Tuesday, April 03, 2007

White Dove Ibis Full Moon

A white dove flew out of the West, circled once in a cloudless blue sky, flashing bright sunlight from the afternoon sun's wings. The dove landed on a rooftop exactly where the bright full moon would later rise in the East, into a cloudless night sky. Before the white dove flew back into the West a low flying heron appeared out of the West, flying East and the heron's flight was so perfect that it flew directly over the doves head. All of this on the day of the first full moon after the March Vernal Equinox.

I am not making this up. The white dove did appear in a bright flash of sunlight, the heron (ibis) did fly over the dove and the full moon did rise at the point where the heron and the dove crossed under the light of the sun. That is nature for you, that is the world we live in, and that is the real world. As Jiddu Krishnamurti said: "Truth is a pathless land."

Having seen this, I began to do some research. I know about the things I see with my own eyes, but I know nothing about secret knowledge and the Christian faith. The fact is this is not just about Christian symbolism, the Christians were the last group to come upon this sacred and now secret knowledge. The Buddhists know it, the Hindu's know of this, so do the Native Americans, the Egyptians, the Mayans, The Celts, the Arabs, the Hebrews, all ancient high cultures had this knowledge.

What I have discovered is it is the same knowledge shared by all people. The knowledge is like sunlight. It exists and it shines on all people of the world. One group cannot take this sunlight (knowledge) and say that it belongs only to them, just as one group cannot take the sun and say it belongs only to them. Therefore, I am going to go through this and share what I have found.

During my search I found this image together with information about:The Gnosis of Easter. So, there it is from ancient times, the sun, the moon and the dove. It would seem that the Christ principle is a universal principle, just like the sun and the moon.

Different cultures speaking different languages give the sun names in their own langauge: Sun, sol, Sonne, le soleil, sole, Солнце, الشمس. Obviously no one culture owns the sun. It is clear that the ancient world shared (or drank from) the same source of knowledge. That source is cosmos, the stars, the sun and the moon.

But it goes a lot deeper than that, because what is above is below and what is without is within. Therefore, the same underlying principles governing the workings of the universe govern man. So you have the principles of the sun and moon, the dove and the ibis within man, within the human consciousness.

Thoth (Ibis) was the Egyptian moon God. The dove is the feminine, beauty and peace, transformation, light. In terms of Alchemy, not only is the earth moving around the sun, but there is a deeper spiritual process at work. Duality, spirit and matter united as one.

The actual Alchemical process also takes place inside the mind of man. This process is the same for all human beings. It follows the same laws. The white dove full moon shows there are real archetypal principles governing our state of mind and our state of being. These are universal principles. It is not a closed system, it is an Open Source system.

In Open Source it is down to the individual creativity of the person contributing to or sharing the system that makes it work. People take what exists and they develop it further. No one owns the source code, and no one contributing is any more important than all the other people involved. With Open Source Software the contributors, the developers and the people using the system are all equal and valid parts of the tapestry. In Internet language this is the world wide web, and the key to Open Source is sharing.

Once you close the system, and you say to people they have to pay you, and there is an entrance fee, and the sytem and developments belong to you. You become obsessed about who is going to steal it from you. Eventually you close the system down to the point where even you cannot get in.

Moving beyond this there is a language common to all mankind, and that is the language of art, petroglyphs. If you go into an ancient cave where 30,000 years ago people whose language you would not understand drew images onto the rock. You can understand the language of art. In a way this is the basis for Open Source communications.

I cannot speak Arabic, Chinese, Hindi nor Tibetan languages, but there is one language we all speak and understand painted on rock walls all over the earth. Obviously there is another sacred language that is largely forgotten. This langauge is almost archetypal in its design. We see it in nature, in the weather patterns and in our interactions with the natural world. No matter what age you live in or where you live, these archetypal symbols also speak a universal language.

This is obviously something our ancestors understood. For them the archetypal is as real as the physical-material. It appears that the physical world is a reflection of the archetypal source-code. I would imagine that Alchemy is the root operating system open to the developers. Some people use that code to destroy the system and others use the code to develop.