Sunday, May 22, 2016

Body Inhabitants: Courage = Innovation

Although I was fortunate [some years ago] that doctors could not diagnose any cause for the ongoing collapse of my metabolism .. affecting my heart. I had to figure things out for myself or I was pretty much toast! It takes a lot of courage.

For sure I could have died! Because I know I have incarnated many times into physical bodies on Earth .. I was not afraid. I used many natural methods to heal my body. I had to first balance the gut probiotics before the mind / meditation would work again.

Body Inhabitants: Courage = Innovation
This drawing was done to show you visually what I am talking about in words. You can hear all the words and not be inspired within yourself. Thought [the intellect] is often the worst enemy.

I was fortunate in that during my health downfall no one could diagnose why everything in my body was out of whack! Being who I am obviously I searched for an EVERYTHING solution!

I was fat and gaining weight and then I was thin to my bones. My heart was not behaving. I had bulging eyes. My gut was not behaving. My knees were swollen. I could hardly walk and Every joint in my body was stiff.

Some part of me found all this funny .. and so I remained in a positive mindset and with so many symptoms I knew I had nothing to lose. What was the root cause of so many symptoms in my body ?? The immune system appeared to be totally non-functioning on all levels.

What did I do? I observed myself day and night being aware of all mis-functions of the body.

At the time I thought the worst experiences were the rapid changes in heartbeat. I now know the worst experience was inside the colon. The colon was no longer detoxing and that meant any food I ate created all the symptoms my body had to balance out.

I was amazed to wake up each morning .. because my body was like a sack of bones.

In that time I became aware of the one true friend incarnate Body Inhabitants have in each lifetime: The Body! It is funny how humans talk about the loyalty of dogs .. and yet how many are aware of the much deeper loyalty of their own body!

The next level is being aware of the endless support that comes to us from the Invisible Worlds. It is not so much that we are here for A REASON .. but that we are the reason why we are here. I know! That is a lot of words ...

I feel we are here to fully develop in our lifetime.

At the time I got sick I had not fully developed. Something inside me that is beyond words / beyond intellect .. was guiding me not to give up. That something was communicating to me that I had not developed within my lifetime.

I imagine if death manifests in the pre development phase [within a lifetime] .. one has to come back and live [experience] the cycle again. Life in the physical realms is not just about protecting the physical incarnation. Life as Body Inhabitants has a much more serious path.

I say path .. because it is not a set goal and life purpose has nothing to do with ego. It is a path! But not in the set ways we imagine when we set out or follow paths in our lives. For example .. I got very sick and that was not imagined or desired in my life's path.

I thought I was healthy!

You see in my drawings that I have inner courage to draw something new .. in new ways and that this leads to innovation. There are so many innovations that can arise only from the fact that I draw the way I draw. I taught myself this inner art.

No one taught me this. I had to find it within.

For me .. that drawing is what it took to find the courage to find my own path. No one had the solution to my state of health and at the time I did not have the solution. I can add to this that finding the solution was part of my development in this lifetime.

Courage = Find your own path = Spiritual Innovation!