Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dark Zen: The Mycelium Code

All physical life exists within a sacred mycelium network.

Planetary Mycelium Network
I did this pastel drawing on paper in 2010. I was going out into the woods filming mushrooms [not eating them].

I call the universal mycelium network 'sacred' .. because life began there. The out of balance Solar mind looks out at the cosmos and he sees heat and explosions.

The Solar mind sees radiation and destruction. He finds it difficult to imagine how any other form of life can exist other than himself .. down here on the cool Earth.

We humans are looking at atoms and molecules and we are not seeing the whole picture including how physical reality interacts with electrical fields. The sticky substance that holds physical bodies together is mycelium. You could also call it: The Mycelium Structure.

No one expected [apparently] that fungus or mold would grow on the outside of the International Space Station .. but it does! I am just going to look at it this way through Dark Observation. If the Earth was created out of heat then how did mycelium ever come to exist? The obvious answer is that mycelium can exist in extreme cold temperatures or extreme high temperatures.

In other words an unseen original source form of mycelium exists and grows according to its environment. We may think of the Moon and Mars as being dead .. but life exists there in their appropriate forms. Deep space spores exist on asteroids and meteorite fragments. These spores can survive atmospheric entry and they can become part of a planetary cycle of life.

There are genetic codes that only allow certain bonds to form in physical environments. The Mother mycelium is more universal in its ability to adapt and merge. I am talking building blocks of life out of which base physical matter is created [or is affected]. This is the foundation for electrical fields to interact with physical matter. The mycelium networks in the soil transmit Qi life-force electrical fields used by plants and trees.

The survival of the fittest sperm is a complete illusion!

Spermatozoa are part of a mycelium network where the human fruiting body is created the moment the spore enters the egg. In order to combine there has to be male and female principles operating in both the male and female bodies. The yin and yang forms recognise each other and they merge as one to create a life form.

How can they merge? Because each contain original source codes.

I often see things with the mind of an artist for years before I begin to understand what I am seeing. I can draw and understand with the artistic mind things that are not easily understood with the linear rational mind. Basically .. we humans are going to have to change how we use our minds.

The Mycelium Code
The human brain is designed to interact with the energy level of the incarnate spirit. How we use energy defines our interactions with physical matter and the material worlds. A distraction field was designed for humans in an attempt to keep the planetary consciousness operating at fairly low levels. This does not work is people see through the distractions.

One of the biggest drawbacks to experiencing life on this planetary timeline is feeling LONELY. The fact that we feel so alone puts a big element of pressure on relationships. Even if we turn to 'higher forms' of spiritual relationship in terms of religion .. we still feel isolated lost and lonely. The spiritual relationships are still under pressure from this sense of isolation.

You have the loneliness and the distraction where both play off each other.

The Source Mycelium Network exists on all dimensions and on all timelines. You cannot have a timeline without a mycelium network. This living network effortlessly transmits electrical fields. Our brains are electrical field quantum computers [put simply]. The human mind can connect across multiple dimensional fields. The point being: We are not alone!

All the humans focusing on the external environment [no matter how powerful they appear to be] .. all these humans are losing Qi [mind] Energy. Focus on [distractions] of the external environment wears you out. It is sort of like a World Casino entertainment distraction from reality.

When you are not in touch with your Inner Self you happily play outside in the World Casino.

The Buddhists were teaching thousands of years ago: Do not get caught [distracted] by the outer world... This teaching was not a religion .. it was a real practical application for life on Earth. It does not matter what levels of distraction get created on any dimension .. Buddha mind can overcome all of them using one simple rule!

When you apply this rule it results in various levels of inner energy conservation.

If you do not know how to conserve energy then you burn out lifetime after lifetime. Each incarnation is a puzzle of where you focus your energy in each lifetime. The illusion is that you are born with a new six-pack in the 'next life'. When we get distracted we are not using up LIFE .. we are using up OURSELVES.

The best friends you have are inside the inter-dimensional mycelium network.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Energy Conflicts Crossing Multiple Timelines

We inhabit multiple timelines ...
... Across multiple dimensions
I was writing about success in Dark Zen: Inner Pathway. For each one of us success can mean many things and all at once.

No matter how wealthy we may be in life eating a small meal is a form of success. Drinking a small glass of water is a form of success. When we really feel this in our hearts it changes us.

To keep the dynamics of timeline interactions simple [because this is not the timeline but about us] .. imagine there are parallel timelines related to each other and they periodically cross like DNA. Each strand is unique to itself .. but are all part of an inter-dimensional web.

Imagine in your dreams you can experience existing on other timelines. Patrick McGoohan created 'The Prisoner' television series in 1967-68 .. where he is the actor playing 'The Prisoner'. Imagine that on another timeline he is not an actor .. he is this character in real life challenging the limitations of that world.

Following this guideline probability example... Why would this matter to us? Partly because [like a spiders web] timelines are loosely connected in inter-dimensional space and something about us is part of that living web.

The spider web in the sunlight was sent to me by a friend from a sunny location. The last three months here has not experienced this beautiful sunlight reality. Even on this Planet [without crossing timelines] we all experience different realities at different times.

Where I live we have experienced three months fog and dark grey skies endlessly. It sort of looks and feels similar to my other lower dimension dream experiences. The reason I write this is because I want to share how we can balance these energies inside ourselves .. and make a difference.

Energy Conflicts Crossing Multiple Timelines
From dreams I have experienced my entire life [my childhood dreams were not child like] .. I would say that we are different but similar across different timeline experiences. On the spider web photograph you can see the old decaying threads at the bottom of the tree and how different they look to the perfect web above.

Just as in Nature connected timeline threads [webs] can fall apart and decay .. return to nothing. I could be wrong .. but I think life is the key to this and that we are also the key to whether threads break or maintain their structure.

Our world certainly feels vibrations from other associated timelines. Other timelines feels vibrations from our current world. When the vibration is uplifting we all experience this in different ways. Higher surges of energy can increase delusion as well as compassion.

The point of this being: When you work on yourself it does make a difference to the world you live in. What few people are aware of is that the work you do affects all your experiences across space and time.

In a strange way paintings of the Buddha could be understood to represent multidimensional integrity at the highest level. The Masters would be spiritual beings who can incarnate into any timeline and be 'enlightened' advanced beings teaching compassion and awareness.

There are two types of weather: Physical planetary weather systems and inter-dimensional weather systems. I would say that the two mysteriously effect each other because all life is based on electrical fields and these have no boundaries.

The other point is incarnate spirits have electrical field connections to the psyche and to the physical body. I always wondered what keeps me inside the body? What force holds me to the body? It is obviously woven electromagnetic fields.

When we become aware of larger energy-field conflicts crossing the strands of the web then we have to have something inside us that can deal with that and not collapse into a heap of pain and self-pity.

My success does not lie in billions of people reading these posts... Success lies in a small number of people understanding this and applying it. I was once shown as a child a vision of Earth as seen from space. Looking down from space there were points of light all over the Earth. Not electric town and city lights but light coming from spirits down on the Planet.

I was told: All those lights make a difference!

You see in the spider web photo that the spider is a dot of light at the center of the web. That is kind of interesting. There is probably a central inter-dimensional Sun at the heart of living timeline webs. That would be kind of amazing if we could travel not through space as we know it .. but we could travel through dimensions created by that central Sun.

I think our spirits travel through that web.

Some areas on our Planet are connected to turmoil areas. We humans are electrical fields and imagine you live in a hot spot electrical field. I could be wrong! I think in the future humans may be able to detect those turbulent areas and not live inside the hot spots.

In some key areas of the Planet inter-dimensional fields cross. In the ancient past those areas were designated as travel zones or contact zones .. but people did not live inside those energetically volatile areas.

There are areas around the world where sacred temples were built and humans were not to go into certain areas that were called sacred. I think that was also for our own protection. I sense those volatile areas and I will not go near them.

Sometimes these areas can bleed out and spread. It is during those times that we collectively go through bad experiences. The fact is that these bad experiences are bad for EVERYONE. They are even bad for the groups who think they can get an advantage out of the bleed. Get some instinct people and realise that it can also destroy you.

A lot of the time people do not waken up until the very last moment.

There is another factor related to volatile areas or conflict zones. Due to the volatile electrical fields these areas attract destruction through weather anomalies and storms or even space debris in some circumstances. In turbulent times the destruction in those areas will affect mild zones. It is something we should collectively think about in the future.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark Zen: Inner Pathway

The Inner Art of Success...
I sketched this free-hand on photo paper back in 2013 from BLEACH Volume 6. which in other Manga translations reads: In other words, the destruction of the world.

When you go back in time the word structure has developed from many origins. Structure originally meant more than 'to build'. In Old Irish and Old Welsh the word meant a wide river valley or plain. The later use of the word structure - to organize and produce results - comes from the 1950's.

Destroy simply means to take apart that which was built.

Old Irish and Old Welsh were closer to the nature of structure in terms of Physics and Quantum Physics today. Structure is what we have under our feet. It is the binding together of physical matter in all its forms.

If you build a house from wood you have to destruct the tree to construct the house. To build a foundation for a house you have to destruct the local environments of soil and plants to construct the foundation for the area you are going to live in.

To construct a meal you have to destruct [take apart] all the ingredients that you put into the meal that you create. Vegetables have to come out of the ground and be broken down. Fish have to come out of the ocean and be broken down [altered from their original structure].

Life is always yin and yang TOGETHER.

In this reality that we inhabit together there is always an element of destruction within success. I build my home out of everything I destroyed to construct my world successfully. The same rules must apply to the Inner Art of Success.

Success does not really exist as a fixed set paradigm .. success does not exist in 3D physical space. You build your house .. you have to maintain it. You cook your food .. you have to cook the next meal. We are living in a never ending process of creation / destruction.

Creation destruction on the cellular level .. on the physical level and when that process [cycle] ends it is the point we cease to exist. In 3D physical reality deconstructing matter is probably THE MOST essential element of our lives.

As human beings [psychologically] our minds do not want to follow these rules or apply these rules. The ego-self wants to create a fixed pattern within the natural order of chaos. This is what I call this series: Dark Zen.

Dark Intelligence is hidden. Dark Intelligence is a secret. The Secret Art = to secrete. The word secrete means both to hide and to release. The glands secrete [release] fluids into the body that one could describe as powerful elixirs.

I will tell you a secret! The skeletal structure .. the bones also secrete essential compounds into the body. A lot of what goes on inside our bodies is hidden .. unseen .. undetected and therefore is a secret process.

Our current scientific understanding of the body is extremely superficial and sticks and stones science. We do not have even a basic understanding about the functions of the human body. The same applies to the human mind.

How much attention do you pay to the functions of the mind? We don't pay attention. From birth to death the mind functions on its own and we barely explore its depths lifetime after lifetime. Success is what we build in the outer world and is very rarely related to the inner world.

I am going to share with you a secret that effects every gland in your body: Success! One word can affect the entire energy field .. and it is not outside of you .. it is inside. Success lies inside of you .. not outside of you.

You are living [incarnate] inside your body. How much of a relationship do you have to your body? How long have you been living inside your body? Have you ever at any point in time tried to have a relationship with the body you inherited?

You have relationships with your friends and family! You have a relationship with your home or apartment. You have a relationship with the food you eat. You have a relationship with your cat or your dog. Inside you is a bigger secret of a much bigger relationship.

The relationship to beat all other relationships is relationship with yourself.

This is the Art of Success. It begins inside you and through the same process of creation destruction the relationship is ongoing .. it never ends. The body eventually wears out. The relationship continues. That is the one secret pathway to yourself!

Everything is transient: The money .. the house .. the organisation [of life] .. the food .. the structures we build. It is all moving and changing .. changing and moving. Build up .. break apart .. break apart .. build up.

Success only truly exists inside of you. One could say that you are the success. This is very important to understand because it is on the same pathway as secretions .. secret .. to secrete. Only .. the glands this time are energy pathways as well as key transformers /transformation.

This is where you begin... With that one word: Success.

Every day you just never give up to find out and cultivate this inside of you. The outer success are like the leaves on trees. It is the Inner Art that you are having a relationship with. This effects the world around you without any effort to do so.

When you have a relationship with yourself you have a relationship with the world. One could also say: The relationship you have with yourself is the relationship you have with the world. You can transform the auto-pilot effect where life throws you around by having a relationship with yourself.

To have a relationship with yourself you have to go beyond the superficial and find a path to the secretions [secrets]. That which is hidden. Only when you journey on that inner path does the body respond to you [and change].

This is essentially a one word dialogue: Success. Transform.

That was always the secret of what some call 'magic'. The power of words. The effects that words have. The connection between words and physical matter. The connection between words [mind] and the body. They originally used one word. Later this Inner Art became a whole watered down external dialogue.

The original Masters never attempted to alter or influence external reality. The original Masters took the Inner Pathways to Self. You do not have to have a big dialogue with yourself! Insight and understanding are a secret hidden part of you that cannot directly manifest in the external 3D world.

One example is what takes place within the human body when glands release secretions. The secretion before it is released is totally different to the anatomical weight of the secretion after it is released. The moment secretions enter the pathways of the physical body they change their structure. We are full circle back to structure! I think I will end there...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Teachings of The Mask

We are living in exceptional times...

The Jade Mask
The last days of December I had a dream about a Jade mask. I forgot the dream .. as it made no sense to me. I only remembered the dream again because in the early hours of this morning I had another dream about a mask. Only .. in this dream I saw someone wearing a mask.

The implications apply to all of us! Apply to who we are and to the changing dynamics of who are at any point in space-time.

This image is closest to the jade mask I saw in the first dream. I have a very practical reason for sharing this with you. We are dreamers. We may live within and inhabit physical 3D existence .. but whether we are here or somewhere else we dream and dreaming is our power.

Most often when we have bad dreams [nightmares] that can be angry or violent .. we often wake up feeling tired and worn out. Bad dreams can leave us feeling drained and exhausted. Good dreams can often seem to empower us and have an energizing effect.

In a way it is the same energy applied to how we live our lives. Aggressive people may appear to have more power .. but when you really stop to pay attention the empty drum makes the loudest noise.

When you see the Masters deflecting direct force .. the Masters are not using or applying force to deflect the incoming energy. It is the same in Nature where a loud noise is absorbed by silent surrounding space. To understand this principle you have to be your own Master!

In the first dream a woman appeared and gave me an ancient antique jade mask. The image above is 80 percent accurate except that the mask did not appear to have a flat head and the size of the mask was the size of a human head. In the dream I took the mask and I studied it in detail. White lines ran through the mask. The eyes and mouth were solid with no holes carved through the stone.

We all wear masks!

The first thing society programs into the mind is: Do not wear a mask. You have to be up front and honest. Masks are a form of deception. Only bad people wear masks. The truth is we all wear masks. It is a part of life. Masks are also related to internal power.

In the next dream I seemed to suddenly appear in a small community at a sandy shore with straw roof bamboo houses. I immediately saw a man wearing a mask. I thought to myself: Why is he wearing a mask. At the same time I pretended not to notice and I turned my attention to the surrounding sea.

In the dream the mask was a living part of the man's face and persona.

Most of us wear masks that are different to our inner personality. This is because we are slightly out of synch with the depth of our own persona. With most of us the masks and the persona do not match.

It was explained to me that the man's mask and his face matched because of his inner power and hidden integrity. We all think today that deception has to be hidden and integrity has to be out in the open. In reality it is the other way round.

Later I did not see the mask .. but the hidden power of the mask was there inside the man. I could not understand why no one else saw this. All the people in the dream could not perceive anything that I was seeing. I knew this because I could see different levels of energy inside people and around people. The energy affected the state of people's psyche.

When you live in this world and think you are not to wear a mask .. maybe you will never truly understand your own power? We generally associate masks with deception .. and this is not necessarily the case.

I am going to share one aspect of what I was taught and maybe this will make sense to you. Practicing the Martial Arts we are taught high kicks to the chest or head. The high kicks are good for stretching and exercising leg muscles and tendons .. but maybe not so good in terms of real practical defense.

One real world aspect of the mask as it was taught to me was: Do not kick high in real life situations. There are many practical reasons for that. If you do not have the strength and the speed [balance] kicking high can leave you vulnerable and put you in danger.

I was shown .. in real life [especially as a woman] you train to take out the more vulnerable hips groin knees or ankles. You have to understand the same masks apply to any aspect of life. If you kick the inner knee out or the outer knee in then that is a lot more effective than a solid kick to the chest!

When you kick the back knee joint forward and push the upper body back the attacker completely loses balance. If you kick to the upper body and you are not strong enough then the attacker can catch your leg and send you flying...

In this respect the mask is to know how to deal with unpleasant situations.

The mask teaches me not only to mask my own defense .. but how to mask my strength. The hips groin knees lower legs and ankles are the most vulnerable parts of the human body outside of the vital points of the body.

Everyone believes that the early Martial Arts Masters were jumping around like super human athletes defeating their enemies. This really does not make any sense. Here again we have the teachings of the mask.

The truth is the Masters knew and utilised the weak points of the opponents body not to have to expend excessive energy in long and tiring fights. Even those who defend themselves have to be fast. If you have to defend yourself for twenty minutes or half an hour then you are going to get tired after some time.

The mask can also be a form of compassion.

A kick to the head can break someone's neck. A blow to the solar plexus can kill someone. A knee to the spine can break someone's back. The use of direct force can completely destroy an attacker.

For this reason the Masters developed the mask to its fullest art form.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Dark Zen: Plant Human Intelligence

1+1 = 11
1+1+01+2+0+1+5 = 11
Today two strange events happened simultaneously... I had ginger roots growing in a large Chinese bowl that I had planted beginning 2014. Recently with the cold weather the green stalks had dried. I cut the stalks and I turned the ginger roots out to see what state they were in.

Around the same time I was doing research and I discovered Tibetan Acupuncture Thangkas that were totally new to me and I ordered one from Nepal... The two events: The ginger roots and the Tibetan Skeletal Thangkas go together.

The question I have is! Do we make sense of our world or does our world make sense of us? Let me take the ginger root experience as the first experience. Early in 2014 I sprouted and planted the same type of ginger root inside a large container and what was left I planted inside a semi-large Chinese bowl from the local Asian store.

Ginger growing in the pot with more space has grown large ginger corms from the mother root that I planted indoors inside a large pot of soil The ginger roots planted in the Chinese bowl developed healthy strong compact balls.

What I am about to say is this...

Ginger growing in the Chinese bowl knew [were aware] of the restricted growing space. You may say or think that the growing ginger physically pushed against the ceramic and restricted their growing space. No! That is not what they did!

The ginger root [corms] growing in the Chinese bowl were nowhere near the edge of the bowl they were growing in. The roots formed ball like corms close to the mother root packed inside the soil and did not expand out to the sides of the ceramic bowl.

In comparison .. ginger growing in larger pots with more space expanded exponentially [in growth] with new shoots expanding out from the main mother corm of the planted ginger roots. The world around us is always teaching and communicating with us .. and this is where the question arises: Do we make sense of our world or does our world make sense of us?

Ginger does not know about plastic pots or ceramic Chinese bowls. Ginger apparently does not know growing indoors [inside a house]. How can ginger root assess growing restrictions or surrounding growing environments like plastic pots and ceramic bowls?

In three to four years growing ginger roots indoors in various containers I have become aware [the plants are teaching me] that they know their environment without even coming close to touching the edges of the plastic pots or ceramic bowls. The ginger roots growing in the ceramic Chinese bowl were perfectly aware of their growing environment and the amount of soil they had to grow in.

The last sentence is key: The amount of soil that had to grow in!

Soil communicates with plants and plants communicate with soil. It is my THEORY that it is the soil [primarily] that tells the plants of growing restrictions. If you are still with me? THIS depth of communication implies that all forms of matter KNOW each other.

You have to test this out for yourself...

I put seaweed in my mouth and it melts. This implies multiple levels of material communication between my body .. water .. physical life forms and each physical form knowing the rules of existence on levels we humans can barely understand [intellectually].

To eat seaweed or swallow water there have to be physical fundamental rules of exchange and knowing between the seaweed / water and the physical body. Then even more complicated is that the body can digest [understand] these forms of matter and pass out the waste.

What I have just written in its simplest form is the same knowing contained within ginger root existing inside our own bodies. We live in a world that is constantly [silently] communicating with itself. I guess SILENCE is the biggest part of this ongoing communication.

I will photograph the restricted 2014 ginger and then I will replant the same roots into a large container for 2015 [as there are new sprouts forming on the one year old ball shaped corms]. Then I will observe what the ginger roots do next as they grow and become aware of a larger more spacious growing environment.

At the same time my discovery has incredible implications for agriculture and plant cultivation. What I am discovering is that plants know of and adapt to their local environment with highest levels of success. It also implies that plants know of and adapt to chemicals and other related organic fields.

In other words plants are designed to know .. understand and adapt to different environments such as rich soil .. clay .. rocks soil .. sandy soil .. dehydrated soil .. water rich soils .. and so on! The most important of all is that plants UNDERSTAND these different and varying environments [including atmospheric moisture and local temperatures].

I go into this later when I have the photographs...

Unexpectedly discovering the Tibetan Medicinal Thangka Art is related to the experience of the ginger root [intelligence]. Skeletal bones are the roots of the human form. Do not be afraid of the skeletal structure!

The human face relies on the skull.
Humans do not have a brain unless they have a skull!

The brain sits inside the skull. Humans do not have a body without the connected bones. The bones have to match for you to have a body. Usually human skeletons are associated with death. But .. your body cannot exist without the bones [skeletal structure]. The skeleton is LIFE...

Like ginger the inner skeleton understands and adjusts to outer environments.

Human skeletal structure understands and adjusts to heat .. cold .. harsh environments .. gentle environment .. damp /wet .. hot / dry environments. The bones are affected by food .. water .. chemistry .. temperature and how easy or hard our lives are.

Also .. the dark meridians runs through the bones!

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Dark Zen: The Body Mind

There is an element in Hatha Yoga where you strengthen and condition the body through imagining physical exercise. I was not good at yoga as a kid [I have to have dynamic movement] .. but I retained and used the principles of imagination in my life.

I think it was just before Christmas? I had been applying a new mind principle discipline that came to me and I was observing what effect it might have. To test something you have to apply it in your life and practice as you observe for yourself what effect it may have on your life.

What I am about to share with you really took place in 3D reality .. as strange as it may sound! I knew that I had one 20 Euro note in my wallet .. but by the evening my wallet was empty. I was really puzzled and decided to go to the bank the next day.

The next day I checked again .. not understanding how the wallet could be empty and I searched all my pockets to see if I had put the 20 Euro note somewhere else. I could not find the 20 Euro and so I went to the bank cash machine.

I was in the bank and I took out my card and because the situation was so strange I looked again at the empty wallet and then I took out 25 Euro cash and I put one five Euro note and one twenty Euro note into the empty pocket of my wallet.

The new 20 Euro note was crisp and there was only one 20 Euro note in my hand that I put into the empty wallet. I am sure you know by now what is coming next! Half an hour later in the local food store I took out my wallet to pay for the food I was buying and inside the wallet were two 20 Euro notes.

I did not even get the shivers .. I was more like: How did this old 20 Euro note appear again inside the wallet? The new 20 Euro note was in front with the new five Euro note and the lost old worn 20 Euro note was behind the money I had taken from the cash machine.

I know for a fact that my wallet was empty and I know for a fact that all I had at the bank was one twenty Euro and one five Euro. So .. how did the second twenty Euro appear in the wallet. Please do not think that I have the golden goose... I just have an ordinary wallet like everyone else.

I shared this strange story with you to encourage you to believe in yourself and to believe .. trust and respect your body and your mind. More accurate to trust your body-mind connection. What I am about to write next is related to the subtle and mysterious relationship between body and mind.

This self-study I am doing has nothing to do with the power of the mind over matter. This is not the power of the mind over body. The body and the mind are ONE. It is not the mind effecting the body or the body effecting the mind .. but that body and mind are one and the same phenomenon. They work seamlessly together in ways we do not understand.

Dark Zen: The Body Mind
We each have to find our own way according to our nature .. but there are basic rules to learning how to apply imagination to benefit our health and well-being. You could say that imagination is the Internet communication network between mind and body.

What I am saying is that during my own self-made tests both body and mind together understand the language of imagination. You may ask: Where does imagination come from? Then we are talking about the Torii [gateway] that does not move but unifies [effects] that which moves.

A few rules: When we feel bad or we feel unhappy .. that is a form of imagination. It is just that these feelings are on auto-pilot and we ride the roller-coaster of our feelings whenever they arise. Let us say this is a kind of auto-pilot imagination that we are unaware of and we just allow it to happen within us.

Next rule: Even when on auto-pilot imagination we are ultimately responsible for every feeling we allow to run our inner lives and to rule our inner lives. If we are not paying attention and allow feelings to run .. it is still our responsibility .. because we allow it.

Next rule: We can change imagination at any point in time and space!
There is no rule that you cannot change...

I cannot tell you how to go out and fish. All I can do is share with you how I fish. We all live unique lives and have to teach ourselves whatever is relevant to our own inner lives and inner connection. The rule about teaching oneself is to practice every day!

There can be days where you just feel bad about yourself no matter what the circumstances. I never let that one go without challenging the state of mind. There are different ways to turn negative feelings around. One way I have is to imagine Martial Arts moves using imagination training. You may be surprise to know that the physical body responds to mental training in the same way as physical training.

What usually happens to people in western society as they get really old and maybe sick? Their minds become the aging and the sickness. I am saying people of all ages not only get sick .. but IMAGINE they are sick. The two states go seamlessly together.

I discovered this fact when I was in my mid-forties and I got really sick with a bad Winter flu... I thought I was going to die. I woke up in the early hours of the morning and my body was a bag of bones. I could not move a muscle. This was the best challenge that could ever have happened to me!

The first thing that took place was I felt a powerful compassion for my physical body. I said to the body: No matter what happens... Thank you. Out of this awareness and gratitude I became aware of how the mind also gets sick. We feel bad and we also imagine we feel bad. The mind repeats like a mantra: My bones hurt .. my muscles hurt .. I can't breathe .. and so on.

On auto-pilot we do not realise that the physical brain and the physical body react to this as COMMANDS. There is a fine line where our thoughts are telling the body: You feel bad .. and so on. The only way to prove this is to turn it around. I immediately began to use my imagination to turn it around and I fell asleep. When I woke up my flu symptoms were greatly reduced and my body was back to normal and feeling stronger.

Rather than get that sick again .. as I was responsible for letting it happen .. I would use a magic elixir if I got sick. I would use my imagination to tell the body: You have just taken a magic elixir. There are many variations one can use. It pretty much works.

When I was under stress I would take the herb Valerian that can be used to reduce stress. It always worked for me and after some time I could reduce my own stress without Valerian. In extreme situations I had another technique. Because water has a memory I could tell the body: You have just taken two Valerian [using my imagination]. I found that also works.

I want to improve my strength and endurance and tendon elasticity. Usually when we exercise and all the tendons are stiff we immediately think: Oh! Man! This hurts! My tendons are so tight. What do you think that does? What kind of effect does it have? We feel the pain and we imagine non-elastic painful tendons.

I started to counter this by imagining swimming in the ocean and swimming under water. I also imagined I was doing different exercises. If I have to travel somewhere and movement is restricted I can use the time to imagine I am climbing a mountain or working out doing exercises.

The same thing applies to flying or driving long distances. Usually we sit and think / feel that we are trapped in a confined space getting stiff and sore. We mostly think: I will be happy when this travelling is over.

I can go into another time [using imagination] and I can practice physical endurance skills .. and the body gets it! I do not imagine that I am in a practice hall. In my mind I go out into Nature and I created my own scenes and can even do some fighting #_*

It's all in the creative spirit !!

Imagination is like any other discipline .. we have to practice apply and learn. It is like playing golf for many years or practicing the Martial Arts .. climbing mountains .. whatever you teach yourself. When you practice something then your skills increase.

In some ways the same physical material 3D rules apply to imagination in this World. Skills of imagination are seamlessly linked to physical skills. When you are learning golf you do not swing the club once and then go sit in the club bar. It is the same with imagination.

Imagination rules our lives every day .. but we are not always in control. Our thoughts and feelings are subjective and on auto-pilot and we very rarely apply ourselves to switch off the auto-pilot and activate our inner learning through application and practice .. and to challenge ourselves! The skill only comes from challenging ourselves every day. That is the hidden secret to self-mastery.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Chinese Goat Year 2015: Standing Pushing Endurance

2015 - Year of the Chinese Wood [Green] Goat 羊 may also be referred to as Year of the Sheep or Year of the Ram. Each animal in the Chinese Zodiac is governed by the five elements: Metal Water Wood Fire Earth. The element of fire governs the Goat. 2015 is the Year of Green Wooden Sheep / Goat because Wood (tree) is connected to the color Green. Wood is also associated with the element of fire because it helps fire to burn. The Wood Goat is associated with patience and fortune [Jupiter].
I Ching Zodiac
Chinese Fortune Calendar
I personally do not think that our ancestors would read understand and predict fortune or hardship based on fixed interpretation of written Astrology texts. They most certainly learned through personal and shared [discussed] observations of the elements and Nature. That includes the natural world .. human nature and animal nature as well as understanding the nature of the elements.

This is my own understanding of the 2015 Chinese Year of the Wood Goat [Sheep] that begins on New Moon February 19 in 2015. Why begin on the New Moon and not on a Full Moon? After Full Moon we experience influence of decreasing energies and after New Moon we experience influence of increasing energies.

Related to my post: 2015 Standing Without Moving [Transformation] .. I see the same element of standing pushing .. with many variations and associated consequences. One example of pushing is aggression and impatience .. while another example of pushing is gentle massage. This is why I am going to look at this from the horizon view of the elements themselves and how this affects humans through the alchemy of both inner and outer elements.

Chinese Goat Year 2015: Standing Pushing Endurance
Goats and sheep are very similar in nature when they are allowed to roam freely across natural landscapes. You may not associate sheep with climbing high on mountains .. but I have met sheep really high up [even on a rock face]. On one climb I thought I was alone on the mountain until I climbed over the rocky face to discover a sheep sitting on the edge watching me.

In Crete [Greece] the same experience took place meeting goats high above the rocky shore .. only I was using the path and the goats were walking and climbing across the vertical layers of rock. Like sheep they peacefully wander searching for grass flowers and herbs. The one aspect humans tend to overlook is the love sheep and goats have for Nature and the surrounding landscape. They not only climb .. but they LOVE to climb!

I am not going to take the view of these animals being patient and gentle bringing fortune in 2015. I want to look deeper into the elements that make up the goat / sheep .. and how this relates to human experience and behaviour. The I Ching observes changing cycles of elements and influence over decades.
A year has 365 days; the human skeleton has 365 sections. The earth has forests and woods; man has membranes and sinews. The Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Ancient Texts for Modern Students - Kenneth May
The inner animal elements that make up the character of goats are not only patience and gentleness .. but also there is calm endurance. At the same time the gentle goats have horns and a strong head designed for butting or pushing. Unlike horses who are associated with travel and trade [wealth] over long distances .. goats / sheep provide milk .. clothing and meat = physical resources.

This year [2015] is going to be more related to the elements of real wealth [physical resources]. Because the element of fire is so strong this may also mean conflicts over resources as well as loss of resources. Loss of resources could mean agriculture / animal loss through natural disasters and re-evaluation of the meaning of wealth.

Why would the gentle goat bring us to re-evaluate our values relating to physical resources? Simply because we humans lack the gentle compassion of the goat / sheep in relation to the resources we receive from the Earth. This year is all about true value [real value] and understanding the dynamics of actual wealth.

One example of wealth is a bag of rice. Anything you can find at the store to cook a meal is wealth. Water coming into your home is wealth. This Winter is cold damp and wet and heating the home is a form of wealth. The structure of the home that protects you from the elements is wealth. When you have to survive outside in the wilds then any kind of tree or shelter you can find is wealth.

The last post was about the meeting of two incompatible forces: Blocking and pushing! Both of those forces form the inner elements and life of the goat. The goat / sheep are slow moving .. taking their time .. grazing .. moving gradually with no straight line goal or objective. Goats / sheep can also be stubborn .. stand their ground .. they have horns and a strong head. Goats and sheep are also designed to push with their horns. They generally do what they want to do.

You can take a horse or a cow and get them to pull a plough to prepare a field for sowing seeds .. but you wont get a goat or sheep hooked up to some pulling device. I once returned from a hill walk camping wild and when I opened the outer tent I was face to face with a sheep sitting in the inner tent looking back at me with a: "What do you want stare."

You may think sheep would run straight out of the tent. In reality it was difficult to get the sheep to leave the inner tent. From a sheep perspective we humans had put our tent on a grassy flat slope at the foot of a mountain that was where they like to sit in the warm afternoon.

What does this mean for humans and human activity?

Let us say you have the blocking force .. blocking the natural flow of trade. The pushing force in this case would be the banks wanting returns on their loans and the people crushed in the middle would be the producers of goods. Food growers not being able to sell their products and pay back the loans would be crushed in the middle of two incompatible conflicting forces.

How would the naturally born mediators view this? The mediators would step back and assess both incompatible forces and address a solution. The problem is related to the pushing nature of the gentle and patient goat / sheep. The mediator has to push in a similar way to the goat.

One example to make this clear is this: If people [the mediators] who stopped the crush in Shanghai had stepped back and allowed the aggressive impatient pushing force to pass ahead and directly push on the blocking force? Probably a lot more people would have been hurt including those pushing hardest.

When you apply this behaviour to banking and financial institutions the dynamics are the same. In 2015 the blocking force for financial institutions would be the freezing of loans and repaying loans = loss. Financial pushing force would be: "Give me my money!" If there is no mediating force between these incompatible polarities then everyone is going to suffer [get hurt].

Do not imagine that those aggressively pushing do not get hurt!

We are probably going to see a new generation of free thinking mediators coming in to re-balance government and financial institutions. These people would never appear unless we are faced with the dynamics of the standing pushing goat elements. Those changes [a new approach] will apply through the next 12 years.

The dynamic elements of standing / pushing do not apply only to direct conflicts and the necessary resolution of those conflicts. I have an idea for pushing that I have to test out when the weather is not so wet and cold. A tree or a wall .. hands on the tree and gently push over longer periods of time.

I have to find areas where people do not come and ask me what I am doing #_#

When I am developing something new I need to stay focused and assess the forms and the experience. In general people who do not do Martial Arts want to talk .. or they feel they are watching some kind of entertainment and then they want to know its name!

I would like to try a new kind of artistic video to see if I can show this in an unusual way. I have not made any videos in ages... Related to this is the ART of pushing. The non-aggressive art of pushing. When attacked you gently redirect the incoming force.

Although this is the physical Martial Arts you can apply this to anything in life.

I find this the most exciting aspect! The natural mediator is a man or woman who is able to gently deflect incompatible forces in a peaceful way. When a person applying pushing force hits a wall they are going to get hurt. In the past there were Martial Arts practitioners who could dead-stop an aggressive force.

When you punch a tree your hands bleed! But the tree does not want to hurt you!

This is where higher Buddhist elements of the goat / sheep apply to 2015. This is a chance to learn or teach yourself the ART of a gentle deflection of aggressive force and preservation of inner values. This also translates to the preservation of your opponents dignity.

Maybe in a past life you were crazy .. selfish and aggressive?

There may have been a key point where you woke up and totally changed who you are lifetime after lifetime? When you have to deal with primitive selfish aggression from people around you .. there is also possibility of a wake-up point if you learn and apply the gentle art of pushing / redirecting those incompatible forces.

I love the videos where the angry aggressive warrior tries again and again to defeat and kill the Samurai Master... Then comes the last moment where he is lying on the ground defeated by his own desire to kill. He says to the Master: "Kill me! Why don't you kill me!" .. as the Samurai Master walks away. THEN the inner transformation takes place and he says: "I want to be like you... Teach me!" #_*

Saturday, January 03, 2015

2015 Standing Without Moving [Transformation]

Torii [Japan] meaning "bird abode" is a traditional Japanese gate built of wood or stone at the entrance of or within Shinto shrines and some Japanese Buddhist temples. The large Torii gateways mark the entrance to sacred space.
From December 31 until today it has taken me three days to begin to understand the signs that reveal the signature energy of 2015. The way these signs come is through unusual events that happen outside of the normal everyday flow of events. Also can appear as strange or powerful visions that do not fade .. but seem present and real.

As a seer I like to stay away from crowds of people that distract from the unusual energy signatures that appear on the last day of December. This energy is directly related to the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun. This is a celestial phenomenon that you do not get at any other time of the year.

I briefly described the event on December 31st .. and these events usually catch your attention because they come into being like that fate puts together a series of coincidences that add up to make sense or cause you to think.

As we approach the Lunar New Year on February 19 [2015] and enter the Chinese Year of the Wood Goat [Wood Sheep] .. that is a whole other story in itself. But related to this is standing still [patience] and pushing [resistance]. I could be wrong in saying that Blocking [standstill] and Pushing [resistance] are the key energies of 2015 to pay attention to and be aware of.

On December 31st I was quietly and patiently moving along between two opposing forces. The guy in front of me was super slow and just in his own world blocking all flow of movement of people behind him. The woman behind me was aggressive and pushing. I was in the middle of these two incompatible forces. The person in the middle of these two incompatible forces "gets crushed".

On the same day those incompatible forces manifest themselves at the waterfront in Shanghai [China]. Why Shanghai? Because it is a Gateway .. and I will go into that later. Movement slowed down or came to a stop blocking the people behind .. at the same time a larger pushing force came from the back.

In Shanghai it was the people caught in the middle of these two incompatible forces who got crushed. Typically two-thirds of those who got crushed were women .. because women do not have the physical strength to block or stand against that kind of movement pushing against them.

Now 2015 will gradually manifest in 3D physical reality as the experiencing of events. These events are similar to driving on a road as you journey each to your destinations. The destinations may be different .. but all share the journey.

When you drive on a road you pay attention to the conditions around you.

I know warnings when I see them. As soon as something strange begins to happen on a road I see it. I feel the changes sometimes before the flow in events change. Sometimes I see [sense] things seconds before it happens.

I am giving you two examples of a sudden change in events to say that all you have to do is pay attention and really pay attention to situations and the ambient energy flow. In 2015 it may take place that there are sudden surges and blocks. The way I see it .. those surges and blocks are incompatible.

The surges [impatience / force] are going to hit resistance [standstill / blocks].

There is one other part to this that is also very important: How people deal with the sudden shift that creates two clashing forces that cannot pass each other. In my own case I was able to mediate and transfer the volatile clash of those two forces .. one in front of me and one behind me.

I do not know all the details of the event in Shanghai. But as tragic as the event is .. it could have been a lot worse if many of the people who took action had not worked together to pretty much stop others getting hurt = they altered the flow. Many people in the crowd worked together shouting and this cause the pushing force to back off and stop the pressure.

The mediator is probably the most important force in this situation.

If what I am sharing with you is accurate for 2015? Which force are you? Are you the blocking force [standstill]? Are you the pushing force [impatience]?. Are you the mediating force [balance]? If people around you are pushing will you join them and start to push? Do you have the inner strength to change the flow of events?

Who you are and where you stand is not really so relevant other than you yourself knowing what kind of energy you are. Life is a mirror and you have to pay attention and look in the mirror to see what is reflected inside that energy.

Now I reach The Gateway / The Japanese Torii .. sacred door or entrance.

I could not sleep until the early hours of the morning when I saw [with closed eyes] a truly giant Sacred Gate structure towering above me. The scene was dark .. everything was dark .. but I could clearly see the ancient Japanese Gateway.

My perspective was like a tiny energy orb on the ground looking up at this gigantic traditional doorway that leads nowhere. There was darkness all around and there was darkness inside [on the other side of] the space within the gate. I could not move nor change perspective.

Standing Without Moving [Transformation]
I fell asleep .. woke up and I could still see the truly giant Japanese style Gateway with my eyes closed. Still I was not able to pass to the other side as is usually assumed behaviour when faced with an open door or passage. I naturally want to see what is on the other side...

This is similar to the ancient doorways carved into a large piece of stone or rock face. It is a doorway you cannot pass through .. and yet the masons have carved the stone to look like a door or gateway [entrance]. This is relevant to 2015.

You have to consider hidden dynamics of the ancient spiritual gate - door - entrance. The Japanese Torii stands there and does not move. It does not go anywhere. We humans may pass to and fro through the gateway .. but the structure itself does not move.

In the vision I became aware that the space around the gate is irrelevant.

All space is equal.

The gate is the gate and there is not this side / that side. When you are facing the gate from either side you are facing the same gate .. dynamics and structure. The hidden meaning is no movement. These gateways are silently communicating stillness .. non-movement .. silence.

Out of this stillness [balance] comes transformation!

In another post I want to share my own understanding of the elements of Chinese Goat / Sheep and their relationship to this challenge of stillness. In ancient times people observed the world around them. People paid attention to the elements and meditated upon their meaning.

I was born knowing this and I want to share that anyone can successfully do this with no training and no effort. In fact .. the best teacher you have is yourself. The ancient scribes used a tool to write with and the ancient inner tool is awareness.

About Shanghai and the gateway phenomenon. This phenomenon is not only because of the large bodies of water surrounding Shanghai or the flow of trade [center of trade and movement]. I live inland on the edge of a large [gateway] body of water .. one of the largest underground aquifers holding an estimated 450,000 km3 / 110,000 cubic miles of fresh water.

Not all large bodies of water are GATEWAYS.

Water is reflective and takes on the character [energy] of the surrounding area. Even though water flows around the world .. returning to the skies and falling again as rain .. still the essence of water reflects the environment in which it manifests. Water + energy = manifest phenomenon.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dark Zen: Success

I am going to share with you something that may transform your lives .. and that may also save your lives in uncertain times of chaos. Most important of all the application of what I am about to share will certainly make you a calm Island sanctuary that can affect and heal people around you.

This event just happened to me with a total stranger .. and it took me many hours to understand just how amazing we humans can be in very mysterious ways.

I did not want to call this post: Dark Zen: Success. I see things visually when I write and I kind of understand what this is about and why success is the key. This is so complex I can only do the Notebook version .. but that should be enough to get started.

The key to this post is: Happiness & Success. The origins of the word happy is - good fortune [success]. The origins of the word success is - happy outcome. You have to be aware that happiness can be a shared synergy that benefits anyone [even people you do not know] .. and success can mean health or making positive change that benefits others.

I was out in the public sphere early today and caught in a crowd where a young woman was pushing aggressively at my back. I stayed calm and let her push. Next this woman began to shout at me wanting to push ahead. At first I put her in her place .. but when I stopped to look at her in more detail I felt compassion and said to her: Go forward .. it is not a problem.

Next the woman refused to go forward and I said: Go ahead .. I am not in a hurry. She would not go ahead and she became very quiet. Maybe because a stranger had shown her compassion and respect on a basic human level rather than get into a fight. I can also say that I had to work hard for many years of my life to embody the kind of energy that passed through me in those unexpected moments. This is the foundation I am going to now try to share with you.

Dark Zen: Success
Usually I receive guidance for the next year ahead in the early hours of January 1st of each year. In Europe this is when a window opens [almost like a mirror] and the signature energy of the year becomes clear to me.

Early this morning I began to feel nervous about this coming process as it is always an unpredictable manifestation that has to be read and understood with crystal clarity and not subjective intellectual analysis. I know it when I see it .. but I never know when it is coming into view!

This year [end of 2014] the process began to present itself at around 11:00 Am to 12: AM on December 31st. At first I thought this is not possible .. because it always happens in the early hours of the morning on the first day of January of each year.

I could not ignore the signature seeing a number of related events in a very short time span that made it clear to me what will be needed in 2015 due to the nature of the energies present. Rather than think that we are walking into TIME .. try to imagine that we are walking into a flow of energy. Maybe more accurate we are entering an energy landscape that will manifest as physical events.

As we walk through the energy signature physical events will appear in the same way mountains .. rivers .. towns and fields appear when you are travelling somewhere and you pass through many changes in scenery on the journey to your destination.

We think of success as wealth and physical rewards and that is wrong. Success is actually an energy and not a physical 3D resource. More accurate real success is an inner resource. For example .. the angry woman today was an unforeseen test / Initiation for me after many years of being taught how to act from a certain inner foundation.

What I want to share with you is about our base negative mind that seems to run our lives on automatic setting. We sit back in the pilot seat [incarnation] and we allow this negative mind set to rule our lives. Emotions can be: self-pity .. sadness .. depression .. hurt .. fear .. sorrow .. loneliness .. jealousy .. anger .. hatred.

When the emotions come out .. our thoughts immediately say: I FEEL...

We jump into the feelings like jumping into a swimming pool on a hot Summer day. Once ego-self [thought] identifies itself with those emotions [as they arise] we are DOOMED. Then the emotional roller-coaster begins and at the end of the session we are exhausted and unhappy.

What do you have to lose on these rides? ENERGY !!

The angry young woman was probably 25 or more years younger than me and she was a complete wreck in terms of loss of energy and life force depletion. Her surrounding energy field was that of an 80 year old physically worn out human being. We reap what we sow!

What do you have to do to switch off the ego-self [thought] auto-pilot and take control of the inner journey as yourself: the incarnate spirit? You have to develop your own positive psychic ways that creates space between the emotional reaction and the automatic ego self-identification with each emotion.

I feel .. I am .. I want #_*

I am not talking about self-denial. I am talking about actively disengaging the automatic emotional self-ego that results in you [in less than an instant] saying: I feel X Y Z... The moment you mentally plug into the emotional reactions you are caught. You are already in the water before you know you have jumped in. It happens faster than your physical awareness.

When you observe yourself and you question yourself .. creating space [stepping back] before your mental state becomes the emotional reaction .. you question: Wait a minute! What is this?

You do not accept the emotional upheaval. You are too intelligent for that. Through self-awareness you are one step ahead. Now you have created space between the emotional response / reaction and "I AM".

Just for fun try a little experiment. Do not immediately think: I AM .. FEELING! Step back and question what is going on? What is taking place? Put your foot on the brake and stop to observe the inner turmoil without associating the emotions with YOURSELF.

The moment you can successfully do this your whole world changes.

The inner world is like Martial Arts. Once you start training it is for the rest of your life. As you train and begin to feel lighter and more balanced you also begin to learn on new levels. Life becomes so interesting [out of the emotional matrix] that you are interested to find out the next levels and the next levels.

Once you switch off the emotional auto-pilot reaction you begin to find all kinds of flight-controls on the inner dashboard of the psyche. There are buttons that counter negative thoughts by using simple words... Simple words like SUCCESS .. HAPPINESS and THANK YOU.

You have to test it out for yourself and discover the words that disconnect the inner auto emotions and place a profound inner command of life on the path you are taking. That is all I want to share as we enter the energy landscape of 2015. An inner command of life!

When the woman was physically pushing at my back and later shouting because she did not get resistance [a reaction from me] .. I was not dealing with the woman [external world] .. I was dealing with myself [the internal world]. This is true SUCCESS and true HAPPINESS. Inner psychic command of the inner art of being. The inner response changes the outer world without effort = you do nothing! It happens on its own [intelligence].

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dark Zen: Harmony

Earth Dimensions: There are three associated dimensions each dimension connected to and part of the other two dimensions. Thee is the lower associated dimension. There is the middle associated dimension. There is the higher associated dimension. All three are connected and growing together like cells inside a womb.
I recently had dreams of a world very similar to this world apparently existing on Earth. These dreams are like parallel dimensions and they are different but at the same time similar to our current world. The slight differences in these parallel worlds are variations in everything they build. One dimension appears to be bigger and more detailed .. more powerful.

Actual experience of these parallel worlds changes our here and now view of our world and our existence. Why is this the case? Incarnations who have a cross dimensional awareness show signs of inner development. These beings have a duty to create balance in the world they inhabit as part of their own inner transitions.

There is not only one Earth dimension .. but there are many dimensions. Seeing allows the mind to think and act differently. The experience also challenges the whole illusion of elites and a higher order. When you experience other dimensions the illusion of a higher ruling order in this dimension is not what it may seem at first glance!

In these dreams I am who I am .. living in a similar but radically different Earth dimension [experience]. From the buildings it is clear the higher dimension is way more advanced than we are in some respects. They build many of their cities around an old world type stone architecture that is massive compared to anything we build in our dimension today.

The key signature of their architecture can be felt. The body and mind experiences the effect of these structures almost like a spiritual experience. The way the structures are build elevates the mind. It is almost as though the buildings are aware .. almost as though they are alive. Our primitive architecture seems to have been designed as a reflection of this other world dimension.

Dreams of other parallel world experiences are like an inter-world training experience. Recently I discovered that it is possible to go back and return there if [when] you can recall the frequency of the dream experience. If I am correct .. then it is possible that each incarnation is associated with multiple world experiences beyond space and time.

How does this relate to Dark Intelligence and Dark Zen?

Parallel worlds exist but are hidden. They are dark worlds or dark dimensions. Our experience of parallel worlds is the mystery that cannot be accessed by the isolated Solar Mind. At the same time some mysterious unknown affects us to become aware of other worlds that we inhabit. We may often dream of experiences in these other worlds.

Below us are lower dimensions and above us are higher dimensions. When we connect to lower dimensions we can feel their gravity and they can feel ours. When we connect to higher dimensions the effect is the same. When our dimension creates higher peaceful awareness then we also affect the lower and higher dimensions. Everything is related.

Clearly it is not in the interests of higher dimensions related to our dimension to be feeling a pull to be dragged lower. If associated lower dimensions are not transformed they will destroy themselves. It is in everyone's interests to achieve balance and harmony between the worlds.

Worlds associated with our world are like other continents even though they are parallel dimensions. We all effect each other and we can travel back and forth between the dimensions carrying core experience.

Lower dimension experience teaches us not to make certain mistakes in our behaviour that ultimately destroys our world. Higher dimension experience teaches us a new awareness that ultimately elevates our world. Who among us would not seek to be elevated?

Because hurt .. greed .. selfishness .. suffering .. sorrow .. fear .. jealousy and anger are all electrical frequencies! Each personal signature of these emotions adds up to create the whole world experience. This personal emotional indulgence creates cross-currents and cross-currents in which all of us are caught or drown.

Dark Zen: Harmony
I wrote the above information two days ago and this morning [December 28th] much more detail came into my mind = things that I personally have no clue about! Maybe when I write it this will start to make sense. This morning I was show more details about these inter-dimensional triangles.

Although there appears to be a lower and middle and a higher dimension connection in each associated triangle of three dimensions .. the three are one. The way it was shown to me is that the lower dimension may seem to be at odds with the higher associated dimension. There is yes and no to this appearance that the lower and the higher are at odds with each other.

Let us imagine that we exist simultaneously in all three dimensions in similar but different forms. If you go to either of the other associated dimensions you are yourself but you are slightly different. You recognise yourself .. but there is a clear difference even though it is yourself you are experiencing.

It is possible that on the lower associated dimension where it seems our world is the middle world .. there is no Russia Europe India and China. There is no Russia but something like Ru-stan. There is no Europe .. but something ?-Reich. There is no India but .. Industan or Hindustan. Maybe Indonesia is Industan and India is Hindustan. There is no China .. but Qin. From Sweden through Britain down to Greece and Portugal .. all this is something ?-Reich.

If you experienced the lower dimension and you wake up back here then you might have an attitude and think what a terrible experience to have .. because it is so different than what we know today [in our world]. I was shown that each world is not better or worse it is simply a part of us.

The higher dimension simply exists in the way they exist and we exist in the way we exist and the lower dimension exists in the way it exists .. where we are all interconnected and in some way work together [given our differences].

On the lower associated dimension Hindustan may have overcome wars we have not experienced in our world. In our world dimension we may have overcome wars the higher dimension have not experienced. Simply take all our shared experiences and at some point the three become one and the whole associated cycle begins again with other merged dimensions similar to our new combined world.

Most important of all is what I am about to write next...

I have shared with you a three dimensions [geometric form] association of worlds into which I am now going to place the players. Our manifest incarnations are the players in these three similar but different worlds. The background dimension is the scene in which the players interact.

Let me take one example of associated player interaction.

On the lower dimension we have our problems .. ones that do not exist in the middle dimension. We also have a non-intellectual genuine closeness vulnerability and love that does not exist in the middle and higher dimension experience.

In the middle dimension state we are already becoming intellectual and removed from our deeper emotions. In the higher dimension state we are highly intellectual [superior] and way removed from our deeper [lower] emotional state.

On the lower dimensional level the love and the passion have their own problems to balance out and overcome. Similarly on the middle and higher dimensions the increasing intellect also have their own problems to balance out and overcome.

To show you what I mean about the illusion of lower - middle - higher dimension theories of who is better and who is worse. The lower dimension would view our world as cold and devoid of passion. The middle dimension [our world] would view the lower dimension as primitive and lacking in intellectual reason. We would see ourselves as higher and better off.

I would not go in there if I were you! Right?

If the higher dimension realises that harmony of all three dimensions equals balance and they find compassion for all three associated worlds .. this inner view changes everything. Because .. already the lower dimension and the middle dimensions are facing each other off. If the higher dimension views us in the same way we view the lower dimension then we have three antagonistic polarities.

In that view none-of-us are going to learn from the others.

Doris Lessing .. bless her soul .. wrote a book in the Canopus In Argos series called: Marriage Between Zones Three Four and Five. I read this book in my early twenties and I did not understand it. Well .. maybe we have to experience something for ourselves before we understand?

Symbolically [artistically] Buddha is also related to the geometry of the triangle! In essence Buddha was [is] the harmony or balance between associated dimensions .. between associated worlds. Here you have Buddha as a inter-dimensional traveller. What is at the core of these teachings for all three dimensions? Compassion is the key to unlock the mystery of the associated dimensions.

Here you have compassion as the three angles connecting the triangle. A triangle is made of three connecting lines forming one triangle. Three lines form one geometric symbol. When experiencing each of the three associated dimensions what allows this experience to take place? The energy of compassion!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dark Zen: Receiving

In traditional Okinawan Karate UKE means: To defend...
UKE is to block / to receive [absorb] an opponents attack rather than oppose it with equal force. The force put into receiving is key to the true culture of Okinawan Karate. In Okinawan Karate one never initiates the attack .. the art of UKE bends the force of attack and effortlessly disentangles it.

In training you do not master UKE .. UKE masters you.
- Dark Zen
This is a 49 minute YouTube video attempting to present the spirit of Okinawan Karate: True Spirit of Okinawa Karate. You do not have to watch the video to understand what I am about to write.

I watched the whole video because when I was 14/15 years old .. around that time .. I took the little money I had and I bought a book that totally changed my life. I bought: Ginchin Funakoshi's Karate-Do Kyohan and I began to teach myself the Katas [Summer and Winter - outside in the garden].

The strangest thing is I did not want to defend myself and I did not want to fight or do sport .. but I wanted to practice the Katas and become a true Karate Master. My self-taught practice was to build my inner strength.

After practicing for some time I encountered spiritual beings who told me that it was more important for me to learn the inner art of Karate Do Kyohan and not so important for me to learn the physical Katas because I already knew this. Implying that I had trained before !!

For some reason I then began an inner journey through the Katas that was non-physical and hidden. By hidden .. I mean that when applying the inner Katas no one outside knew or was aware of what I was doing. Only I was aware .. because I was applying the Katas against myself!

In other words: I am my own worst enemy!

Learning the physical Katas was easier than learning Inner Karate Do .. Inner Aikido. I also read the works of Morihei Ueshiba the creator of AIKIDO. As I discovered: Inner art of Karate or AIKIDO lies in The Art of Receiving!

Psychologically and emotionally we humans counter mental / psychic attacks with some form of violence = we usually go on the offensive. An unrecognised offensive is to act as a victim. Either we feel [act] as a victim or we feel [act] using counter attacks. We imagine we attack to defend!

I am glad the Invisible Guides advised me to learn [from an early age] the inner act of psychic Martial Arts .. otherwise I would probably have thrown people across the room when they attacked me or tried to put me down psychologically.

Dark Zen: Receiving
In earlier incarnations I was probably part of dominant Cultures who set out to violently dominate other Nations through force. This means that we not only attacked others to dominate them .. but we then took the advantage by making them weaker.

In earlier incarnations I recall situations where my dominant Culture was not STRONG! What we did was we dominated other Nations by making them weaker. I am saying that we were not strong .. but that dominance was designed to make everyone else weak and dependent.

I hope that makes sense!

I am deeply grateful to the generations of Masters who taught me all I know today. These Masters [over the ages] took a complete idiot and with my co-operation turned this idiot into a future worth living.

I have no idea how long it took them to teach me the Art of Receiving?

Someone attacks .. you bend. Someone hits out .. you avoid. Someone hits out psychologically and inwardly you deflect. Someone hurts you .. you receive [without resistance]. Now we are back to electrical current [flow] and the deeper nature of life!

When the spirit is willing to learn [deeper truth] they incarnate into a man's body .. a woman's body .. a man's body .. a woman's body [balancing the two polarities inside]. I personally would say the true art of receiving is balance of yin/yang male/female electrical polarity [forces].

In earlier past lives I have to admit that the world power I worked for was not a true power in itself .. in terms that they were strong. Their supposed strength and Cultural dominance was built on the foundation of destroying and weakening every other Culture [so that no one opposed them].

They were not strong .. they were weak!

I do not know how many thousands of years the Masters taught me the Art of Peace [Art of Receiving]! I am still learning this ART! There is a simple rule that teaches us a BIG lesson: When you destroy something you become responsible for that which you destroy .. lifetime after lifetime.

What is the Art of Receiving?

Japanese UKE in English translation means: To block or prevent an opponents attack. In Japanese UKE [receiving] also means to catch or to accept where the force of the opponents attack can be blocked and then redirected in a counter-attack. However .. in my teachings the counter-attack is simply the silent return [re-direction] of the attacking force.

In my mind the one who inwardly receives himself [understands] is beyond attack.

I may be wrong! It seems the attacking forces in the 3D World are attacking themselves. Even when an external victim may be apparent .. when we attack another we attack ourselves [lifetime after lifetime]. When we learn to block or redirect the attacking force we redirect ourselves +_*