Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Saving The Environment

I have been very fortunate in my life, I have had to face hardship. The world today is very rich, and those riches can buy people a false security where they can finance their way through life and not have to experience hard times. That translates to a weak mind in times where personal riches will not buy a way out of difficult times. I see a lot of the upcoming generations are lost in the false security of having what they want now, and very few are aware that this may not be so easy in the future.

The rapid and expanding world growth is totally artificial. The growth and development is being financed in a way that is not economically sustainable. In Europe and around the world the consumer boom is being fired by large injections of banking capital into local areas to delvelop those areas in uneconomic ways. So, you see building projects that are so massive that they could only be financed by a large consortium of financial interests. I look at the designs of the buildings, and they are not energy efficient, they wont deal too well with the extreme swings in temperature coming in the future. By that I mean when it gets really cold those monsterous buildings will be expensive to heat, and when it gets really warm the buildings will be expensive to cool... and all at a time when energy prices are rising.

I imagine that the minds of the architects designing the buildings are still living back in the 60's and the early 70's? Or they are part of a new arrogant breed who want to design bigger and better than daddy did in the 60's and 70's. So, you see big concrete bunkers with glass panels being constructed in odd shapes and sizes that will create problems when people have to deal with severe weather changes and unusual extremes of weather. Not only are these buildings ugly, they are irresponsible. I look and I wonder why is planning permission given to construct such monsters, when everyone is talking about energy concerns, green living, ecologically sound management. The key word is: TALKING.

It has become politically correct to talk about energy concerns, and to talk about the environment. To talk about it. This has become a very popular past time. In real day to day living, very little is being done to change our collective approach to how we live on this planet. The worst offenders are Governments, local councils and banking organisations like the European Union, generally the people who have the finances to do what they want. These organisations are now developing and destroying the "green zones" within towns, where development projects are expanding at a cancerous rate. Once the whole complex has been built they plant a tree. There is a ceremony for the tree and they photograph the happy people with headlines such as: New tree offsets monster complex carbon emissions. No one photographed the clearing of the local green landscape and the smashing of mature healthy trees with a demolishing crane.

I have noticed this is a new development of building sites where ALL the trees are cleared from an area and nothing is saved, and the building uses up every last square inch of the land available. Recently I have become aware that they smash the mature trees to the ground with the giant digger vehicle brought in to demolish the old structure. It is exactly what Tolkien described in Lord of the Rings when Sauron's Orcs destroy the trees and forest around Isengard.

There has also been a surge in remodernising the roofs of many buildings in the town where I live. But I don't see one solar panel, nor do they invest in the new solar tiles. In fact there is not much happening in terms of ecological sustainability in local developments and the ecological sound areas are being built upon at speeds which almost defy gravity.

The high rise towers they are building all over the world, as a sign of the countries new found virility, will become highly unpopular in a future where rising energy and water costs make the buildings economically unsustainable. But keep building them guy's! You are doing a great job! It will give people employment in the future figuring out how to bring them down and replace them with green zones. All this is manifesting out of the mental attitude of not having to take account of any other factor outside of: I do what I want, regardless of the surrounding cost.

When I look at the ongoing destruction and development of the local environment, I wonder if the architects, politicians and bankers live in the same setting they create for the community? Would they live in those types of monsterous buildings? Do they live in the kind of environment they create for others? Would they hire large demolision vehicles to come and crash down the trees around their home? Have they also paved their gardens with concrete and asphalt as they use the trees to make bio-fuel for their cars? It would be an interesting survey.

Once it becomes really obvious that businesses will not be able to afford to sustain the costs of these buildings, they will demand land where they can build structures they can afford. Nobody is going to want to pay to knock down the architectural dinosaurs, and dead zones will spread as businesses move out to more viable areas. Maybe it would be a good idea to change now while you still have the finance and capital. Probably this will require a totally new way of thinking and of organising community living. Saving the environment is currently an international film played by actors, who go home to their sordid little lives once the scenes are shot. The scenes you see on the film are not reality. The actors playing their roles do not live what they preach. The reality has still to come crashing down. It will take a sensitive and strong mind to deal with that reality when it hits us.