Monday, May 23, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Inner Power

Knowing others is intelligence,
knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength,
Mastering yourself is true power

- Lao-Tzu

Body Inhabitants: Inner Power
This drawing drew itself before I decided what it was showing in pictographic visual terms. The way my mind works is that I see a complete space-time vision of information and Guidance.

This is not linear space-time .. the vision is contained within a bubble. Still .. it applies to this reality.

In this drawing you can see seven principles of power.

At the same time all principles of power are one and the same force. Some power may seem to be expansive .. while some power may seem to be contained.

It is the same power with the same force.

As you see from the drawing power follows pathways. If you look deeper you may see power follows pathways to maintain cohesion. This applies to all forms of power including the Sun. When naked power is unrestricted [undisciplined] it has no form .. direction or purpose.

Body Inhabitants incarnate to fully develop within each lifetime. The journey is not physical .. the journey is that of Incarnate Spirit. Development is not physical .. development is of the Incarnate Spirit. This is the true meaning of power.

You could say: This is the true meaning of Inner Power.

In the world of Nature the small regulates the large .. and the small gives pathways for the large to exist. One form of the small are probiotics .. other forms are fungi / bacteria. Beneficial probiotics give the cells a certain electrical charge that we call "energy" or life.

Fungi and bacteria exist to unlock and break cohesive cellular patterns [physical matter] back down to its micro-molecular state. There is no food source on Earth that has not been consumed trillions of times before.

Fungi yeast and bacteria digest matter when signals show that the energy signature is in a state of decay. Chronic inflammation is part of the Cancer cell process where cells can mutate or tumors can grow. It is all the same POWER!

Fungi and bacteria can only unlock and take apart biological compatible cellular structures. How is it that all these different structures are compatible and can interact on the deeper levels? It is exactly the same power that holds your body together. It is the same reason why cells in the body can reduce inflammation, detox and regenerate.

The key organ controlling all these processes is the colon!

Toxic colon is Candida overgrowth .. maybe leaky gut ?? Toxic colon is impacted waste matter with fungi and bacteria overgrowth. This can include parasites and viruses. It is all there inside the gut only because it has something to feed off of. In Nature the parasites .. the bacteria .. fungi and mold are designed to feed off toxic waste!

The electrical frequency of this toxic waste digestion process is different to the electrical frequency of healthy living cells in your body. For example .. fungal overgrowth impacting the body will directly charge the energy of a lightning storm that the body cells are designed to have resistance to.

When I had toxic leaky gut [fungal yeast overgrowth affecting the cells in the body] I could feel the electrical charge run through my body before the lightning flash. This is because fungi comes alive in lightning storms .. and are designed to become highly charged during thunder storms.

As soon as I figured things out and began taking probiotics every day [I started with Threelac] .. all that cr#p ended! That is because beneficial probiotics digest and detoxify fungi yeast and bacteria while supporting healthy normal cell function. It is all the same power! It just takes different forms!

One cannot detox too fast or you end up with a healing crisis.

Toxic colon changes the energy pathways .. or interferes with the normal functioning of the electrical energy pathways. Toxins from the fungus / bacteria cause a direct chemical anxiety or stress that has nothing to do with psychological brain / mind. In fact these toxic chemicals interfere with the brain / mind communication pathways.

The brain / psyche can be functioning [calm meditation] while the body is experiencing toxic chemical stress and anxiety from the psycho-active molecular pathways coming from the fungal / bacterial overgrowth. I hope that makes sense!

The interesting thing about Valerian root is that it is not only anti-inflammatory but it includes sesquiterpenes compounds that are able to cross the blood brain barrier carrying oxygen with the ability to attack Cancer cells [a form of inflammation]. Also containing a key molecular component GABA [inhibitory neurotransmitter] which is know to regulate anxiety.

I am describing different molecules with different functions .. all the same power.

The way I have used Valerian in the past is to use it as a building support with space-time gaps for the body to regain its own normal functioning of inner chemical balance. If you tried to rely on it after four days the effect of Valerian on the body is greatly reduced. There must be a good reason for the way the body does this!

Space-time is an overlooked and essential part of the healing process!

We are so intellectual and rely [focus] on thought that as soon as there is neuro-chemical stress in the body itself [not in the mind] we are completely dense and think everything is inside the mind or the brain. When you switch to silent mind and listen .. this becomes clear. I am talking a physical neuro-chemical process inside the body structure.

A lot of stuff taking place like Post Traumatic Stress could possibly be similar to my own experiences when we lose essential gut probiotics and become toxic with cellular interference chemicals / toxins / fungus / bacteria...

To experience anxiety and stress direct from the body when you have a calm mind is the weirdest sh#t you can imagine +_# I mean .. I have never taken any kinds of medications or psychoactive substances .. but when that happens it is like a BAD TRIP. It is direct body psychoactive because fungus is that kind of toxin!

Inner power is a healthy colon!