Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Green Colon

How we see the World we live on and how we see ourselves
.. affects how we experience life as a whole.

Body Inhabitants: Green Colon
This is an adaptation of my first drawing to include a pictograph representation of the green colon principle. I use this principle to explain how I see inside the body through psychic phenomenon.

In the drawing you see the visual language that says so much more than words. The beauty of drawings is that they are open to individual interpretation. Through ART people can have their own insights and their own imaginations better than using words.

Words are like signs on a road or path showing you what lies in which directions. We have to walk away from the word [sign] in silence to understand the path for ourselves. But .. with drawings the open field is there and silence is contained within the drawings [pictographs].

To explain this more clearly .. inhabiting the physical body on Earth is like staying in a house or visiting a new location. Clean air .. water and food are essential to a healthy environment as you live or travel around the Planet.

People who travel cannot grow / blend or juice wheatgrass. While travelling it is difficult to make fresh juices every day. I found a solution .. because I was shown by Invisible Worlds it is important to have a green colon !!

As you see in my drawing .. green colon is essential to having a green brain +_#

Friends whose home was destroyed in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake were without food as they survived this devastating event. Obviously the key issue following this disaster is no available food and no one can cook. People lose everything in such an event.

What I am about to say can also help people in such emergency situations to have micro-bio nutrition until there is a situation where they can obtain food. Until there is a situation where they can cook for themselves .. micro-nutrients are sustainable foods. This is so simple and so powerful!

What is a green colon ?? How can you achieve this while travelling ??

Over the last few weeks I have been testing organic wheatgrass power .. barleygrass powder and a good source of spirulina powder. You also have to be careful to find the best [non-contaminated] source = not the cheapest you can buy.

In an emergency it may not matter as food is food!

Within a range of 10 days wheatgrass powder turns the gut & colon green...

I eat three teaspoons of grass powder a day. I like the taste of the powder and so I just put it in my mouth and mix with a sip of water. Later I drink down a good amount of fresh ozonated water. That is how I turn my gut green.

The beauty of grass powder is you can travel with them and benefit from the gentle detox effect as well as high nutrition [this is a living food] .. but the most amazing effect is how green powders alter the inner climate of the colon [over time].

When you put a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder in your mouth you notice it forms a slightly jelly like consistency before you start to drink more water. THAT is exactly what happens inside the intestines as you continue to consume green powders every day. This living nutrition adds a jelly like hydration to the functions of the gut / colon.

This is exactly what you want to be taking place inside the colon...

No matter what you eat in terms of normal everyday living .. health begins or ends in the intestines. Most people today suffer from dehydrated sticky moldy toxic impacted colon.

More food comes into the intestines each day and enters into that impacted sticky dehydrated moldy blocked-with-??? tube of slow moving waste. So .. I tested this out on myself to see what effects a green colon would have on my Planet Earth experience.

It is not such a bad experience #_#

I later realised people can use probiotics and green powders as food in emergency situations. I use Threelac probiotics .. my friends prefer Fivelac and we all use daily lots of wheatgrass powder .. barleygrass powder and spirulina powder in our diet.

What effect does this have...
We feel less hungry and have more energy.

I consider probiotics to be a food [not a supplement] .. as well as green powders being a living micro-nutrient rich food. We eat normal every-day food as a supplement to our probiotics & green powders. Additionally the GREEN powders create a probiotic beneficial climate within the gut / digestion / intestinal tract.

Maybe I should have called this post: Green Your Colon !!