Saturday, May 21, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Rising Energy Pathway

Long term health = short term remedies

It is my theory that from the prostate gland / ovaries to the pituitary gland in the brain is one organ with unified connective nodes [including the heart]. This is what I call the: Rising Energy Pathway.

Body Inhabitants: Rising Energy Pathway
This drawing was slightly more difficult because it is a diagram. I saw the drawing in my mind after waking up .. and I find those types of drawings to be challenging. Usually I draw and I do not think.

It is okay as a diagram.

The mistake we make today is that we have a tradition of breaking the physical body up into little bits and attempt to individually treat each little part.

I personally listen to my body [whose intelligence is superior to myself] .. right ?? The body keeps us alive without any central authority governing its ways.

The physical body is its own governing channel .. while interfacing directly with intelligent energy pathways [electrical current flows] North South East West polarity.

Beneficial electrical fields are related to natural bio-physical environment: High oxygen alkali PH achieved in co-ordination with beneficial gut probiotcs and other anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric [Cucurmin Bioperine] and for joints / connective tissue: New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Extract.

I have serious seafood allergies but I can take Green Lipped Mussel Extract [that is interesting]. This can be used for arthritis and osteoporosis .. joint injury and chronic inflammation of connective tissue.

Let me take a few things that I do to maintain slightly alkali body PH. As chronic inflammation is the result of low oxygen high acid PH in the tissues of the body .. I use anti-inflammatory natural foods and spices.

The first thing I was shown through other dimension interactions and the Invisible Guides is to go naturally with the bodies own space time activity. For example .. when you detox super fast the result can be death. The organs of the body have to remove all that toxic waste.

Waste removal can include heavy metals .. toxins .. mold .. yeast .. parasites!

It can take 40+ years to get the body into a state of chronic inflammation and people are going to reverse that in 6-8 weeks ?? Give me a break #_+ The fact is I do not want to super-detox my body in 6-8 weeks. The ways the body works I do not think it is physically possible .. apart from the dangers to the vulnerable detox organs.

It has been known for hundreds if not thousands of years that Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory with many gut and health benefits. Today clinical studies has shown Cucurmin [from turmeric root] destroys Cancer cells. The key is: Not FAST but SLOW !!

Artemesia Annua [Chinese Wormwood] is a Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] known as Qing Hao - 青蒿 - Artemisia Annua known as the anti-maleria anti-cancer herb. Sweet Wormwood also shows anti-inflammatory properties! Valerian is used to treat anxiety .. balance [relax] the nerves .. is used for insomnia and is anti-inflammatory.

Long term health = short term remedies
When we take certain supplements the body [over time] reduces the effectiveness = reduces the absorption of certain elements. What this means is that Valerian extract after four days will not be absorbed as efficiently.

Powdered Valerian root and tincture drops quickly lose their potency [you do not know how old they are] .. and some specialists suggest that Valerian Extract is a better form. After four days the body reduces the absorption rate to the point that people would have to take increasing amounts to get the same benefits.

It is the same principle with Swedish Bitters .. American Ginseng .. possibly Chinese Wormwood. The more you take over longer periods the less effective it is. The same rule may apply for any medications ?? effectiveness decreases with time.

Some experts suggest taking 3 days on and maybe two days off with herbs and supplements that lose effectiveness within the body over longer time periods. Since I was a small child I cannot take any kind of medication including aspirin. I have severe allergy reactions to antibiotics and other medications.

My theory on the decreasing effectiveness of some natural supplements and possibly medications are this: It is possible the body creates and stores natural homeopathic micro-nutrients for future beneficial use from plant compounds such as Chinese Wormwood [Artemesia Annua] .. Valerian .. Ginseng ??

You have to be aware that the body does things slow and not super fast !!

This is probably why homeopathic micro-potencies are so effective in the body! Cellular nano-potency is required to make things work on the bio-active levels of blood and cell building blocks physical levels. The body has to use unknown alchemy to take substances and create these micro-elements.

Using intelligence obviously the body will reject artificial compounds when it detects potential dangers. The physical body exists with one purpose inherent in its manifestation: To PROTECT your life and to MAINTAIN your life. DUH !!

Physical body is your most loyal and loving true friend.

Physical body is designed to detect danger to life and negate those elements and compounds. The body has incredible capacity to block .. eliminate and reduce so-called "effectiveness" of different compounds for various reasons. One of those reasons can be a threat to the life-force functioning of the body.

I have been in that situation .. and I had to figure out a way through the various reactions. Toxins in the body can interfere with body inhabitant spirit/mind contact and techniques of mediation and staying calm. I was able to detox those elements slowly = 3 months / 6 months / 1 year .. over time.

Until I was able to detox the physical body slowly I was able to use a very high level of mind / psyche [meditation] that comes from the heart. To try and explain this ?? The body was working to maintain my life force and I was working to maintain the bodies life force!

The issue for people is what do you do when the body intelligence is altering effectiveness of compounds you think are helping to heal you ?? What do you do ?? I try to figure out the periods of effectiveness related to the additional colon / cellular detox of the body.

With natural substances like Valerian and Artemesinin [Wormwood] the period can be 3-4 days and in general a 2-3 day clear period where I take no herbs resets the bodies acceptance levels. In terms of natural substances I feel that the body stores these compounds at micro-homeopathic levels for longer term use.

Medications are more difficult. I cannot test this theory because I have allergy reactions to synthetic medications [#_#] .. I test natural substances to evaluate their effects. With medications ?? I don't know... I personally would find a true healing master who could advise me on intermediate alternatives to alleviate the bodies rejection patterns.

As Jiddu Krishnamurti said: Once you create SPACE you can find a solution.

I would gently and slowly detox using natural methods: clean ozonated water .. beneficial gut probiotics .. natural anti-inflammatory plant compounds. I would not do fasting as the body needs essential nutrients. I get those nutrients from fresh juices .. wheatgrass / barleygrass / spirulina powders.

The key communication between spirit inhabitant and physical body is LOVE. There has to be love .. compassion .. higher mind connection with the body. I know you are taught to "love" the outer world .. but that is incorrect programming. The love begins [ends] within you. The inner love affects the outer world.

Micro-foods nutrition / elements I consider to be long term beneficial and not be affected by reduced absorption over time are: Essential gut probiotics including live Kefir .. green micro-nutrient powders such a Wheatgrass. Ozonated water .. fresh juices .. possibly turmeric.

Intake of Ginseng may have a reduced effects when taken every day over long periods of time. I would break up the intake of Red Korean Ginseng .. Siberian Ginseng .. American Ginseng root / extract.

The NZ Green Lipped Mussel Extract tends to be effective over time = it is a micro-nutrient anti-inflammatory food source. It helps to be aware which substances the body will absorb long term and which substances the body will block or reduce effectiveness when taken daily over longer periods.

It is possible the intake of beneficial herbs and supplements depends on levels of detoxification of the bodies organs and colon? I do not know .. this is just a thought as to why the physical body would slow down absorption of beneficial elements.

Ultimately we have to understand and respect the physical bodies own internal processes .. and my theory is to cleanse / detox / rebuild / regenerate slowly. I could be wrong but I do not think the body is going to do stuff super fast. I would suggest we also try to understand the electrical current dynamics of the single organ rising energy pathway!