Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Move In The Opposite Direction

At this point in our current devolution human beings are beginning to look ridiculous, and in some ways it is getting embarassing. The world has this international organisation called the United Nations, where discussions are held by world leaders and policy makers, and where the planet's weather is to blame for continuing human disorder into the future: "UN Council debates 'weather of mass destruction". The premise is that climate change will cause security problems for the nations of the world. Sure, because of the way we behave. Not because of the weather, but because of the state of our minds.

The 21st Century is progressing like some kind of Holywood film: "Gone With The Wind", starring "Weather Changes", with supporing roles from "Global Warming" and "Hurricanes". Scarlet O'Hara has transformed into a Tornado, with the destruction of Atlanta happening through a guest appearance by "Earthquake". And don't steal my funny ideas - you media pundits out there!!

Climate Change Story: Gone With The Wind, is the worst possible approach to the situation we are in. The weather is not at war with mankind. Planet earth is not at war with mankind. The climate is not our enemy and it is not a threat to national security. Human behaviour and the way humans think are creating these problems. That is because no matter what is happening around us it is business as usual. The weather is not the problem, we are the problem. Sure, the shifts in climate over the next fifty to a hundred years will challenge mankind in ways that demand a change in how we live. So, big deal... We have to change.

In some ways this whole situation is playing out as an International comedy. The Pentagon announce that they want to control the weather by 2050, and no one says a word. The military announce that they will use the weather as a weapon to achieve success in bringing a country to its knees, and no one says a word. The earth does it on its own as part of a natural cycle of change and growth, suddenly people are upset: The weather is killing us. The weather is dangerous. We are under threat. Is this maybe a control issue problem? If humans control the weather and use it as a weapon, it is okay. If things happen outside our control we have a global nervous breakdown...

I saw this coming since I was a young child. I would have dreams where I saw tidal waves engulfing cities, more powerful storms, earthquakes and it all seemed to be happening together. This is nothing new, it has happened on the earth before and it will happen again. This is a natural cycle, made worse by our degradation of the natural environment. Even if the earth was pristine, the climate would still be undergoing upheaval and change. Humans have made the situation worse for themselves, by destroying the natural environment that would normally protect them through these cycles. So, we did it to ourselves.

Recently I dreamt that I was in a world very similar to this one, but it was more like a twin dimension or a parallel world. Just as I live here, I seemed to live there. This dream was current day Switzerland, but totally different. The buildings were smaller and ecologically designed, the people were peaceful and they wore special Hemp clothing that was a bluish-indigo-purple weave. The clothing was loose and comfortable, and very well designed. They were also having earth changes. The only thing is they were better prepared than we are. They knew what was happening.

A large group of young people had gathered to shelter in a special building, where they were outwaiting the storm and were discussing the situation. But it was natural and they were not afraid and taking the attitude that the weather is a threat. There was no panic. The atmosphere was more of co-operation and awareness. These people were highly intelligent. It is not like there were wars. The people were very calm, as though they were guided by something.

If people in this world are concerned about the climate change, then they only have to look in the mirror to find the solution. If politicians really want to create an environment of global security then they have to change the way they think, because that is what determines how we meet events. Obviously in areas where water supplies dwindle to nothing the towns and cities will die. Take a look around you, at the dried bones of lost civilisations. It happens.

The problems we face this time around is that over the last 100 years humans have largely destroyed the natural environment that sustains them through hard times as it has sustained us through times of abundance. Even worse, the colonisers wiped out the people and cultures with the wisdom needed to guide us through these difficlut times. This wisdom always guided the remnants of mankind through the cycles of transformation, and all that was destroyed. So, when you stand up and say: The weather is attacking us and this is a major problem... The actual problem was created back when you started to eliminate the people whose wisdom you now need. That is the problem, and not the weather.

I find the continuing push by global corporate interests to make plants and herbs illegal much more cause for concern than changes in the climate. Once more this is the aggression of the corporate banking colonies attempting to further destroy the wisdom of the indigenous people on this planet. No one at the UN is standing up and discussing moves to protect the rights of people to freely use healing plants and herbs in their journey to be close to the earth. Being close to the earth is the wisdom required to understand and balance the way we live through these times ahead.

This aggression on the freedom and physical, mental and emotional security of local populations to live in peace and harmony is not coming from the weather, it is coming from corporate financial interest. In the future, when things get really bad, it is the people who can harmonise with the earth who will adapt and survive. Rather than focus on severe weather changes, we should look at our own behaviour and eliminate the radical and exremist philosophy of one faction seeking global control over the actions of all other human beings.

The solution is that, we are the solution. That means changing how we think. As we change how we think we also change how we live. This is not the Weather of Mass Destruction, this is the Weather of Mind Development. We have no choice, we have to adapt and change to survive. So, it is in some part Climate Change, and in other ways the Human Climate will change or go extinct. Extinction is another form of change if we choose that road.

Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction.” - Albert Einstein