Sunday, April 15, 2007

Evolution of Space

I had a very strange dream where I saw a very advanced kind of natural drawing floating in the sky. I call them sky-paintings. It was a very beautiful picture representing a solution to mankinds problems and to our current state of mind. In ancient times the mind was nature, they did not divide consciousness from nature. The problem is if we pollute our world now we will suffer greatly because of it. The current state of the human mind is the cause of the way humans are destroying the natural environment. A healthy mind would not destroy the natural environment, destroying the Grandchildren's world before they have arrived.

In this dream I was told that people can change the future by changing how they live now. Good people do make a difference. It is very hard to draw what you see in a dream. The drawing on the left is a representation of what I saw. The tight dark red lines is a pictogram that represents selfishness and greed. It is all packed in together and there is no space to breathe, meaning that we are all taking too much, and in the wrong way. The circle on the right of the drawing has more space, representing the goodness in the human nature that understands less is more. You see both circles are about the same size, although one is made of space and light and the other is darker.

In the dream someone said to me: "One good person makes up for a million dead weights on your planet." I found that amazing, because people who care about our world are asking themselves why we are here on earth, because everything around us seems only to be getting worse. The impression I received is that this world would be in a much worse state, and the few people who do care are holding it all together on a higher level than appears at this point in time. People who care about our world can easily go into despair and falsely think that they are having no effect. This dream turned that around and said: No, this is not true. The ONE makes up for a million dead weights.

This dream was very strange. The most important part of the dream were the sky paintings. The sky paintings are beyond anything we can create at this point in our evolution. The drawing on the left is the basic form of what the people in the dream call: Making a difference. When we get all cramped up and the energy lines tighten, and we cannot see too clearly ahead - we panic. The dream was more relaxed, there was a lot of space in the sky painting. They see this space as being the solution. It translates as space in our actions, space in our behaviour, space in our thoughts and space in our way of living.

The way I understand it is that when we create this space we are making a big difference to what goes on down here on earth. As bad as it is now, I get the impression it could be a lot worse. The people all over the world, who have this lifestyle where there is no space, will soon get very sick. The mental lifestyle of people today, to consume the planet at increasingly rapid rates, will soon translate to severe mental and physical exhaustion and sickness in these populations. This is how nature deals with imbalance. It is a self-correcting mechanism.

In the background a new vision of who we are is taking form. I get the impression that this vision of goodness is forming outside of all the stress events where nations no longer understand that we are here as guests on this world, and that the earth does not belong to us. We are not the supreme race who owns the planet and can do whatever it wants without consequences. Down here on earth, if you drive into the wall you hit the wall. While this is happening, I saw that something else is also taking place and that is the evolution of space into our lives.