Saturday, April 21, 2007

Global Warming? Cold Fusion!

Cold Fusion scientist, Dr. Martin Fleischman, has joined D2Fusion to develop cold fusion heaters for the market. Company expects a production prototype within a little more than a year. After its recent formation in California, the company D2Fusion has extended an invitation to Dr, Fleischmann to work with them as a senior research advisor, with the objective of bringing a commercial application of the technology to market. A California-based solid state fusion energy firm with engineering centers in Silicon Valley and Los Alamos, New Mexico, D2Fusion is a subsidiary of Solar Energy Limited.

On Thursday (March 23rd), the seventeenth anniversary of the original announcement of cold fusion, the company announced that they will tap Dr. Fleischmann's experience and expertise to produce prototypes of solid-state fusion-heating modules for homes and industry.

One physicist working in the field believes cold-fusion home-heating units are no more than a decade away. Others are even more optimistic. Everyone who doesn't have stock in or work for a fossil-fuel-related company hopes they are right.

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The War Against Cold Fusion
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The future implications for the world when major developments in Cold Fusion energy become standard practice, is that we wont need coal, oil or gas to power our world. We probably wont need a centralised power structure. The power can be generated at a local level, and as the technology is refined a small unit can power a house or a car. Producing energy in this way is the end of the fossil fuel age and the end of our pollution problems. We no longer need to play the food food for fuel game. It also means the end of profits from coal, oil and gas. Sea water? There is plenty of sea water on this planet. New Energy

D2 Fusion
A solid-state, low-temperature, non-radioactive nuclear reaction that fuses two heavy hydrogen nuclei into a helium atom and releases enormous amounts of heat. These reactions have also been called Cold Fusion, Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, and Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions, as well as the nation's last, best hope to end oil & coal dependence and skyrocketing energy prices.