Monday, May 16, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Colon Gut Health

I woke up this morning with: Body Inhabitants [in my mind]
Spirit inhabits the body .. the body inhabits Earth [triangle = 3]
The way I was taught over the last [lots of] years is that gut [colon] health is the key essential for the health of the whole body. When I say the whole body I mean: Blood .. brain .. glands .. connective tissues .. heart .. all major organs .. bones! In that time I have done a lot of colon cleanse programs [tested them out].

Body Inhabitants: Colon Gut Health
The way this was shown to me in my dreams is key to understanding the whole balance of energy and health from the colon to the brain!

It is important to understand that you [spirit] inhabits physical 3D body on Earth. It is not that the spirit inhabits Earth. The key is that the spirit inhabits the body inhabiting the Planet [Earth].

The physical body on Planet Earth is like a biosphere or bio-interface spaceship allowing spirit to visit and experience life on a Plant [like Earth].

The biospheric unit = physical 3D body .. is like a car / vehicle / interplanetary craft [it gets old / it wears out].

It was shown to me when you [spirit] inhabit physical 3D bodies .. you have to know or learn how to maintain them! If you do not maintain your car it breaks down. If you do not maintain the airplane it breaks down. It is same principles for your body.

The difference is that the biological body is designed to protect itself .. to regenerate itself and to detox itself. The body is designed to throw out waste and regenerate on all physical levels. The key process of detoxification being the gut / colon [intestines].

I am saying everything in the physical body on Earth depends on detoxification process taking place in the colon. Organs and glands dump their waste into the colon! The brain dumps its waste into the colon! The tissues and blood dump their waste into the colon!

The colon is the central organ that has to detox all waste of the body!

The key point I am trying to convey is that we [incarnate spirits] inhabit the BODY and not the EARTH. Spirit inhabits 3D physical material body and the body inhabits the Earth. Essentially the physical body has to detox elements similar to a space suit protection.

The spirit being inhabitant has to act in ways to sustain inner biological resonance of the biospheric body they inhabit and use to move around and experience Earth experience. That essential maintenance key is the colon!

It's like if you travel to a location on Earth and stay in a hotel [biosphere] environment .. and the place you stay is dirty / contaminated with bad water .. you may get sick. It is a similar process for a spirit being entering Earth environment using 3D body as visiting environment.

You stay 1-2 weeks in a hotel ?? and you stay so many years in a body visiting Earth... Sounds strange but it is similar principle of physical matter = you want clean water and removal of waste [toxic waste].

Even if you reject my principles of spirit inhabiting matter to experience Earth .. you cannot reject the fundamental principle of the laws of hygiene and physical cleanliness = clean water / clean food and the removal of waste.

All of which are essential to the conditions of life on any Planet!

Everything in the physical body relies on colon detox. If the colon does not remove toxins from the body you can forget healthy body .. healthy glands .. healthy blood .. healthy organs .. healthy brain .. healthy life!

In many ways the colon is more important than the brain!

If the colon does not detox the body the brain cannot function! The glands cannot function! Connective tissues become inflamed! Major organs [including the heart] become compromised! The physical body fills up with toxic fluids! The toxins affect the mind / psyche / emotions!

If you want a bad Earth experience ?? Do not detox the colon !!

When you are an Interplanetary traveler using a bio-suit to visit different Planets .. what is your priority ?? Do you try to influence the Planet you are visiting #_# .. or do you work to influence the optimum protection of the suit [protection] you are wearing !!

How can I influence planetary environment ??

Yin*Yang philosophy would teach me or tell me that it is better to work to protect and enhance the inner environment at all levels: Biological .. electrical .. energy .. psychic .. elemental .. physical cohesion .. mental *_*