Monday, April 02, 2007

Tsunami strikes Solomon Islands

"There was 10ft of water rushing through town."
A tsunami has swept ashore in the Solomon Islands after a strong undersea earthquake in the South Pacific. Initial reports from outlying, remote areas say at least eight people have been killed, but local officials fear the death toll could rise further.

The National Disaster Council chairman told reporters that some villages had been "completely wiped out". Tsunami warnings have also been issued for Papua New Guinea, north-east Australia, and other nearby islands. The quake measured 8.0 and hit at 0740 local time on Monday (2040 GMT Sunday).

It struck 345km (215 miles) north-west of the Solomon Islands' capital Honiara, north-east of Australia, the US Geological Survey said, at a depth of 10km (six miles) below the surface. BBC News

02Apr2007 05:33:35.8 7.3S 155.3E 10 M =5.6 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS
01Apr2007 22:57:23.4 7.3S 156.0E 10 M =5.8 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS
01Apr2007 21:43:16.1 7.7S 155.6E 10 M =5.5 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS
01Apr2007 21:26:27.2 7.3S 155.4E 10 M =5.6 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS
01Apr2007 21:11:33.9 7.4S 155.8E 10 M =6.4 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS
01Apr2007 20:47:31.6 7.1S 155.7E 10 M =6.7 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS
01Apr2007 20:39:56.3 8.5S 157.0E 10 M =8.0 M*NEI SOLOMON ISLANDS

Once again a Tsunami strikes around Full Moon...
Monday April 2, 2007 - Full Moon
Research indicates full moon link to tsunami disaster NorthHampton University
23 October 2006

A full moon may have helped trigger the Indian Ocean earthquake on December 26, 2004, which caused a tsunami leading to the deaths of an estimated 300,000 people, according to a new study from The University of Northampton.

Robin Crockett, a senior lecturer in mathematics at the University's School of Applied Sciences and colleagues monitored tremors between October 2004 and August 2005, collecting tidal data along the Java/Sumatra trench.

They found that major quakes were 86 per cent more likely around new and full moons, when tides are at their greatest. "At new and full moons the biggest mass of water is being loaded and unloaded at the plate boundary," Robin explained. "That might be the final push that initiates a quake."

Alaska's Good Friday earthquake, March 27, 1964
The Good Friday Earthquake, also called the Great Alaska Earthquake of Friday, March 27, 1964 (Good Friday, a Christian holy day associated with an earthquake), 5:36 P.M. AST (03:36 3/28 UTC) was the most powerful recorded earthquake in U.S. and North American history, and the third most powerful ever measured by seismograph.

A Lost Ancient Science: To understand what is going on, and what is being hidden from you, one has to understand that the science of the sun, the moon and the stars is today worshipped as a religion. The problem today is that people no longer understand the actual science behind the movement of the cosmos.

Our ancient ancestors did not worship the moon and the stars, they studied their movements. "The Celtic Cross is a reflection of the wheels and cycles of Nature and the Heavens with which our ancestors once kept Time and invented the zodiacs. Time keeping and prediction resulted from its use and a deep understanding of spiritual values forgotten in our modern world." The Working Celtic Cross

In terms of Archaeoastronomy the mythology associated with certain moons at certain times of the year are linked to a scientific observations of the behaviour of the earth. This knowledge was later personified with human attributes, but the actual ancient knowledge is a sacred science. It is sacred, because there was once a time on earth where spiritual awareness was not divided from mathematics and Alchemy, the science of cosmos. In this case it is the first full moon after the Vernal (Spring) Equinox (20/21 March).