Thursday, April 19, 2007

Seal Hunters Trapped by Crushing Ice

When I wrote A Great Storm I did not really know what I was writing. I was praying for balance, and my heart was heavy to know that year after year this brutal regime carries out its senseless blood sacrifice, brutally killing hundreds of thousands of baby seals. It's not like these creatures can defend themselves. I mean, it does not take much of a brain to club a baby seal to death.

Newfoundland and Labrador, together with the Canadian Government, say that this activity is vital to the survival of the Fishing Industries in that area: The cull, which reportedly earns C$16.5m ($14m, £8.3m) in meat and pelt sales, is an important source of income for fishing communities in Quebec and Newfoundland that have been hit hard by dwindling fish stocks in the Atlantic.

This year, a US business woman offered $16m to end seal cull. "Your government has repeatedly stated that the $16m realised from the slaughter of Canadian baby seals is vital to the fishing communities of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and Newfoundland," Ms Kangas said in her letter. "If you stop this year's hunt immediately, we will provide you with this $16m to be distributed at your discretion."

The Canadian Government turned her down. "Go away woman, it has to be done!" Almost as though this is some kind of mass Satanic blood sacrifice to ??? I am not sure who they are sacrificing the baby seals to? To commerce? To the god of globalisation? To the banks? Maybe there are multiple Gods involved. Well, now they need to be rescued by their global gods.

Canadian coastguards are trying to rescue the occupants of about 100 boats carrying seal hunters trapped by packs ice off the country's eastern coast. Several of the boats are threatened with damage or sinking, and at least one crew had to abandon ship.

Winds pressing the ice floes in towards land have made conditions difficult for the boats, some of which are hemmed in and face having their hulls cracked open. Conditions are set to continue until the end of the week and could deteriorate further, coastguards say. Canada's CBC network said some of the boats were running out of food and fuel. A Canadian coast guard icebreaker that was trying to reach the trapped vessels also became trapped in the pack ice.

Canadian coastguard icebreakers are battling to free about 100 sealing vessels stuck in ice off Newfoundland's northeast coast. Some Seal hunt vessels are disabled, some vessels are damaged. Seal hunt crews are out on the ice because of a possibility that their vessels may sink. Some of the hunt vessels are out on their sides. Keep clubbing guy's! Your time is coming.

I kind of sense that we are going to be seeing a lot more of these unusual events in the years ahead. With respect to the arrogant attitude of the Canadian Government when offered 16 million dollars to stop the hunt, now they have a lot of broken boats and who will pay for that? It was cheap and easy to sail out there year after year and to carry out the seal massacres. I don't know why they use the term hunt? When your boats get crushed, or they sink, do the rescue services also rescue the seal pelts? Or do they leave them there to sink with the vessels?

Canadian taxpayers foot the bill when the coastguard goes in to break the ice for the sealing vessels, to rescue their $ 55 pelts.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that as we pass through the stargate portal converging in 2012, and you have 13 years before 2012 and 13 years after. I suspect that the world around us is going to change in terms of consciousness, and this is why all the sacred texts warned mankind to stay close to the earth. Meaning to stay close to the earth's harmonic resonant field.

Over the last two thousand years the brute mentality has spread to rule the earth. Today, brute force and brute mentality control our world. These are the people who lead, control and direct the collective human societies on earth. I have this theory that all that is going to change, as we enter a finer energy frequency that enhances the finer abliites of man.

The dark age was a chance to learn compassion and balance, but people used their time wrongly, and now we are coming to the end of that age and a much finer frequency is emerging. The changes in our world will not, at first, be obvious. I sense that time is running out for the people who thoughtlessly destroy our world. This is also related to nature's cycles. It will require a fine tuning of the human mind to meet the changes to our magnetic environment.

This is the aspect of climate change that most people do not consider. People have this very physical materialistic view of the world, and they do not see that physical weather changes follow magnetic resonance changes. The magnetic resonance of the earth is changing in ways we do not yet understand. Changes in the magnetic field are behind the fluctuations in the weather. This is because physical particles, including CO2 are the obvious visible particles of magnetic resonance.

Science studies what it sees without perceiving the force behind the observed movement. It is the magnetic resonance field behind the material world that is changing, and the physical world around us reflect those changes. With alterations in the magnetic resonance we will see severe and abrupt local changes in the climate, sometimes appearing to take place on an almost supernatural level.

The brutality is not only related to baby seals: The Canadian Holocaust The same brutality brought about the complete genocide of the Native Beothuk people who had lived on Newfoundland for 9,000 years until the appearance of the British on the island. Although you may think the two are unrelated, they are related. As the whole world protests the clubbing of the baby seals on the ice floes, the extermination of the Native people remains an inconvenient truth.