Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Pathways In Space: Energy Creates Mass

I just got back from a Conference in the future where the Central Zone invites [brings] entities [humans] together from various dimensions and alternate time lines .. and explain to us the dynamics of the Universe in relationship to ourselves.
The first part of this discussion is that life exists for a reason .. but not for the reasons we imagine now [in this world currently]. Humans are caught in the trap that life exists for humans. It would be simpler to say that humans exists for life. Even that is a complex subject that I will not go into in this post.

1. Humans are made from Planets.
2. Humans are essentially tiny Planet "molecules".
3. This process described above in 1 & 2 has a reason.

Pathways In Space: Energy Creates Mass
Not only is this Earth in this dimension in this timeline expanding .. but all Earths in all dimensions in all timelines are expanding. The reason for this general rule of compatibility is energy. Energy holds everything material together and some may say that energy creates mass .. in reality mass is energy.

When I returned to this time-space I was doing some research to find out if there is any evidence that Earth is expanding. To make this short there is evidence that giants and dinosaurs existed when the Earth's gravity was less strong because the Planet was smaller.

As Earth expanded the Earth's gravity increased making it impossible for dinosaurs and giants to exist. That rule applies to giant trees and giant ferns .. as well as giant sea monsters.

It is my theory that an expanding Earth would create deformations in the expanding mass under the Pacific Ocean and under the Atlantic Ocean. This process is happening more intensive under the Oceans because water is an essential part of energy creating mass.

Some may argue there is no water in deep space! So .. pathways across space [including mass] cannot exist. Universe is filled with water .. in forms we do not currently recognise!

How is it possible that neutrinos coming into the Earth can create matter [mass]? The physical mass of expanding Earth would have to come from somewhere! Right! It is the same principle of creating life of humans only on a bigger scale.

The male [yang] sperm delivers a complex energy package to the female [yin] egg of which the tiny genes / DNA is ?? not even 10 percent. It is the male / female ENERGY [yin / yang] that forms the material beings [from light = energy]. This is how mass is created on Earth over time from the Sun.

This is why the Sun is the father and the Earth is the mother.

The life process comes through the Sun .. and is not exactly created from the Sun. In a way you could say the Sun is an energy absorbing focal point. The Sun takes Universe energy and transforms this energy into mass [physical matter]. Just as sperm delivers mass in energy form .. so the Sun delivers mass in energy form.

The delivery process is going straight into Earth's Oceans.
There are also pathways in space that connect everything in the Galaxy.

In the same way you can follow ocean currents or atmospheric currents on Earth .. in space you can follow space currents between the Planets that are like strings. Those pathways are just as real as roadways connecting towns and cities.

On higher energy levels the pathways are like birth canals through which complex life forms can migrate to other Planets. Sometimes to other dimensions. I am not sure if these pathways are formed from Dark Matter ??

Physical matter is the most dense form of life and deep space pathways are a more refined form of mass. It is like the difference between the human skeleton physical body structure and the veins carrying the blood throughout the body.

Physical body veins are similar to deep space pathways.

There has to be a structure through which these deep space pathways connect. In the human the structure is the physical body. In the Universe ?? it has to be water. A primordial form of water out of which physical water and gas on Earth and in the Sun are created.

The pathways connect the Universe like a Cosmic Brain or Universal Mind!