's karma" for a moment to try to convey to you women out there that you cannot fit into the current excessive yang [male system] unless you try to become excessive yang. The missing "karma" link that no one is understanding is similar to the Catholic Church. Being born a woman IS your KARMA and in the next life you may be lucky to be born a man!

In an excessive yang culture the feminine is suppressed = held in check.

I am saying that as a woman you can ignore the old brain and simply develop your own insight and philosophy .. because when you bring back the balanced energy into this world the excessive yang will automatically correct itself. I am going to show you what I mean in this post. Yin yang balance is not only for women .. but it also affects men. A lot of excessive yang men and women wont like what you have to say = just ignore them!

The rational mind and emotions have their own code structures [limitations]. You could call this code an internal system coding that seamlessly connects to and depends on the human psyche. The psyche is like an advanced Operating System on which the intellect and emotional codes run and function.

The mathematical code structure of the intellect is: 22+13=35
The mathematical code structure of emotions is: 22+13=8
22+13=35 / 3+5=8 / 2+2+1+3=8 [that is the emotional code]

The way the rational intellect works is: I have 22 one kilo bags of rice to which I add another 11 one kilo bags of rice. I now have 33 one kilo bags of rice. I divide the bags into two groups .. 22 bags in group one and 11 bags in group two. That is the coded structure of the intellect or rational mind.

The missing link .. one the excessive yang society [mind-set] has not figured out yet .. is that emotions function according to a set of codes .. that also restrict them [I explain this later]. This is a coded framework allowing the frequency of emotions to function within the human psyche and interact with essential Qi energy [life-force].

Emotional Qi Code Structures
I think it is obvious that the emotions do not operate with the same codes as the rational mind / the intellect. Emotions do not care if 11 one kilo bags of rice are in one group and 22 one kilo bags of rice are in another group. Emotions only become active when one of the bags disappears .. when the intellect counts ten bags of rice and one is missing. Either we get really upset and angry or we shrug it off and remain calm. The person who is supposed to guard the 11 one kilo bags of rice may feel afraid of getting into trouble.

The actual coding of the emotional system uses this model to function and structure itself: 26+118=9 .. where 118+26=144 / 1+4+4=9 / 1+1+8+2+6=9 .. already you can see it is a bit more complex but that the result always comes back to numbers from 1 to 9. For example .. 5+5=10 / 1+0=1.

What I am trying to say is that this is an energetic system encoded into the human experience on Earth. This emotional system response interact with the nervous system and the meridians as well as the psyche and the mind. An excessive yang system is never in a million years going to even try to observe and understand this highly sophisticated system.

In the present world emotions are "ghosts" .. invisible ghosts that fly around and are treated in the same way as any research on the paranormal = it does not exist .. it is irrational .. there is no proof and let's not waste our time on this! Currently emotions are treated as ghosts .. are treated in the same way as ghostly phenomenon = disturbed .. are treated in the same way as the paranormal .. as the emotions generally remain in their childhood state at all stages of adulthood.

There are situations where emotions [like ghosts] can overrun the system .. but the emotions do operate within coded restrictions. Emotions have to co-exist with the physical process of the body and day-to-day survival. In some cases excessive emotions can lead to a blue screen and an automatic systems reboot .. where the psyche attempts to maintain order and correct the emotional glitches.

The excessive yang mind-set is also restricted within its own limited field.

In a way the excessive yang system is laughing at all those women who are trying to be more yang than the out-of-balance males .. just so that women can compete or be taken seriously in this imbalanced world. Then they tell you: Behave yourselves and you may get to come back as a man in the next life!

The ghost in the machine is a woman #_#

Women and men in balance [yin / yang] can have a much greater effect without any effort. One does not have to try to change anything or make an effort! One only has to be in balance. The other ghost in the machine are the emotions. This is a very ancient but totally new science. It is the difference between being a coder or being a person who simply uses the software.

Emotions are a lot more sophisticated than one might imagine.

The problems with emotions is that they can get stuck in areas of the energy body .. organs and meridian pathways where they create blockages. The related problem is thought / ego-self that is the essence of attachment and experience. We always think we ARE the EMOTION being experienced. The emotion is my identity .. I am going through a crisis .. or I am feeling so happy! I hope this beautiful feeling never ends! But .. usually the more problematic emotions get stuck within the energy pathways.

In ancient times teaching the Martial Arts was about teaching high levels of inner psychic maturity and inner balance where the child-like emotions are transformed into higher intelligence. You could spend ten years learning one punch or ten years learning one kick .. depending on the levels of inner development.

The emotions that we get stuck with most of our lives are simply the first stages in human development and awareness that exist to teach us through the early stages of life on Earth. Most of us never move beyond or overcome those first stages of growth emotionally. Well .. we are "educated" not to transcend the emotions [the paranormal ghosts of the soul].

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Emotional Qi Ghosts

Emotions are shared by the whole human family.
The emotions relationship to Qi [energy] is little understood today.
I keep having dreams I am writing a book .. and then I am holding the book or I am researching the book [that does not exist]. These dreams continue like a dialogue one layer upon the other. I just remain silent and observe all this activity until a key point [Qi point] enters like a compass where things start to make sense. This process is like a spiritual builders level [pendulum / plumb line].

My mind likes to go into and cover many areas in a world where we humans are trained to have an expertise [a career] and stick to that one line. How is it that I can enter my mind into so many areas and really explore these areas? It is like a fluid mind. All I can say to you: Do not restrict yourselves! Humans restrict their own Qi flow.

Emotional Qi Ghosts is my basic signature of understanding. Part of me asks: Do I really have to write this book? Because I have my own understanding .. I don't need to write this! Blog posts are fun .. but writing books is a LOT OF WORK !!! I will try to keep this simple in terms of the dynamics and nature of Emotional Energy Qi Ghosts.

When I have many years of understanding inside me .. I need a framework or artistic signature to be able to relate this to others when sharing the internal knowledge and experience. The actual experience is not all love happiness and enlightenment .. but the artistic vision or cave painting is impressive and dynamic. How do I teach people how to access this inner freedom and creativity?

This is where the Emotional Qi Ghosts come into the story. I guess the Emotional Ghosts ARE the STORY! This is a shared history of mankind in terms of the human psyche .. in terms of genetic history and in terms of the Qi of the incarnate spirit. Already this post is getting too complicated!

Emotional Qi Ghosts
At school age I would get really excited reading books about the history of acupuncture and meridians than about maths and arithmetic. When I would see a picture of a model showing the acupuncture meridian lines it would blow my mind. If I had to add 33+33 I would write 3333 as the answer .. 6+6=66 #_#

At the same time I was born with an awareness of other lives and I had inner knowledge that I did not talk about .. I simply applied it in my life. One of those key areas was energy. I probably remained silent about 80% of my inner awareness and deeper knowledge. That is called energy conservation. Throughout my life I had to apply this inner knowing [find out if it works or not] and that is called INITIATION. This is not your college degree type level that we are currently conditioned into.

The signature in the dreams for this knowledge was: Emotional Qi Ghosts.

Essentially .. Qi is sexual life force. The Qi travels [flows] through the meridians. Emotions are shared by every human being. It is not your emotions and my emotions. Let's say that a shared emotional Internet exists. In other words .. emotions can be transferred to and be shared by many people.

When a person has a high level of QI [life force] the emotions of other people can be transferred to them [sort of like a magnet]. People with low Qi transfer low energy input to the emotions. When emotions are attracted to people with high levels of Qi [energy] .. the fireworks can begin.

Emotions can transfer between human beings [psyche] .. in that sense they are neutral .. they are simply emotions. The psyche becomes aware of these emotions and immediately the EGO jumps in: I FEEL .. I AM. As soon as an emotion appears we immediately think [thought / ego] .. I am sad .. I am happy .. I am depressed .. I am lonely .. I am afraid .. I am in love.

This part of my study will be related to attachment!

Buddha is said to have overcome attachment! Where?
Inside .. to overcome inner attachment!

What about the ghosts? The emotions we experience also come from the past. This is really difficult to describe or convey .. but imagine that emotions are a lower form of energy connected to the psyche. Imagine that the human psyche is like a Universal Operating System. Emotions function within the human psyche where the psyche is The Master Program.

Humans share past and present emotions that have nothing to do with I AM.

These emotional ghosts enter the human psyche and the next level is that they feed off or attract Qi [life force energy]. The Qi gets blocked or sucked into the emotions and the ego spins the spin = I FEEL. THIS IS ME... You could say that the EGO-SELF is the mouse click on the desktop #_#

What I am saying is that emotions are Universal .. that they contaminate the genes .. that they transmit between humans [psyche] and that in worst case the emotions embed into and suck up the life force Qi draining most of the energy we have [when we identify with these emotions].

As soon as we feel an emotion we immediately think: Oh! I am so sad... I am so so sad! Oh! I am so happy .. I am so so happy! We go from sad to depressed to happy to enlightened to afraid to sorrow... We do not realise that behind the scenes these emotions are drawing on and using up our vital Qi energy.

I call the emotions "ghosts" because more often than not they transmit themselves into our psyche undetected due to a general human Wi-Fi system set up within the human psyche. But .. as soon as you pick up on the signal it is like visiting a website. You get the download. Next you accept the download .. you do not question it because thought says: I AM FEELING...

What I am trying to convey is that these emotional energy ghosts drain the vital QI [Chi life force]. Obviously this is too complex for one post .. but the essentials are there for you to be aware of and question. I call them ghosts because of the invisible transmission of which we humans are not aware.

This is an old but new concept. In the past the Masters did not teach Martial Arts as a PHYSICAL practice. The Martial Arts were primarily an internal force .. internal silent protection and an inner intensification of Qi life force. The physical development was dependent on the inner Qi Force and Psychic Qi. I don't know how I am going to write this! Dreams collide with reality!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

YouTube Censorship? Go Check "Safe Mode"

All you YouTube creator channels out there...
Go check your accounts for censorship of content #_#
On one level this is funny .. we have to have a sense of humour .. and on the other level this is über-control of the internet in the most insane and disturbing ways. I am laughing but at the same time I am not laughing! What I am about to describe will require some level of technical research skills and basic understanding of statistics [hits] and understanding weird discrepancies = manipulation ??

I am going to go through this step-by-step to show you what YouTube are doing to innocent content creators and Channels who post videos onto YouTube. Because .. you have to see it to believe it .. and it really is unbelievable what is taking place and is Hidden In Plain Sight. This YouTube joke is right in front of you and yet no one sees it. When you see what YouTube are doing then maybe you will laugh .. but maybe not ??

I recently discovered that many of my innocent OrgonArt Channel YouTube videos are being removed / blocked and made unavailable when in "Safety Mode". I am using this as a way to show the most idiotic censorship and removal of totally harmless videos. All I can say to you is: CHECK YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL !!

My videos do not contain explicit disturbing content. I am an artist .. I create art videos. In this video research I discovered a dark deep pool area where videos about growing food and videos about AIKIDO are being censored and removed from YouTube when set to Safety mode otherwise called YouTube SafeSearch.
Safety Mode: Safety mode hides videos that may contain inappropriate content flagged by users and other signals. No filter is 100% accurate, but it should help you avoid most inappropriate content. Safety mode also enables Google SafeSearch, and turning it off will disable Google SafeSearch. Safety mode will be enabled everywhere you use YouTube with this account.
I discovered from 32 videos on my YouTube Channel 25 videos appear when I switch to Safe Mode. Now this gets sort of technical. To switch to safe mode on YouTube you have to scroll to the bottom of the page and click: Safety-off / Safety-on. The next technical part of this is that you have to open two browser windows from the same YouTube Channel. One browser window is set at Safety-on and the other browser window is set at Safety-off. Then you compare the two.

In "Safety Mode" YouTube are removing my ChemTrail UFO May 20 2014 video .. but be patient as I am going to take you through this step-by-step. What are the seven videos on my Channel blocked by YouTube in Safe Mode? Try not to laugh #_# .. Two blocked videos are Bamboo Form and Bamboo ZenQi and another blocked video is Growing Turmeric and Galangal Indoors. Is someone jealous...

When you search "tai chi stick form" on YouTube [safety-off] there are 23,000 results! When you search "tai chi stick form" [safety-on] the results are 13,200 results as YouTube claim that: Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. The tricky part is seeing which tai chi stick results have been removed #_# .. what the f#ck ??
HELP CENTER: Safety mode is an opt-in setting available on the computer and mobile site that helps screen out potentially objectionable content that you may prefer not to see or don't want others in your family to stumble across while enjoying YouTube. You can think of this as a parental control setting for YouTube
YouTube's Objectionable Content
If you have a YouTube Channel and you are a creative video content creator all you have to do is open one window in Safe Mode off and open another window in Safe Mode on to find out if your work is being censored and removed. I will show you how this works.

GALANGAL is a plant of the ginger family. Seeing that my indoor planting video was removed as inappropriate content I checked out how far this censorship has spread. All you have to do is open two windows on YouTube: Safety-off / Safety-on .. and then search for galangal in both windows. What you see is this: Safety-off 6,040 results / Safety-on 4,220 results = Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. For GALANGAL YouTube removes 1,820 results flagged as inappropriate explicit content!

Doing a double window search for ChemTrails creates a statistic search glitch of the improbable kind. Searching for chemtrails with Safe Mode off results in 779,000 results but a chemtrails YouTube search with Safe mode on results in 1,270,000 results + Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. DUH ??? This is why I say one has to have some kind of small technical understanding to realise that a lot of this cr#p just does not add up.

But it gets even WORSE !! If you go check out AIKIDO Aki Lab Kakushitoride video page and you open the same link page in Safety-off and Safety-on .. you can see that some videos are being removed and censored on YouTube and for what reasons?

It takes a little bit of research focus to observe what is being removed / censored.

Most probably it is mostly YouTube content creators and Internet researchers who will take the time to go through the task of searching and observing just how much innocent and non-explicit videos are being filtered out by YouTube in the so-called Safe Mode!

I will show you how stupid this can get...

Mark Wiens is a food video blogger and seriously does not produce objectionable content and yet if you open two browser windows on YouTube and you set one window to Safety-off and one window to Safety-on then you get the following: Safety off 4,250 results / Safety on 3,250 results = Some results have been removed because Safety Mode is enabled. At the same time I find it highly suspicious that YouTube search roulette wheel results always fall on round numbers... This is mathematically impossible!

When doing research you have to check the bottom of the page setting for Safety-on / Safety-off. As YouTube make it difficult to change without being reset to a general page unrelated to the searches. I wont go into endless details .. but I tested some of my favorite video Channels on YouTube and you would be surprised how many innocent and valid video channels are having their content removed in SAFE SEARCH mode.

I have to be honest .. this slight of hand is not transparent nor easy to follow. One has to have a good eye .. be visually and mentally focused and able to constantly compare the two browser windows that requires DETERMINATION .. to be honest. The easiest way to check this is to do a direct YouTube search for xxx .. and the most difficult way is to do a YouTube video Channel search that compares the videos being blocked / removed as UNSAFE on that Channel.

Across the board I am seeing thousands of videos removed / blocked for NO REASON... Maybe other than jealousy or various petty business conflicts. I see this dark pool spreading across many innocent and valid YouTube Creators who are in no way OFFENSIVE nor OBJECTIONABLE!

One small example .. if you go to UFO site "third phase of the moon" Channel videos [Safety-off] and then you check "third phase of the moon" channel videos [Safety-on] the evidence becomes clear!

Doing this research you always have to check the bottom of the YouTube page to see when you are in Safety-off setting and when you are in Safety-on setting. Because.. as you change the YouTube Safety browser settings there can be some bunga-bunga tech confusions and re-directions.

Use [open] two different [right-click] new browser windows to navigate.

I recommend using the Aviator White Hat Browser
With every website you visit, you’re vulnerable to malicious hackers out to steal your surfing history, passwords, email access, bank account numbers, medical info, and more. And the “big browsers” don’t do enough to stop it.

But now you can protect yourself before you go on the Web – with WhiteHat Aviator, the Web’s most secure and private browser. With WhiteHat Aviator, you get the industry’s best and tightest security and privacy safeguards – all built-in, all activated, all ready-to-go.
I tested "grow turmeric" search on YouTube and I discovered that with Safety-off my OrgonArt Indoor Turmeric video appears but with Safety-on the Indoor Turmeric video DISAPPEARS [is removed]. DUH ?? Later I discovered that this censorship covers the most non-offensive YouTube Channels all across the board!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Delusions of Endless Growth!

Endless economic growth upon endless economic growth?
In nature all resources are finite - including land.
Perhaps we should find natural balance?
I am adding this post to the I-Ching because this is my life... This is also wisdom taught to me in my life until now. I have to be honest! I never liked school. I liked to draw pictures and to study for myself anything from Art to World History. I would sit in all the classes at school and think .. this setup is unrealistic and impractical as it teaches nothing to do with life and practical survival.

At age 17 I was happy to find my first job working in a bookshop. I read a lot of books and so I have to work in a bookshop! I already decided I did not want to go to College or University even though I had a brilliant mind. I was more inclined to applied real world than intellectual world. I thought everyone around me would be happy that I was working and bringing in money to buy food and pay the rent.

After a year went by I came under pressure from my family and extended family to BE SOMEONE. There was relentless pressure to go to College and get a Degree .. and I will explain why as all this is related to current world events and social unrest in every country. The education systems around the world are not practical .. they are simply a way to extract social wealth and create future debt.

My situation was the same that we see taking place in all countries experiencing a general growth in wealth. You send you kids to College .. you get them EDUCATED .. the next generation have to do SOMETHING with their LIVES. The young people have to be BETTER than their parents and improve their lives. Education is also a misrepresented status symbol for many families.

The situation in my life was that my parents generation after the 2nd WW experienced improved economic conditions and higher living standards [although we struggled financially as a family]. These parents wanted to see their children get an education. These parents were deprived of that level of indulgence. Having a College or University Degree was something they could only dream of. I came under pressure at 18 years old to fulfill my parents dreams. If I did not have a College Degree then I was a worthless nobody.

At 18 years old I held out for some time and refused to discuss a College education and then close neighbours added even more pressure [all the same neglected generation as my parents] .. and so I went out to get myself a College Degree. I wanted to study ART .. but as I had a B+ in Sociology the academics refused my art application and would only accept me for Social Sciences.

These academics who totally worship grades were in shock that I would want to learn Art when it was clear I was a top research student who clearly understood the workings of society. People at the time told me that I would never have a future with an Art Degree but that Social Sciences would underscore my Career.

I am going to skip a few blocks to having a good Social Science Degree. BUT in the four years I studied the external political climate changed radically and by the time I graduated there was a secret politically motivated employment block in place for anyone with a Social Science Degree. I did not know this at the time .. but everywhere I went with this Degree was a closed door!

The political reasons for this illegal act was that the close study of society and power .. institutions .. corporations .. was seen as being Socialist / Communist and a threat to the fixed social order. If the fixed social order is that weak .. that it cannot absorb insight and observation ?? Then it is inherently a closed system based on fear .. lies and slight of hand.

Like a Casino they do not want you observing the dealing of cards from the bottom of the deck. I then worked in a rural country postal delivery service that I truly enjoyed more than anything. I again came under pressure from my friends and family .. that I have a good Degree and I work delivering letters in the middle of nowhere out in the boon-dogs.

Did they mean I would have been better off in a city?

I discovered that a College Degree was really a superficial form of prestige and has absolutely nothing to do with the real world: Survival and production of goods and resources. At least an ARTIST produces creative value that can alter the minds and hearts of people regardless of language barriers and nationality.

The education system is based on the delusions of endless growth.

The truth is that endless and ever increasing growth does not exist .. and that Nature does not allow it to exist. It is an intellectual ideal that is physically impossible to maintain. The growth period experienced by my parents generation was based on resource costs and a growth in production. By the time I graduated the system was in a state of decline. The high point had been reached and the reset was on the down curve.

Economically the system had reached it resource production high point resulting in higher wages .. higher costs .. higher prices .. increasing house prices with higher taxes and social costs. Everything was going higher and the result was that western society reached a ceiling. Then began the downward trend while financial institutions and taxes increased their charge on society.

Delusions of Endless Growth!
As you can imagine! Knowing what I know I am not going to believe the MAGICIAN. Nor am I going to trust the card dealer at the Casino. I am going to watch them dealing from the bottom of the pack. Then I am going to questing the everybody wins theology posted on the doors of the Casinos. The whole societal model is based on a complete illusion [or lie].

The model of bigger returns for ever and ever into the future is insane. The pressure is on for the next generation to go one higher than their parents or be seen as FAILURES. This whole psychology is a game. Very few people have their eye on the ball. Too few people know what is taking place around them.

Rather than the illusion of endless growth society needs balance. Part of the current problem is that everyone in the Casino got too greedy. We don't need businesses to expand. The base of production and building has to be in proportion to the human and physical environments. Most important of all: Water resources have to be protected.

The Casino Is Rigged
Many students leave College only to find that it is the right CONNECTIONS that get you a job and not the College Degree. This mindset is similar to generations of family passing on knowledge and skills. The connections activity is actually a animal based behaviour from early agricultural and hunter gatherer cultures. If you study anthropological rural communities the same process is used to pass resources to the next generations.

For a naive student to turn up in a business environment with a Degree and expect to be successful is like a person born in a large city with no experience of farming communities to expect to be accepted into a society that knows how to feed itself from Nature.

Yes! The behaviour is exclusive! But it is founded on customs of generations of families teaching and passing on their knowledge and experience to the younger generation. Financial and political institutions are using the same behaviour thinking that they are more advanced than farmers and rural communities.

The Internet is to some extent changing this pathway.

The Internet allows a new form of cross-learning and communication that is creating a Global Planetary Family with self-organising learning structures and broader knowledge sharing. Because this level of technology is new to mankind there are no set rules for abilities to learn coding or technical applications. This could change the world!

If there are broad based non-personal learning and sharing applications then the old models of knowledge sharing on a limited family scale morph into a larger Open Source learning application that can be effortlessly applied anywhere in the world by anyone who has the skill to do so.

In a way the narrow door to knowledge of the past has now been opened up to Universal Knowledge and Universal Sharing without borders and without gatekeepers. At the same time there has to be an understanding that balance and not exponential growth is the key to success.

The architecture of balance...

Monday, October 06, 2014

Change is The Economy!

It's the economy .. stupid!
All change is economic .. not political #_#

Earth Federation Chronicles - Timeline 2114
[Future Incarnations ZenSu]
I am putting this with the I-Ching posts because the I Ching taught me this .. or revealed this to me. Actually it is very simple: We live in an intellectual world of illusion and we worship THOUGHT. The human intellect is thought to be the highest factor and basic economy is the lowest factor. What I am about to say next is not POLITICAL in any way! It is simply the Art of Obervation = seeing.

Economy is based on one thing: RESOURCES.

Basically the economy is what YOU need to live. The resources are water .. food .. metals .. oil .. plastics .. stone .. wood .. energy and one could also say LAND is a resource. These are some of the physical resources without which your life would be ?? pretty miserable.

Let's go through this step-by-step using observation! Take a few minutes out of your life to do this exercise in observation. You can also take a few hours .. or take a whole day .. a few weeks .. months or the rest of your life to be aware and observe what is!

You start by looking around you and asking yourself what would your life be like without the support of all the resources that surround you. Stone wood or concrete .. what are the walls of your home built from? Metal or plastic pipes bring water to your home. That water flows out of metal taps. Otherwise you would need a bucket to go collect water.

Oh! A bucket! Another PHYSICAL RESOURCE.

What about heating your home or cooking food? The fire .. the knife .. the mixer .. the mortar and pestle .. the pots and pans! What fuel do you use? All these are physical resources. What kinds of foods do you eat and where do they come from? All these are physical resources.

Try and imagine you have nothing that is around you now! How would you live?

The next level is the people who work to create everything we use in society that makes all of us rich. By this I mean that if I have a bowl of rice to eat then I am rich. If I do not have that bowl of rice I am going to eventually starve. Then there are the people who make sure that water flows to my apartment every day. If someone does not grow the rice and if someone does not maintain the water flow? Have you ever gone without food for over a week? Have you ever had your water supply cut off for maintenance?

All the humans who produce those resources are at the bottom of the ladder and probably receive the smallest share of the total economic gain and riches. I am sure now you understand why I say that this observation is not political in any way. I am simply being a realist!

Change is The Economy!
Having studied various world situations using the I Ching or Book of Changes .. I began to digest what I was seeing [or being shown]. Of course I want a better world for everyone and not only for myself! Let us put all this aside and simply pay attention to what is = the day to day reality. That is really our own reality! The challenges that face all of us every day.

Much higher up the scale are the intellectuals and political money systems. These higher intellectual positions receive the greatest share of the financial system in return for keeping "order" and "stability". You pay the head of the horse to direct the body of the horse [society].

If you study the human brain this social order model changes .. because the human brain actually works to maintain the whole body .. the glands .. the skeletal structure .. the organs and the nervous system. The Temple of Man is the BODY where healthy functions of the body are the secret codes of future society.

For the physical brain to be healthy the whole physical body has to be maintained [in balance]. The brain works tirelessly day and night to balance the benefit to the whole physical body: The temple of man = your body here and now. Also .. unknown to current science the brain is inside and directly connected to every cell in the human body.

Not only does the brain have its own seamlessly interconnected WI-FI [Chi] system that also runs back and forward through the meridians .. but the brain is inside the cell connected to all the organs and body functions. The brain maintains health by maintaining the functions of the body at all levels. When you sleep .. the brain is still working 24/7 serving and maintaining the body.

The intellect maintains that politics govern society and that politics and finance are at the heart of social order and change. In the real world it is the economy and economic activity that alters society for the good or the bad. Economic activity can create growth and it can also create societal collapse.

Look at the world through new eyes without focusing on the political viewpoint. Libya .. Egypt .. Ukraine .. all received NEW POLITICAL SYSTEMS over the last few years and they are all in an ongoing state of [economic] crisis! China has not changed its political systems and has benefited from a longer period of sustained economic growth.

Let us look at the next paradigm lie: That European countries grew stronger because of advanced political systems of Democracy and Universal Suffrage! The painful reality is that change came with economic growth .. improved life styles and an increase in economic activity. What makes Europe different to what we see today? Politics? Democracy? No! RESOURCES #_#

Go back historically to the Spanish in South America or the fight over the newly founded North American Colonies... These were resource wars based on economics of trade. Physical resource trading [I should say the control of physical resource trades and trade routes] is the foundation of every Empire and/or society and the development of shared wealth.

The fact is that countries remain stable through times of wealth and growth and become unstable during times of economic hardship and decline REGARDLESS OF THE POLITICAL SYSTEM !! Physical economic development is the change factor in society and not politics.

Why is Europe facing a growing crisis? After the 2nd World War all European countries made a fatal mistake. A mistake that could only create short term growth but would never create long term growth. Following the colonial lead of America's economic model [after the war] the Europeans began to solidify economic growth into the hands of a very few giant corporations sucking the base of the pyramid foundation wealth out of the day to day economy.

Just imagine the base of the pyramid is being turned to rubble...

China has survived so far because the economics of trade still filters down to the smaller masses in terms of functioning small businesses and street trade. Over fifty years European small family business trade was totally destroyed until the small business model became virtually extinct.

Democracy destroyed the small family business model!
BIG IS BETTER [for the state].

What I am trying to say is that there has to be a realistic understanding of the dynamics of economic trade [resources] and of how economies function .. including the relationship between resources and base level economic activity. Then you have to curtail the various taxes including financial institutions taxation on pyramid base level transactions.

When you destroy the pyramid base .. no one at the top is going to survive!

I may be wrong? Over the last two years I watched a lot of videos about Hong Kong and it seems that as the demand for physical resource space grew and grew = due to extreme economic success .. the small base wealth distribution declined. I am not an expert #_# .. but I imagine that as the small family businesses were pushed out by expanding retail and property markets .. that this lead to more and more resources allocated to large institutions plus large corporations and less resources allocated to small businesses.

Do not forget that land [physical space] is a resource!

If you have a small property [land area] to trade then you have an income. This no longer exists in Europe and is probably dying out in Hong Kong. By destroying the small amount of base resource and economic trade for the societal pyramid base .. you can forget any idea of politics .. then you have a real ECONOMIC CRISIS.

I hope this helps some people big and small to waken up [before disaster hits].

Sunday, October 05, 2014

I Ching: Hong Kong

39. Chien Obstruction / :
Water on the mountain:
The image of OBSTRUCTION.
Thus the superior man turns his attention to himself
And molds his character.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
Having been a British [no rights to vote] Colony for 156 years Hong Kong saw the end of British colonial rule in 1997 .. when a transfer of authority to China was undertaken under the One Country Two System policy. After 156 years of British colonial rule most people in Hong Kong were denied a British Passport #_#

I was born into this world with very high ideals .. and more than anything else I wanted to see the growth of a world society based on love respect and honour. As a young child I would hear of all the news my parents talked about and it caused me heartache. When people think that little children are just "a child" with no experience .. this is not true. The experience is there!

I have to be honest! At the same time in my life I was aware of and was being taught by mysterious beings who were like Ancient Masters much older than the Earth and Mankind. These Ancient Masters called us humans: Their children. I was using the I Ching [Wilhelm English translation] from around the age of 13 years old. I used the Book of Changes and I taught myself by studying the book.

Partly using the I Ching and partly through direct communication the Ancient Masters taught me not only about direct confrontation but they more importantly taught me that living is an ART. They taught the Art of Living. I wanted to get involved in politics during my student time and they said to me: No! You are not going to waste your life .. it is too precious. They mean .. throw away my life!

Maybe two days ago I decided to use the I Ching to understand the dynamics of the events unfolding in Hong Kong. When I saw the Hexagram I thought to myself: I am not going to post this! I just use it to understand the energies of the future interacting with the now. I placed the large book on top of some Bleach Manga DVDs and I went to bed. In the middle of the night I woke up and in the next nano-second the heavy book fell down with a loud crash.

There was no reason for the book to fall as I always sit it on top of the DVDs beside my desk! In the early morning I looked to see what had fallen in the night and to my complete surprise it was The I Ching or Book of Changes. Then I thought maybe there is a reason I should share this reading? For reasons that I currently do not know of!

39. Chien Obstruction / Hardship: Difficulties and obstructions throw a man back upon himself. While the inferior man seeks to put the blame on other persons, bewailing his fate, the superior man seeks the error within himself, and through this introspection the external obstacle becomes for him an occasion for inner enrichment and education.

The I Ching or Book of Changes - Richard Wilhelm
Usually people look at life as two opposing forces and we think one is good and one is bad .. one is righteous and one is corrupt. Using the I Ching I was taught to seek the balance of forces and not ask weighted questions. Actually I do not ask questions .. I just look with balanced mind at the energy involved directly balanced as yin and yang forces.

If you ask the I Ching a weighted opinionated question this will influence the resulting Hexagrams. The I Ching will then teach you according to your own nature. On one level the I Ching shows us ourselves and state of our own minds. On another level a calm mind can remain silent and look into the future.

It is important to understand that the future interacts with us now like an ocean. If you are a dolphin and you swim in the ocean then the water around you at any point in space and time is the NOW... The rest of the ocean represents the past and the future. For example .. you just swam from eating fish close to the shore and now you are migrating deeper into the ocean itself. So .. where you are going is the future and it already exists. The I Ching shows: HOW you get there is more important than where you are going.

We currently do not know the physical future as such .. but the energy of the future is touching us now and interacting with us now .. and it is never what we THINK it is to be. In relation to Hong Kong [or any situation] everything is ENERGY. Not only is energy necessary to power our world .. but energy is the key force of the human body and the mind. All physical events are dynamic movements of energy that can also be dynamic stillness.

I use the I Ching to understand the energy or movement of life force.

Life force is much greater than the sum of all humans on the Earth. Life force is so powerful that it seamlessly interacts with every human on the Planet individually while at the same time interacting with the collective. I should also have said that Life Force seamlessly interacts with the individual karmic human where past and future incarnations are related.

The I Ching reading: 39. Chien Obstruction / Hardship has three moving lines. Nine in the third place - Six in the fourth place - Six at the top .. leading to the associated Hexagram 12. P'i Standstill / Stagnation. To understand the energy in terms of yin and yang... What I am trying to say is that EVERYONE is constrained. Events currently stand at an impasse.

I hope this makes sense!

One could say that many diverging interests currently seek power at a time where all those involved are constrained by hindrance: Difficulties and hardship are obstructing all parties. In The Complete I Ching Taoist Master Alfred Huang translates this as Jian Hardship: Originally, Jian meant lame or a lame person. From lame, its meaning extends to encompass difficulty in walking or hardship. Sequence of the Gua: If there is misunderstanding and diversity in a household, surely hardship will result. Thus, after Diversity, Hardship follows.

I could be wrong? I suspect that this is really indicating the need for retreating into general overall necessity of working on one's own inner character [at all levels]. For everyone the current energy is not favourable to moving forward and so we are seeing a restriction.

Never look only at one side .. always look at the energy involved as an undivided whole. In terms of a Planetary Society the entire world is currently unable to find balance. As I observe this I do not think that little by little one fragment of the world will create balance. There is going to have to be what I would describe as a reboot. Installing a new Operating System that interconnects seamlessly.

The struggle that is effecting everyone is the Economy. I think everyone has to be realistic about this. We humans like to see ourselves as intellectual beings who have risen higher than the animals. If we are honest we are not living any different than the animals in terms of survival and reliance on basic needs. It is these basic needs that drives everyone [from the background].

Very often the WAY something is done is much more important than the action taken. It does not matter what you do but the governing principle behind all action and re-action is HOW you do what you do. It is the HOW and not the WHAT that defines the FUTURE. This is the hidden key of life that is so subtle very few people are even aware of the hidden force that governs the future.

Both males and females are caught in this ultra masculine matrix of the power model in which what you do is more important than how you do it. Women are using the same .. let's say excess yang model of the active expanding male principle - forceful direct action. The whole world believes that WHAT you do is the real power that defines the future.

If you study the I Ching it is clear that HOW you do something creates the future.

I am trying to say that how comes back to haunt us and what we do is simply the process of direct action. People today do not question how something is done and so we have lost the Art of Living. The future comes back to haunt us until we listen and pay attention. How an action is taken is much more important than the action itself. This is like a navigation compass guiding us.

In the same light how we view something is more important that what we are viewing or looking at. If we look at an event only from our own point of view this will create "how we act". When we look with much greater vision and become aware that everyone is effected by the same circumstances of a cycle .. this creates how we act. Looking beyond self is not easy as it means we have to question ourselves most of all.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Demolition Dust: Venta Air Purifier [Part One]

I am one week into my Venta Air Purifier experience .. that I chose in order to to deal with local across the road major building [fine] demolition dust. I personally know of Scottish ship building workers [1905's] whose lungs were damaged by asbestos dust.

Asbestos related deaths death are similar to the recent deaths in Japan's Mount Ontake eruption where the people closest to the eruption could not breathe due to the volcanic gasses. The lungs are filled with particles and gasses .. where the heart can no longer function.

Naturally we all have to face death at some point in our lives... A close encounter with a volcano one cannot overcome! But .. some situations we can prevent. Our lungs are our life force!

Week One: Testing The Venta
I am still testing Venta and have not edited my videos because I am looking for a long term view of the reality of this type of Air Purifier. I have to admit the Venta Air Purifier does increase air humidity. I will try to expand and explain this...

The Venta LW 15 has two levels: One low and one high [fan humidity distribution]. At first I used the high output and I kept the Venta close to me [working at the computer] and then close to me when sleeping. Always set on the highest level .. that I later found produces higher levels of humidity!

At first I thought: The closer the better!

My room humidit was between 65% to 70% .. and with the Venta set a level two I observed an increase in humidity to 75%. But .. I was not too worried about this as all I wanted to do was make sure micro-fine polluting particles were washed out of the air I was breathing. I have to add that from day one this was true!

At the same time I noticed over the next few days that if I kept the Venta close to me at the computer and when sleeping that my clothes were slightly damp and my duvet was slightly damp. Now .. Venta advise to keep the Air Washer in the middle of the room away from furniture and beds. Now I know why!

I moved the Venta into a central point in the room and turned the setting down from two to one. When using the second [higher] setting more moisture is sent into the room atmosphere. I used a small ceramic heater to offset the humidity from the Venta .. and that worked!

Once I moved the Venta into a central position I noticed that the barometer air humidity then dropped from 75% to 65% .. with a reduction in the damp effect on my clothing. I am not too bothered about humidity .. all I want is to filter out the micro-particles that can damage the lungs.

One thing I noticed is that all nose throat and lung irritations [day and night] were removed when I used the Venta Airwasher. Technically .. room air is sucked into the Venta Airwasher by a rotating fan [that is totally silent]. Cool humid air is silently blown out of two side of the Venta Air Purifier.

I am not a scientist .. but I noticed the cool humid air from the Venta seemed allow my lungs to naturally expel water fluid internal irritation without harsh / aggressive inflamed mucus I had earlier. Basically .. since using the Venta Air Purifier I no longer have the dry irritating "Demolition Dust" issues / problems.

Eye dust irritations disappeared .. I could open my window to outside air! Throat dust irritations disappeared .. and bronchial lung irritations also disappeared. The only technology issue is the water and the humidity.

I controlled internal room humidity issue by moving the Venta away from my computer desk and not placing the Venta close to my head when sleeping. If you have 65% humidity and you place the Airwasher close to a duvet then all you get is a damp duvet cover!

When I moved the Venta away from all absorbent materials such as clothing and bedding then the damp issues were no longer a problem. I also noticed that if I keep the Venta at Setting 1 [low] then Barometer humidity returns to normal. Otherwise I got +5 humidity reading above local humidity.

Next I did some research and I discovered that ultra-modern UV Plasma Ionisator Air Cleaners do not filter out pollen and other similar micro particles... I won't be testing those .. and this is why I instinctively opted for the Air Washer!

Being Scottish I do not want to endlessly buy AIR FILTERS !! At the same time I do not want asbestos dust and fiber-glass embedded in my lungs...

I don't know why I feel this ?? But I feel that we may be facing more and more inner city demolitions as the economic crisis develops. The reasons for this are two-fold: 1. Breaking down the old to build the new is an essential part of economic growth and ecological adaptation. 2. Our inner city buildings are adapted to an older climate model that is currently changing.

I have more to say on this subject later...